Flagra de sexda novinha dandprcunhado

Flagra de sexda novinha dandprcunhado
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Thank you for reading my story. I appreciate comments as I like to know what people thought of my story or how readers feel the story may be better. ********************************************************************* I was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for him when I heard his car pull into the yard. He came in the house, hung up his coat and was taking off his tie when he entered the kitchen. He stopped when he saw me. "Well hello, what do we have here?" He stood in the doorway taking in the sight of me, naked except for one of his dress shirts that I had only partially buttoned.

I had done my makeup a little darker tonight. I sat there letting him suspect davina has two option go to jail or make the officer happy his fill, the desire in his eyes turning me on.

I smiled at him, and lifted my leg placing my foot on the edge of the chair giving him a good view of my nicely waxed pussy. He slowly walked over to me, knelt down and leaned forward. He blew on my glistening pussy as he put his hands on my thighs and pushed me back into the chair.

Leaning down he teased me with his tongue, lightly skimming it over me with feather light touches. I reached down to pull his head closer, he stopped grabbing my hands and pulling them behind my back. "No, no." He grinned wickedly as he held my hands with one hand and finished taking off his tie with the other.

He used the tie to keep my hands behind my back. He knelt back down in front of me and continued his teasing.

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His tongue feather light on my pussy and his hands roaming over my body. He palmed my breast and then tweaked my nipple through the shirt. He teased with his hands and tongue on me until I was screaming model mother try humiliation by son him to do more. "You fucking tease." "I'm a tease? Really, well if you don't want this what do you want?" He pulled back to look at me and his hands sliding down my body resting on my thighs with his thumbs massaging the lips of my pussy.

He asked me, knowing full well what I wanted. He just loved when he heard me ask for it. "I want you to eat my pussy." He leaned down looking up at me the whole time placing his mouth over my clit he paused and then sucked my clit into his mouth.

I threw my head back and groaned. He worked my clit with his teeth and tongue, he feasted on me licking, and sucking. He worked my pussy with his fingers, first one and then two. He fucked me in a slow rhythm with his fingers while his hot mouth feasted on my clit. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and spread my lips with his fingers.

He replaced his fingers with his tongue in my pussy spearing me with it and then wiggling it around. He didn't let me cum, every time I came close he would ease back and lightly tease me to bring me back down.

He pulled back and stood up; I slid off the chair onto my knees. With my hands behind my back I couldn't pull out his cock, so I opened my mouth and waited. He undid his belt, button and zipper. He pulled his large cock out and he stepped toward me bringing his cock within easy reach for me. I leaned forward and licked the tip, then slowly licked the underside from the base to the tip.

I took his tip into my mouth circling it with my tongue tasting his pre-cum.

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I let go of his cock with a small pop. Going right back for more, I took more of him in my mouth, up and down I bobbed my head each time taking more, and more. I went as far as I could and held him there.

His cock was thick and long, and I hadn't mastered the art of deep throating, but it wasn't for a lack of trying. I bobbed cute teen dressed up for hot cosplay head vigorously adding suction as I pulled away; he was holding my head loosely at that point and I could feel him getting close. It didn't take long at all and before I felt his cock start to expand and he pulled me off of him.

"No, I want to finish in your tight pussy." He grabbed me under my elbows and pulled me up, turned me around and bent me over the kitchen table. He positioned his cock at my lips running it back and forth over my pussy. I was still soaking wet from his earlier attention to my pussy.

He slowly pushed into me filling me inch by inch. Finally he was buried to the hilt; he pulled almost out and pushed back in faster this time. He did this a few more times and then released my hands from his tie, "Play with your clit, I want you to cum on my dick." As he fucked me slowly he spread my ass cheeks, looking at my tight red rose bud. "You finally got a Brazilian I see." I felt his hot wet spit on my tight little asshole just before he started circling it with his thumb.

He slowly pushed into my back hole burying his thumb to the second knuckle. Leaving his thumb in my hole he grabbed my hip with the other hand pulling me backwards as he drove forward.

He increased the pace of his fucking while I worked vigorously at my clit. It didn't take long before my pre-orgasm spasms started. I felt my pussy gripping at his cock as he pushed in and out and then my orgasm washed over me and the walls of my pussy grasped at his cock as he thrust into me.

He pushed into me twice more before burying himself in me and holding me in place as he sprayed my pussy with his hot cum. He pulled his thumb out of my ass, leaned over me pinning me to the table resting his head on my shoulder and kissing the back of my neck. "That was a wonderful thing to come home too."