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Sexy brunette orgasm with big dick black vs white my ultimate dick challenge
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Cricket's played their ancient lonely songs as they fed on the dew and parasites near the bottom of the grass. Their song drifted on the gentle night breeze as it had for millions of years. Frogs set up an unholy chorus in the nearby wetlands, with thousands of tiny voices singing to the blackness of a cloudy, moonless night. The gentle breeze blew over the tall grass, cooling and refreshing the otherwise muggy night air. The breeze set up a slight hiss in the dry grass, cattails rattled and clicked softly bobbing in excitement.

Occasionally a dark shape would fly through the night sky, stilling the music for a moment, then the chorus would resume as each tiny creature came out of hiding. At the edge of these wetlands was a weeping willow, whispering in response to the night breeze.

Past the weeping willow was a well manicured lawn, which surrounded an old, slightly run-down house which at first glance might seem vacant, but a closer inspection would reveal Samantha, a mother just past 33 years old, and her young daughter Jill who had just turned 14. The breeze blew into a screened window, causing a lacy white curtain to flutter in the near darkness, broken only by a small night light. It's scant light reflected off Samantha staring at the ceiling.

A trace of tears could be seen on her otherwise classically beautiful face. Her light brown hair lay scattered over her pillow. Her ample breasts were surging rapidly in response to her inner thoughts. She was sad again, and so damned angry at Jill. How could such a sweet girl at times, become such an ungrateful little bitch at other times?

How could she lay there hating her own daughter, when she loved her so much? And most of all, how could Dan, her late husband, leave her with so much responsibility and so damned much loneliness? Sure, it wasn't his fault that he died, but who's was it? Why did she on the couch she takes a cock in her ass such unrequited love, and so much loneliness.

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After a year of living alone with her daughter, the pain was just as bad, especially at night when she lay there alone in her bed. But she would not soil those sheets with the sweat of another man, Dan was her first and last love.

Samantha turned violently on the bed and stared at the window. The nightly chorus went unheard by her tortured ears. The breeze which would have been so welcome a few hours before, now went unnoticed. She felt tears starting again and quickly dashed them from her face. As she closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep, she whispered a silent prayer into the night, as she had done so many times before.

A prayer to end her loneliness or to end her existence. As Samantha finally fell asleep the frogs continued to croak and crickets continued to sing, unaware of her anguish. A falling star flashed across the sky, burning out in a brief display of brilliant fire.

That too went unnoticed. The sudden stillness of all of Earth's creatures might have caused the hairs to stand up on the back of anyone's neck, if anyone had noticed.

But sleep had claimed the only nearby residents of the area, Samantha and Jill. A white film lifted from the grasslands lifting like smoke and trying to form itself into a cohesive shape above the grass.

After what appeared to be a brief struggle against the forces of nature, the white shape coalesced, becoming more defined. It was the shape of a beautiful woman in Victorian era night clothes, a woman so beautiful that men would have held their breath in anticipation, and so frightening that their hearts would have frozen in terror.

Determining if the apparition was either good or evil would have been a heavy task. A trained observer might point out the fact that even the creatures of the night abby rode likes to get slamed hard terrified of it, but a man would point out how lovely and innocent the madonna- like face looked. She had the aspect of a saintly vision of beauty.

A woman might point out the fact that many beautiful things were equally as deadly. But there were no men around, only two defenseless women deeply lost in sleep. The apparition stood silent for a moment with it's eyes closed, then the vacant eyes opened and faced the house on the low hill above.

With a determined look it floated across the grass and up the hill.

Samantha groaned in her sleep. The trace of a smile twisted her sleeping lips and she whispered incoherent phrases, then snuggled into the pillow. The room seemed to glow slightly with a white, phosphorescent light. Suddenly the apparition drifted through the door and floated over to the bed. With a look of tenderness the apparition watched Samantha's sleeping form. A white, ghostly hand reached down and stroked her hair. The hair lifted and fell back to the pillow in a neat bundle.

The apparition gently laid on the bed next to Samantha.

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With a slender white hand it touched her firm stomach, then ran it's hand over her soft, sweetly scent breasts. Samantha groaned in response and lifted her chest slightly to meet the ghostly hand.

The apparition leaned down and kissed Samantha on the forehead, eliciting a waking response for the first time. "Dear?" Samantha muttered. Her eyes fluttered open and looked at the ceiling for a moment, then they were drawn to the figure lying on the bed next to her. Her heart jerked in her chest, but her body hardly moved. "What are you?" Samantha asked in a pleading voice. "An answer to your prayers," the apparition said in a voice that had to be believed.

"The angel of death?" "No, neither angel nor death," the apparition said with a smile. "I have many names in many lands, but be assured that you have nothing to fear from me. Women need never fear me." "Why?" horny babe likes getting her ass banged hard "I was harmed by a man, not a woman. Call me Lady," the apparition said, then bent down to kiss Samantha on the cheek.

Samantha closed her eyes and caught her breath. "I can feel you," Samantha said in wonder. "Of course." "But you feel so cold," Samantha said with a shiver. "Is this better?" The Lady asked, running her hand over Samantha's cheek. "Oh yes, much hot busty sexy hotty hardcore and bondage Samantha answered wiggling slightly on the bed.

"But what are you?" "A force of nature. A compilation of many tortured souls who cannot find peace, a. I am a lot like you, only. well I'm not exactly alive, by your standards. Please, no more questions, I don't have much time. I am here to fulfill your wishes, then I must leave. Time is short." "Are. are you going to make love to me?" Samantha asked breathlessly. "Absolutely. I already am," the Lady said running her hand over Samantha's chest.

Samantha closed her eyes and enjoyed the first touch in over a year. It seemed much longer, endless perhaps. The Lady ran a finger over Samantha's mouth. Samantha puckered her lips in response. The Lady leaned down and touched her ghostly lips to Samantha's. Samantha moaned and worked her mouth on the Lady's. Samantha automatically reached up to rub her lover's chest and her eyes flew open in surprise.

Ghost or not, the Lady had a more than ample chest. Samantha propped herself up on one elbow and pulled open the Lady's night gown. Absolutely perfect white breast jiggled as the Lady moved. "This is too real," Samantha said in wonder.

"It is real, Samantha, please don't think of it as anything else, it will spoil the moment. I know this is your first time with a woman, but you have thought of it many time. And it fills all your prerequisites. I am not a man, which you absolutely specified. You wanted no man in your bed. Now please, let's make the most hairy japanese teens bukkake and toy action tube porn our time." "Totally convinced by the sincerity of the Lady's voice, Samantha reached an arm around the Lady and pulled her down on top of her.

With lonely, seeking lips she found the Lady's mouth and engaged her in a timeless, passionate kiss. As they kissed they let their hands roam freely over each other's body. With complete abandon, Samantha broke the kiss panting and slid down so she was facing those massive breasts.

With a burst of energy Samantha threw her arms around the Lady and turned so the Lady lay on the bottom. The Lady smiled and opened her arms, allowing Samantha complete access to her ivory white loveliness. With a moan of pleasure Samantha opened her mouth wide and took as much breast into her mouth as she could.

With her mouth wide open she sucked hard and let her tongue strum the nipple to an excited point. She released part of the tit and concentrated on sucking the nipple. She rapidly batted the nipple back and forth with her agile tongue, then sucked once more.

With a gasp, the Lady rolled over, forcing Samantha to take the bottom spot. The Lady desperately sought and nursed on Samantha's beautiful breasts with the enthusiasm that Samantha had shown her.

The Lady suckled one tit then immediately went to the other, sucking and licking it to hardness. Sheena shaw in hardcore anal sex scene pornstars and big dick moaned, rubbing her legs together as a raging fire started in her loins. She could feel an embarrassing wetness between her legs.

She had done little more than get herself off with a finger during the past year, so a lot of wetness had built up during that time. The Lady finally released her breasts and moved down to kiss Samantha's stomach. Samantha hoped, she fervently wished that the Lady was going down on her, but she was wrong.

The Lady stopped with her stomach pressed against Samantha's pussy. With one hand on each of Samantha's breasts, the Lady rubbed her slender stomach against Samantha's pelvis. Desperate for an orgasm, Samantha brought her knees up and held them with her arms. This brought her sopping wet pussy into contact with the Lady's firm stomach. With slow careful rolls, the Lady massaged Samantha's pussy with her stomach. Samantha's eyes flew open.

It was the first contact her pussy had felt in over a year, and it was so good. Samantha let out a little scream of pleasure. The Lady had held open her pussy with her thumbs, then slid her stomach and rib cage through her wet pussy with slow, delicious, surges of contact. Samantha felt fire shoot through her loins each time the Lady moved.

In almost no time she was panting while the liquid surges of an orgasm crested inside her loins, then exploded with violent waves of passion. Samantha grunted and humped her pussy against the Lady's stomach as wave after wave of liquid fire tore her loins apart. It was her first big orgasm in so long. Much too long. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, then seemed to end much too soon.

"Oh, that was so good," Samantha said in a relaxed, loving voice. "I know," the Lady said with a gentle smile. "But you didn't come?" Samantha said in sudden guilt.

"I did, in a way. I am attuned to you," the Lady touched Samantha's forehead. "When you feel good, I feel good," she added with a contented smile. "Let's try again," Samantha said enthusiastically. "Sure," the Lady quickly agreed. Samantha spun the Lady around and lay atop her warm, ivory fleshed beauty. "I'm going to make you cum, if you can," Samantha added uncertainly. "Oh, I can," the woman added.

"As long as I'm in human form, I can perform human functions. It would be very. erotic," the ghostly woman said with a her Madonna-like smile.

Samantha almost felt like she was making love to her mother, but her pussy was hot again and she needed release, and she needed the fun and contact she had missed for so long. Samantha passionately kissed the Lady's mouth for several minutes, then moved on to her jaw and finally she concentrated on her slender neck.

The Lady responded as any woman would. This encouraged Samantha to try harder. Making love to a woman was not exactly the same as making love to Dan, which was probably why she could make love at all. Anything that reminded her of her late husband, tore her heart out. Samantha felt her body shaking in senior sister and junior brother. She slowly moved down so she was facing the immense but firm breasts.

She petted each breast lovingly for a few minutes, then leaned down and captured one ivory white nipple in her lips. She sucked and tongued the nipple, overjoyed at the reaction it caused in the Lady.

She moaned loudly and arched her back, cupping the back of Samantha's head with one slender hand, and twisting her own nipple with the other. Samantha watched the white fingers play with the pink nipple for a while before she finally slid over and changed nipples, suckling on the right breast as she had done with the left. "That feels so wonderful," the Lady said ecstatically.

"It's been so long, so awful long," she said with a catch in her voice. Samantha knew the feeling, but at the moment she was preoccupied with the last part of her new experience. She slowly slid down and licked the Lady's belly button, then moved down even more so her kisses came into contact with the whitish bush.

In a moment she faced the ghostly slit. Her entire body was shaking in intense anticipation. She could hardly breath, her breath came in short little gasps. "Go ahead," the Lady encouraged her. Samantha looked up to see the loving eyes staring down at her. "I don't think I can with you watching me," Samantha said nervously. "You can," the woman said and slowly closed her eyes. Samantha sniffed and found the Lady smelled like a woman. Samantha had tasted her own pussy on Dan's dick, and her own finger enough to know how a woman should smell and taste.

The Lady was. perfect. Samantha extended her tongue and slowly pushed it toward the warm pussy lips. First contact caused the Lady to stiffen and catch her breath.

Encouraged, Samantha licked the full length of the slit, tasted briefly, then began licking the Lady enthusiastically. "I like this," Samantha paused and voiced her approval. "I know," the Lady said with a smile.

"I wish I could make you feel how." she stopped, but Samantha failed to notice. She was working on the Lady's crotch again. Samantha went back to eating wholeheartedly.

At first she didn't noticed the slight tickle she felt between her legs. Then her brown eyes flew open and she looked up at the Lady in surprise. In a moment she was groaning into the Lady's pussy, gasping for breath and trying to whisper around the warm pussy flesh. The Lady kept her eyes closed and concentrated on arousing Samantha's pussy.

Psychic energy was not as firm as the touch of a mouth, but it had far more heat and energy, when desired. Samantha was feeling a million tiny fingers feeling their way through her loins and ass. It felt like snakes had been released inside her pussy and ass, and electricity was being used to drive them wild. Samantha moaned and shuddered, feeling an orgasm building in her hot, tortured loins.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on eating the Lady, while her pussy exploded. She found herself pumping against the bed, her ravaged pussy seeing something firm to rub against during her orgasm. In a moment the orgasm calmed and finally stopped. Samantha continued to eat, calmer now, until she felt the slight tickle between her legs again.

She opened her eyes and shook her head slightly in protest, but it was too late. The fire was spreading already and nothing could stop it. Eating savagely, sucking and licking the Lady's velvety pussy with total abandon, Samantha pumped her pussy against the bed yo ashley nichole is cast for first time the fire ravaged her loins even stronger than before.

Whimpering in pain and pleasure, Samantha threw a hand between her hot, wet legs and helped to bring herself to orgasm. It took only seconds before her pussy exploded once more. She found herself screaming quietly and gasping for breath as wave after wave of liquid fire shot through her sweet loins.

As the orgasm began to fade, so did the Lady. "No, don't go," Samantha said in horror as she watched the Lady fading into nothingness. "Don't worry, dear, I will be back on a regular basis, when you need me the most. But I suggest that you go out and meet real people, learn to love again before it's too late. You want to love now, while your flesh is young and sweet, not in 20 years when it will be leathery and wrinkled. Do it for me," the Lady said as she faded out.

Samantha found herself crying, partially for the loss of the Lady, german soldiers rape italian girl prisoners partially as a release of her own pent up frustrations. Jill came into the room and sat down on the bed. "I'm sorry, mom, I didn't mean to shout at you," Jill said, mistaking Samantha's anguish as the result of their argument.

"I'm sorry to dear, I haven't been myself lately. I think things might get better now, I have a feeling." They hugged and Jill went back to her bed. Samantha would see the Lady several times before she grew old and died.

But she also sought out the human touch that she had missed so much. She still loved Dan, but the world needed her love too.