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Quick announcement, there's no sex in this story because I like to give some depth to characters more.

If you like it, and want to see it evolve, please leave a comment and a thumbs up! The Kid Cut From Different Cloth Chapter 1 Once upon a time, there was a country, in the middle of Europe, which had nothing out of the ordinary.

Inside this country, there was a small town, which was also not special in any way. Now, you are probably thinking this is going to be a fairytale, but it is nothing sort of that. In fact, "fairy tale" implies a story that talks about a happy story with a happy ending.

But our story lacks both… It all started in September. Bryan was a boy, coming from a very conflicted family. His father had left him and his mother soon after his birth, and set out to keep living his life.

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That left them in a very hard situation, both economically and socially. They lived for a long time in the capital of the country, inside the 23rd apartment on the 4th floor of a working-class apartment complex. His mother woke up every day to go to her work, just a cleaner for the people that were higher up in the social-chain. Bryan also woke up early, to get ready for school.

His morning routine consisted of dressing up, throwing his almost empty bag on one shoulder, and taking off for his destination. School was no easy matter for Bryan. Even though he attended class every day, and tried his best to understand the subjects, the problem was elsewhere. Bryan was not the type to follow a set of rules.

And thanks to his mother working hard to get him in a good school, he huge natural tits on webcam girl f surrounded by a lot of them.

No loitering, no cursing, no graffiti, no fights, the list goes on and on. But as we said, he was not the type to follow them. Every day he seemed to get in some kind of problem, mainly because the other students were wealthier, and looked to him in a very degrading way, almost as if he is was not a person like them, but a lower class human. They used to pick on him, make fun of him, and generally try to turn his life into a chaos.

But he did not back down. He did not ask for help. He was not the type, after all, to plea for help. He took matters into his own hands, which in generally led him to a trip to the Principal's office, a couple times even to the police station.

He always was the one being convicted, because unlike the richer students, he didn't have as much influence on the cases. But Bryan didn't seem to be hurt by this at all.

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He kept going strong. Most of his punishments were either detention, or some work around the school. But one morning, something crucial happened. He was walking his way to school, when one of the richer kids in school passed by him in his fancy BMW his dad bought him.

"What up, loser! You jealous of this? You better be, because you'll never get your hands on one!" he shouted at him as he slowly kept driving by his side, his friends laughing from the passenger seats.

Bryan was not the type to hold a grudge. When he felt it was time to defend himself, he did it spontaneously. Without missing a beat, he drove his hand through the open window of the coupe, and landed a square hit on the rich kid. Afterwards, in one swift motion, he opened his bag and pulled out his steel pipe. He didn't have enough cash to buy any proper weapon, so he had created a crude, blunt weapon out of pipes.

But it was more than enough to break right though the windshield, the side windows, the lights of the BMW and to bust a few good hits on it's bodywork. The rich kid stayed motionless, frozen in his seat while he was looking at Bryan demolishing his car. He pulled out his phone to dial the police, but before he got to unlock it, it was thrown away by Bryan, who had by now opened the door, and was dragging him out.

He started beating him. He was careful not to hit anything way too sensitive and send him to the grave, but he made sure the rich boy felt the pain. He got a few good hits until the school security got to him in time, and detained him. That was the final straw for Bryan. When his mother learned he was expelled from the school, she fell down in tears. She worked day and night to get Bryan the best education possible, so he doesn't fall in her steps. But now, it was all gone.

And since the house she worked in was owned by a friend of the rich kid, she now was also unemployed. A complete disaster had faltered down on Bryan and his mother.

They barely had enough to cover last month's rent, and that was if she received her payment for the month. It appeared as they had finally reached their nadir, and all was lost. But, there was a factor that still existed.

And it was that Bryan never let down. The very night he got expelled, he started out his Plan B. It was well known that there was drug trafficking all around that part of the city.

If you were willing to get into it, the jobs were plenty to choose from. What was needed at that time for the criminal economy was a boost in sales.

And what Bryan needed, was some cash to keep living. He grabbed his steel pipe, and set off to the streets just as the clock hit 1:32AM. The pipe went right through a car's window, and next thing it's wheels were spinning out of there. A few minutes later, he was waiting outside a small home, ringing the door bell. A deep voice sounded from inside. "Hey, are you the boy Griffin told me about?" "Yeah. I'm the delivery man." A small slit on the door opened up, enough to let a few little bags pass through.

Bryan got them, and got back in his car. It was 6:47AM when he got back to the place he started off. "I'm back." "Give me what's left." "There isn't anything left." "What?" The man said surprised in his deep voice. "I sold it all. Here's the cash." And with that the small slit opened up again, and a few bills passed through. "That's twelve thousand right here. I promised you your cut, here, take these." "I'll come by again, some day later." And with that Bryan got his back in his car, drove it right back where he got it from, and left walking.

When his mother woke up, she found twelve hundreds laying right on the coffee ill do whatever you want pornstars and hardcore, with a note saying: "Don't give up." -=Five Months Later=- Bryan was living in a nice, cosy house, and his mother had a house on her own too.

The houses were actually bought, not rented. And he got back in an even better school. His grades were ideal, he was making friends around.

The stigma of being "lower class" had completely vanished, since he started working. He was making good money, albeit not too proud of it. After all, it was a business that was indeed blooming, but with high danger.

One thing still hadn't changed in his life though. He did have many friends, but their connections got cut when the bell rang. He didn't allow anyone inside his personal life, maybe raunchy party besties going down on cock tube porn he thought that if they found out about him, everything would collapse again.

All that was until one Monday, while sitting down at chemistry class, a new student appeared. Her name was Emily, and she was new in the school. The Kid Cut From Different Cloth Chapter 1 END Did you like the story? Have any suggestions to make? Feel free to comment, and also I'd love it if you gave a positive review to my story, so it get's more visibility! If you like my writing style, you can check my previous (unfinished) series, The Cleaner. If you think I should continue that too, feel free to say it in the comments.