Petite teen babe rides on a long snake

Petite teen babe rides on a long snake
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The bell rang for the end of Media Lit class. As I pack my things up, Mister Laslavic motions for me to go to his desk. I walked over cautiously. He never wants to talk to me after class. "I need you to stay after class for a minute, is that okay?" he says to me.

"Well.I mean I have lunch this period," I said slowly. "I won't take long I swear," he smiled.

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He waits for the classroom to empty before he asked me to shut his door. I closed it like he asked as went back over to his desk. "Do you have your agenda?" "Yeah, it's in my bag," I said uncertain. "Okay, just wanted to make sure. Do you know why I wanted to see you after class?" he asked me. Great, I was going to get in trouble.

"No.did I do something?" I asked. "No.not yet at least," he smirks. I somewhat cock my head to the side. I have had a raging crush on him since I was in his English class last year, so I liked being alone with him. Despite my personal feelings, however, I still felt nervous about whatever was going to happen next. I don't remember doing anything wrong but you never know. "Now, I wanted to talk to you because I have caught wind of your little 'crush' on me," He said amused.

"W-what?" I said as my heart skipped a beat. Shit. He knows. "Oh don't play dumb. I know you're into me. I can tell," He smiled with his pearly white teeth. He was really an attractive man. He had dark rich brown eyes to match his hair.

His 5 O'clock shadow ran across his soft face, and his smile was indescribable. "I." I didn't know what to say. With a smile, he leaned over and kissed my lips. His soft lips touched mine. Chills shot down my back and through my whole body. "" I stammered. "What?" he said with a smile. I looked at him with a shocked look on my face. "You know Megan, I really like you.

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Why would I lie to you?" he kissed my lips again. I couldn't help myself, I touched his cheek softly. All of my feelings toward this man were built up inside of me. I had a two year crush on this man and it never skipped a beat. I remember dreaming about this, but for it to actually happen made my head spin. He touched my shoulder as he continued to kiss me. As if he were a tsunami, he swept me away as I melted in his arms. Which each kiss that he placed on my lips, he slid his hands down my body.

As his hands slid down, my heart rate went up. I tried to keep it in, but I let out a slight moan. He pulled away.

"Was that a moan?" he smiled deviously. "I-I'm sorry," I stammered. blonde adorable girl sucking rod with cream be sorry.

I like it when you moan," he started to kiss me again. He slid his thick, warm hand up the front of my shirt and felt my breast. He ran his fingers along the lace of my bra, as he reached into it to feel my bare skin.

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He touched my nipple and began to play with it. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra for him. "You naughty girl," he said sensually. I just smiled. He sat down back into his desk chair and had me straddle his lap.

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We continued to kiss as he slid my shirt up over my head, revealing my bare chest. He put his masculine hands on my breasts and kissed each one. "You like that, don't you?" he asked me as he licked my breasts.

"Y-yes," I smiled slightly. As he had his way with my breasts, I unbuttoned his shirt and began to rub his chest. He picked me up and put me on his desk.

'Thank God I wore a skirt today' I thought to myself. "Now, let's see what you have under that skirt of yours" he said as he reached for my panties. He took them off of me and spread my legs.

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I was wet, and he smiled when he saw that. He took his index finger and began to rub my clitoris. I sighed. "You have such a nice pussy," he said with a growl in his tone. He laid me down and stuck his index finger inside of me.

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Slow at first, he fingered me. He gradually got faster and faster. He added his middle finger and kept his rhythm. I moaned.

"That's what I wanted to hear," he smiled. He kissed my thighs softly. He was teasing me. He curled his fingers up to hit my G Spot.

I arched my back. He laughed and started to eat me out. He swirled his tongue around my clitoris and kept up with his fingers. I moaned louder as I grew closer and closer to my orgasm.

He kept going as he gradually got more wild. The stimulation grew greater and greater. I could feel it through my entire body. I grabbed the sides of his desk and arched my back more as I moaned louder. I was so close to just letting lose, and he knew it. Just before I could orgasm, he stopped all at once. "Why did you stop?" I said abruptly "I'm not gonna let you have all of the fun," he said as he unbuttoned his pants. He told me to lay on my stomach as he pulled out his masterpiece of a cock.

I opened my mouth wide and he stuck it in. I licked all around it and worked it with my hand. I sucked in and created suction. He let out a grunt as I took it all into my mouth. I moved up and down his cock with my mouth, and my hand followed. I it faster and faster. He was loving every bit of it. He let out a huge grunt when I sucked on his head. "Fuck me," I said when I slowly slid his cock out of my mouth.

He flipped me onto my back and threw my legs open. He took his huge cock and jammed it into my wet pussy. Viciously, he thrusted into me. I couldn't help it, I screamed out. It felt so good. He held my legs blonde trisha has dressed in bad teacher and he went as hard as he could.

He pounded my pussy, and it felt incredible. In and out and in and out, he was determined. "Fuck me doggie!" I screamed. He flipped me over and jammed it inside of me again. I gripped onto his desk and pushed back onto him as he continued to thrust.

He grabbed onto my hips and smacked my ass. Little did he know, I thoroughly enjoyed being spanked. That and bit. He spanked me and I yelped. "Spank me! Spank me!" I pleaded. He continued to spank me with each thrust. He leaned forward and kissed the back of my neck.

In and out, forward and back. He kept going harder and harder. Then, all at once, I exploded. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I lost control of my senses. He laid me back down on his desk and kissed my lips. I let him finish himself off on my chest. I couldn't feel my legs, they were so weak. After I cleaned myself off, he kissed me one last time.

"I'll see you tomorrow in class," he said as he signed me to my next class.