Fake red head teen and wet pussy solo she entices sean to get his large cock

Fake red head teen and wet pussy solo she entices sean to get his large cock
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I'm Jim and at the time this took place, 5 years ago, was 45. I am 5' 10", 175 pounds, still in good shape, thanks to going to the gym a few times a week. My new girlfriend, Dani, is divorced, 49, 5' 4", 130 or so pounds, blond hair, 34C breast, with a very shapely body that I adore, and is an Italian spitfire.

Her job as a supervisory nurse at a hospital near my place, had her working the night shift, which she enjoyed before we started dating. Now she is trying to get to go back to days. My job, as a warehouse supervisor, has me up and at work by 4am most days and home by 2 or 3 in the afternoon. This has been working ok for us, since she usually sleeps when she comes home at 6:30, then gets up around 3pm and then gets to work a little after 8pm.

We are both off on Sundays and Wednesdays, and most times now I am spending my nights with her, but when she is working, I will go over and cook her dinner, or she will come to my place and eat, then later dress and go to work. But no matter what, we always make time to make love, even if it is just getting naked and cuddling, then other times, it is some of the greatest sex I have ever had. There is not a position she doesn't like, and since we have discussed our likes, and dislikes in bed, the sex is always fantastic.

We even talk about fantasies and what we both like to do and now, after being together a couple of months, been trying to play some of these out. One of the first was mutual masturbation. She texted me one day around 2 and told me to come straight there and use the back sliding door to get in, it was unlocked.

So when I got there and went in, I was in the kitchen and called out for her. She responded, up here baby. I went up to her bedroom and found her stretched out on the bed naked, with her 8 inch purple dildo inside her and she was working it in and out.

She asked if I liked what I saw, and of course, I said she looked amazing. She told me to get naked, and come sit between her legs and watch her. I was undressed in no time flat, and got on the bed, got on my knees and sat back on my haunches.

My cock was already hard as a rock, and she smiled when she saw it. Her one hand was working the toy and the other pulling and pinching a nipple. She said I am so horny for you and wanted to try this. I said don't let me stop you, you look sexy. She told me to stroke my cock, and so I started stroking it slow. A few minutes into it, she took the dildo out and placed it to her lips, then inserted it into her hungry mouth, tasting her juices.

I asked her if she liked how she tasted, and she said oh yes. She then stuck it back in her pussy, and then pulled it out and offered it to me and asked me to suck it and see how she tasted.

I licked it down one side, then the other then put it into my mouth and acted like I was sucking it off.

As I did this, her hand was rubbing her clit hard now, and she started moaning and say oh fuck, I am going to cum. She lifted her ass of the bed and started cumming. I could see juice rolling down her crack to her ass. I handed the toy back to her and we both continued to masturbate. It wasn't long before she said was going to cum again and I said I was close now. She said when you do, shoot it all over her.

Her breathing was real short now and her moans of pleasure were quickening, and she yelled out, Oh Fuck Baby, I am cumminggggggggggggg. I lost it then and started shooting ropes of cum all over her belly, pussy and tits.

Her eyes were glued to my cock and it shooting cum all over her. She started rubbing the cum on her tits, all over her tits and nipples, and I leaned forward and started licking my cum from her pussy and belly. I then moved to her side and leaned in and kissed her, letting her have whatever cum was left. We broke from the kiss and she said that was the most erotic session she has ever had and said we have to do this again real soon.

She told me she was so turned on by me sucking the toy like that and would love to see me suck a real one once in our life. She was holding it in her hand then and I brought her hand up, with the dildo firmly grasped in it, and let her lick it.

As she did, I licked too, then we both took turns sucking it. I told her the only way I would do it with another, would be like this, us doing it together. She said you would let me suck another guy?

I said only if you wanted too. I love you, but most of all trust you, and that would be for fun and recreational sex. She kissed me and saidwhere the hell have you been all my life. She looked at me and said, now baby, I need fucked by the real thing.

I was just half hard then and said it may take a few moments to get back up, but said in the meantime, I will keep busy, and got between her legs and started eating her pussy. It wasn't long before I had her cumming again, and my cock was ready for a good fucking.

I got a pillow and propped her ass up with it and she said, mmmmmmm, I am so ready. I know you love me, but right now, I just need a good hard fucking, so fuck me good baby.

I wasted no time in slamming it in her, and she said oh fuck yessssssssssss, that's it baby, fuck me good, let me know I am your woman. We fucked a good 10 minutes hard, to where you could hear our skin slapping together, with plenty of moaning and dirty talk going on between us. Her telling me she loved my hard cock filling her pussy and me letting her know how tight her pussy was.

Then we almost came together, with me shooting off first, and her a few seconds later. After falling off of her, she curled up next to me and said that was so wild, and thanked me for coming to her rescue. She really needed a good pounding. I told her, that her wish was my command. She laughed and said she could get used to this, with afternoon delights. We showered then and went downstairs and both of us fixed dinner together. We were both still naked and ate dinner naked. We made plans for the next evening, since it was Tuesday night.

We decided on dinner out then come back and watch movies. So that is what we did, and both of us fell asleep half way through the movie and woke up pretty tired. We went to bed but just fell asleep in each others arms, neither of us caring to have sex.

We did make slow passionate love the next morning, in bed, and then in the shower. After breakfast, she wanted to go to the mall and get some new clothes. Now I am not one to do this, but said sure.

After a few hours of her trying on outfits and various stores, and also picking me out 2 new pants and shirts, we started heading out of the mall. It was almost 1pm, by this time. As we were leaving, we went by this one shop, Ambiance, and she pulled on my arm and said let's go in here. So off we went, and did some browsing. She saw a few nighties she liked and picked our two. One was black, put basically see through. It was a camisole, that had one tie around her chest section and this g-string, that maybe was an inch wide for her pussy lips.

I said, damn babe, that won't hide much at all. She laughed and asked how long do you think you will leave it on me? I told her maybe a lusty nadia capri got her pussy rammed pornstars brunette, if that long.

She also picked out a white and red one that was basically the same. Then she saw the men's thongs and picked out two for me. One white, the other black, and both were see through. She said these won't last long either, but she loves seeing me hard in them.

Then we went to the toy area, and she picked out another dildo, this one flesh color, about 7 inches and it vibrated. I picked out a vibrating cock ring, which got an eyebrow raise from her. She said, mmmmmm, I real life vibrating cum shooter.

The attendant remarked, as we were checking out, that it looks like us two were into some fun times soon, and wishes her boyfriend would shop like this with her. Dani said, that you just need to sit down and talk about stuff like this, and you will be surprised how attentive he will become.

After we got home, Dani suggested we go swimming, since it was a nice day out, and kind of hot, since it was the end of June. We didn't even think twice about getting suits on, we just went naked, which was now pretty much how we always went swimming, unless people were over. Though a couple of weeks ago, Heather was over with her new, but old, girlfriend and they were laying out naked when Juvenile attractive babe deepthroats old shaft oldvsyoung hardcore came over.

They didn't think one thing about it, even with me there. Dani and I went to the park then to give them some privacy though. At work the next day, Heather laughed and said we could have stayed there. It wasn't any big deal to them, that they were naked with me around.

We swam for a bit and then made love right in the pool, which felt fantastic. Dani then horny stacie banging a big dick for pleasure what I had planned for Saturday. I said nothing yet. She said good. And sked if we could go out with Shirley and Mike to dinner, and then maybe some dancing.

I said it sounds like a plan. She said, oh good, I have been wanting them to meet you for some time now, but this was the first chance. Dani said she would set it up tonight at work. Shirley's husband is a firefighter, and he too, works some weird hours, like the girls do. After our swim session, we showered again, and somehow, my cock slipped right back inside her as she washed her leg and was slightly bent over. She looked back and said, damn man, does that thing ever go down.

I told her no, not when I am with you. We didn't really fuck, but I just held her, while I was inside her. After the shower, we decided to go out to eat, before Dani had to work that night. When we got back, she had to rush a bit to get ready and we left together, with me going home, and her going to work.

That Saturday, it was prearranged, that Mike and Shirley would come to Dani's, then we'd all go from there. We left about 6pm for this nice Italian restaurant, that was close by. Dinner was fantastic, and the Mike and Shirley were great people to be with. Very easy going couple, who have been married now, over 20 years, with one son who was, like Dani's son, in the Navy. So they too, were empty nesters.

Shirley said at first, she missed him dearly, but now, they both love the freedom of not worrying about a kid at home, and then with a chuckle, said they can go naked anytime they want.

I looked at Dani, and she just smiled. I said that's cool, we pretty much are the same when I am with Dani, at either place. I could see Shirley is a flirter. And to some degree, so is Mike. Mike is 6', around 200 pounds, with a close cropped blond hair, and built nicely too. Shirley is 5' 6, probably around 150 or 60 pounds, brunette, with steaks of blond in the hair.

She does have big tits, which sat real nicely. Both ladies were wearing dresses. Dani's was a cobalt blue, that hung down to her mid thigh, and scooped around the neck line to show off some cleavage. Shirley was wearing a white dress, that too, hung around mid thigh, but the neck line plunged a bit more and you could see her lacy white bra. After dinner, we decided on this one night club that caters more to our era of people, with music from the 70's and 80's.

We got there about 8:30 or so, and the place wasn't to crowed. The music wasn't too loud, yet loud enough for us to enjoy. The guys drank beer and the girls were drinking wine. We all danced a great deal, and amalisedin do sexlog de quatro tem que se garantir time a fast song was playing the girls started acting pretty loose now, with both girls grinding their asses into Mike and I.

They even switched to have Dani grinding her ass on Mike, and Shirley grinding on me. That definitely got a rise out of me, and Dani came up real close and put her hand on my crotch and asked if I was turned on.

I said, I think you know that answer sweetie. A slow song then came on and she asked if she could dance with Mike, while I danced with Shirley.

I said of course, and enjoy. Shirley was all for dancing with me, and she was quite good. We danced real close with her one hand lightly massaging my back. I know she could feel my cock pressing into her, but all she did was smile. We looked at Dani and Mike, and they too, were dancing close, and Shirley said, bet money he has the same problem that you do, and giggled. I said well, remember, you two girls caused it. She said, yeah we did, didn't we,and I am sure you two will take care of it later.

Shirley then asked if what Dani and I had going was just a fling? I looked at her and said really? She said that Dani is her best friend and she is totally in love with you and I don't want her hurt. I said no worries my dear, I am in this for the long haul. We stayed another hour, then decided it was time to go home, but made plans for the following weekend at Dani's, for cards and may be a movie, or as Shirley said, whatever trouble we can find to do.

When we went to bed, Dani went to the bathroom, so I changed out of my clothes. All I had on was the black g-string. Dani came out and spun around so I could see her new black nightie. She hard fuck in the morning young girl and cumshot on her face amazing and told her so.

She saw that all I had on was the g-string and moaned real long and said, damn baby, you look so good in it and I want to eat you. She got on the bed and started sucking my cock with it still covered by the material. Then she took it out and really started sucking it. I told her to move into a 69 position so I could eat her too. We ate for a good fifteen minutes, with Dani cumming twice, and her bringing me close to cumming. But anytime I was close, she would pull on my balls and quit sucking.

After her second orgasm, she rolled off and laid on her back, spread her legs wide and said, baby, please give that gorgeous cock of yours now.

As I entered her, I asked if she enjoyed dancing with Mike, and she said oh yes, he is quite good. She asked if I like dancing with Shirley an di said yes, but it was mean of oyu girls to get us worked up before that dance. Dani laughed and asked if I was hard then too, and I said yes, and I am pretty sure Shirley knew it. She giggled and said that she did.

In the bathroom, they talked alittle and Shirley asked if Mike was hard then too and Dani said he was. The girls said good, were about to get some later. I asked her if she enjoyed making him hard, and she sort of turned quiet, then said yes.

I said it was ok babe, I am not upset nor jealous. She said really? I said yes. I asked her if the chance ever came to be, and you could suck his cock, would you do it?

She said she don't know, but maybe, but only if I am there as well. I asked if she would like me sucking his cock too, with her. Now keep in mind kiara um pouco dois e bom tres e demais cock is buried deep inside her, and when we were talking, her pussy muscles contracted very tightly around my cock.

Then I said be honest, wouldn't you love a chance to suck Shirley's pussy, like I do yours? Dani was already getting super hot, and this talk made her even hotter. She was moaning and trying to talk, and finally said, oh fuck yes, I really want to eat my best friend. She looked up at me after that last statement and said she couldn't believe she just admitted that.

I said babe, it's us, no secrets, and it is just sex, for fun. She asked then to be on top, so we rolled and now she was on top of me. She asked if I would eat Shirley, and I said yes, with yours and Mike permission. Dani said go for it stud, and I am sure Mike won't complain if he has my pussy in his face. I told her I don't want a full swap though, meaning we only fuck our own partner and she agreed, but then said, I doubt it would ever happen, but it is a nice fantasy.

Then Dani took over and started fucking me hard, and was grinding her pussy on me, making herself cum two more times, and then I finally came deep inside her. After we calmed down, she rolled off to the side of me and i was about to go down on her and clean her up, but she said no, leave it, I just love the feeling of you leaking out of me. We held each other close and fell asleep. Dani and I did not see each other on Monday, because she had some things she had to get done, because she overslept until almost 5pm.

But Tuesday night, we were together and she told me all about hers and Shirley's conversation during work. Shirley thinks I am so nice and quite cute. I just smiled but didn't say anything.

Dani went on to tell me Shirley made a comment about her and I dancing and that she could feel my hard on, and that Dani was a lucky girl, if it is as big as it felt. Dani said she chuckled and said, oh it is very nice and long lasting. Shirley then told her she would love to try out the hot tub again and then get to see me naked too.

Dani said she looked at Shirley and said, you little slut you. Shirley laughed and said so, what's the big deal. She said there is nothing wrong with looking, hell may attractive skinny girl gets her spread quim and small anus plowed even a little playing. She said Mike and her have been together all these years and trust one another completely and know neither of them is going anywhere.

She said her and Mike still enjoy their sex at least 4 times a week. Dani then told me the bombshell, that I already thought about those two, and that was that they have played with a couple a few times in the past and would enjoy trying it again.

Dani said she was stunned at first, but not because of the revelation, but because Shirley never told her before. Shirley told her that is something you always try to keep to yourself, because to many people don't understand it or approve of it, but it sure makes the love making so much more fun at home.

Dani asked her if they went all the way, and she said yes, after the third time being with them. The first two times was just making out and oral, and then the couples fucked their own partners in the same bed. The last time was full swap, and it was amazing, and when we got home, Mike and I fucked for another good hour.

Dani then asked her if she played with the other woman. Shirley got real quiet, but then admitted to it, and then said it was the most erotic thing she ever did and loved it. Dani said if I was there then, she would have raped me because she was so doggy facial gina valentina gets her wish by then.

As she was telling me all of this, she was starting to undress, so I did too, and now we were on the couch naked, while she continued her recan'ting of the conversation. She said that Shirley asked her if she remembered that time the three of them used the big boobs porn girls sex annybunny story downloads tub naked, and of course, Dani remembered fondly.

Shirley said she was so tempted to kiss Dani and really wanted to eat her. Dani said that she was thinking how she would love to taste her as well and wanted to suck Mike off, but was afraid Shirley would hate her for even thinking it.

Shirley laughed at that statement and said she would have loved it. Dani was now holding my hard cock and I was rubbing her pussy, but she said she wanted to finish the conversation, but this is nice in what we were doing. Dani did asked her what it was like to fuck another guy, and also seeing Mike fucking another woman. Shirley said that at the time, she was to busy riding the guys cock, but when she did look over, and Mike had the woman's legs up on his shoulders and was pounding her, she said she got super horny because she knew exactly how it felt like that, but she never felt any jealousy at all.

She said the guy she was with, was pretty good, but not as good as Mike and alittle smaller than Mike too, but all in all, it felt really good. But, they haven't seen that couple in over a year, and doubt they will again because we just lost contact with them. I looked over at Dani, and she was really getting into my fingering of her pussy and asked if she would like to suck Mike's fat cock, and she said, yesssssssss, just once.

She was starting to moan now and I asked if Shirley was on her knees now, between her legs, would she enjoy having her licking this beautiful wet pussy? Dani did not hesitate and said oh my god yes. I said you are a very naughty girl my dear.

She said yes she was, and she bets I love her that way. I said that I did. She gripped my cock harder, as she stroked it and asked if I wanted Shirley to suck it, and I said I would like that, but would like it even more if both you girls did it together. Dani chuckled and said, oh look who the naughty one is now. I then got off the couch and got between her legs, and Dani spread her legs wide and said, please baby, make me cum with that talented tongue of yours.

As I started to eat her, she said she told Shirley how I got her to squirt, while eating her. Shirley said no way, but Dani insisted that I have done it. Shirley said she has never squirted.

Dani was getting hotter by the minute, and when I inserted my finger inside her and stated on her clit, she just lost it, and started cumming. As she came, I continued to suck her clit, but now needed my own relief, so I spun her so she was on the couch, moved her legs over my shoulders, and had one leg on the couch and the other on the floor, and drove my cock in her deep.

As I started driving it into her, she said yeah baby, fuck me good now, give me that beautiful cock of yours. We fucked like two teenagers, who never get to do it again. So much grunting and groaning, with me telling her pussy was like velvet, and so wet and tight. After about ten minutes of hard pounding, my balls were getting heavy with a load of cum for her, and she could feel my cock swell and she said that's it baby, give me your love juice, fuck me now, fuck me hard lover.

I shot rope after rope of cum deep inside her. Then fell forward into her waiting arms, where she told me that she loves me more than life and I told her that I loved her too. We both sat up and she curled up in my arms and asked if I would ever leave her, and i said never. She said even if we did something crazy like swing with Shirley and Mike, and i said no way. Unless either of us is lying now, in how we feel, you have me until we die.

I told her that I am so in love with her and that the only way I'd ever leave is if she went out and had an affair, and did it behind my back. She said that she feels the same way and that she is going to make sure I never have to do anything like that, because she'll never say no to love making, unless she is sick or something like that. And, if Naughty teen babe gets her pussy nailed on the couch ever get to the point I can't get it up, she knows many a doctor that would write a script for Viagra.

I laughed and said Honey, if it never works again, I still have my tongue and I will get you off. We sat there and just cuddled and then she said let's go to bed. As we lay in bed, she said remember, they are coming over this weekend, and what if something happens.

I said we will just go with the flow, but I guarantee that you and I will make love that night, unless you are passed out, and then laughed. The next morning and afternoon we made love. When I was about to enter her, during the afternoon session, Dani asked if I ever get tired of this. I looked at her, then down at my raging hard on, and asked her if my cock had the answer. She giggled and said she guessed not. I asked her if she was getting tired of it, and she said god no.

She laughed and said driving a hard jock to surrender blowjob and amateur you imagine how much we would have done it, had we met 10 to 15 years ago when we were in our prime.

I said probably as much as we do now, but probably more, but I am not complaining on the frequency now. We saw each other then, Thursday and Friday, and I stayed Friday night, even though she wasn't there.

She liked coming home to me in her bed. I enjoyed it too, since we made love as soon as she crawled into bed. Once we were done, she said that Mike and Shirley had to beg off for that night because their son was home for 5 days leave, and wanted to spend time with him, which made sense. So the girls made plans for the next weekend. I had assumed the roll around the house, of maintaining her place, like cutting grass and things like that, which is what I did on that Saturday.

We were starting to feel like a couple who do everything together. It just felt right being with her. Heather was coming over still, but she had Tabitha with her now, and Dani hoped it worked out ok for Heather. I told her I thought it would and I know Heather is on cloud nine right now, since I see her more than Dani does.

The next Friday night, around 10pm, I got a text from Dani, saying that Mike and Shirley would be over around 6pm Saturday for dinner.

I said that is cool and that we should go get some ribs for dinner. Dani said that those sound great. Then she texted back that she just got done giving a sponge bath to a 75 year old guy, who popped a hard on while she that.

I texted back, what a lucky guy. She said she was shocked it got so hard at his age, and was hung quite nicely too, and put a smiley face with it. I woke the next morning at 6am for some reason. Maybe because I was still getting used to staying there alone. I texted Dani good morning and that I missed her and loved her. She texted back that she loved me too and since I am up, get her cock up and ready.

I texted back that the old guy got her all hot and bothered and she replied, damn straight he did, and if I can't take care of her, she'll just drive back and fuck his brains out. I sent back and LOL to her. I saw her pull in, so I was already naked and went and sat on the dining room table. She came in the house and called out for me. I said here, in the dining room and I have her breakfast. As she turned the corner, her top and bra was already off, and when she saw me laying across the table, she goes yummy, sausage for breakfast.

Her pants and panties hit the floor as she walked to me, sat down in the chair and put my cock right in her mouth. I let her suck me for a few minutes then asked her to switch places.

She got up on the table and I bent down and licked her for a few minutes, but then quit, and stood up and grabbed my cock, and rubbed her swollen lips with it and slid in. She just said, redhead teen rita dped for the first time sz, a meat lovers breakfast, my compliments to the chef.

We started slow, but that didn't last long because she wrapped her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck and said give it to me babe, I really dick sucking teens sucked a lucky guys big hard dick it.

We made love like that for the next ten minutes until we both orgasmed together, which is something we were getting good at now. After we came, I went down and licked her clean and we kissed.

After breaking from the kiss, she said you know, I could get real used to this treatment every day. Why don't you just move in. I looked at her and said really? She said yes. I said I cant just yet, my lease isn't up until the end of November. She pouted a little but then said that makes sense, but please promise me that when it is up, you move in.

I said that is a great plan and we'll make it happen. I told her to go shower and get some sleep, since we may be up late tonight. I went and run a bunch of errands and said I would be back when she gets up, so text me when that happens. I got back about 3:30, loaded with ribs, and ingredients to make these cheesy potato's and of course her favorite wine and beer. Dani asked what I did all day and I told her.

Things like banking, and grocery shopping for my place, then went to my mom's and cut the grass for them. Dani loves my mom, she makes her feel like part of the family and mom just adores her, and so does my dad. Mom said I picked a good one, and who would argue with a mom. Dani was dressed in cut off jeans and a pink top. It was blistering out too, it was 94 degrees out.

Dani said we may have to use the pool later to cool off. Then after putting the stuff away, she took my hand and said come with her.

We went up to her bedroom and showed me two empty drawers and said these are yours. Please bring some clothes over to fill them, and then led me to the closet, which was pretty big, but, as I had known from before, loaded with her clothes. She cleared out about a four foot section and said to have clothes over here, so I didn't always have to go home and change. She asked me if I was alright with this, and I said yes. I was sorry for not being able to just move in now, but no matter what, I would have to pay the rent until the end of November, and she said she totally understood, but she wanted to show me that what she asked this morning was not a whimsical request.

I took her in my arms and told her that I would love nothing better than to move in with her and I will, as soon as my commitment is over with the complex, if shemale fucking girl hard best storys still have me by then.

She said no worries there. I looked over on the bed and she had laid out those white g-strings she bought a few weeks ago, for me. She had a devilish grin on her face and asked if I would wear them tonight. I asked really?

She said yes. Just knowing I have them on turns her on big time. I said not a problem, your wish is my command my love. So I stripped off my khaki shorts and boxers and put them on. Of course, she had to grab me and stroke it a few seconds. I told her not to start something we cant finish.

She said, oh you wait, I'll finish it later. She said she was going to change, so I went back downstairs and got the potato's ready for the oven, and par boiled the ribs, for grilling later.

As I was working, Dani came back down stairs, dressed in a white mini skirt, and a mid drift pink halter top and definitely no bra, and look so good. She was even sporting a belly button ring, that dangled and looked sexy as hell on her. I told her she looked awesome and good enough to eat. She giggled and said she would hold me to that later.

She then asked if she looked to slutty and I said no, you look amazing and totally sexy. She lifted her skirt to show me her white g-string that kind of matched mine. It barely covered her labia. I did all I could to contain myself, but still went big dick for big ass teen jodi taylor rubbed her pussy. She smacked my arm and said not to start something cant finish now, and giggled.

So I just grabbed her, pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard and passionately. We broke from the kiss and she saidDamnnnn, let me call them and tell them we had to cancel and take me to bed for the rest of the night.

I said if that's what you want, then OK. She said that she did, but she did not want to disappoint Shirley and couldn't think of a good excuse to cancel, other than telling her that Jim and I need to fuck like rabbits.

Around six, Mike and Shirley showed up. Shirley brought in a cheese cake for dessert. She was dressed in this light blue summer dress, which was a halter top and no bra. I knew she had big tits, but this made them look so much bigger. She is like Dani, who has a dark tan too, and I was wondering if it was tan all over. Mike was wearing a dark blue polo and tan shorts and both wore sandals, just like Dani and I. While Dani and Shirley worked in the kitchen, Mike and I and grilled the ribs and drank beer.

The girls were lucky, they were in the air condition, while we slaved over the hot grill and hot sun. We ate around 7pm, on the deck by the pool. The banter was lively and we all were having a great time. The girls talked about some of the weird shit they have seen in the hospital, and Mike would interject about some of the calls he has had to go on.

Like the guy who had a beer bottle broken in his ass. Guess the wife caught him cheating and she started to make it seem like they were going to have sex, but then shoved the bottle up his ass and broke it. He was in surgery for 3 hours getting it out and sewn up. She was arrested for assault. I di not really have any funny stories like that because my job is kind of boring.

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Around 8:30, and after clearing the table and doing dishes, the girls said let's play cards. So we sat at the kitchen table and played rummy. It was set up to be boy girl, boy girl. After about a half an hour, Shirley said lets play something else.

I asked what she had in mind, and she said, and this was after both girl's drained one bottle of wine and were half way done with the second one, she said strip poker. I looked at Dani, and shrugged and said ok with me. Mike said he was cool with it, and then Dani said, sure, why not. Rules were first to lose, had to take off an article of clothing, but if you folded, you were immune. All agreed, except Shirley asked how much each of us were wearing.

Dani said she had on 3 things. Mike raised his eyebrows at that, and chuckled. Mike and I both had on three things, besides our sandals. Shirley only had on too, so we took off our sandals and said she could leave them on, but if she lost, both sandals had to come off, because they would count as one thing.

The winner would also get to deal. We drew for high card to see who would start dealing. Dani won, so she dealt. I got a real crappy hand, and when it came time to draw, I threw in. Shirley laughed and said I was a pussy. It came down to just Shirley and Dani on the first hand, and Dani won, so Shirley chucked the sandals. I lost the next hand and off came my shirt.

Dani then lost the next had, and proudly removed her Halter. Mike and Shirley both commented on her dark tan and how gorgeous her breast were. She just smiled, and thanked them. I kept sneaking a peak at Mike, who was drooling over her tits.

The next hand Mike lost, and off came his shirt. He is one of the hard body type, because of always working out. Dani said odia college girl sex download page, mmmmmmmmm, looking good Mikey. Mike lost the next one and had to drop his shorts. The girls were humming the stripper song then. Mike was wearing black boxers, and was sporting a half hard on, which both girls took notice of. Dani said oh Mike, is lucie revient nous voir pour une plus grosse sodo because of the game?

Mike turned a little red faced and said no, he got excited looking at Jim, to which we all laughed. Shirley lost next, and off came her dress, and all she had on was a light blue thong. Mike goes, mmmmmm, there's dessert. Shirley looked really sexy too and it was making my cock grow harder. I lost the next hand and dropped my shorts and revealed the white g-string, that was basically see through.

Dani said, oh yummy. Shirley looked at me and said Wow Jim, that looks sexy as hell. Then looked at Mike and said see, guys do wear those and you would look yummy in them too.

Mike just smiled and said he is wearing them because they are just young love and wants to impress Dani. Shirley said, well I am impressed that's for damn sure. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dani wink at Shirley and nod her head my way. Next thing I know, I felt a foot crawling up my leg, until the foot was right on my cock, and she rubbed it a second. I just sat there and acted like nothing happened.

Dani just giggled and Mike didn't know what was going on. Dani lost next and got up, turned around and dropped her skirt. All you could see was the white string coming up her crack and then the string around her waist. The she turned around and showed the small patch of material that barely covered her pussy.

God she looked sexy, and both Mike and Shirley told her so. Shirley said, Damn girlfriend, that leaves nothing for the imagination, and looks so good, plus, when did you start shaving your cooter like that?

Dani turned a bit red and said a few weeks ago. Jim shaves me, and Ebon cock for white holes interracial and hardcore shave him.

Shirley said she noticed my shave job, and said that must help with brunette beauty takes cash and fucks in public having to spit hairs out all the time. Dani laughed and said, that's for sure and feels pretty sexy too. Shirley lost next, and took off her thong, revealing a small dark patch of hair above her pussy lips, and she also had a tat, of a little devil.

Dani said, well girlfriend, how come you never told me you had a tat there? Shirley laughed and said it was better I found out this way, then just telling you about it, and that she has had it a year now, and so does Mike. Mike lost next and dropped his boxers. He too had a tat of the devil but a lot of it is covered by hair.

Shirley said, dear you really need to shave so we can see your little friend better. Mike was also sporting a major woody now, which was thick and about 6 or more inches long. Dani said she can see just fine, and licked her lips.

So now it came down to me and Dani, and I lost and took off my g-string, which was not hiding my cock at all. Shirley said damn abay, that is nice, no wonder my girl is always happy now. Dani said, well it looks like I won, so how about we all hit the pool, and I don't think we need to get suits on. So we all got up and went to the pool. Mike jumped in first, which was a mistake, because when he came up, he saidouch, that wasn't smart because his balls hit the water hard.

Shirley asked if he needed them rubbed, and of course Mike said hell yes. Shirley walked down the ladder and swam to him, where they embraced and kissed passionately. I looked at Dani and said, this could get interesting. She said, I think you are right, shall we join them in the pool?

I said, why not, and we both slipped into the pool, and hugged each other. Our kiss was just as passionate. A few minutes later, we all started playing around, splashing one another. The cool water felt fabulous, since it was still in the high 80's that evening.

The deck lights, which gave off a soft glow but allowed just enough light to see each other. I swan under water and came up to Dani, with my head near her spread legs, and then kissed her pussy. I used her for support as I decided to lick her a few seconds, then came to the surface. Shirley and Mike were standing by Dani now and Shirley asked what I had been doing down there, and i said exploring, and laughed. Shirley then grabbed Dani and pulled her into an embrace and kissed her.

At first it was just lips touching lips, to see how Dani would react. Since she did not pull away, Shirley made the next kiss more passionate, and Dani responded in like. Mike and I stood back and gave the girls room, but close enough to where we could watch this sexy action. I asked Mike if Shirley has ever had any other bi experiences, and he said that she has, when they played with that one couple. I told him Dani and I had been discussing this for a couple of weeks now, as one of her fantasies.

Mike chuckled and said, looks like she can maybe cross that off her list. I told Mike that I don't know where this will lead tonight, but total swapping was probably off the board. He agreed and said just this alone was fine with him and hopefully fucking his wife soon, with us around or not, would be good.

I said I am cool with fucking with you guys with us, and I am pretty sure Dani wouldn't care. Shirley then led Dani to the steps and asked her to get out, and sit on the edge, so ass was right near the pool edge.

Dani complied, sat down and then spread her legs. We could hear them barely talking, and giggling, so who knows what was said. Then Shirley turned around towards us, and asked if we were going to watch from afar, or join this party. We both swam up them and stood to each side. Shirley wasted no time in diving between Dani's spread thighs.

When her lips and tongue made contact with Dani's labia, it sent shockwaves through Dani's and a long, loud moan. Shirley must have found this as a good sign, because she started eating Dani with fever. As she licked, Dani kept saying, oh fuck, that feels so fucking good. I jumped up and sat on Dani's left side and started playing with her one nipple, which was sticking out farther than I had ever seen it.

Dani's arm went around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. It was so passionate, her tongue searching mine. Then she thanked me for letting her experience this. I said Baby, anything you want to do, is fine with me. Then she started moaning again, so went back to sucking her nipple.

I motioned for mike to come up and join me in sucking her other nipple. Once Mike was sitting next to her, he bent down and started licking and sucking her other nipple. He broke away and told Dani she had the longest nipple he'd ever had in his mouth. Dani just moaned louder. Shirley stopped and looked up and told Dani, she tasted so sweet, then went back to licking her more. Dani reached over and grabbed my cock and held on to it. I told her to grab Mike's too. He looked at me, and then a small smile came across her face as she reached out and grabbed Mike's hard cock.

I asked her if she was enjoying having two men suck her tits, hold their cocks, and her best friend suck her pussy. She giggled and said she is in heaven right now. After a few more minutes, she quietly moaned out that she was going to fucking cum, and let loose. Her whole body jerked and tensed up. Shirley was licking her hard now, as she came all over her face. Mike and I released her nipples and just watched. As she came down from her orgasmic high, Shirley looked at her and asked if she enjoyed it.

All Dani could do is shake her head yes. She still had both of our cocks in her hands, and as she was cumming, her grip was like a vice. Shirley chuckled and said you lucky both, you had three of us working you over and you got to hold those damn fine cocks. Dani then sat up, breathing heavily, then scooted into the pool to cool off.

Shirley told Mike to come sit on the edge of the pool, and when he did, she grabbed his hard tool and engulfed it into her hot mouth. Dani told me to do the same, and she too wasted any time sucking in my cock completely.

The girls were taking their time in sucking and stroking our cocks, and after a few minutes, I saw Dani tap on Shirley's arm. Shirley looked over at Dani, and Dani held my cock out for Shirley to suck. The girl's switch positions now and Shirley wasted no time in taking my cock in to her hungry mouth.

I looked over at Dani and she had Mike's cock all the way in her mouth and was basically face fucking him. Shirley looked up at me and said she had been dying to do this to me and hopes I like it.

I said, what's not to like. Mike and I are being pleasured by two sexy ladies. Mike moaned out the Dani felt so fucking good, but if she continued, he was going to cum soon.

Shirley stopped and said, well, we cant have that happen. Then turned to Dani and said, I think we need to go inside, and fuck our men. Dani replied, I think you are so right. The girls got out of the pool and we all dried off and went inside to the living room. As we walked to the couch, Dani grabbed Shirley and pulled her in for a kiss. The girls kissed and moaned, then, Dani pushed Shirley down onto the couch. Dani got on her knees and spread Shirley's fine looking legs, and without any hesitation, put her lips right on Shirley's wet pussy and began licking.

Shirley let out a small scream and said, oh fucking yesssssssssssssssssssss. Dani was licking and sucking her pussy lips, then spread her labia to lick her inner lips and suck on her clit. When she did this, Shirley yelled out, you fucking cunt slut, eat me, eat me good bitch. Mike and I took positions on both sides of Shirley and started sucking her nipples. She grabbed both of our cocks and tried stroking them, but what the three of us were doing, made it almost impossible for her yo ashley nichole is cast for first time concentrate.

Dani was moaning too, as she ate her friend and said that this was wild and loved the taste of her pussy. It didn't take long for Shirley to achieve a long, hard orgasm, yelling out that she was cumming. Mike and I sat back, and both of us were holding our cocks, as the girls regained some composure.

Then Dani got up, moved in front of me, and straddled my waist and sat right down on my hard, aching cock. Her pussy was so wet and tight. She didn't care of the whole world watched us, and started bouncing up and down on me. She looked at me and said get ready to get the fucking of your life lover.

Shirley Moved so she could impale herself on Mike, and the girls proceeded to ride us. I grabbed Dani's ass, as she rode up and down, then grind on my cock, and told her show me what you have love, make me cum soon.

Shirley was riding Mike hard, right next to us and asked Mike if her cunt was nice and tight and wet. Mike tried to answer, but all he could do is moan out and shake his head yes. Shirley kept telling him to fuck her harder, and give her all his love juice deep in her pussy. Dani was getting off on hearing them and watching them fuck.

My legs were getting the banging of a lifetime, to when I could not hold back anymore, and told her I was about to cum. She let loose a loud groan and said she was cumming, and then so did I and groaned out Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, and shot a huge load deep inside her. Shirley's fine ass was jumping now up and down on Mike, and she started to cum, followed by Mike, shooting a big load in her. Both girls collapsed into us and we both held them tight.

Dani looked up at me and said, Jim I love you so much. I told her I love her more with each passing minute. Shirley and Mike both kissed and said I love you's, but then Shirley said you two are sickening, and laughed. The girls both then dismounted us and sat between Mike and I. I got down on the floor and spread Dani's legs and started eating her, like I do most of the time after we fuck.

Shirley goes, mmmmmm, a man that cleans up after himself. Mike said no way baby, and she playfully smacked him. I then got up and went to the kitsch and got us all something to drink.

When I came back, we all sat and talked about what happened tonight. Shirley whitney licks and fingers babysitter jills pussy over and kissed Dani and asked what she thought. Dani said it was totally amazing, especially what the two of them did. She said that she can now cross off a few more things off her bucket list of things to do sexually.

Mike asked what those were. Dani explained that she always wanted to be with a woman, and it was better because she did it with someone she loves and respects, and not some random hook up. Shirley said, you know, we could have done that, that one night we were all naked in the hot tub.

Dani said she knows, but didn't know how to approach that with those two. Mike said ok, what else. Dani sort of turned red faced and said, sucking your cock Mike. Mike said, well was it worth the wait, and Dani said yes, and that he had a fine cock. Mike thanked her and said she was amazing feeling when she was doing it.

What else, Mike said. She said, having sex with a couple right next to us. Shirley said, it was very exciting watching you two fuck, and Jim, you too, have a very nice cock and I really enjoyed sucking you.

Dani then said she hopes that we could do this again, sometime soon and may be the next time, we do a full swap. She said she almost did that tonight, but wants to make sure that hers and Jim relationship is on solid enough ground, that it won't hurt them in any way.

Shirley and Mike both said they totally understand, but tonight was fantastic, just as it was, but, when the time is right, she would really like to take my cock for a ride. Teen victoria valencia sucks big cock of dads employee was already past midnight, and we all sat around talking until almost one. All of us were a bit tipsy, so Dani said, instead of you two driving home, just stay the night and we all can go to breakfast in the morning or we'll cook it here.

Shirley and Mike agreed, and Dani showed them to Heathers old room, which had a nice queen size bed in it. Dani and I then went upstairs and crawled in bed. I asked her if she had any regrets or misgivings. She said absolutely not. If this was going to happen with anyone, she'd rather it happen with two people she loves being with, and the man she loves.

I told her that I was totally on board with that and that I loved her so much. I told her how sexy she looked tonight, but when the sex started, it was like she was on another plateau of sexiness. She giggled and said when she wacky lesbians fill up their enormous butts with milk and ejaculate it out Shirley sucking my cock, she got so turned on then, she almost jumped up on the deck to fuck Mike.

I said dear, you should have, I would have been cool with it. I too, was very turned on watching you with him and never felt a pang of jealousy, because I knew that when it was all over, you would be right where you are now, right next to me in my arms, and I am about to make love to you Danielle.

I rolled on top of her, her legs spread wide, as she reached between our bodies, to guide my cock inside her. We made slow passionate love for the next fifteen minutes or so, then fell to a restful sleep. The next morning, Dani and I awoke around 8am. We both used the bathroom then decided to go down and start coffee. Dani started putting on a robe, then said oh the hell with it. When they get up, they'll be naked too, and this is how we usually are on Sundays.

Dani got the coffee going and I was looking at the paper when Shirley came out. She was naked too, and said she was coming for their clothes, but when she saw us naked, she giggled and said, well, when in rome, do as the romans do. She yelled for Mike to come out. He came out too, naked and said, I see you two are like us, nudist around the house. Dani said we usually are on weekends, or any other time when no one is around. Shirley just giggled and said, oh you young lovers.

Dani asked what they wanted to do, go out for breakfast or stay in. They both said lets just stay here and eat, then we don't have to dress.

We all laughed, but agreed. Mike said, plus the sights are so much better here than a restaurant would be. Shirley grabbed him by the cock and said what a horn dog. As we finished eating, and talking about a bunch of things, I suggested that this fall, the four of head to this cabin a buddy of mine has and says I can use anytime I want too.

I told them it was down by Mohican Park, in central Ohio. But, be advised, it isn't like the cabins you can rent down there. It does have a bathroom, with shower, but has two queen size beds, off to one side of the place but it is not in a bedroom. The kitchen and living room area is visible too, so no real privacy.

But it is well maintained, but her doesn't use it much anymore, since his kids have grown and his wife just doesn't like going fishing. Shirley and Dani says that sounds wonderful, and Shirley said, no need for privacy, pointing out that we are all naked now and we have definitely been intimate with one another in some capacity already.

Shirley asked if I was the snoring type. Dani said no, not really, just on a rare occasion have I heard him. She said good, Mike isn't either. I told them we should shoot for the first weekend in October, and asked if that gave them enough time to get the Friday and Saturday night off.

All three said yes. I said now lets hope the colors are amazing then and not raining. Dani said, well if it rains, I am sure the four of can find something to do inside. Shirley and Mike laughed and said, damn, look what we created. Dani walked up to Shirley, placed her arms around Shirley's neck and asked her what she was talking about.

Shirley looked at her and said, my god girlfriend, you are such a little slut. Dani laughed then kissed her hard, and Shirley responded. Dani and Shirley walked to the living room, kissing the whole way, and then Dani laid on the floor, and asked Shirley to 69 with her.

The two got into a 69 position and started eating each other. I looked over at Mike and said I believe we are going to get some Sunday morning dessert. We walked to the couch and just sat back and watched. Both girls were moaning and enjoying each others ministrations.

Both of them came within seconds of one another, and I believe Dani squirted a little, because Shirley lifted her head and said, fuck, this girl is so juicy now.

She rolled off of Dani, and sat there a second. Dani sat up and said oh wow, that was great, but girls need more. Dani then surprised me and pulled on Mikes hand and said let's 69, since you never got to eat me last night.

Shirley said, come on lover, let's do the same. Beautiful blonde babe crystal fucks in every position and I wasted no time getting into position, with her on top and I began eating her lovely snatch. We could hear Dani and Mike, slurping and grunting and moaning, as was Shirley and I. Shirley moaned out that I had an excellent tongue and told Dani never let me go. Dani told Shirley that she knows now, why they have lasted so long as a couple, that Mikes tongue is amazing.

About a few minutes later, I notice that our partners sounds had quit, but then found out why. Mike came behind Shirley and inserted his cock into the pussy o was eating. Dani went around and was now helping Shirley suck and lick my cock.

Mike looked down at me and said hope you don't mind, but I really need to fuck right now. I said go for it and don't mind my tongue. As they fucked, I would lick them both, which was making Shirley super aroused. She quit sucking me, so now only Dani was sucking my cock.

It didn't take long for Shirley to moan out Oh Fuck Yesssssssssssss fuck my pussy and eat me you two bastards. She started cumming, and then Dani started to cum. I let Dani know I about too, and she clamped her lips tightly around my cock, as I started shooting in her mouth. Mike finally started cumming, and cum big time he did. As he pulled out, a big glob fell onto my face. Shirley tried to get up, but I held her firm and started sucking the cum from her. Dani then started kissing Dani, swapping my cum with her.

Mike came a great deal and I licked up most of it. His tasted about the same as mine. Shirley fell off to the side and Dani leaned down and kissed me. As we kissed, I pushed some of Mike's cum into her mouth.

She then licked her lips and told Mike he was tasty. Shirley looked at me and asked, are you by chance Bi? I said I have been known to travel that path on occasion, but only orally. I was thinking that Mike was going to freak out some, but was surprised when Shirley said Mike is too, but is very particular who that is done with and it has been a few years now. Dani chuckled and said that was another bucket sex list thing. Sucking a cock with Jim.

After relaxing a few minutes, we all went out and jumped in the pool. Thanks god no neighbors could see four naked souls enjoying the hot weather.

After a half an hour, we all came inside and those two went and showered and so did Dani and I. As Dani and I show, she looked at me and said that she was so turned on by this whole experience. But when I ate Shirley's pussy, after Mike came in her, that really got her hot. I said well I am glad, because what the four of did is for fun, and nothing more. I feel no different about Shirley, than I did when I first met her. And, as for you, I love you more than I did yesterday, or the day before that, and will love you more than today, tomorrow.

I asked, so pangs of jealousy? Dani said, surprisingly, none what so ever. She knows Mike and Sexy rushes strip down and fondling each others pussies are in love with each other. I told her I had none as well and was turned on when I watched her and Mike 69ing. She giggled and said, that was fun and he does have a talented tongue, but not as good as yours.

I laughed and said, you know, I do a few women that are 10 to 15 years younger than you, danny d screwing kylie page pussy on the desk naturaltits and blowjob do not have your hunger for sex. She laughed and asked if I was complaining. I said no way, and I hope you grow more hungry. We finished and dried each other off, then Dani said, let's just stay naked. When we went back downstairs, Mike and Shirley were just coming out of the bedroom, but this time totally dressed.

We congregated in the kitchen and talked a bit. Mike said that it was a total blast last night, and this morning. Shirley echoed his sentiments and said she would like to do this again in the near future. Dani said she would love to get together again, and if all agree, play some more because it was fun, and who better than to share with than best friends.

Shirley asked if we planned on getting dressed at all today? Dani said no, if she can help it. Well, we will probably be naked to, once we get home. It just feels so natural and usually leads to a little extra activity.

As we walked them to the door, Mike and I shook hands, and the girls kissed, then Dani kissed Mike very passionately and Shirley kissed me the same way, and also grabbing my cock, whispering in my ear that one day she wants that inside her. I just winked at her then. After they left, we cleaned up the kitchen together, doing the dishes and such, then retired to the couch. Dani and I laid on the couch, with snuggled in my arms. She danna hot sexo y humillacioacuten en publico bdsm this feels so perfect.

I agreed and said I have never been so close to a person, as I am with you. She said she now wishes that we would have met 35 years ago and maybe Heather and Mark would be our kids together. I said that is a great thought, but then I wouldn't have Dave and Allison. She said good point, but then maybe we would have had four kids, and chuckled. I then said, speaking of Heather, she'll probably be here soon, dick addict honey sarah shevon deep throats thick cock like no other whore don't you think we should dress?

Dani sat up and said, would it bother you if she saw you naked, because I do know you have both been naked together before. I looked at her, and in my mind, I could feel that may be an argument is coming. I asked how did she know? She said Heather always tells her things and she did tell me about the night you, Tina, and Heather got drunk, and high, and then had a threesome. I was shocked to hear that she knew. But, I should have guessed knowing how close these two are.

I asked if that bothered her, and she said no. What you did before we met is your business, and who am I to judge you. But, I said, it is your daughter we are talking about.

She goes so, she is an adult and knows what she is doing. She then chuckled and said she was really hoping I could have turned her over the Hetero side of life, and maybe she would have grandkids. So I asked what exactly did she say we did that night? Dani said that while Tina was taking care of Heather orally, I was behind Tina using my cock the way it was meant to be used.

And that you and Heather did the double penetration on Tina. I just shook my head, that Heather would tell her mom this shit. I looked at her and said I was sorry. She asked for what, and I said for not telling you about it, because I want no secrets between us.

She said she was not mad, nor hurt by anything I did before they became a couple. So her seeing you naked now is no big thing, plus, before I came into the picture, Heather and I always went naked around the house.

We both just love the freedom of it. I know had I grown up in the 60's, I would have been a hippy, and then laughed. Then she looked at me and asked about this smoking pot with them?

I said no big deal, I used to smoke it when I was younger, but hadn't in a long time until that night. Definitely took the edge off that night. Dani said she hasn't smoked pot since her teenage years, and now she can't because of work.

We then just laid there holding one another and dosed off for about an hour. It was almost one, when we awoke and Dani said let's going swimming for a bit, before I figure out what to make for dinner.

So we headed off to the pool. I was glad that Heather did not tell her mom what we did those two times after that night, because some things are best left unsaid. For the most part, we just drifted around on the rafts in the pool. The day was sunny and in the 90's, just like a normal July day. Then Dani fell off her raft and came over to me and pushed me off of mine.

I came up to the surface and asked why she did that. She said the sun was making her horny and she needed some lovin. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me. I could feel my cock grow the more we kissed.

I then grabbed her ass and picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist and with one hand, grabbed my cock and positioned it to her waiting pussy lips, and slid in.

She said, oh yeah big boy, that's what momma needs. I chuckled and told her I believe I have created a nympho. She said no, what you did was unlock a yearning that has been locked away for years and now needs to do it as much as we can for as many years as we can because Hot blonde babe licking out a mature lady have missed out on all of this pleasure, especially since I am with the man of my dreams.

We made love slowly, tenderly, but with passion. Dani asked me if our age difference was a factor, and I told her no, it is just four years. She goes, but what about when I am in my 60's and you are still in your 50's, and I might not be this attractive to you or as sexually active, will it bother you then?

I said hell no. Age is just a number, it is what we do with our lives and how young we feel then, plus, who is to say we won't be this active then. She said that is true, but please let's not let this part of our life grow stale.

I listen to people at work say how boring their sex lives are and I just don't want mature danielle derek deepthroating a huge white dick be like them.

I said it is only boring because they don't work at it, to make it special and exciting. I bet none of those people ever sit down with their spouses and talk about sex, and their likes, wants and needs. Like we both have a bucket list of things to do sexually, and look, you have crossed off many of them, but there is so much more to explore, and we will.

We just have to believe in open, honest communication and not think sex is a bedroom activity and should not be talked about. Dani was in full agreement. We started kissing more and I was driving into her a little faster now. She giggled and said if I keep that up, that she going to cum.

I just said cum baby all you want, because I live for that. I knew she was getting close too, but then for some reason I felt we were being watched, and so I turned my head to see Heather and Tabitha staring at us. Both were in these micro bikini's that barely covered anything on them.

I said to Dani, Babe you better take a look towards the house. She turned her head to see her daughter and her lover, but she just smiled and waved. Heather spoke to us then and said, tell me you two aren't doing it right now. Dani chuckled and said, Ok, we wont tell you that, but oh yes we are.

Dani looked at me and said don't stop, I really need to cum. So, being the understanding boyfriend, I continue to fuck her and fuck her harder now. It kind of made it exciting to have those two here, watching us. With in a minute, Dani let out a loud moan and came, with me right behind her. The girls just stood there with their mouths open. After calming down some, we swam over to the ladder and got out. Heather goes, damn mom, you two are unbelievable, and now you are going to sit there naked to boot.

Dani looked at Heather and said, now dear, we always went naked before these two were in our lives, and I see no reason to change that now. If you don't feel comfortable around us like we are, then you can leave, stay dressed in what I would call damn near naked anyways, or just take them off and enjoy the sunshine the way its meant to be enjoyed. Tabitha said, oh hell, why not and removed her bikini, and then Heather did too.

Heather then said, so Jim, how do you feel being around three naked, sexy women? I laughed and said I was in paradise, and we all laughed.

We all then laid out on the deck. Heather asked what we did last night. Dani said that Uncle Mike and aunt Shirley were over for dinner, cards and swimming.

Heather said, Oh? What type of cards? Dani said, why do you ask? Heather laughed and said, well it must have been strip poker or something, judging by the two different thongs, that are on the floor, in the dining room.

I looked at Dani, and she at me, then laughed and said, damn, forgot about those. Heather and Tabitha both laughed and said, Busted. Dani said, so what. We had a great time and had fun. Heather just had to push it more and asked me if I could actually fit all of me in the thong. I looked at her with eyes stating you little troublemaker, and said sure. Heather just smiled and said well, I don't see how, but ok. Heather then told us that she and Tabitha were moving in together.

Dani said she was very happy for them hoped it works out for them both. Heather goes, well thanks mom, I thought I may get the talk about finding a man again. Dani said, no, no more of that, as long as you are happy, that is all I want. I was hoping for grandkids one day, but life will go on, even if I don't have any. Heather said that she and Tabitha talked about that and both feel they want kids too. They are going to check into a clinic that can implant sperm into her, and hope it take, and have a kid, then about two years down the road, Tab will have the procedure, so we both can experience the whole thing.

Dani was elated with that. Heather looked at me and said to bad you shoot blanks, I would have used your maya gets her pussy fucked by fat cock. At least with you, I know the man and I respect him and trust him. I said thanks, but seeing I am a blank shooter, that wont happen.

Dani then said, well I want to get dinner started. I said don't, let me take you three lovely ladies out for dinner. All three agreed, and got up to go get changed. We ate at a nice seafood restaurant, which all three ladies were happy with the food, and ambiance.

Dinner was great, and the girls were so talkative, even Tabitha, or as Heather calls he, Tab. Both girls were laying out their plans for moving in together, and as Dani pointed out, both were very much in love with one another.

Towards the end of dinner, I asked all three of them how much trouble would it be for them to take time off at Labor Day weekend? Of course Heather had to ask why. I said, I just need to know. Heather says well you should know I can get any time I need, same as you. Tab said she doesn't see any problems for her. Dani said as long as she can find someone, or multiple people to cover her shifts, she should be good. I said great and left it at that. That di not sit well with Dani or Heather, and they kept badgering me about what I was up too.

After our desserts arrived, which Dani and I shared, I finally told them my plan. I said I would like to take us four down to Jamaica, from that Thursday before and come back on Labor Day. All three had shocked looks on their face, then Heather said that she can't afford that.

I said, don't worry about the expense, it is all on me. Airfare, hotel, food, and just about anything you need. All three just sat there with their mouth's agape. Dani finally said, look, it is real nice, but I can't let you spend money like that, at least not on me. I looked at her and asked, would you consider it a gift then? She thought for a second and finally said, damn, ok, but we'll discuss this more later. Heather and Tabitha looked at each other and then Heather said, sure, why not, then broke into huge smiles.

Heather finally said, you are full of surprises, aren't you Mr. Fox? I laughed and said, no, not really, but I view you guys as family to me, and I like doing nice things for people I care about. Tabitha cut in and said, Jim, you just met me, so how do you figure like that? I said as long as you are with Heather, and from all indications, you two are in love and plan on living as a couple, then you are part of these two lovely ladies family.

When we got back to Dani's, Heather and Tabitha said they had to go and both gave me a very warm hug and kiss, then left. Dani and I straightened up the house a little and decided to go to bed too, since I had work in the morning. When we got in bed, Dani asked how the hell are you going to afford this trip.

I asked Dani, where do you see us as a couple? She said, well I hope this last a life time, and I hope one day you and I are married and grow old together. I said good, because that's where I see us too. So, I need you to know some things about me.

One, about 10 years back, after my divorce, I scrimped and saved, and then invested my money quite nicely. I bought stock in a few start up companies that are in the computer industry, and because of that, I am worth about 5 million in stocks, money markets, and cash.

Do I need to work, no, not really, but I really do enjoy my job. So affording this, is nothing in my eyes. She said, oh my god Jim, I never even considered you having money like that. I asked her if it changes anything, and she said no. But rest assured, I will never take advantage of it. I said I did not think you would, or I would not be here with you now. I told her my kids have no idea too, but I do pay the college loans when they come in, but, they don't know that, and will not, until after they graduate.

They both think that they have these two large bills coming their way, and really bust their butts to get good grades. Dani asked why I don't have my own house or condo. I said quite simple, I wanted to wait until I met my soul mate and then worry about something big like that. I'd hate to have one, and then whoever I ended up with, did not like it, and then we have to go through the hassle of selling it. Great thing is, I have met my soul mate, someone I cherish more than life itself.

So when the time is right, and we do marry, or even before, we will buy that house together, or just stay here. Dani was once again speechless, but had a tear in her eye.

I said I hope those are happy tears. Dani just nodded, and then finally said, that this is a lot to take in. I asked her if she thought I should go, so she could think about it all. She said you damn well better never leave this bed, or my life anymore. I laughed and said, yeah, I was thinking that maybe I should just pack up and move in here now. She said, what about your lease? I said I am going to talk with the real estate company about it this week and see what I can do, since I only have a few more months to go.

She said really? I said yes, I can't stand not being with you. She threw her arms around me and kissed me and said I love you and said that would make her the happiest girl in the world. As she laid in my arms, I said I have a confession to make too. She goes uh oh. I said I don't want any secrets between us and this one will be hard to tell you. She said ok, but if we will split up, then I better sit up and so should you, in case I have to run out of here, but I want to see you face as you tell me.

I said, look, before I met you, I had sex with someone, someone you know quite well. Dani, said so, I had sex with someone too, it's no big deal. I said it is a big deal because it was Heather. Dani chuckled, then smiled. I said you knew? She said, I knew to the extent that Heather had sex with a man, because she told me not to long ago, she just never said who it was. Dani said she was so hoping that Heather would find a guy and settle down, but knows now that is not going to happen.

She said look, I am glad it was you, and kind of had a feeling it was, just because of the way Heather looks at you. She likes you and respects you, which is something she never showed to any man I dated before. Plus, we both have had partners before sexually. To be honest, not counting the ex, who at one time I was in love with, I have been with horny chick sydney cole licks lanas sweet juicy pussy guys since him and not counting you.

You are the second man I have ever made love too, the others I just had sex with. Am I made that you hooked up with Heather? Not any more than I am mad that you and Shirley 69'd today.

So just get it out of your head that I would ever be upset, it is the past. Now if you fuck her again, then yeah, I would be pissed because I will never cheat on you and expect the same too. I said, dear, I will never cheat and have no reason too. Christ, I have a hard enough time keeping up with you now, why have a need to go find it elsewhere, especially so close to home. She then leaned in and kissed me passionately, which of course, got my cock to start growing.

I said well, hold that thought a minute. I got up, got my wallet and handed her a credit card. She said what is this? I said that is yours to use when ever the feeling strikes. She said I can't take this. I said oh yes, you will one day be my wife, I hope, and I want you to have it because I love and trust you. Why shouldn't you enjoy the finer things in life. She said, you are serious aren't you?

I said 100% my love, what's mine is yours so quit finding excuses not to take it. There is no limit on that card, well, except for purchases over 25 grand, then the bank calls me, and they would do that even if I tried to make a purchase above that amount.

Dani, just sat there totally speechless. Finally, she said, I don't know what to say. I said, say nothing but that you love me. She kissed me again, and said Honey, I do, and will always love you. I told her my kids have cards too, but theirs has a limit of 10 grand, but they think it is only good to two grand. I did that so they would know how to handle money. I also have one for Heather too. Dani said, no way, why? Because she is our family and I never want her to worry about where her next meal or anything else comes from.

Dani then said, Babe, there is a good chance she wont accept it from you. I said I know, but I think I can reason with her, even though I know she is fiercely independent. Dani then said, enough talk, now make love to me. So we made slow passionate love, except towards the climax, where she said oh baby, I do love you, but I really need you to fuck me hard. Fuck me Baby, fuck my wet pussy.

I started pounding it in her, with yelling out yes, oh fuck yes, I needed this baby. My balls were slapping her ass, my downward thrusts were met with her raising her ass off the bed to meet me. My balls were getting ready to unload a huge load of cum in her and I told her.

She said, damn baby, give your cum, pump it all in me, and then she yells out, Fuckkkkkkkkkk I am cumming. She was squirting, and soaking my cock and balls, and the bed. As we calmed down, she goes, holy shit, I never came that hard before while fucking. I asked what she was thinking about as we fucked, and she said truthfully, me and Shirley 69ing, and then you two doing it.

She said I was so turned on by it all and I really want to experience it again. For some reason I was not going soft, and as she talked, I got turned on more.

She noticed this too and said, you are turned on aren't you? I said yes. She said, then tell me what turned you on. I said when I saw you and Mike 69ing, god that got me going and I wont lie, had we been alright with fucking our friends, I would have pounded Shirley, just like we did now. She smiled up at me and said may be the next time, we take it to that level because I really want to see you with her, using this gorgeous cock of yours in her, as Mike is fucking me.

Don't ever get upset, but I really want to have him inside me, pounding me hard. I told her I cant wait to see that happen, because Mike is in for a treat. She said that what really got her going was when Mike started fucking Shirley while you were eating her and I was sucking your cock then. Oh my god, all Mike had to do then was ask, and I would have spread my legs and told him to fuck me now. I said you should have. She said I will, but right then I wasn't sure of how you would feel, but seeing how we are now, Christ yes, next time I am going for it.

But you better save some for me afterwards, so we can make love. I said, no worries lover, there is always some for you, always, and then we started fucking. As we fucked, she said Damn Baby, your cock is harder now than it was before.

Fuck me big boy, I need it more than ever now. We both came about ten minutes later. As we calmed ourselves, she said wow, we are amazing together. I said, damn right we are, and you better get used to that. we then fell asleep holding each other. The next day at work, I saw Heather, and she told me she got the time off, and said that Tab did too. I said great. I'll make the arrangements tonight online. I told her that the place was also a nudist resort, danna hot sexo y humillacioacuten en publico bdsm you want to go that way.

She said that is so cool. I told her that is one thing on bigtits amateur brunette butt asses porn star brunette teen milf mom's bucket list.

I asked if that would bother Tab, and she said oh hell no. Once you get to know her, you'll see she is just like me, a perv. I said speaking of that, I told your mom that you and I did have shaved teen creampie and does first anal trade twins to forgive sins. She looked at me and said, no fucking way, why?

Because I didn't want any secrets between us, and that was hanging out there. She asked how her mom took it and I said fine and that she suspected I was the guy you did with, since you told her you had sex with a guy. Heather laughed and said, that's cool, mom is pretty laid back.

I asked if she was ok with her mom knowing it was me. She said sure, and that Tab knows too. Oh and by the way, she thinks you are super cute and have a nice package. The she changed subjects and asked what went on over the weekend?, I said what do you want to know.

She said well mom said that you and her, and Shirley and Mike were all naked together and that it was a fun weekend. I said, yep, that it was. Heather brought her hand up to her mouth, and said, no shit, you guys swapped didn't you? I said just orally, and now your mom is a full-fledged bi woman. Heather laughed and said, no fucking way. I said oh yes, way, bigtime.

She laughed and said good for her. She asked who's idea was it? I said I believe, both hers and Shirley, Mike and I were just along for the ride. She started laughing and said yeah, you two horn dogs just sat back and watched. I said yeah, kind of, until invited to participate. She chuckled and said, don't tell mom, but I always wanted to get with Shirley, she is hot. I looked at her and chuckled and said you little slut you. She laughed and said you know it buddy.

I asked her not to tell her mom about what I told her. She said no worries, my lips are sealed, but, mom will tell me all about it eventually, we are that close. I said that's cool. I told her in the next couple of weeks, take Dani out shopping and all three of you get some new clothes for the trip. She said, will do, and some are going to be super slutty. I said I am good with that. The next tattooed blonde model gets fingered and masturbated masturbation and smalltits weeks were uneventful, except that I did move in with Dani.

I worked out a deal to let the complex sublease my place for the next four months, under the condition that if they default, I was libel. I gladly signed off on it. It took just one day to move what I wanted into Dani's, bringing mostly clothes and the couch and love seat, since it was pretty new and the entertainment system. We put the couch and love seat in her basement rec room, which was pretty empty.

I gave dirty and flashing in public in barcelona king size bed to Heather and Tabitha, which they were very grateful for, since Heather only had a full size bed in her bedroom, and nothing in the other bedroom. I thought there would be some adjustment, but I was wrong. It seemed like we'd been married for years and just felt right. I asked Dani if she wanted to get back to a day shift, and she said she would like that and try too.

Two weeks later, she was back on days, but had to take a cut in pay. I told her not to worry about the money part. Great part too, is that we both get up together, and she works 6am to 4pm shift and I adjusted mine so I start at 6 and usually get home right after her.

It was great coming home to work and finding someone there waiting for you, and she was usually naked too. Which, on many occasions, led to some great love making, or flat out fucking like two teenagers. I asked her when we should make this official, and tell people we are going to marry. She said that we should wait a few more months, just so both families don't stroke out because it is to quick. I didn't actually agree, but understood her reasoning. Italian families can be weird like that, although, every one I have met has been very nice to me and Dani said that they really like me.

Heather and Tabitha come over every weekend, and yes, we all go naked around the house. Tab has flirted a few times with me and tells Dani if she ever wanted to share that meat, she'd love to try it out.

Dani and I both laugh at those statements. They have even got bold enough to make out on the deck with us there, and when I say make out, they are 69ing. Usually when that starts, we go honey bee gets pounded on the floor and fuck, because daughter or not, it turns Dani on. Dani is now starting to work out at a gym near us. I still go to the one I have been going to, about three time a week.

She too, is a three time a week workout warrior, and it is paying off. Gone is the little belly and her great legs are really tone now. She says she uses a step climber and treadmill, and on occasion, some weight training.

I looked online for a step climber but found this one unit called a tread climber which is like three different units in one, so I asked if she would like something like that. She said it would be nice, but felt weird if I bought it. I said honey, it is only money and I when I die, I ain't taking it with me, plus I will be using it too and we can work out together.

So I ordered it and also the Boflex. They arrived two weeks later, which is about two weeks before our trip. We would work out for about 45 minutes and then shower.

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Great thing is the showers are always fun. Life for us has been very good, and about to get real interesting. Part 3 upcoming