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Spankbang veronica rodriguez first b g anal p
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My first story so please.don't be gentle ;) "Daddy, I'm home!" I hollered as I came banging through the front door after another boring day at school. Anyone who said that high school was the best time of your life was sadly mistaken. Freshman year was long and drawn out. I threw my backpack on the floor and grabbed a drink from the fridge. I poked my head into the living room to see if my favorite person was in there. "Daddy? Where are you hiding?" I climbed the stairs leading to the second floor.

"Oh dear, sweet father of mine! Where are you?" I opened the door to my room, and there he was. My favorite person in the entire world. My sweet, sexy, oh-so-fuckable Daddy. Sitting on my bed. Naked. Hard. Stroking that beautiful cock of his. Oh this was going to be a really fun night. "Hi baby girl. How was school?" He asked, as if it was perfectly natural for a father to be jerking his cock on his daughters bed. I walked over to the bed and sat down. Leaned over and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"I was going to complain about how shitty it was but now my day has really started to look up." I said. "I'm glad you're home sweetheart. Daddy really needs some of your loving. Do you think you could help an old man out?" My Daddy and myself had been having sex together since my 13th birthday. My Mom died giving birth to me, and Daddy says I look like her.

Curly, long auburn hair. Dark blue eyes. My body was still developing, but at 14 years old, I looked alright. Daddy definitely thought so. And that's all that mattered. Daddy was the best looking man in the world.

Dark hair, and eyes. Lean and muscular. Cute ass. Delicious cock. And he loved me to pieces. What more could a girl want? "Oh my poor Sunny leone new xx story 2019 jabardasth

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I think I can help you out." I said. I took his hand that was still slowly stroking his cock and moved it out of the way. I pushed him down on my bed. I put a hand on his cock and started to stroke it, paying extra special attention to the sensitive head. "Mmmmm baby girl. It feels so much better when you voluptuous latina luna star gets fucked hard it.

Don't tease Daddy. Suck my cock baby. I need it so bad!" I loved it when my daddy begged. Feeling my pussy getting wet, I leaned over and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, tasting that sweet and salty precum. I loved teasing Daddy. He always made sure he paid me back in spades. All part of my master plan. I took Daddy's cock into my mouth.

Fuck me, I loved sucking his cock. Big, hard, hot. The perfect cock. He had taught me how to deep throat. He taught me everything I knew about sex. I loved making him proud of me. He put his hand on the back of my head, forcing me to take more of his cock into my mouth and throat. He treated me so moriah mills fuck keiran lee. "Oh fuck baby girl.

That's it. Take Daddy's cock. Take it baby. Sweet zombie jesus baby girl. You're such a good little cock sucker for Daddy!" His entire body kept twitching and spasming. He called me his Queen of Puppet Mastery, because I made him jump like a puppet on a string.

He was so sweet to me. I looked up and saw his head thrown back, and saw him clawing at the sheets. He's going to ruin another set, I thought to myself. I took my mouth off his cock and replaced it with my hand. I started nibbling on the sensitive skin on Daddy's thigh, moving my head lower. I took one of his balls in my mouth. "Fuck!!" He moaned.

I took the next one in my mouth and licked and nibbled at them. My hand kept stroking his cock, rubbing that sweet precum all over it, lubricating it. I left his balls, and my mouth moved even lower. I let my tongue and teeth play and nibble on his taint. I knew how much he loved that. "Fuck baby girl! You know how much I love that!!" See what I mean?

I felt his cock jump and twitch in my hand. I knew he wouldn't last much longer at this rate. So I stopped. I got up. "Alright Daddy, I'm going to go do my homework now." I turned around and smirked to myself, and tried to brace myself for what would happen next.

"Oh fuck no you aren't you little cock tease! Get over here and ride Daddy's cock!" Daddy jumped off the bed and bounded across the room. He wrapped his arms around me and carried me back to the bed. He sat down hard on the bed, taking me with him.

I was sitting in his lap, his hard cock pressing into the material from my jeans. "Think you're going to get me all fucking worked up and then just walk away?! I don't think so!" He threw me on the bed and took my shoes off. Then he unbuttoned and took off my jeans and panties within a matter of seconds, leaving scratch marks down my legs from his nails.

"Now be a good little slut and ride Daddy's cock baby girl. Make Daddy cum in that pussy" He sat me back on his lap and I didn't hesitate.

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I slid my wet little pussy down his cock. "Mmm fuck Daddy. I love your cock!" I moaned as I started to fuck him. "That's right baby girl. Ride that cock. Mmmmm!! Take Daddy's cock up in your cunt baby! Fuck yes baby." He ripped my shirt off, buttons flying across the room. Yet another shirt ruined, I thought. Daddy was really rough on fabric.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. His tongue pushed into my mouth and wrestled with mine. His mouth moved to my left nipple. His teased it, and then clamped down on it with his teeth. I gasped loud. He repeated his action with the left nipple. I gasped louder. My pussy juices ran down his cock and onto his legs. I felt one of his big hands kneading and spanking my ass, and the other playing in my hair.

He knew what I wanted, and was paying me back for my earlier teasing. "Daddy please!" I begged "Harder.

Give it to me harder!" His hand wrapped around my auburn locks of hair and he pulled back hard. So hard. It drove me wild. The pain and the pleasure was to much for me to handle. I could feel my orgasm building. "Oooohh Daddy! I feel it. It's so close!" I whispered in my Daddy's ear.

"Fuck your little girl Daddy. Fuck your little whores cunt!" He wrapped his arms around my waist and flipped me onto the bed. "Get on your hands and knees your little whore!" He shouted at me.

I quickly obliged. "You decide slut. Where do you want Daddy to cum? Your cunt, your asshole, or your mouth?" "Mmmmmmm my asshole Daddy! Fuck my ass!" Daddy grabbed me around the waist again and started pushing the head of his cock into my ass. "Gentle or rough baby girl?" He asked. "Rough Daddy. Fuck your little girl like the whore she is!" I barely got the words out of my mouth when I felt daddy slam his cock into my unprepared asshole.

I yelped, and even though its what I wanted, tried to squirm away. "Get back here you little slut! You wanted it! You're going to fucking get it!" He wrapped his hand around my curls and pulled hard again. He held me in place by my hair and started stroking in and out of my asshole. "Little slut. Take that cock my little slut!" He panted. "Play with your clit baby girl. Rub it for Daddy" I reached down and started furiously rubbing my clit, feeling how wet my pussy was, how swollen the lips of it were.

"You're going to make Daddy cum, you little fucking whore! Your asshole feels so fucking good around Daddy's cock." I started thrusting back to meet Daddy's thrusts. All you could hear was the panting and moaning coming from me and my sweet, sweet Daddy, and the sounds of our skin meeting over and over again.

"Hurt me Daddy. Hurt your little slut. Mmmmm come on Daddy. Fuck me harder!" He wrapped his arms around my waist, leaning over me. "You want hard? Here it comes baby" He gathered all of his strength and rammed into me over and over again. My head was hitting the headboard. The pain was excruciating. The pleasure was dizzying.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to cum. Daddy was fucking my asshole like a jackhammer. He reached up again and pulled at my hair, making my head snap back. "You're such a fucking slut" He growled in my ear. "I fucking love you so much" I couldn't take anymore. teen beach bikini strip i have always been a respected member of the community im

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I couldn't hold back. I needed to cum. It was a morale imperative. A matter of life or death, it felt like. "Can I cum Daddy?" I panted "Please let me cum!" "Cum you fucking whore! Cum harder then you've ever cum in your entire fucking life!" And, with his blessing, I felt my orgasm his me harder then a cement truck.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shrieked. My body shuddered. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think. It took all my remaining energy to not let this orgasm make me pass out. "I'm going to fucking cum you little fucking whore!! Going to cum in your asshole!" And with that Daddy tensed up, and I felt it. His cock swelled even bigger and he started to erratically thrust into me.

He pulled my hair harder then ever before. I was sure I was going to have a bald spot when it was all over. I felt his cock jump and pump into my asshole. Felt his cum shooting into me. My orgasm was still rolling over me. Daddy was growling and groaning in my ear as his finally abated.

We collapsed on the bed. He rolled us onto our side and spooned up next to me, his cock still fused to my asshole.

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Our breathing slowed. Our sweat slick bodies cooled. His cock deflated and slipped out of me. I felt his cum leaking out of my ass. "Fuck baby girl. I love you so much!

That was the best thing that's happened to me since the McRib came back to McDonalds!" Daddy loved his McRibs so I took that as a huge compliment. "I love you to Daddy. I won't be able to sit for a week, but I love you too." "Well.when you said you loved your Daddy, I didn't know this is what you meant." Me and Daddy jumped up with the introduction of this new voice in my bedroom. "Oooohhh shit" He breathed. It was Casey.

My best friend.

Here to work on our science project. "Ooooohhh double shit" I said. To be continued if you all want me too ;)