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I am a little too excited to be spending the night at my bestie's, Hayley. I packed my overnight bag, complete with spare undies and my pj's, in a rush to get to her place. It's 9pm and I wanted to be there as soon as possible Since I'm on my red Ps, I took the spare keys off the hook, said bye to my parents and drove to Hayley's.

I was there in less than 10 minutes, knocking on the door. "Hello Isabella, Hayley is in her room." Hayley's mother, Eliza, is beautiful. She has long blonde hair that falls in perfect waves around her waist and she almost always wore it down. She didn't like cosmetics at all and her face is beautiful the way it is.

She has bright blue eyes and small features, perfect hourglass figure, which all fit in a nice petite frame. Hayley inherited her stunning looks from her mother and her witty personality from her father, who had passed away when Hayley was only 2. I made my way to up Hayley's room, knowing where it is because of my countless visits.

"Hey!" I said, running up to give her a bear hug. Returning the hug she said, "Hey Izzy! I'm so happy you're sleeping over! I just need to shower and I'll be out, change into your pj's." She walked into her bathroom and I heard the shower turning on.

I threw my bag on her bed and opened it up, retrieving my pj's, which is a nice little silk singlet with matching short shorts. I undressed and slipped on my pj's, packing away my clothes and putting the bag near the door.

I undid my hair, mommy got boobs eva notty it before letting it fall past my waist. Looking in the mirror I checked myself out. I have dark green eyes which glow against my dark tan, long wavy hair falling past my waist and an athletic build. I have my mum's features and personality. The only let down, I believe, about my body are my big boobs and round ass. I hate them and constantly people commented on how they wish they could have them, including my eyes.

I would hear things like: "Want to swap?" and "Are they contacts/fake?" Hayley came out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her and wearing a towel turban. "Sorry for leaving you. I finally had some free time and I needed a shower," she said, walking over to her draws and taking out underwear and pj's.

"It's ok hun." We are used to being with each other so when she stripped out of her towel I didn't turn away. We've been besties for about 6 years now and there is not a single thing we don't know about each other.

No secrets. No lies. But she still turned me on, even though I've seen her naked countless times before, and she knew this and used it to her advantage. She's straight but I'm bisexual. And she is the one friend that didn't leave when I came out.

"Hey can you help me rub lotion on my back?" Hayley has this habit of rubbing lotion on her whole body before going bed.

I walked over to her and grabbed the bottle of Vaseline, squirting some in my hand and rubbing it from her shoulders down. It took so much not to reach around and kiss her and grab her breasts. She shuddered at the coldness of the cream and then relaxed. I rubbed her neck, shoulders and down her back while she rubbed her arms and face. "Can you also do my legs while I do my chest? Sorry." "No need to be sorry, you know I don't mind." I said winking. Rubbing her naked body just made me want her even more, if that is even possible.

I squirted more lotion in my hands and started rubbing her thighs and legs. Tempted to finger her then and there, but stopped myself. Once done I stood up and checked her out. "Fuck you're hot." Only the umpteenth time I've told her that and we've had this argument.

"Oh, shush, you are so much hotter than me. What with those boobs." "Yeah ok, but that, and my eyes, are all that's make me hot. While you are pale, gorgeous and have the ability to make grown men fall on their knees." "Oh, shush will you." She started putting on her undies and I helped her put on her bra. She wore similar pj's to mine; instead hers were a bright pink whereas mine were a sky blue. We had bought them together a while ago during a shopping spree.

She bent over and took the towel off her head, ruffling her hair through it one last time before throwing her head back. "And I'm done." "I'm going to Wendy's house for a bit. Don't stay up too late." her mum announced, walking in.

"Ok!" We both replied, giggling. "Mum, please turn off the light before you go. Thanks!" Hayley and I walked over to her bed and sat down. I looked at her, confused when I had asked eva is a real homemade masturbator and i got persuaded in it today i come back home and se my gf lie what she wanted to do and she didn't reply.

"What's up?" "It's just that I really miss Greg." "Aw, come here baby girl." I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. "I know you miss him, but you've gotta remember that you left him because he was cheating on you." "I know but he-" "He nothing. Don't ruin this night by bringing up that low-life asshole, kapeech?" I titled her head up to face mine.

"Kapeech." She mumbled. "Good girl. You are beautiful, gorgeous, smart and sexy. What every guy wants and dreams." She smiled and I found myself moving closer to her. We have kissed before but that's it, never more, never less. My lips met hers and she kissed me back, opening her mouth to allow my tongue to massage hers. She put a hand over my head, pushing me deeper into her and lying back so that I'm on top of her. Pulling back I asked, "Are you sure about this?" "I want you to go all the way," she whispered in my ear.

I kissed her again, this time harder and rubbing her thigh and breast in each palm. She kissed me back, groping and squeezing my ass in her hand. I slipped my hands under her singlet and pulled it off her. Getting up on all fours, I lowered myself into her neck while fondling with her bra strap.

Once I had the bra unbuckled I bit down in the middle of her bra and yanked it off, spitting it on the floor. I caressed her nipple with my tongue while pinching and rubbing the other. She moaned softly with her eyes closed. I switched over, this time biting her hard near the nipple. She let out a yelp of pain but then moaned again when I went back to sucking and rubbing. I kissed her again, loving the taste of her lips on mine. She lifted my singlet off me and took off my bra. I pulled away from the kiss and moved forward on my arms, bringing my breasts closer to her.

She grabbed them, sucking and playing with them. I let out soft moans, letting her know that she is doing a good job. She stopped sucking and I lowered my head back to her, kissing her again before crawling back and pulling off her shorts and panties. Her breathing quickened and I saw her getting wetter when I lowered myself into her.

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I sucked away at her flowing juices, rubbing her clit with my fingers to bring out more. She moaned louder and screamed my name while I pulled my tongue in and out of her hole.

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She placed her hand over my head, pushing me deeper into her and wrapped her legs around me. I didn't stop until it was all gone and went back to kissing her. Pulling away she asked, "Can I have a try?" I nodded, lying down next to her. She climbed on all fours op top of me and pulled off my shorts and panties. She hesitantly lowered herself into me and began sucking away at my juices. I rubbed my clit, making more come out. I moaned loud, not surprised that she is so good with her tongue since she had boys gawking at her while she was sucking on her ice cream.

Taking her tongue out, she came back on top of me a kissed me hard while putting two fingers in my hole. Closing my eyes, she kissed my neck while I screamed, "Finger me faster babe, and put another finger!" She did as I said and inserted another finger, going faster and harder. I threw my head back, and shuddered while I orgasmed.

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She continued fingering me then took her fingers out and went back to sucking my juices. Breathlessly I asked, "Are you sure you've never done this before?" She chuckled but continued sucking until there was nothing left. "You're my first, and anyway you would kill me if I ever hooked up with another girl apart from you." She kissed me again before lying next to me.

She rested her head on my breast and wrapped an arm and leg around me. "That was amazing. You were amazing." I said breathlessly. "Thanks, you were amazing too. I should've let you have me a long time ago." I kissed her head before closing my eyes, falling asleep almost instantly.