Silvia saiges milf pussy getting fuck upside down

Silvia saiges milf pussy getting fuck upside down
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Fbailey story number 326 Making My Niece A Woman I couldn't help myself. Darlene was just too good to pass up. She was fifteen years old, quite pretty, and in my mind she was sexy as hell. Besides when she told me what her mother had told her, I remembered my mother saying that exact same thing to my sister years earlier. "You'll really be a woman after you start your periods, grow hair on your cunt, get tits that fill out a bra and show some cleavage, and after you've been fucked by at least three guys that are older than you are." You see when I was sixteen years old my mother told that to my fifteen-year-old sister Sylvia.

I was the third boy that was older than she was, that fucked her. I was the one that made her a real woman. Sylvia had let two of my friends fuck her first and it was only right that I got a chance to fuck her too.

Sylvia let all of my friends fuck her that summer and of course I got all that wanted too. Then she became pregnant at fifteen and had Darlene when she was sixteen. Now at thirty-one I still get to fuck my sister but not nearly as sexy latin babe attractive girl wanting to sell stolen phones hardcore and blowjob as I want too. Her current husband is very jealous, even of me. So when Sylvia told me how Darlene was rebelling against her stepfather's control I just had to help her out.

I gave Darlene a place to hide out and crash whenever she felt that she needed it. When she came over to my place I let her drink a beer if she wanted too and I gave her money too. I was trying to buy her affection and it was working too. So that night when Darlene told me what her mother had said, "You'll really be a woman after you start your periods, grow hair on your cunt, get tits that fill out a bra and show some cleavage, and after you've been fucked by at least three guys that are older than you are." I agreed with her.

Then I told her that I had been her mother's third older guy and that I had made her a woman. Darlene looked me in the eye and asked, "Really?" I replied, "Yes and if you don't believe me, just ask her." Darlene said, "Well I started my period about four years ago, I grew hair on my cunt two years ago, and this winter I filled out my bra and have some cleavage.

Want to see?" My head spun when all of the blood rushed to my cock, my mouth got dry, and I just barely said, "Yes." I watched as Darlene removed her stepfather's old bulky shirt to reveal a rather nice set of tits in an old bra that was too small for her, and yes she did have cleavage.

Next she slipped out of her warn and torn blue jeans to reveal a pathetic pair of her mother's old panties. That girl didn't have anything nice to wear.

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Then Darlene lowered her panties to show me a shaggy forest covering her pussy. I said, "Very nice. Very nice indeed! Now, what about the three guys older than you?" Darlene smiled and said, "Three weeks ago I let Jimmy Vance take my virginity. I didn't like it very much but he seemed too.

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It was on the floor of his garage. Shemale fucking girl hard best storys was dirty and when I dropped my pants he laughed at my panties, lowered them, and then he just fucked me. It hurt a little and then it was all over." "Last week I let Charlie Black and his little brother Alan fuck me but Alan was younger than me so it didn't count. That was in the tall grass down by the river.

I had to let them play with my tits for five whole minutes before they would fuck me though." "The next has to be better than them." I said, "I'm a hell of a lot better than them. If you don't believe me ask your mother." Darlene gave me a mischievous smiled and then opened her cell phone.

A moment later I heard, "Mom, Uncle Fred says that he was the guy that made you a woman. He was! Really!

He also says that I should ask you if he is any good at sex. He is! Okay I'll tell him." Then she closed up her phone. Darlene looked at me and then removed her bra cute young girlie is a kinky nurse practitioner panties.

She said, "Mom told me that I might never have a lover better than you for as long as I live. She told me to spend the next week in your bed and that she would join us on Saturday." Then Darlene walked into my bedroom with me right on her heels.

I let Darlene watch me undress. From what she had told me she had only seen the younger brother's cock sticking out of his pants before he shoved it in her. Other than that the only cock that she had seen was her stepfather's cock. She said that he was constantly exposing himself to her and trying to see her naked too. She hated him.

She certainly seemed to like looking at me though. At thirty-two I was actually quite a good looking and physically fit guy.

I had my share of girlfriends but my sister was still the best. I could hardly wait to see how good fucking Darlene was going to be. I removed my dress shirt, my shoes and socks, my pants, and then I removed my underwear.

Darlene lit up when she saw my hard cock sticking up in the air and thumping against my belly. I'm just average in length but I'm told that the upward curve allows the head to rub against the woman's G-spot causing her extremely powerful orgasms. All I know is that I haven't had any complaints.

As I approached her Darlene laid back and opened her knees so that I could fuck her. I was not in any hurry. I may have been earlier but now that she was naked and had talked to her mother I knew that she was all mine to do with, as I wanted too for the rest of the week.

Fucking her in the first few minutes was not important anymore. I kissed Darlene on her lips and ran my wet tongue along the crease between her lips. She did not open her lips up for me. I didn't think she knew how to kiss all that well. I kissed her breasts all around her nipples and then I sucked the tiny bud into my mouth.

I played with it with my tongue for a while then backed up until it popped from my lips with a aella my girlfriend porn and girlfriend porn.

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I watched her breasts reverberate from the movement. Her breasts were much firmer than her mother's breasts were. As I approached her unruly patch of fur I could smell an unpleasant odor. Darlene was not to keen on feminine hygiene. She wasn't anything like her mother. Sylvia showered every day and douched before sex. She brushed her teeth and took care of herself. She was there to please her man. Darlene needed some lessons and right away.

Her mother had a stockpile of stuff in my bathroom for her visits so I took Darlene in there. As I did things lela star with romi rain her, I instructed her big cock inside my slutty sister pov abella danger how and as to why.

First I shaved her underarms, her legs, but not her pussy. I liked it hairy. I gave her a douche, a cherry flavored one, it's my favorite flavor. I gave her a shower and I wouldn't let her wash herself, but I let her wash me.

I shampooed her hair starting from the top as she should. Then I washed her face, her breasts, and her pussy. I made sure to finger her clit for her and gave her an orgasm.

I washed her back and her plump ass. I fingered her asshole too. I washed her legs and then I let her wash me. She seemed to enjoy herself. While she was still wet I took her back to my bed. I took a cherry lifesaver and poked it into her pussy as far as I could with my finger.

I stroked her clit until she had another orgasm. Then I put my lips to her pussy and enjoyed eating her out. I never looked at the clock because it really didn't mater how long I ate her. I enjoyed eating her and she enjoyed me doing it. When I was too excited to continue any longer, I slipped my cock into my niece's pussy and made her a real woman in the eyes of her mother and her grandmother. In my eyes a real woman was older than fifteen however with my cock in her she felt like a woman to me.

I ran the palm of my hands over her hard nipples and then I leaned in for a kiss. That time when I ran my tongue across her lips she opened them for me and allowed my tongue access to her interior as she had allowed with my cock in her pussy and even my finger in her ass.

Darlene got to taste her own pussy juice that was on my tongue, of course I had given it a cherry flavor but as I said it's my favorite. If you can't get a virgin cherry you can still enjoy the box that it came in. Making love to my niece was everything that I had thought it would be when she first brought up the subject of sex. She was just as a good a fuck as her mother was too. We never got dressed or left the house that week. All we did was eat, sleep, and fuck.

Thank God for delivered food. The one problem was when we wake up at two in the morning, fucked until four, and then tried to get food delivered. When Sylvia arrived on Saturday Darlene told her that she was a real woman. Sylvia hugged her tightly and congratulated her. Then Sylvia joined us in bed for a threesome. That started Darlene's education of a woman satisfying another woman.

I may have been the best that they ever had but they were also the best that I had ever had.

Once Darlene moved in with me she never had another problem with her stepfather. She also had a very nice wardrobe too. It was full of sexy things to wear including panties and bras that actually fit her.

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