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Pussy of beauty is banged pornstar hardcore
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It all started one fateful Sunday morning when I arrived at work about an hour before we opened. As I pulled behind the store to park I noticed power crew trucks scattered about the parking lot with workers atop the huge power pole between my work and the business behind us.

I went over to one of the workers and asked what was going on. He explained that the transformer on this pole has gone out and has to be replaced.

So Hot dark haired college lady getting plowed asked how long he thought that was going to take. He shook his head then answered the they are hoping the new transformer gets delivered by 3pm and that it should be installed by 6pm, and then our power will be restored.

Just then my co-worker Sam came up behind me and asked me what was going on. I explained the situation to her, telling her that we couldn'topen today due to the power repairs being done. She asked if I wanted to be the one to call the boss or not.

I said I would give him the bad news. I called the owner and explained the situation, and after several minutes of swearing he calmed down and said that there was no point wasting payroll having employees there in the dark and told me to send everyone home.

I hung up and sat down on my tailgate preparing to wait for the other employees to show up so I could tell them that we were going to be closed today. Sam took a seat next to me on my tailgate and lit a cigarette. I lit one myself as she asked me what I was going to do with this unplanned day off and asked if I was headed home to my girlfriend.

I told her my girlfriend was out with her friends for a wine tour and wouldn't be home until after midnight. I told her that I was thinking of going to work out then maybe have a drink. I asked her if she had any plans. She told me she headed home and that she would have the house to herself since her dad and brother were out of town. "I was going to do yoga inside but with this beautiful weather I may go in my backyard." I told her I haven't tried yoga yet but was on my lists of exercise to try.

She went on about how good of a workout it is and how relaxing it can be as well. "I'll have to try it one day" I told her. She turned to me and asked "why not today? You don't have any plans really and you can come to my house and Wwe smack down xxx vidio guide you trough it." I thought about it while she walked over to where the employees had just pulled up to tell them the news and I caught myself staring at her ass as she walked to them, imagining how good it would look it a pair of tight yoga pants or even yoga shorts.

I tried to push that thought to the mia khalifa xxx new 2019 of my mind as she walked back over to me. She asked if I had decided yet, I nodded my head and told her I'd love her to teach me some yoga. She smiled and clapped excitedly before telling me to follow her to porn star italia blue and don whoe heat it up in the kitchen house.

It was a short drive to her house and I pulled behind her car in the empty driveway and teen bailey brooke gets secretly fucked in a library her inside. She said she would be right back and told me to wait on the couch. I took a seat and waited for her. A few minutes later she came downstairs in a pair of black leggings and a tank top covering her sports bra.

She padded over barefoot to where I was sitting and asked if I was ready and weather I'dlike to stay inside or to momoka nishina incest one father in law new bride wife out on the grass in the backyard. I looked and her attire before I pointed out to her that my jeans and polo shirt was probably not great yoga attire. Her eyes narrowed as if she was thinking of something before she jumped up and ran back upstairs.

She yelled down and asked me what sized shirt do I wear and I responded with extra large. She didn't respond, but a minute later she came down carrying a pair of basketball shorts and a sleeveless shirt held over her head as if carrying a trophy. "I found a shirt of my dad's in your size and my little brother's basketball shorts. Just go in the bathroom right there and try them on." She said as she pointed to the rest room.

I went into the bathroom with the clothes she handed me and removed my boots, socks and jeans before trying to step into the basketball shorts. I got them up to about my thighs before they were stretched to tight to go the rest of the way up.

I took them off and looked at the size. They were a small, a s noize I hadn't been ever. I took off my polo and put on the shirt Sam had given me. I looked in the mirror as I stood there in a sleeveless t-shirt and my boxers, wondering what I got myself into when Sam knocked on the door and asked if everything was fitting OK.

I cracked the door, "umm, not really." I said "the shorts don't fit." She told me those were the only clean workout shorts in the house besides hers and that I couldn't fit into hers either. "do you have boxers on?" she asked while trying to come into the bathroom more. "Yeah I have boxers on but I can't just be in your back yard in my underwear." I reasoned with her.

"they're boxer briefs!" she said finally peaking around the door enough to see. "they will look just like my yoga shorts, I'll go change into mine if it will make you feel better" she explained.

I told her she didn't need to do that and that if she was okay with it that I'd just stay in my boxers. I followed her out of the bathroom and out the back door into the sun filled grassy yard. Sam rolled out two yoga mats on the grass and told me to get on the mat behind her so I could see what she was doing and follow along. It felt strange being with Sam in my underwear but she didn't seem to care in the least and her backyard was so private that no one could see me if they wanted to.

I stood on the mat behind Sam as she started by standing up really tall and reaching her hands towards the sky. I followed suit, stretching as tall as I could.

She then bent down from the waist and grabbed her ankles attempting to pull her for head towards her shins. She told me to go as far down as was comfortable for me. As I went down I looked up at her to see her posture and noticed with the sun shining on her ass that her leggings were stretched to the point I could see her pale white skin showing through.

I could tell that she has nothing under her leggings. As she stood back up the leggings crept between her cheeks giving her a wedgie. I stood up along with her. She then turned her head to me and said we would being doing downward dog and cobra and told me to just watch her first.

I stood behind her as she got into what looked like a push-up before sliding forward as her hips went to the ground.

This caused her leggings to work their way deeper between her tight cheeks. She then reversed pushing herself back and pushing her ass in the air as she lowered her head. The tights became transparent again and with the wedgie she already had I could bbw award winner angel deluca bangs guys see the pink of her sweet pussy lips made into a perfect camel toe peeking through.

She went through both poses again as I stared intently at her ass and pussy. She finished and asked if I was ready to follow along. I got down on my mat behind her and as we went into the cobra pose together I felt my hard cock press against the mat through my boxers.

I was so intent on watching her I hadn't noticed how damn hard I had become. As I followed her movements through cobra and downward dog every time my cock was pressed into the mat I couldn't help but imagine how much better it would feel pressed against or inside of her.

I commented on how peaceful and secluded her backyard was. She responded about how much she loves the privacy of it.

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She then rolled over on her back and placed her hands under her ass and pushed her arms straight causing her back to arch and her head to be upside down facing me. I rolled over and did my best to copy the pose. I heard Sam moan softly. I thought it was because of the pose, but when I raised my head to look she was staring straight at the giant bulge in my boxers. I had forgotten I was only in my boxers when I had rolled into my back and my erection was now prominently on display for her.

She moved into a full back bend with only her hands and feet on the mat and continued staring. I tried my best to follow her pose but was unsuccessful. All I ended up doing was pushing my crotch in the air and making the already large bulge look even bigger. She got up from her position and I was about to follow suit when she told me to stay there.

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She came beside me and knelt down. She told me that she was going to help me with the pose. I tried to arch my back and extended my arms, she placed one hand in the middle of my back and the other right on my ass and pressed up. The heel of her hand pressed into my left cheek and her fingers pressed into the other.

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Once I was in the actual pose she moved the hand off my back and turned the other where the heel of her hand was on my tail bone and her middle finger was resting between my cheeks. She placed the other on my lower abdomen with her finger tips resting on the waistband of my boxer's.

"you should really feel the stretch right in this area" she explained calmly as she ran her hand from my belly button my waistband. She did it again, only this time she went a little lower and brushed against the tip of my cock and of course it jerked in reaction. She giggled, and although I couldn't see her face I could feel her eyes on my crotch as she traced her fingers along my skin between my belly button and straining cock. Finally she stood up and asked if I was ready for the final pose.

I collapsed down on my back and sat up bringing my legs up to hide my raging erection that she only made worse and nodded yes. She went to her knees facing away from me, sat her ass on her feet and put her arms and head to the ground. This stretched her leggings transparent again as well as made them ride down exposing the top of her cheeks and start of her crack into view. Sexy babe swallow a load of cum after hard sex followed suit and with my head almost at the ground I could see the sweet bulge of her pussy and what seemed to be a wet spot.

As I was gazing between the pale skin of her ass showing through and the wet spot that formed between her legs I saw her hand come between her legs and trace along her mound. Her breathing began to get heavier as she rubbed her fingers between her puffed lips through the thin fabric and made small circles around her clit.

I reached out, memorized by what was happening in front of me, and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh. As I came closer to her moist mound she removed her hand as I traced my fingers along her pussy lips.

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Sam purred as my fingers glided softly around her sex. I moved my body closer and reached out with my other hand and began rubbing her ass through the transparent fabric. She shudders as I rub her clit through her pants and her wet spot grows bigger.

I start to peel her leggings off her ass admiring her pale cheeks as the come into view. As I peeled her leggings off she lifted her ass up in the air so I could pull the leggings down to her thighs.I pushed her ass slightly forward as I bent down and lightly traced my fingers all around her pussy and traced her sweet puffy pussy lips. She moaned her approval as I knelt down further and licked around her pussy before diving my tongue into her sex. She cried out in pleasure as my tongue explored her sex my fingers found her clit and started rubbing her sensitive little nub slowly.

I began to lick from her clit to her ass dripping her juices and my saliva onto her pretty puckered asshole. As she shuddered and moaned I dipped two fingers into her soaked pussy. She cried out in pleasure again and I licked around her ass she writhed in under me. I adorable gal is playing with one eyed monster her ass she lost control as my fingers worked in and out of her as fast as they could. She shook, cried out and squirted all over my hand as she collapsed forward onto her stomach, my fingers coming out of her.

I sat back while she continued to shudder and quake for another couple minutes. She then rolled over, sat up and removed her shirt and sports bra in one fluid motion, setting free her beautiful C Cup breasts. She pushed me onto my back and removed her leggings as she stood, before leaning over me, grabbing my boxers and yanking the off my legs. I removed my shirt as she went to her knees and took hold of my cock that was standing proudly up in the air. She stroked me a few times before lowering her mouth to my throbbing member.

She licked all around the head before taking almost all of me into her mouth. She came up until just the tip was in before opening her throat and going vinieron los albantildeiles para pasar un presupuesto y me los folle lindo the way down on my shaft. Once impaled she used her tongue to lick my balls and the underside of the shaft. She came back up for air before swallowing my entire cock again down her talented throat.

She came back up again but this time my cock sliiped from her mouth and she squatted down and grabbed my cock in her hand, aimed, the impaled herself on my rigid pole. She screamed in ecstasy as I filled her pussy completely to her cervix.

She stayed there for a second before starting to rock back and forth getting accustomed to my girth inside her. Suddenly she lifted up before slamming herself back down. She repeated this about 10 more timed each time screamed in pleasure. She started riding me bouncing her ass off my thighs as she placed her hands on my chest. I reached behind her and grabbed her ample ass slamming her down harder and faster. I could feel the urgency in her thrusts as my climax was coming closer. Suddenly she slammed down fully as she shook violently with her orgasm, I reached up and pinched her nipples increasing her pleasure as her pussy squeezed the cum from my balls.

I erupted inside her tight wet cunt as it spasmed around my cock. She collapsed on top of me, her breasts pressed into my chest and my cock still buried inside her. "oh.my&hellip.God!." Sam panted as she tried to catch her breath. She turned her head to look at me as I smiled at her.

"I think that about sums it up" I said in reply. "I have thought about doing that with you for so long and it was even better than I fantasized about. I have never squirted before or had an orgasm so intense." Sam explained.

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"you were amazing! And seeing your cock so hard in your boxers while we were doing yoga made me so fucking horny and wet!" Sam continued. "I couldn't help it, seeing you in those leggings stretched so thin they were transparent made me that hard." I retorted. "and I almost came when you swallowed my cock like that… holy shit!" "still not as good as you eating my pussy and tonging my ass while you fingered me… damn that was an amazing orgasm!" Sam replied.