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Sweet brunette milf bbc hot cheating session big dick handjob
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My name is Amber and I have a younger brother named Lee. I live alone right now. I've had more than my fair share of boyfriend problems. I'm 30 and Lee is 21. I'm 5'5 and have dark brown hair and eyes.

Lee was about 5'7 and had the same colour and eyes having the same parents. He has always been good to me in my time of need. I don't know what I would do without him foxy japanese schoolgirl pleasures a stiff dong. He still lives with our mom, I moved out about 7 years ago.

Now I just live in an apartment. Lee has a car but I don't. So he does me a favour and picks me up every weekday at around 8:00am. I was at my apartment just getting ready as he just showed up to pick me up.

"Amber? You ready yet?" Lee asked loudly. "You are here already? I'll be out in a couple of minutes," I replied. Then I finished up in the bathroom. I put on my perfume and everything else. A minute later I was ready to go and I came out of the bathroom. "Well, you look stunning sis," Lee said.

"Thank you. And I really appreciate you picking me up," I replied. "It's no problem Amber, trust me," Lee said. Then we both went outside and out to his car. We got in and we took off for my bank where I worked.

It always took us about 10 minutes to drive there. But he was always some kind of great brother to always be so helpful to drive me. But on the other hand, maybe he felt bad due to my boyfriend problems.

Then we made it there. "Well thanks again little brother. I appreciate it," I said. "You're welcome big sister. So I should be here around 5:00pm?" Lee asked. "Yes. And you are sure it's no problem to pick me up then?" I asked. "I'm sure. Now go, I'll see you later," Lee replied. "OK see you later too," I said.

Then I got out and went inside as Lee left. I was a little depressed the last few weeks. Not just because of my relationship status, but my job was boring and I got less than decent pay. And every 8 hour day seemed like it was 16 hours. He had been giving me lifts to work for about a month now ever since cute blonde teen suck and fuck first time assslave yoga last boyfriend moved out.

He had a car, so I never had to ask anyone for a ride to work until then. I worked that day, and as always it went as slow as ever.

But I also thought of somehow I could thank Lee. Get him some beer or maybe at least give him some gas money. But I wasn't sure what to do exactly. So I thought about that for most of the day. But all long and boring things have to end sooner or later. It was 5:00 and I went outside to wait for Lee.

I titfuck castingcouch facial tube porn until about 5:15pm to call him. But just as I pulled out my phone and he showed up. He pulled up right next to me and I got in.

"I'm sorry Amber. I just lost track of time I guess," Lee said. "Lee don't mommy sex stories good night xxx bf sex stories about it. You are doing me a great favor already. So what if you are just a little late. It's OK," I replied. "OK sis. I just wanted to be here sooner," Lee said.

"Well don't beat yourself up. Shit happens," I replied. Then we made the trip to my apartment building. We parked and he was gonna let me out. "Well, see you tomorrow sis," Lee said. "Well, you wanna come up for a couple of minutes. Or does mom want you home?" I asked. "No, I can come up with you for a few minutes at least. You got something you wanna talk about?" Lee asked. "Yes. It shouldn't take too long," I replied. "Sure sis," Lee added. Then we both got out and went up to my apartment.

We both sat down on my couch. And I got close to him. "So what's up sis?" Lee asked. "Well, I just wanna thank you for being such a great brother this last month honestly. I really only have you and mom. I really don't got any close friends and don't have a boyfriend.

I guess I really should have gotten a car when I had the chance to," I replied. Then I hugged him tightly. Just then I felt some spark. It was weird honestly. Then as we were done hugging I just leaned over to him and kissed him.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry. It just happened I guess. You've just been so good to me, I just did it," I said. "Don't be. As you said shit happens. Well I'll see you tomorrow," Lee replied.

"Wait, can you stay just for a little while longer?" I asked. I think he was a little freaked out to say the least. But I know he still loved me like a sister at least.

So he sat back down next to me. "Lee, I think I've fallen for you," I said. "You have fallen for me?" Lee asked. "Yes. I don't know what to say," I replied. "Well I don't know what to say either honestly. I mean I'm your brother. I've never ever really thought about this honestly. This is completely out of left field," Lee said.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. I just felt it and all of the sudden I did it I'm sorry," I replied. I was just so embarrassed honestly. I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed. "Well, you can go now. You don't gotta stay," I said. Then he leaned over and kissed me back. Then we kissed again. "How was that?" Lee asked. "It was good. Will you kiss me again?" I asked.

Then he kissed me again. We both put our arms around each other and made out for a couple minutes. I couldn't believe it, we were actually making out. Then he leaned onto me. "Amber, I think I'm love with you too," Lee said. "You are not just screwing with me are you?" I asked. "No," Lee replied. "Then kiss me again," I added.

Then he kissed me again as we lay down. He put his hand onto my right breast. I didn't know how perfect babe is showing her opened juicy slit in closeup go about this honestly. Were we about to do something we may regret later? I didn't know at the time. I just kinda went with it. Then he just stopped. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Well, you are just my sister.

What would people think? What would mom think?" Lee asked. "I don't know. So, for right now, let's just let this go wherever it's gonna go. Then we'll decide what to do later. Are you alright with that?" I asked. "Yes. But where is this going?" Lee asked as we leaned back up. "I don't know. This is brand new and hasn't been sucked in yet. Are you sure you wanna go down this road?" I asked. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. And you are sure this isn't just lust?" Lee asked.

"Absolutely not Lee. I love you," I replied. "I love you too," Lee added. Then we began making out first time porn sexx scholl girle again for a few minutes. We laid back down and he started grabbing onto my breasts again.

I was so turned on honestly. Even though I was making out with my brother, it was a weird new fantasy. And it was very new to both of us, but neither one of us had much trouble getting into it. Then I stopped for a minute and was about to take off my shirt. "Are you sure about this? Once we do this we can't ever take it back.

So are you absolutely sure?" Lee asked. "Yes. I'm sure. I think deep down I've wanted this for a while now. And I really wanted to do something to thank you little brother," I replied as I took off my shirt. Then he felt my breasts again. But just through my bra now as we made out again. I did my best to take off his shirt. I got it off after a minute. Then we hugged each other and he took off my bra. Then as we were both half naked, we stopped kissing and he look at my c-cup breasts. I looked at his chest.

He had some chest hair that I found a little sexy. "Wow, Amber you are beautiful," Lee said. "Thank you," I replied as I began undoing his pants. I had them undone and then I pulled them off. His erection was sticking out a little through his boxers. I took a look at his dick for a minute. I was stunned he was so turned on because of me. "You are that horny, because of me?" I asked.

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"Yes sis. Have you see yourself naked lately?" Lee asked. Then I laughed a little as I stood up. He came over to me and began undoing my pants. Then my pants fell to my feet just leaving me in my underwear. Then as we were both just in our underwear, he stood up and kissed me again, but passionately this time. He put his hands on my bare boobs for a minute and I grabbed onto his very hard dick too.

"Do you have a condom Amber?" Lee asked. "Yes, I think I got one. Would you wanna use one with me?" I asked. "Yes, I wanna make love to you Amber," Lee replied.

I got out a condom out of the in table drawer. Then he put his hands on my underwear and pulled them down. Then of course I pulled his boxers down as well. Then we got really close to each other. I felt my nicely sized breasts leaning up against him.

I knew we both liked it. Then he pushed me onto the couch and took the condom. He took it out of the package and put it on. Then he climbed on top of me and inserted his dick into me. It felt so good both physically and emotionally honestly. Physically for obvious reasons. But I never had an incest relationship before. And this really hit the spot to make me feel good.

I don't know why though. It was like magic honestly. "Will you kiss me again now?" I asked. "Yes lovable czech girls spread their butts with ass plug and huge magic wa course," Lee replied. Then he kissed me as we were in missionary position. It was still a huge turn on honestly. Him kissing me in any position honestly. Then he put his dick into me as deep as it could go, and it felt especially good then.

I was in love then. I knew it. "Oh Lee. That feels so good. Keep going in and out like that," I said. Then he started going in and out rather quickly. He started making moan. Even though he was only 21 at the time. He had really grown up a bit. He was tall and his dick had grown quite bit. So he had a lot to stick into me. He was right on top of me and my breasts become rather squished a bit.

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But it still felt good. He began squeezing my boobs yet again. "Wow Amber, you really got some knockers here," Lee said. "Thank you. I hope to get them bigger still," I replied. Then he kissed me once again, and we had switched positions so I was on top of him.

I was on my knees and he grabbed satisfying a needy wazoo hole hardcore and blowjob my boobs again as I started bouncing lightly up and down. I began moaning once again.

I felt like such a woman at that moment. He leaned up and kissed me me again as he put his arms around me. "Oh I love you so much Lee," I said. "I love you a whole lot too Amber," Lee replied. Then he just couldn't hold his load anymore. He came into the condom. Then I did as well a few seconds later. Then we both had fallen onto the couch for a few minutes still completely naked.

I was beyond stunned of what just happened. It was like a dream or something like that. My brother and I really just made love.

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"Well, that was great," I said. "I know, I was there with you. You are some kind of woman Amber," Lee replied. "Thank you. And you are a very manly man for being just 21 Lee. You are a very good lover," I said. "Well, that was a very bridgette b the butt plug burglar thank you driving you around.

If you ask me it was a little unnecessary honestly. But it wasn't uncalled for though," Lee replied. "Do you really love me like that?" I asked. "I think so yes. This is all so new to me. I never ever thought I'd be making love to my sister. But it was some kind great experience to say the least. I mean damn. I don't think I ever got a woman to moan like that before honestly. Was I really pleasuring you that much?" Lee asked. "Yes. I never felt so good in my life honestly.

Like the sex I never had," I replied. "Well, you never had sex with your brother before. So I would imagine sis," Lee said. Then we kissed again. He was a really good kisser.

I've seen him kiss a handful of girlfriends before, but I never ever imagined him kissing that well. "So, where would you like this to go?" I asked. "Well, I certainly do love you more than a sister. But I don't know where I'd like this to go. But I know this, I don't want it to end just yet. This is something that could be something great.

Maybe something that actually could be a relationship. But do you want an incestuous relationship though?" Lee asked. "Well, as long as it's with you, yes," I replied. Then we kissed yet again. We kissed very passionately for a minute. We just had sex and neither one of us showed any regret as of yet. He stayed on top of me for a couple minutes and I had to say something. "Lee, I wanna be with you," I said. "Well, you mean a relationship?" Lee asked.

"Yes. We've just known each other forever. Maybe at least a secret relationship or something like that for a little while. I know I wanna have sex again," I replied. "And this is way out of left field. But sure Amber. I know I love you. If you wanna try it, then let's try it," Lee said. "But are you sure this is what you want?

I mean I know I'm a stunning woman and have no trouble convincing people of stuff. But I just gotta sonny lion xxxx vedidod com, is this something you want? As you said it's completely out of left field. So if you are feeling obligated at all, then tell me now," I replied. Then he just kissed me again.

"Amber, I love you, and I wanna be with you too," Lee said. Then we just cuddled for a few more minutes and all of the sudden there was a knock on the door. It was our mom coming for a visit and probably wondering where Lee was. "Oh shit, what do we do now?" Lee asked.

I didn't know. And sometimes our mom even just barraged in with her key to my place. Then the door started to open.