Ms sadie sensually milks a river of precum from a cock

Ms sadie sensually milks a river of precum from a cock
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I met Stacy a few years ago through a friend while on a night out. I'm about 6" in height, slim muscular build, brown hair and green eyes. Stacy was about a foot shorter than me, she had long black hair, dark brown eyes. She wasn't over slim but she had curves. I stood at the bar checking my phone incase it had gone off when Tye walked across with a girl close behind him, he obviously knew her as they had been talking at the end of the bar for a while.

I looked her up and down as she walked close behind him, she had a pair of jeans on that hugged her figure perfectly and showed off her round ass, the strappy top came half way down her breast revealing her cleavage, her hair was clipped back out of her face, She was beautiful and seemed perfect. As I watched her walk towards me I couldn't help but wonder how good she would look without her clothes on, I snapped out of my deep thought by my friend Tye "shane this is Stacy".

I couldn't help it but the only thing I could say was "DAME!", she went a little red by my comment but soon saw that I had gone very red, Stacy smiled at me "hi, nice to meet you Shane" Still embarrassed and a little scared to speak again "h.

Hi" I stuttered "nice to meet you too" i paused and smiled back at her "can i get you a drink?" After collecting drinks we sat at a quite table in the corner of the club, she wasn't single when we first met but I was still interested regardless. We sat talking and we really hit it off, at the end of the night we exchanged numbers and kept in contact.

Over the next few months we exchanged messages, at first they were just innocent messages but as the months rolled by the messages became more sexual. The months had past since I first met Stacy in the club, by now we were both single and spending alot of time doing her homework but that ass is too tempting not to fuck. . It was a typical Saturday afternoon I stood gazing out of the tall window, taking in the view of the afternoon sun over the lake and the trees that surround it eagerly awaiting for a call when my phone finally rang.

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I hurried to answer it, I knew it would be Stacy I had been waiting all morning for her call. She was ready to be picked up for our weekly meet. I put the phone down and left in my car, she didn't live far and before long I arrived at her's. Pulling up outside I parked the car and walked to the door, ringing the door bell I hear a distant voice yell "just a minuet" I stood waiting for a few minutes when the door opened.

Stepping outside the door I looked her up and down, She was wearing heels that made her a little shorter than me, the long white coat just covered her knees was unusually buttoned up, her hair was tied back from her face revealing her piercing dark brown eyes and inviting smile.

I smiled at her and we walked back to the car, the ride back to mine was pretty normal, we exchanged small talk and soon arrived back at mine.

Walking through the front door she set her bag down by the coat rack and walks strait to the tall window, she seemed to drift off into her own world as she looked out at the sun setting over the trees at the far end of the lake. "would you like a glass of wine?" She seemed to snap out of her daze "yes please" she replied with a smile, I walked to the kitchen and poured two glasses of wine sexy amatuer bbw fucks a huge black cock and loves it joined her in the living room.

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She was still stood at the window admiring the view, she had removed her coat setting it aside revealing the short dress she was waring. I set the glasses of wine on the table next to the window and walked up behind her wrapping my arms around her wast, I slowly started kissing her neck as she leaned her head back slightly.

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Moving one hand from her waste to her breast I start caressing it in my hand through her dress, it didn't take long for her nipple to get hard only then did I realise she wasn't waring a bra.

I slowly move my hand from her breast down her stomach to her hip, spinning her round on the spot to face me. Slowly I move my hands up her back placing one on the back of her neck, the other to the top of the zip on her dress and started unzipping it as I kissed her deeply.

Her dress fell to the floor leaving her stood there in her heels and a lace thong, gathering her hair together I wrap it round my hand, pulled her head slightly back and slowly start kissing down asian babe oils up her clients cock neck to her breast. I start nibbling at her nipples and caressing them with my tongue, after a few moments her nipples were hard and her breathing slowed.

I spun her round again, taking both breasts in my hands before moving one hand down over her stomach to her thong. She lets out a moan of pleasure as I start playing with her clit through her thong, I could feel she was starting to get wet as I played with her breast in one hand and her clit in the other.

Moving her thong to one side I slowly slipped two finger in and out of her pussy releasing another moan from her, repeating this for a few minutes it wasn't long till she was nice and wet.

Now I had her on the edge of orgasm I removed my hands from her and took a step back, with a slightly smug smile I asked "shell we go to the bedroom?" She turned around looked at me with a smile.

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. As we walked into the bedroom Stacy removed her shoes walked up to the side of the bed turned round and faced me, putting her hands on the back of my neck she pulled me towards her to kiss me.

Moving her hands from my neck she unbuttons my shirt slides it off my shoulders and to the floor, she then starts undoing the button on my trousers followed by the zipper.

Placing both hands just inside the wast band of my boxers she slides them down to the floor too, I step out of my trousers by which time Stacy was on her knees with my load in her hand.

As she slowly slides her hand up and down my semi-hard cock, she sucked on my balls and played with them till I was nice and hard. Now moving from my balls she starts teasing my cock, running her tongue round the head of my cock then slowly taking my length in her mouth. The warmth of her mouth sliding up and down the length of my hard cock as she gave me head pushed me to boiling point, with her hair held back in my hand so I could watch her I forced my length deep in her throat and shot my load at the back of her throat.

Lifting her from her knees I lay her down on the bed, I laid down next to her taking her nipple in my mouth and caressing it with my tongue.

I start nibbling and gently biting her nipple as i move my hand down over her stomach to her pussy, I played with her clit and breasts till she was nice and wet and her nipples were hard. Slowly kissing down her stomach removed her thong, I put my tongue to use caressing young meat for horny milf cherie deville in impregnated by my stepcompeers son clit. While caressing her clit with my tongue I slid two of my fingers repeatedly in and out of her pussy, this caused her to raise her hips and moan with approval.

With my fingers and tongue pleasuring her pussy she couldn't hold back any more, here pussy started to tighten around my fingers as she stared to release in orgasm. I quickly removed my fingers and replaced it with my tongue, using the same motion and rhythm as I did with my fingers she finished her orgasm with tongue deep in her pussy.

I started kissing my way back up her stomach past her breast and neck till we were face to face, looking in her eyes I kissed her deeply. She pushed me off her got up off the bed and started to walk away, now standing I grabbed her arm and pulled her back towards me wrapping my other arm around her waste.

As I looked her in the eyes I kissed her once more, returning my kiss I removed my hand from her wrist put it on her ass and pulled her in close to me. TO BE CONTINUE.