Thats a pretty bra take it pleasure photorama

Thats a pretty bra take it pleasure photorama
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As valkyrie and melancholia walked along the cave floor it was very awkward for melancholia. The deliciously disgusting green monster cum taste was still strong in their mouths and now the excitement and thrill had dissipated she just felt dirty.

valkyrie was still very horny though, having to clench her but to keep the cum from leaving, she let a little trickle down her toned thighs. It filled her pants, ruining her panties while making her very wet. "Hurry russian shower locker room voyeur mel said, harsh resignation in her tone " vile isn't slowing".

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They kept walking in silence, the cum still keeping pressure on her insides. Then a skinny pale cretire jumped in front of them, it blurred and latched onto her face, it penis became hard and it shoved it down her throat and pounded, melancholia fell back, robes flying up and the creature shoved it further down her throat Valkyries eyes crossed in a euphoric haze, then it came in her throat and valkyrie baca me mad, she bit the creatures dick and it came off, the creature screamed and ran away.

Valkyrie gagged, 8 inches of penis in her throat. She put her fingers in her throat and had to slide her whole fist in her throat to pull the shaft out. Melancholia had an involuntary orgasm. Then they were out of the caves. They almost collapsed, dehydrated from all the cum they had lost but full from the cum. They collapsed and lay there. Sunny leone 38 min story moved her hand, pretending to accidentally land with her hand on melancholia a chest, squeezing her soft Tits.

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And then vile was pussy fingering and toying with two lesbian babes the mouth of the cave and valkyrie said "kill me" she said "what? I'm not going to kill you!" Valkyrie fisted her pussy, hand completely inside her "I hope you know what your doing" she said and expanded the death bubble, the pulled Valkyries life force inside her.

Then darquesse was there. She pulled her fist out of melancholias pussy, juices dripping off her hand. And she flew up to vile. "Admit it, you've been looking forward to this as much as I have" she said, and vile formed shadows that turned to shackles and tied darquesse down. She could have easily torn free but she was interested to see what vile would do to her. He formed shadows, a full 2 inches diameter and 12 inches. He made 2 more and plunged them into her vagina.

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She gasped, the two large shafts tearing her opening. She left the gashes, they stung and she hissed, the pain making her even wetter. The tear started spreading and she healed them, then made her pussy even smaller.

Vile grunted and had to put great effort into ploughing her small opening. Then she orgasmed and the shadows retracted. Then it was like the monster raping her and the shadows entered all of her holes. The shadows formed around her and slammed her pussy, one, massive 3 inch thick shadow hitting her uterus wall and wrapping all around her insides.

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A 2'inch shadow penetrated her ass and it made cuts on it. she could feel the rough shadows tear at her dry ass.

It started going red and she cried out in pleasure. Vile formed a whoop and slashed her chest. darquesse was a dirty slut a bdsm loving cock sucking cum eating slut. Vile paused raping her to rip her armored clothes off. He flipped her onto her stomach and shoved a 1.5" shadow cock down her throat. Green cum trickled out of her ass as his shadows took up the space. She gagged, saliva covering her cheeks and dribbling on her melon sized tits.

Then vile's shadows retracted and he stopped, he took off the armor. "I want valkyrie back" he said "darquuese coughed "no, I like this, getting fucked by everything and anyone, its amazing" she said "this isn't you, Valkyries the one who never took no for an answer.

She's the one who sat on my face, activated my façade and forced me to lick your pussy" "oh yeah" darquuese said "good times" "and when we were on the stake out with fletcher on st Patricks day, trimmed pussy impaled on one eyed monster we kept making jokes about us having sex until we were so horny that when he left you ripped your clothes off so fast I didn't even know what was happening" " yeah, that was good" she said " I'm me by the way" "I know she said, and the shadows disappeared and she fell, pussy sliding against a rock" With calen "I'm breaking up with you" she said " what" he said "I'm breaking up with you, your no fun" she said "No, you're not" he said " sometimes you should just listen to me" he grabbed her arm "sometimes, you should just do what your damn told!" He said, and pushed her too her knees.

" suck it" he said And pulled down his fly and his long vampire cock came out " no!" She said but calen was too strong and slammed her onto his cock. He held her down for 30 seconds and when he let her breathe she was light headed. He ripped her top off and pushed her on her back by her throat. He fingered her pussy so fast she came and he cupped his hand, gathering her juices and slapped them on her tits. He shoved his dick in her cleavage and thrusted so fast her skin chafed.

He stopped holding her neck and just squeezed her soft melons. And then he came and sprayed his white semen over her face, the stood and sprayed it on her tits. He put his foot on her stomach "I, don't, love you anymore" he said " l lust for you.

You will be my fuck toy, I get to fuck you, when I want, and you do, whatever I say. Valkyrie coughed up some semen. He pulled out his dick again and blurred his hand jizzing all over her tits. " lye there for a while" he said, then left Valkyrie walked naked along the streets. A few guys hooted at her and one man raped herand she got to the place that she fucked lord vile. She walked up the hills and went into he cave, cold air making her wet folds tingle.

She entered the cave and found the tentacle creature and wedged herself between the rocks, and saw the tentacles reach

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