Naughty america mom having sex with son in bathroom on naughtyamerica

Naughty america mom having sex with son in bathroom on naughtyamerica
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By the time I was 13, I had been kicked out of nearly every public and charter school in a 50 mile radius. I admit that I was rude and a massive behavior issue with all my teachers but it was not out of some petty attempt to look tough or thuggish. School came naturally to me, almost as natural as fucking. I could, and still can, open a book, breeze through it and retain it all for at least a month.

I can hold onto the knowledge longer if I practice using it. So it was no wonder that school came naturally. I acted up out of boredom. A majority of the students did not want to be in class anyway and were labeled fucktards by their teachers so disrupting class was not that big a deal. My boredom is what caused by parents to get that same phone call time and time again. My new school is quite different and I must say that I am a perfect model student with no disciplinary problems.

This school has exactly what I have been looking for, a challenging curriculum and shit load of free pussy to fuck. That is what makes this private school so fantastic. When you sign up, you are told that if the girl is there, you can stick your cock in any hole.

It didn't matter if the girl was a student or teacher. What better incentive for a guy to walk the straight a narrow than pussy? So, my parents enrolled and we had a meeting with the dean of the school. He explained the rules but also explained two very important guidelines. The moment you fail is the moment you are removed from the school so fuck all you want, but don't fuck around too much.

Second, if you get an STD, the school has special monitors that are located at all the entrances. Just a small detection of anything remotely like it is grounds for your removal. So that means, no condoms are needed in school. All the girls are forced to go through a temporary birth control measure so cum all you want in them and they never get pregnant. The birth control also prevented them from physically menstruating so no bloody mess. There were several other guidelines which caused the girls' contract is different than the boys'.

There is to be no male on male sex. Sorry gay guys. They set up a special school for that kind of environment just down the street. Girls however are free to associate with one another as much as they want. A lot of these were written down and several more were unwritten but common sense.

We'll get to that later. Obviously the guys had no dress code but there was a strict one for the females. They were required to wear clothes but they had to have easy access to at least two of their holes at one time. Usually this meant their mouth and one of the other. However, it was not uncommon for all three to be readily available. You would think that with all the fucking and being used, the girls would not have learned anything and quickly fail.

Surprisingly the exact opposite happened. There were still some girls, and guys, who had to go to Saturday school or tutorials but the self-esteem issues that plagued so many pre-teen and teen girls was lifted. Being stuck by a dick meant some guy liked you or found you attractive enough to fuck. The girls at my school had some of the most self-confidence females in the country. It was not long before my mom enrolled my sister, who is two grades behind me, into the middle school.

Both of us have achieved wonders that my parents never thought possible in our education. The morning announced itself with the sun beaming through my blinds and hitting me right in the eye. I foolishly opened my eyes and blinked and the sudden bright light.

I quickly got ready throwing on a pair of athletic shorts and a simple white t-shirt. Both were clean but being a teenager I grabbed them from the floor. Through on my socks and shoes, grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.

My 11 year old sister was putting on her loose black butt-shorts and a pink spaghetti top. Her a-cups making small mounds. "That's not dress code." I told her walking past. "Yes it is," she argued back. She bent over and reaching behind her, easily pulled them to the side revealing a bare pussy mound and smooth brown eye.

I smiled at her feeling my dick jump at such a lovely sight. She then grabbed her bag and pushed past me while my cock pushed against my shorts, obvious to anyone what was going on down there. I followed her down stairs and our mom was there with the keys. She looked at her watch and chided us for almost being late.

We apologized and quickly got into the car, making our way to school. She dropped of my sister first wishing her a good day as usual. She then drove around the block to the entrance of my school. She parked wishing me a good day.

I thanked her for the ride and right before I shut the door, I heard call for me. I turned and the passenger window was rolling down. She had a new bottle of lube in hand. I reached in thanking her for it as I grabbed it.

"Didn't think you would want to forget that," she said smiling, giving me those eyes that expressed she knew milf mother in law my stepmom is a camgirl what it was for.

Of course she did, she is the one that thought that this school and I would be a good fit. I grabbed the lube and headed to first period, Study Hall. I hated first period. No chicks. I was in a room full of 12 guys and no girls. I usually used the time to finish up homework that I had forgotten the night before but since today was Monday, all my work was completed.

I said hello to a few guys in there, freshmen like me. All were talking about the newest movie out or the latest game played. The teacher looked bored as shit as well just reading the paper at his desk located in the back of the room. I broke the seal on my new bottle of lube. I started opening it and closing it itching for the time to go by faster. I could study for the test that was coming up but I just did not feel like it.

I stood up to go ask Mr. Juthers if I could go to the bathroom hoping to get some action in the hallway and that is when I noticed the shoes; a small pair of white tennis shoes, the soles peeking out from under his desk. I sat back down and could barely hear the sounds of dick being slobbered and sucked over my fellow classmates. I looked back and Mr. Juthers smiled at me and I back thinking the entire time Lucky bastard.

He closed his eyes, and I knew I had to time this just right. I waited patiently and then shot my hand up asking loudly over the class, "Can I go get some water?" Mr. Juthers was shuddering from the pleasure of his orgasm and he just nodded shooing me away.

Teachers were not suppose to let students out of class ten minutes before the bell rang to switch periods but I am Mr. Juthers was a bit preoccupied shooting his load down some student's throat too much to care to look at the clock. I grabbed my bag and hauled ass out of there before he could say anything.

I walked around for a bit hoping to catch a girl coming out of class or one of the aides passing notes or collecting paperwork. Perhaps I could run into a girl roaming the hallways, or taking a trip to the office or to the water fountain. Perhaps I would run into one of the good ones and have a bit a fun before next period.

Anything was better than staying in homeroom listening to a bunch of guys debate which game was best and how scary the new horror flick was. I walked toward the math building since my next class was there. Looking at the lockers, I just smiled.

Administration of the school really had made it a great place for us guys. All guys lockers were located in the middle while all the females had either the bottom lockers or the top.

Make their head level with a dick for easy freaky teen has her pussy tinkered by hung handyman or make them stretch on their tip toes to accentuate those lovely ass globes. The bell rang and just my luck, there was Giselle coming out of her Geometry class and heading toward her locker.

He wore a tight pair of yoga pants and an even tighter spaghetti strap top, white; no bra so the outline of her beautiful small nipples were visible. Even from the distance I could make them out. She walked toward me and gave me one of those "Fuck me smiles." I gave one back. She got to her locker but before she turned, I noticed her yoga pants were so tight that the front wedged up in her pussy. What an outline of that young bare pussy. Her locker was on top and she reached up to place a book, the roundness of her tits coming out the bottom of her small top.

I decided that she would be the first one that would take the raging hard on growing in my pants. That is when I caught the eye of another guy eyeing her ass the same way I was. There was unspoken rule in the school, more of a custom. Any guy could use any girl, including faculty, at any time in any way he sees fit.

However that meant that each guy was rated in some way, not just by the size of his cock or his popularity but also by the way he brought the girls he stuck to climax. Even though I was not massively popular, my cock was different. It was large for a freshman but there was something else about it.

It found the g-spot like a lodestone finds metal. I could never truly feel the subtle changes in my dick. It was really only like a small sense or tingle in the back of my mind, barely noticeable unless focused intently on it. Depending on the girl and which hole I was in, porn hq porn orospu liseli my cock thickened, straightened, curved or narrowed being attracted to the G-spot and that fabled X-spot.

Even though I was a freshman, I was silently rated with the seniors. First pick usually not including the faculty. I made eye contact with him and he knew that I was headed for that supple ass that belonged to Giselle. He saw and politely walked right past keeping to his side of the hallway his hand in his pocket, probably stroking his prepared cock. Getting behind Giselle, I popped katie ives wants big dick big black cock and monstercock my bottle of lube and squirted a fair amount in my hand.

The sound of the bottle being squeezed alerted Giselle. I knew she heard it but she pretended not to. She reached up again, that ass begging me. The split in her yoga pants stretched revealing the crack of her tan smooth ass, urging me to come in. I grabbed her waist and pushed the head of my erect cock into her crack and stopped at her anal entrance. I looked in her locker mirror and she was looking right back at me giving me those desirable eyes.

"I was wondering when you were gonna ask." She said. "Who said anything but asking?" I replied as I plunged my rock hard man hood deep into her ass. She screamed with pleasure and surprise.

I took no mercy as I pumped in and out of that young freshman ass. Those 14 year old cheeks squeezing my 14 year old cock as it buried deeper and deeper until my balls were smacking against backside.

The bell rang and people were flooding out of their classroom. No one really paid any notice. Anal pumping, cock sucking, cum splashing was just an everyday scene in the hallways and in the class.

People said hi to me as if I were just talking with friends. Giselle lusty massage with toy playing hardcore and blowjob getting close so her responses were limited. The bell rang and a teacher stuck her head out the door behind us that led to the faculty lounge.

"You two, either finish now or get to class." One of those other unwritten rules, you don't disrespect the adults of the room.

No matter how much cock you stuff down her throat or in her ass or how many loads she swallows or eats out of the asses and pussies of her students, you listen and follow their instructions. I pulled peachy blondie acquires big o hardcore and massage quick, right before she came. Giselle was sweaty and panting, obviously upset that she did not finish. I was not so close and I knew I could get more elsewhere so I was not too upset.

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Looking at her 14 year old butthole, it stayed open, gaping wide, urging something to be stuffed down into it. She squeezed her muscles making it wink at me. She gathered her books and turned.

Looking down at hard throbbing cock she looked up and smiled. "Finish later?" I nodded and she smiled again. "Promise?" I nodded once more. She walked off to class, walking a bit awkward since I just gave her asshole a stretching workout. 2nd period…got to hurry so I don't get stuck with someone I don't want fuck.

Another rule, no matter what level you were, you did not take the girl if she was on the guy's cock already, unless he agrees to share but even then he gets first dibs on what hole. Coming into class, I saw what I had feared. All the girls, not just the cute ones were with some guy while the teacher was going over how to find the slope of a line, but even he had Sarah feeding on his cock. I sulked to the back of the classroom. Pulled open my notebook, grabbed my pencil and started following along.

Each desk had its own set of headphones that was connected wirelessly to the microphone attached to the teacher's shirt. Apparently the school board knew how loud we can get while fucking or at least the distracting sounds so this helped all students. Even girls who were currently bent over getting plowed from behind had a pair on and where listening while the boy behind them explored them internally. Mr. Corvtoule was standing at the board explaining the formula used and writing each step down.

Sarah was still on her knees bobbing away on his cock; a 42 year old man getting sucked off by a cute 14 year old girl in the middle of class, what a school. Mr. Corvtoule stopped his writing, grabbed the back of Sarah's head sexy brunette camgirl anal play on stairs rammed himself into her mouth. His balls slapped her chin and she sat there, her nose buried in his pubic hair as he grunted and ejaculated into her stomach.

She gagged and coughed for air but Mr. Corvtoule would not let go until he was finished. She turned a deep red when he slid is slowly limping cock out of her mouth. It was trailed with a thick coat of her saliva, mixed with his cum.

He pulled up his boxers and went on teaching, nothing out of the normal just happened. Sarah stood up and walked to the counter to grab a few tissues. She wiped the sticky mixture from her chin and lips.

She came down and sat in the desk next me. She smiled and said hi before pulling out her pocket mirror and reapplying her pink lip gloss with tiny flecks of glitter.

They made her lips sparkle and it was obvious to anyone why he chose her today, with those big pouty pink sparkling lips that begged to be fucked. She looked at me and motioned from her mouth to my crotch with asking eyes. She was so eager but sloppy seconds was not something I really enjoyed. I knew girls were getting fucked all around and in every which way here but I just prefer to stick my dick in something I did not just watch get fucked.

I shook my head and she frowned at my decline of her fantastic leda fucks like a pro pornstars and brunette. I then motioned with my eyes that I would rather have her backside and she smiled back, self confidence growing and nodding eagerly. I took out the lube my mom gave me and started to grease myself up.

It did not take long to get aroused, especially since I could not finish with Giselle. I slid back my chair and she came around. Still facing the board she bent over me allowing to see easily up her skirt and I took notice of her lack of panties.

Her mound was thick and swollen. Apparently getting the teacher off got her good and ready. She spread her pink and it glistened with moisture. I slapped her ass hard letting her know that that was not what I was interested in.

I then held my cock straight up as she spread her butt cheeks and lowered herself onto me. It was an extremely tight fit and it took her a few minutes to get all of me in her. She wiggled side to side and rotated her hips attempting to find the most pleasurable way for me to penetrate her young butthole.

She slid down my shaft, and I could feel her tight anal cavity gripping me on all sides. She felt fantastic, even better than Giselle. Giselle was pretty loose making me think she had at least one but more likely three guys already take her rear-end.

Sarah's ass led me to believe that this was the first cock she had up her butt. She began to bounce as Mr. Corvtoule went on about the positive and negative indications of slope. Reached around and feeling up her shirt, I found her nipples, perky and stimulated.

I massaged them playing the piano with a black pussy homemade amateur by running my hands over her tits, being sure to lightly squeeze her nipples when they fell between my fingers.

My dick twitched and I could sense that it was thickening and Sarah quickly went off. She started forcing herself down harder and harder.

Her ass slapping my lap as it took my growing member deep in her little ass. She started to shudder and fell forward, her chest resting on the desk as her asshole became a spastic gripping force on my dick. I stood up and quickly started ramming her harder. I was in control this time and all she could do was bend over the desk and take it as I slammed myself in her butt repeatedly. My balls slapped against her moistened and swollen mound.

I noticed that the girls around me, whether they were getting fucked or sucking dick paused and were watching Sarah intently. My style and my dick was known and within each pair of eyes I could see a longing of hoping to switch places.

Sarah convulsed again on the table as I gave her the second and third thrill of her day. I felt myself grow tensemy dick ached and began to throb. I was close but that did not stop me from pounding Sarah from behind.

The bell rang. Shit! Can't I just fucking finish before I have to go to another class. Mr. Corvtoule looked up from his desk. "Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest you get to class. You do not want to be tardy again. 3 tardies earns you a penalty of no more fun for a week." He was right and I was pissed. I had to pullout and pull up to get to my next class, History.

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I did and left Sarah there, gaping ass and all. I ran to class as Sarah blissfully limped to her next class. She later sent me a text that read, "Thanks for the 5 orgasms. You stretched me so wide that black freak big tits gags on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg took all day for my ass to return to something similar to normal. I had to close that hole for the day.

Thanks sweety." I only felt three of those but I sent her a text back telling her that she was welcomed. I made it to third period without being late and sat next to my good friend Tucker. Tucker was a good guy. He was a year in front of me but his credits did not all transfer so they were making him take a few freshman courses again.

He plays on the basketball team with me and has this crazy obsession with feet. I don't see what so great about feet but he does and that is just fine. We were sitting at a table designed for four people since today was a project day. Sure enough, Elizabeth was sitting across from him. I looked down and you would not have known if you looked Elizabeth in the face but she was using her nylon stocking covered feet to massage Tucker's prick.

She rubbed her soles over his member and then dragged her big toe from the pre-cum drenched tip to the base. Tucker just smiled at her. She shifted down in her seat as she took both feet and sandwiched his dick between the soles of her feet.

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She glided up and down on his prick as Mrs. Pahlk walked us through an example project. Making a timeline with each date decorated showing some significant event from that year. The groups started getting to work completing their projects. Several guys were getting hand jobs or blow jobs or like my man Tucker, foot jobs. We all worked on the project but my cock had been in two asses with no chance of climax and I was not going to do the deed myself with all this pussy around.

I raised my hands and asked Mrs. Pahlk if she could come help our group. Tucker must have been close to climaxing since he was not doing anything and neither was Elizabeth.

Our fourth member must have been absent so that just left me. She came over to stand next to me and I could smell the sweet flowery perfume that originated from between her chest. Her blouse was unbuttoned halfway down, exposing her milky white cleavage. She was wearing a business pants with a zipper that went from below her button to right below the hem in the back.

"What is it?" she asked. Her scent was driving me wild and my cock was desperate for a release. I quickly stood up, pushing my chair into the student behind me.

I grabbed hold of the zipper and pulled it down until it was resting between her legs. Pushing on her back, she was forced to bend over the desk. No time for lube, I grabbed my hard cock, tight brunette babe anal fucked by massive black cocks and shoved in all about half a second.

Bullseye! She screamed as my dried cock dove into her asshole. My un-lubed member was tugged at on all sides by her ass abella danger gets fucked and facialized at the bus stop pornstars hardcore it forced its way deep into her anal abyss.

My skin felt like it was going to peel off and I am sure the friction felt that way to her as well. She quickly started spitting heavily into her hand and reaching between her legs to grab my assaulting cock. She repeated this step several times before the penetration became more pleasurable than painful for her. Tucker smiled at me and then his face quickly intensified. He nodded to Elizabeth who quickly got under the table. He grabbed his member, jerked a few times and streams of cum splashed onto Elizabeth's face.

It hit her forehead, eyelids and between her eyes. When he was done, she had tiny streams of cum dripping down her face. Mrs. Pahlik moaned in pleasure as widened her asshole with my ever increasing dick. It thickened and stretched her and lengthened reaching deep into her.

Elizabeth stood up and Tucker motioned for her to kiss the teacher. The kiss was so soft and sensual, the exact opposite of what I was doing to her rear.

When she pulled back, there was a tiny thin string of Tucker's fluid that connected the two ladies' lips. Mrs. Pahlik slurped it up while Elizabeth leaned forward. I looked down Elizabeth shirt and saw to lovely mounds, smooth as could be, covered by a simple pink bra.

Her cleavage heaved as she breathed sharply. Mrs.

Pahlik traced her tongue over Elizabeth's face, collecting Tucker's sperm on her tongue. Elizabeth then French kissed her teacher, swapping her spit for the fluids of her classmate. The scene unfolded, my dick being tugged hard by the ass of my History teacher. I groaned so loud, the girls giving head stopped to see what the commotion was about. I was fucking her so hard that my cock was coming out of her ass before stabbing her.

She reached down and started fondling my nut-sack. That is when I lost it. I had pulled out of her ass, the wide hole gaping in front of me, revealing the damage that I had done. Her hand tugged on my balls and my load felt like a cannon erupting.

The streams were so strong that the first two shot over the back of my teacher and landed on Elizabeth, coating her face in a fresh batch of man juice. Massive amounts of steamy white liquid hit her in the face and caused her to squeal from surprise. The remaining streams stained the back of my teacher's blouse. Long soaked stripes clung to her clothes as the fabric absorbed my sperm.

I managed to shove my cock back into her ass to unload the final two shots, coating her anal cavity in my cum. I placed both hands on the small of her back, holding her there with my cock in her ass as it grew limp. I breathed heavily from all the pleasure and exertion. Elizabeth leaned down to allow Mrs. Pahlik to clean her face again but this time there was no sharing.

Mrs. Pahlik swallowed all she could licking and slurping it off her student's face like a dog. I collapsed in the chair and Mrs. Pahlik stood up, causing my internal deposits to seep out of her loose asshole and travel down her legs.

She zipped up her skirt and slowly, gracefully walked to her desk. Every guy could see the stains on her back and how thick they were.

Her demeanor was fantastic. She was pretending like she was not just bent over the desk and her ass stretched beyond belief. Frisky model gets cum load on her face gulping all the jizz slowly sat down and took a sip of water from her bottle on the desk. She started reapplying her make-up, fixing her hair, attempting to look un-fucked.

I smiled to myself, my dick limp between my legs. Elizabeth went back to sit down. I smiled at her and pointed at my crotch. She shook her head. I looked sternly at her and she sighed it resignation. She crawled under the desk and suckled on my limp cock, cleaning it.

I smiled at her and she glared back at me as she sucked it back to life. When I felt it was clean enough, and hard enough, I thanked her and we got started on our project. Several minutes later the bell rang, off to gym class.