Lovely ass gets drilled hard hardcore and russian

Lovely ass gets drilled hard hardcore and russian
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This happened at summer. I live in a sea side town with my parents. and I often have my cousins come visit us and spend the week with us. I'm 14 years old boy quite good build. And I have a girlfriend who I like very much. It was in July 2010 my cousins and my uncles came to spend the week with us. One of my cousins was sally who was 14 swell but she looked quite old for an 14 years old. She looked about 17 or at least 16. Who gets with me really well.

We always used to spend the day in beach and the night partying, BBQ drinking.usually my girlfriend is always there but that weekend she had to go to a weeding. Normally we had this big bed where my three of my cousins would sleep.

my uncle would sleep in our guest room and me in my room obviously, usually with my girlfriend. But that night I wanted to join my cousins so I decided to sleep with them. Btw my other two cousins are twins and are 5. We were watching a movie( ring 2 ) which is a pretty scary movie. The twinners were already asleep. Me and Sally were just talking about casual stuff.

She started telling me how she lost her virginity to this chris diamond y jimena lago last month. And just had sex twice after that and was just getting better. And I told her ages ago when I lost mine to my girlfriend when I was 13. I was getting really tired and told her I wanted to sleep. So we both went to bed. I was surely mission my girlfriend Coz I was with her every night that summer and we were having sex every night.

Well I was just thinking about her and suddenly I just felt Sally slowly moving towards me. I just ignored it thinking she was casually moving in her sleep. Then she put her arm around me. It didn't really matter to me much so I didn't do anything. But few moments later she started sliding down her hands from my chest towards my belly and started slowly rubbing it. I was confused what to do. But she started to move her hands further down on my cock. She slowly rubbed my cock with her hands and started kissing me in the neck.

I didn't even realised that I had a hard on I was nervous and bit scared Coz I was thinking of my girlfriend. But I also was enjoying it.

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I just pretended to be asleep. She then starred undoing my pyjama top's buttons I couldn't think anymore I just lied there and acted asleep. She started kissing me all over my body slowly playing with my nipples and kissing me on my lips I didn't kiss back e en though I wanted to.

brunette czech babe flashes tits and pounded in public pornstars and hardcore Then she started to rubbing her mouth on my Pyjama bottom over my cock.

I couldn't resist anymore I just slid down my pyjama bottoms and gave her look of my cock. She was surprised to see me awake and even more surprised that I wanted her to continue, Coz she knew me and my girlfriend were really close and we loved each other very much. She looked down in my eyes and said that she had wanted me for a long time but to scared to make a move as Emma (my girlfriend) was there every time.

I was bit nervous now Coz she mentioned Emma's name And realised u had a lovely girlfriend but she started sucking me then I was gone blank again. She was now kissing me and playing with my cock and I was fingering her. I told her to move this to my room as I didn't want twins to wake up. So we went upstairs to my room and started kissing and undressing we were completely naked now.

And I started playing and sucking her tits. She was moaning and rubbing my hair. Then I asked her if anyone has eaten her pussy. She replied no, I told her that I always lick Emma's pussy she loves it. And went down on her smooth wet pussy and started licking it. She started moaning really loudly I told her to keep it down as my parents were downstairs.

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I kept on doing it for like 5 mins then fingered her until she came. Then I lied down and she started to suck me off. I could quite tell that she really like giving blowjobs as she did it really well. After like 7 or 8 mins. I asked her if she had some condoms or something Coz my girlfriend was On pills so I didn't really had condoms with me. But she didn't so I went down the bathroom to take my dad's condom.

I started fucking her slowly as she still had a really tight pussy. Then I started going on faster and faster she was doing it as well. She was on top of me and she was fucking me hard. I asked her if she wanted to try anal Coz my girlfriend won't try it. And chubby ebony chick stacy adams doggy style black shaft rough and busty agreed to try it. I was well pleased Coz I had never tried Anal sex before. So she positioned herself on doggy style and I put my cock on her asshole and started to push but she started to shout don't don't it's hurting too much so I had to take it out.

She said that we could try it next time with a wink face. So I started to fuck her on her tight pussy again after like 10 mins I asked her if she has tasted or swallowed cum before, she said no. But, she would mind doing it now.

Then she started sucking me off again and after 2 mins I Cumed inside her mouth she swallowed it and sucked my cock dry. I told her that she was a really good fuck and would love to fuck her again. She smiled and lied on my chest for a while and went downstairs and slept. It's been five months now, I'm still fucking her everytime she cones down.

And my girlfriend hasn't even got a clue ;)