Exquisite fucking after oral pornstar and hardcore

Exquisite fucking after oral pornstar and hardcore
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Summer break was over, and it was time to start college again. It was Amy's fourth year, and she was ready to graduate. She was tired of classes and homework, and really tired of not seeing Paul, her boyfriend of 5 years.

Sure, she saw him when she went home for visits, but that wasn't often enough. Her classes started a week before his did, so he decided to go help her move into her dorm. Her roommate wasn't going to get there until the day classes started, so they would have 4 days alone together.

The night before they left, she spent the night at his house. He stayed with his brother when he was home from school. His brother was home that night, and they knew they couldn't have sex without him hearing, so they had to wait till her dorm. They went to bed earlier than normal that night. They knew they would need a lot of rest to be ready for the next four days. They left his house at 8 am so that they could get there early.

The drive was only about an hour, but they wanted all the time they mother and not her daughter showing their privat parts for fun before he had to leave.

When they got to her dorm, Paul unloaded the car and Amy picked up her things in her room. It was a hot day, so they decided to shower when the work was done. Paul finished first, and while he showered Amy made the bed so it would be ready when she got out. Paul walked out in just his underwear. Amy was turned on immediately. Paul was nearly six and a half feet tall with long brown hair and a beard, and she had loved him since the day they met. He gave her a hug and kiss, then jumped into the bed while Amy was in the shower.

She walked out wearing a robe. She made him sit in her chair. She walked back around and dropped her robe, revealing her double-d breasts in a tiny red lace bra and her matching thong. Amy was much shorter than Paul, barely hitting 5 feet, but she was gorgeous. "Like what you see?" she asked. "Nope. Way to much clothes," he said. He tried to grab her, and she slapped his hands. "For that, you can look, but no touching." As she said this, she walked behind him, pulled two belts out of her closet, and tied his wrists to the chair.

"Now you can't, even if you want to." she said.

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He fought against the belts to try to reach for her, but not too hard. This was a game they had never played before, and he wanted to see what Amy was going to do with him tied up. He knew it would be something great. Sex with her always was.

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She turned around and spread her robe on the floor, swaying her ass while she did. When her robe was spread out, she walked to her closet and pulled out a small black bag. Paul knew what was in that bag, and his dick started growing. Amy pulled a vibrator out of the bag and placed it the middle of her robe. She stood in front of Paul and pulled her thong off. She laid on her robe and reached between her legs.

She pulled her pussy lips apart, giving Paul a good view of her clit and dripping hole. Amy stuck one of her fingers into her pussy, getting it wet with her juices.

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She stuck that finger in her mouth and tasted herself. She grabbed her vibrator with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Paul could only watch as she fucked herself with the vibrator. She moaned with pleasure as she orgasmed for what they both knew would be the first of many times that trip. When she was done, she turned off the black babe gets fucked in hardcore fashion. She put it in her mouth and cleaned the juices off with her tongue.

She placed it back in the bag and walked over to Paul. She pulled his boxers off, revealing his 9 inch cock, fully hard after that show. She pulled her bra off and straddled his lap. He sucked on one of her nipples while she rubbed her pussy on his stiff cock, making it slick with her cum. She reached down and guided his dick into her pussy, and starting riding him.

She reached down and rubbed her clit while he humped upward into her. She screamed with pleasure as she came. When she finished, she climbed off of his lap. She walked behind him and untied his hands. "I am done, you can finish yourself off, if you want to," she told him as she grabbed her bag off the floor. She walked past him to put the bag back in closet and slipped a condom into his hand. He knew exactly what to do. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back to him.

He wrestled her to the floor and laid her on down on her robe. She kicked and screamed, but he knew it was just a game.

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They had played it many times before, and she was getting better at pretending to fight back. He grabbed the belts and tied her hands to the legs of the chair. He slipped the condom on, forced her legs apart, and slammed his cock into her pussy. She tried to scream, and he covered her mouth with his hand. He slapped her face, leaving her cheek pink.

He whispered into her ear " Stay quiet until I am done. You might even like it." He fucked her until he cam. He untied her hands and gave her a kiss. They both got dressed and climbed into bed. He held her in his arms as they drifted into a nap.

They dreamed of all the fun they would have while he was there.