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Long island in new york hotel arizona girl girl gangbang
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My name is Gianna. I'm a 28 year old public relations agent from California and recently became extremely successful. I decided to move from my two-bedroom condo to an upscale house in Beverly Hills, and plans to sell my current digs just went underway yesterday.

I agreed to meet my new real estate agent at my place after work this today. I was worried I would run late, so I handed the attractive older woman a copy of my key and told her if she arrived there before me she was welcome to have a look around. When I pulled into my driveway the next day around five o'clock there was already a new-model white Mustang parked in the street. It didn't surprise me that she beat me there since I told her I would meet her at four, but what did catch me off guard was the type of car she apparently drove.

A white Mustang seemed a little, well, young for this woman. But I shrugged it off, not thinking too much about it since after all, this is Cali, baby. I got to my front door and realized it had been left unlocked. I inwardly frowned at that, but it seemed there was no harm done.

Upon entering, I immediately regretted giving this woman a key. My living room was a disaster. A bag of potato chips had been left open on the coffee table, surrounded by crumbs that had managed to get on the floor and couch as well, and my dog had his tongue in a bowl of french onion dip that sat beside it. Also on my antique wooden coffee table was a half-empty glass creating a ring due to the lack of a coaster, a stack of which was right next to it.

The television was left on and some raunchy hip-hop video flashed across the screen. A large silver purse lay on its side on the floor, makeup and miscellaneous items spilling out of it. In the middle of the room sat a pair of expensive Manolo Blahnik heels that had just been carelessly tossed there.

Then I smelled alcohol. I grabbed the glass and held it up to my nose. That bitch was drinking my cute babe valentina nappi plays with a huge cock pornstars hardcore liquor, and she had the nerve to mix it with a neon orange energy drink. I glared at the scene, fighting hard not to yell. She had seemed like such a mild-mannered, considerate lady and sexy big tit blonde babe will fuck anyone for a job she was treating my home like she was some teenager who's parents were away for the weekend.

I shut off the TV, pulled the bowl of dip away from the dog and brought it along with the bag of chips into the kitchen where I left them on the counter.

Next I noticed the ketchup-spattered plate and bowl full of half-eaten cereal in the sink. Was this chick stoned? It seemed she had eaten her way through my house. I turned and stomped down the hall off the kitchen and began to follow the sound of water running.

Oh no, she wasn't seriously using my shower too, was she? Yes she was, I learned as I walked through my bedroom to the master bathroom, the door of which had been left wide open, and saw the outline of a petite blonde through the clear glass shower door.

I became confused. My real estate agent was certainly not a petite blonde. Then it dawned on me. This was her assistant in my shower. I had met Ashlie briefly the day before. She was young, probably in her early twenties, and had just started the job. I remembered being quite attracted to her - she was just my type.

Blonde, about 5'5, with a petite frame, a firm ass, and perky B cup breasts. She wore tight clothes that showcased it all and I really had to get a firm grip on my reins to not hit on her. If we weren't in a professional business situation I would have pounced.

And when I pounce, no one puts up a fight. Pardon me if I sound conceited, but I'm hot. Maybe it's just luck that I ended up being a tall, slender Italian babe, but I work it to perfection. I have long, sleek black hair, and I tan lightly to keep my olive skin tone even. I work out specifically to keep my ass firm and tight, and I have small but shapely breasts and long legs. Nobody says no to me. Now what was she thinking doing this to my place?

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Why the hell was she here alone? And did she have any idea what I had in store for her? I crossed my arms and leaned against the doorframe as I glared at Ashlie. She seemed to be enjoying my massaging showerhead. I cleared my throat and her head snapped up, looking at me through the glass like a deer in headlights.

"Hello, Ashlie," I said in a smooth, caramel tone. "Um.oh my gawd, Gianna, I'm kind of naked right now," was her reply. That was the last straw. I marched over to that shower, my heels tapping angrily on the tile as I went, whipped the door open and slapped that little bitch right across the face. She stared up at me in horror and I slapped her again. "Stop that!" she cried. "Why should I?" I yelled. "Who the fuck do you think you are coming into my house and fucking it up like you have?

What gives you the right to just make yourself at home, huh? You may live in a pigsty, but you don't live HERE, toots. Now you fucking explain this to me right now!" Ashlie's expression changed to a pout. "I didn't mean to make you mad, Gianna," she began in the sweetest of tones, obviously about to try to charm herself out of trouble. "I was waiting with my boss and she had to leave for a family emergency.

I got so bored that I just started looking for things to do." "Shut off the water," I said, cutting her off. "But." she began. "NOW," I retorted firmly. She did as I said and as soon as it was done I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to mine. I spat words in a venomous tone, "You are going to learn to treat other young lesbian babe loves the taste of mature cunt in mouth property with respect." And with that, I yanked the sopping wet girl out of the shower and pulled her over to the sink.

"Bend over the sink," I demanded, and she obeyed, whimpering slightly. "Stop your whining, bitch," I said, punctuating the last word with a swift, hard SMACK!

on her right ass cheek. She cried out. "Shut it! You're not to make a peep, understand?" I gripped her hair tighter and pulled her head up to look at me. Wwe smack down xxx vidio nodded, and I continued with another SMACK!

on her left cheek. She bit her lower lip to keep from yelping and I spanked her once more on each cheek. Then, using my fistful of her blonde locks to steer her, I turned her around to face me. "Spread your legs," I ordered. She shook her head quickly, tears spilling out of her eyes. "Stop your fucking crying and do as I say or you'll really be sorry!" Then she opened her legs a little.

"More!" I yelled. She spread them more. "Good girl," I said with a smirk as I placed my hand over her hairless cunt. She whimpered as I rubbed it, then slid a finger between her pussy lips. She was fucking wet! And not because she'd been in the shower!

"You're enjoying this, aren't you, you little slut?" I asked, my face so close to hers I could smell her cotton candy lip gloss. She just stared at me with that deer in headlights look and I suddenly found myself extremely turned on. I loved to dominate and this little bitch deserved it. "Get down on your knees," I told her, letting go of her hair, and she immediately obeyed.

"Now spread your legs and finger your pussy while you watch me undress." I stepped back and her hand went between her legs. Kneeling there on the floor, she gazed at me in awe as she rubbed her clit with her middle finger. I pulled off my ivory blazer and slutty granny has her moist pussy plugged pornstars and creampie pants.

I unbuttoned my green silk blouse and let it slide off my arms. Then I stood there in only black lace lingerie and gold heels. "Crawl over here and take my panties off," I told her. Quickly she scurried over on hands and knees and stopped in front of me. I turned around so my ass was right in her face and she gently grasped the strings holding my thong together and tugged it down until it pooled around my feet.

I kicked it away and bent over. "Lick my pussy," I demanded. Again she obeyed, sticking her tongue right up into the folds of my smooth vagina. I moaned and reached back, grabbed the back of her head, and shoved her face into it. She moaned too. This hot little bitch loved it!

Grabbing a handful of her hair, I yanked her head back. "Now you're going to lick my asshole." I shoved her head into my luscious ass and again she began to lick away like it was her favorite thing in the world. Hell, maybe it was. I made her eat out my ass for a good ten minutes before I told her to get up, go to the toilet, and bend herself over it, putting her ass in the air.

I watched her do this, then went into my bedroom, and pulled out the shoe box of sex toys I kept hidden under my bed. I opened it and pulled out the strap-on and bottle of lube, then went back to the bathroom. Ashlie's eyes widened when she saw the thick pink dildo strapped around my hips. I walked over to her, standing beside her so the cock was right in front of her face. Then I squirted lube in my hand and she watched as I rubbed it all over the rubber dong.

She licked her lips as it bounced in front of her face. "You want to suck it?" I asked, and she nodded enthusiastically. "Too bad," I said with a smirk. I moved behind her and dribbled the cold lube between her ass cheeks. She shivered slightly, then I dropped the bottle to the floor.

As I rubbed the lube into her hole, I realized it wasn't quite as tight and puckered as assholes usually are. I raised a brow. "Ashlie, did someone already fuck you in the ass today?" She nodded. "Who?" I asked. "Mrs. Reed," she replied. "Mrs. Reed?

Your boss?" I asked her, incredulousness tainting my voice. "You kinky little bitch!" Then she giggled. I spanked her hard on the ass and made her yelp.

"I didn't give you permission to laugh." "I'm sorry, Gianna," she said in a pathetic whiney tone. "Shut up," I said, and rammed the big rubber cock up her ass, making her scream. I pounded her until her screams became moans and fuck yeahs.

Then I stopped suddenly and let the cock slide out of her ass. "Turn around and sit on the toilet," I said. As soon as she sat, I gave her a slap across the face. "You're going to suck this dick." Without missing a beat, she had my dong in her mouth and bobbed her head on it like a pro. I grabbed her by the hair and helped her shove it down her throat until she pulled back and violently gasped for air, a string of saliva following.

Still holding her hair, I stepped back and pulled her off the toilet and onto the floor. I pulled off the strap-on and shoved her face between my legs.

"Eat me until I cum." And eat me she did. That girl's got quite a talented tongue on her. She really went for it. I was up against the sink with her head wedged between my thighs and her tongue darting all over my pussy for only a few minutes before I came and my girl juice spattered all over her mouth and chin.

After that, she pulled away, gasping, and I gave her another slap. "Are you ever going to disrespect someone like that again, Ashlie?" She shook her head. "No, Miss Gianna. I promise." "Good. Now get up and bend over for me one last time." She did as I said, leaning forward to grab her ankles. Grabbing her left hip with one hand, I used the other to spank asian teen gets bored so seduce her friend repeatedly until her ass was bright red.

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When I was finished, I dismissed her. "Clean up your mess, leave the key on the kitchen table, and don't say another word to me. Tell your boss I'll be using another agency." Ashlie nodded and stood up. She began to clean as I hopped in the shower and by the time I was out, my place was sparkling. She even put away the strap-on and made sure the door was locked before she left.