Xhomaster sex stories small boy xxx story

Xhomaster sex stories small boy xxx story
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Disappointed, sitting in this empty changing area, I got dressed slow like my life depended on me too. As I sat there with only my socks on as a group of men walked in; I looked and still no Derek. It was just the usual old men who needed to be doing a lot more than playing tennis. I still didn't move any faster as the others came in. However, I did feel uncomfortable when I noticed three out of the pack of 20 men that was over the age 45 looking at me.

That was the only thing that had pushed me to pick up the speed. Plus, who wanted to see old wrinkled balls anyway. But being me I still had to put on a show for them as I put sensational teen gets banged in hardcore fashion my boxers and then started to put on lotion.

I just stood up and turned around so that I was facing them to put lotion on my abs, arms and legs with my cock slightly slipping out of my boxers. I laughed because the one guy who was the shortest of the bunch, white male, with thick black rimmed glasses that looked like a slimmer version of Danny Devito seemed as if he couldn't take it. He was in awe of my milk chocolate body, to the point where one of the other men over the said "Alec stop acting like you haven't seen black dick before".

I looked in shocked as I looked down at my soft cock half way out my boxers and looked at him natural busty fitness teen in yoga pants turned around as another guy slapped him in the back of the head whispering "what's your problem, we were all enjoying the view and you fucked it up ASSHOLE!" As I finished getting dressed I felt a hand on my shoulder as I sat on the bench putting my boats on.

I thought it was one of the gentlemen from the group coming over to apologize, so I didn't turn right away. But when the guy whispered "stop making my dick hard" in my ear I immediately turned around to see who it was because I was about to cuss him out. However, it was DEREK!!!!! Standing there in just his flip flops with cock almost hard like he was holding back, he was still in very good shape to be over the age of 40, all I could think of as I looked him up and down.

As I touched his semi-hairy chest I said "fancy meeting you here Mr. Derek" with a smirk and slightly pushing him away. Derek just smiled with his movie star white teeth to say "wait for me in the lobby; I want to ask you something". I agreed but I told him "all you have is 10 minutes because I don't like to wait". He grinned and walked back to his locker throwing his towel over his shoulder and letting it hit his rock hard round ass.

Then hitting Alec telling him to stop starring at people while their getting dressed. When I got to the lobby I waited on Derek impatiently in one of the lounge areas. I felt irradiated since the people at the front desk kept asking me did I want anything. (When you family is a platinum member at a place like that, customer service are like predators in the wild to get their prey of a tip, but the only tip I had for them was brush their teeth twice a day since the one woman breath smelled like she just woke up, ate her husband's ass, smoked a pack of cigarettes and decided to go work) However, only 5 minutes had passed and Derek came out looking like he just stepped out of a GQ magazine.

He walked briskly to where I was and asked "how were you speeding your Saturday". I stood up and whispered in his ear "with my dick in your wet, warm mouth my little bitch". Since he was facing me and no one could really see my hand, I gripped his already hard cock just too tease him a little.

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Derek looked at his watch and said "come with me today". Just to make things interesting I said "I don't think so" as I turned to pick up my bag.

But Derek signaled one of the attendees to pick up my bag and carry his as well. He said "my car obedient stepmom and sister on knees to please teens every need already waiting".

I looked and a white Range Rover/Porch truck pull up. I said "you mean your truck and no thanks" as I went to walk away he grabbed my arm tightly and security looked at him with death in their eyes for him to release my arm. He let go and took off his designer sunglasses and said "please Mr. Hard to get". His green eyes seemed like they looked into my soul.

So I said "OK but just for a little, I don't want to be seen with my boss on a perfectly good Saturday" I said sarcastically. On the way to his house we didn't say anything until we got to the edge of my street. I said "my house is the fourth house from the corner". He looked at me with a smile to say "that's nice but you're going with me to my house, if that's ok with you Mr. Hard to get" as he placed his right hand on dick.

All I could come up with to say was "maybe" as I looked at my house passing by. We pulled up to one of the smaller houses around the corner from mine, but for this neighborhood it was still like 5,000 square feet. It looked like sort of like a huge apartment building though. As we pulled into the garage his made came out to greet him and take our bags out the trunk.

As we got out he said "hello Mrs. Lucy, can you unpack my bag and place his in the guest bedroom but before you unpack my bag tell Eric we want lunch of (he looked at me with the side eye smirk) pesto pasta, chicken, shrimp, and veggies (I was in shock because that was my favorite meal), thank you that is all".

We walked in as he made sure we took off our boots on the mat and the house looked like the inside of a hotel with all the earth calming tone colors. Lucy popped from around the corner of the dean and scared the shit out of me because for an older lady she moved mighty quietly. She told Derek that lunch was in 25 minutes and that she is washing his clothes and mine, and that they will be done folded and placed away within 40 minutes.

He told her once she is done she could leave with the rest of the day with full pay and tell Eric the same. Lucy said "thank you sir" and hurried away.

As he stood behind the bar pouring himself a glass of liquor he asked me "was that ok with you". I said "hey, that's your money and help. What made you choose that meal?" He said "well I remember a while back (as he took his leather motorcycle like jacket off) I was speaking to your parents and they were bragging about you to some of our friends and this was the meal we had and your mom said that this was your favorite meal to eat". I looked away to admire the pictures and degrees on the wall to say "a person who pays attention to detail" as I sat in front of the fire place noticing that it was almost twelve and feeling like a hot chick on a date with a rich older man.

He laughed and said "why do you think they pay luscious teenie is enticed and then drilled to be the best accountant". We really didn't say much for about 5 to 10 minutes when the phone rang. Derek answered I guess it was Eric because he said "that was quick and we will be in a minute to eat" as he held out his hand leading me out a different door without saying anything.

I followed behind as we passed through the hallway to this big open kitchen to sit at the island. Eric and Lucy was standing there like they cheating wife craving for keiran lee in the army and Eric asked "is that all sir and I made extra for the Misses as well and she called to say that she is running late and won't be back until 3 o'clock sir ". Derek sat across from me and said "that is all, enjoy your weekend you two".

We heard the door close behind them so I got up and started to undress. I took off my Henley top and my t-shirt, undid my belt to let my jeans fall to the floor, took off my socks and slid my boxers down to the floor. He stood there in amazement as I said "thanks for the meal but I want your mouth instead" as I climbed on the island completely naked to sit down facing away from him so my legs dangled off the side as I started stroking my hardening cock.

He got up and came around to get a better view of what I was doing. He said "my wife won't like you sitting on her hand made island". I looked at him with a disappointed look, jumped down and pushed him against the wall to say "Donna will get over it, now suck my dick before 3".

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He seemed shy like he luscious patients enjoy doctors big cock and jizz know what to do. So I turned him around so that he was facing the wall and pressed my body up against his. I pulled both his shirts over his head at the same time to gently kiss his neck as he moaned a little.

I reached around him to caress his six pack as I placed my hard 9 inches against his tight ass. He said "we should stop". I laughed and said "sorry hubby, wifey will just have to understand that you want this dick in your life too" I said in a rough seductive voice as I undid his belt mom aunt daughter teen boy anal shove my hand down his boxer-briefs and gently bit the other side of his neck.

He said "no really we gotta stop" as his jeans and underwear hit the floor. I told him "stop talking and finish undressing". He bent down to remove his socks, jeans and underwear. He twitched a little as I put my cock on the edge of whole. He told me NO in a demanding voice, since I was already leaking per-cum like crazy I just pushed my dick against his hole until the head of my cock was inside of him. As I held him by his hips I lifted his upper half and forced him to the wall as he let out a loud moan.

He said "we shouldn't be doing this, so we should just sit down and eat". I pressed harder so I the stunning japanese haruka gets her big boobs cum showered pornstars and hardcore of me slide inside of him. He said "no we should stop" in a lusty voice as he tried to catch his breath.

Paying no attention to what he said, I slowly moved in and out of him, then pressed my body against his and said "you talk too much". I placed my hand over his mouth and started to stroke in and out faster. He throw his head back onto my shoulder and looked me in my eyes with a satisfying look to say "faster please go faster, I want you now, please go faster" as I removed my hand from his mouth.

I pushed him against the wall and forced his hands undermine against the wall and pounded away. I went as fast as I could possible go.

He let out a loud moan and said "fuck" as loud as possible. Five minutes into it I pulled away and gripped him by his short dark slick hair and pulled him to the floor. I laid him on his back, shoved my cock back into his hole as he wrapped his legs around my back as I gave him a passionate kiss. I drove all 9 inches of me in and out of him as hard and fast as I could. I looked at him while he looked at me with a satisfied look on his face. He tried to say something but couldn't, I looked down to see him squirting cum everywhere.

It was at least 6 long strands of cum squirted out of him. I still didn't stop as I pounded his tight little ass away his body shook as he moaned and said "whatever you do don't STOP, your dick is amazing, please don't STOP." I kissed him again and said "but your wifey will be home soon hubby".

He grinned in satisfaction and called me an asshole. He started to scream a little bit to say " it's happening again, don't stop, don.don't stop, fuck me harder, just fuck me, I----" as he started stuttering I pushed his hand away to grabbed his swollen shaft and jacked him off as fast as possible without missing a beat in pounding his ass out. His body twitched and got warmer as he lifted his upper back up curvy redhead starlet pleasures a fat dick the air as his head was still on the kitchen floor with his mouth open.

Then I noticed that he placed his hand on my stomach as my cock swelled inside of him as I started to climax. He said "keep shoving you're dick inside me like that, I want that cream inside of me". I said "ask nicely and you might get it" he smiled and moaned "please" in a shallow voice. He came AGAIN and this time it just erupted like volcano and sled down my fingers. It felt like an everlasting warm bath of his sperm. And it seem like that was all I needed to explode.

I threw my head back and moaned lightly repeating "fuck" loudly as I came hard inside him. Stream after stream exploded into him. I was lost for words because I never felt that way before as I allowed my head to fall into his fast beating chest while trying sweet ass teen riding shaft for cash in some catch my breath.

Derek said "that shit was the best" as I slowly stroked my dick in and out of him. I looked up at him and he slapped me! I looked at him with a shocked look like WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you. He said "I told you we had to stop; my wife will be home in an hour". I shoved my cock into him as hard possible and gripped his shaft hard, looked at him with a smile "but I wanted you to have something your wife's strap on couldn't give you".

Derek's body trembled. I kissed him and said "thanks for the good time but I have to go". I pulled out of him, got up picked up my phone and my clothes and walked into the living room. He got up to follow me, knocked my clothes out of my hands and said "you're staying the weekend, we're about to start round two".