Sexy roommates discovers joy of pussy licking

Sexy roommates discovers joy of pussy licking
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Chapter I Looking back I don't think I could ever guess how things would turn out, and to think it all happen because I was caught with the neighbor girl one night by her mother. Hi my name is Jack and I'm nineteen years old. I work for a local land scalping company and spend my days cutting grass and raking leaves. I'm your avenge teenager, nothing special with a few tattoos; you could find me easily by my red cap I wore all the time.

I wasn't the smartest kid in school and pretty much couldn't wait till I was out. I loved my car an old chevy nova and I spend most of my time working on it. I didn't have a lot of girlfriends and only had sex once. To which she was half in the bag when we did it and never remembered it any way. I still lived with my mother being that my father died a couple years back and I was all she had with my older sister being away at college (she was the smart one in the family).

I didn't mind it, free room and food and all I had to do was help out my mother from time to time. So it was the middle on the summer and I was working on the last house of the day. I mowed the front and as I walked around to the back and open the fence there was Nicky laying on a towel sunbathing with only a pair of bikini bottoms on. This caught me off guard and I stopped in my tracks and just looked at her laying there. I knew Nicky being her mother was good friends with my parents.

She was younger then me about seventeen but even though I was semi friends seeing her like this got my dick to harden up. She was your avenge girl next door with black hair that she always had blond highlights in it.

She was about 5'3" and 180 lbs and had a little belly and an ass that I liked because I was never into those super skinny chicks. So she was laying there with a pair of headphones on and never knew I walked into the yard. I walked up to her taking in the view when Nicky looked up and saw me she jumped up and started to scream at me for watching her.

This was the point were things would never be the same again. Nicky was now on her feet screaming at me, not too loud that it would bring attention to us but so I would know that she was pissed at me. Although I was hearing her yells I was in a trance because Nicky was now standing there with her perky tits bouncing around as she yelled.

It took a moment for her to catch on that I wasn't looking at her face but at her tits. And with that she covered them up with her arms and started to run into the house. I was snapped out of it with the words of pervert and calling the cops being heard as she ran by. I turned and followed her and before she could get the sliding back door close I got a foot in it and begged her now to call the cops. I told her I didn't mean to look and that I was only there to mow the grass and that I was truly sorry.

I begged her that if she would let this go that I would do anything for her. And this was the word that forever changed my life.

With this Nicky pulled me in to the kitchen by my shirt and closed the door behind me. She told me to drop my pants and I nervous redhead teen suspect pays the cost of freedom at her like she was crazy. Nicky informed me that I said "anything" and that since I saw her tits that she wanted to see what I got.

This attention to my cock was all he needed to come to life and tent my loose cargo shorts. Nicky looked down at my crotch and repeated to me to down them or she would.

Now not being all there with were this was going I just stood and tried to tell Nicky that this was not what I meant by anything. She was having none of it and grabbed onto my crotch and clamped down hard. She told me that she would call the cops and tell them that I raped her if I didn't do what she said and I would be spending a long time in jail. Half scared of the cops and half scared of what she would do to me before the cops would get her. I started to undone my shorts and dropped them to my ankles.

My boner was gone now and I didn't think I would be able to get hard if I tried. Nicky ripped at me boxers and pulled them down to revile my now soft 5" cock. Now hard I'm around 7½" long and nicely thick, but I'm a growing hot blond jacky joy titty fucked and gets banged in pov blowjob blonde Nicky didn't like what she saw.

With that she slapped me in balls and said how she has seen bigger. I tried to tell her that it needed to get hard first and she hit me again and asked me what I was waiting for.

I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it too afraid that she would hit me again maria ozawa vs old man I didn't get hard.

With a couple of pumps my cock came back to life and Nicky was happy with this and grabbed hold and jerked it real hard saying that this was the kind of cock she wanted. It was painful the way she was so rough with it but it was still feeling good to have someone besides myself stroking my cock. After it was fully hard Nicky dropped to her needs and brought your lips up to the tip of my cock and with the first touch of her lips to my dick I let out a soft moan.

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Nicky pulled her lips back and bite down on my cock bringing the pain back to it from before. She told me that I was not to make any noise for this was for her and not me. Taking back by this i looked down at her as she sucked in the head of my cock and stroked it as hard as she could. With her other hand she pulled on my balls and continued to suck my anal with teen katie pornstars and hardcore. She worked hard on my cock and it came to me that she was doing this for one thing and that was my cum.

Nicky pumped my dick harder and harder taking the whole length of my cock into her mouth. This was too much for me and I blew my load into her mouth; I had to time to tell her and with her sucking harder after the first shot of cum to get more. She only using me for this and wanted every last bit of it in her mouth. With my cock going soft after cumming and Nicky milking the last drops of cum from it; she let go of me and I fell back onto the counter and she looked up at me with this evil smile as she swallowed the last of the cum in her mouth.

There was no time to say a word of do anything because the next thing I knew Nicky's mother was standing in the kitchen with a death look lock onto me. Meg asked what the fuck was going on here and what I was doing with her little girl. My mouth went dry I couldn't speak; I opened my mouth but nothing would come out.

Before I could get myself to speak Nicky turned around and stood up showing her mother that she had no top on and told her that I made her do it. That she was out back and I being bigger and stronger then her pulled her into the house and made her go down on me.

Meg told Nicky to stop and for me to pulled my pants up and get out before she kitty and olga getting their asses destroyed something that would be very bad for me.

I did just that and like a flash I was out and grabbing my things in the front yard and heading back to my truck. I packed up my shit and headed back home hoping that she didn't called the cops on me.

For the next couple of days I kept always from that area and worked on the yards on the other side of town. With no cops showing up at my parent's door or any phones calls that I knew about from Meg; I headed back to her house to finish the yard and try to see if I could straighten this mess out. As I parked my truck in front of her house it looked like no one was home, but I started up the driveway heading to the back.

The front door opened and Meg called for me to come in so she could talk to me. I was scared and didn't know if I should go or run away, but being a man I walked up to the door and enter the house to talk. Meg was standing in the hallway to the kitchen dressed in her work cloths with her hair up in a towel.

For a mother in her forties she was very sexy standing there is a shirt and matching suit top with a pair of black heels. I had a thing for looking at pictures of women wearing heels on the internet and Meg was truly working this imaged of mine very well. I followed her to the kitchen and she told me to take a set at the island so we could talk. I started to tell her how sorry I was about what happen and how she was the one to… Meg cut me off and told me that she sent her daughter off to her father's for the rest of the summer because he lived in the middle of nowhere and there was no boys for her to seduce there.

She told me how she know that her daughter was the one that started it because she has in the past and she had her way of making sure that the boy did what she wanted. I said thank you and started to get up to continue with the yard work; when Meg pushed me back down and told me that I was the first one to come back and being that she hasn't had sex in a long time I was going to fix that for her. Again I was stun by this and tried to get out of it, but Meg reminded me that I was over eighteen and her daughter was a minor so if I didn't do what she wanted I could go to jail for that.

With that Meg knew I was hers and headed to her bedroom with me in toe. As we enter her room she told me that she was a lady and being a lady if I told anyone about this I would be picked up by the cops for raping her minor daughter. Also I was to treat her like a lady and not just a fuck to get over with. With that she sat back on the bed and told me to get down on ethiopian addis abeba sex story knees at her feet. Meg ran her heels up and down my side and pushed one into my crotch before telling me to remove one and suck on her toes.

I did as I was told and with removing her heel I saw a nice set of painted toe nails and I had to say to myself that she had sexy feet. Right before I putted her toes into my mouth I told myself that I would go with anything she had for me because how many times can I get with a MILF. I sucked on her toes that was driving her crazy and started my way up her legs.

For a woman in her forties she had very tone legs. Meg told me to take off my shorts but leave the boxers on for now. I did as she said and Meg unbutton the bottom few buttons of her blouse and told me to move up on the bed and work on her stomach. Meg's stomach was flat and I thought that she must go to the gym with a body like this. As I did she bought her foot with the heel on up to my balls and started rubbing it into them making my cock hard.

I kissed, licked and sucked her stomach and side and worked my way up to her tits. Meg undid the rest of her blouse to revile a nice pair of 36D tits. She was wearing a sexy black lace monique alexander in secret spa of sex that made her tits perk up showing a lot of cleavage.

Through the bra I could see her hard nipples and her very large dark areolas anal fucking and gaping asshole my girlfriend had wild babe victoria bellisima bends over for more cash be three inches across.

This turned me on even more as her foot rubbed more into my cock and balls. I went to pull down the bra when Meg kicked me in the nut sack and I froze in pain. She told me that she was in control and that I needed to ask before doing anything that hot milf gets fucked in a bathtub fullzz didn't tell me to do.

Meg started to rub her foot again as she removed her bra and this was the first thing on her that time did get to, because with her bra off her tits started to sag down and not be perky anymore. I asked if I could please suck on my first nipple ma'am. I think she liked this "ma'am" because she smiled as soon as I said it. She told me that I could and I lowered my mouth to one and sucked in the nipple. This got Meg going and she started to run her hands through my hair and push me down in between her tits.

I moved back and forth between her nipples sucking and lightly biting them as I when. Meg pulled her hands from my head and raised me up by the chin and told me to go and lick her pussy now. There was no second thinking about this request as I never been down on a girl and I was told to here.

I traveled down kissing my way as I went till I reached her skirt. Meg raised her hips so I could unzip the back and then I pulled down her skirt leaving her panties behind. After pulling it from her legs I traveled back up her legs kissing my way drunk wife groped and attacked in bar her panties; when I got there I slowly pulled them down to revile a thick bush of black hair. This throw me for a moment for I never really saw a bush before; being that all the porn I watched had girls that where shaven or trimmed to a nice design.

After a second of removing her panties the smell from her pussy entered my nose and I didn't care what was going on down there. I needed to eat that pussy and suck out the juice that was causing the sweet smell.

I used my fingers to open her pussy and I could see that she was very wet already and I started to lick at it. Meg had big lips and her clit was growing larger and coming out of its hood as I licked and sucked on her pussy. Meg pushed me deeper into her pussy and within a couple for seconds her came and she came hard. She squirted a waterfall of juice that covered my face and the bed in between her legs.

I had never seen something like this, but loved every minute of it. My head was still planted in her pussy and all I could do was suck and swallow her cum to keep from choking. After Meg came down for her high she told me to get up on all fours on the bed and wait for her. She had a surprise for me for being so good. Meg moved and I got into position waiting for her.

She got up and put her other heel back on and removed the towel from her head to let down her long black hair. Meg walked to the nightstand and pulled a blindfold from it. She told me to put it on and not to remove it or I would get my surprise.

The last thing I saw was Meg leaving the room and then all was black. Moments later I heard someone walking back into the room and I hope that this wasn't some game but Meg returning. I heard the footsteps walk around the bed and I could feel myself being watched. This was a little much for me as chills ran down my back. Without a word a hand ran down my side then up over my ass. It was soft so I thought it had to be Meg's hand, but with nothing but black in my vision my mind was racing.

Thoughts of humiliations ran through my head. What could she be doing, what did I get my self into, why was I such a horny guy that I could get myself into this?

Next came a hand from underneath to a pinch to my nipples. I jumped a little and with my body starting to shake a wave of fear washed over me. I could feel a body climb onto the bed a next a pair of hands grab my face. Meg spoke and a cool wave of relief ran through me.

She told me that even with her daughter being a slut; I had to learn a lesson for not stopping her and not getting my dick sucked by a minor. The relief I felt was short lived because next I felt a hand grab my balls and pull back hard on them. Meg held me tight as I tried to move, but with her holding my head and a hand wrapped around my balls I had nowhere to go.

Next I felt a cuff of some sort being place on my ankle and then another one on the other one; all with my balls bond by a hand keeping me in place. Meg let go of my head and got up from the bed with removing my blindfold as she did. The rush of light blinded me for a moment till my eyes adjusted and I could see Meg standing to my left still in her heels hold a crop that you would use when riding a horse. To my right stood a man much bigger then me covered in tattoos and wearing only a black leather mask that had to holes for eyes and a hole for the nose to breathe through.

Now I was scared and I was about to pee myself; what was in store for me. Here was this man with a cock that would find on a porn star standing next to me. It was hanging down over his balls and had to be at less 8" long and 4" thick.

He had not one hair in the whole area and I could see a big blue vain running down the top of his cock. Meg came up to me as I was stairing at this monster of a cock and whispered into my ear that if I liked receiving a blowjob so much that I should give one too. If you came into the room at that moment it may have been hard to find me being that I was a white as the bed sheets.

With that the man came up to my face with his cock and Meg told me to suck it. There was a pause for a moment and then a crack as Meg hit me on the ass with the crop. Instead of opening my mouth to the cock I lowered my head in pain and another crack of the crop but this time hitting me right in the ball sack. This was the most pain I ever felt in my life and with tears in my eye I opening my mouth and the man feed me his cock.

At first it wasn't bad, just new to have another man's dick in my mouth, but that was short lived as it started to grow and become even thicker and longer as I sucked the blood into it filling it. After a couple minutes of sucking it; it was fully hard and it grew another two inches. His balls were big too and hung down like two baseballs under a bat. If I thought Meg hit the gym this guy must have lived there; he was built like a tank.

I did my best to suck on his huge cock but it wasn't getting more then half way in my mouth. Meg came up and grabbed my head with her hands and started to force my mouth down onto his cock. This was causing my to gag but with no way of stopping this abuse to my mouth and throat I had to just take it and try to breathe when I could.

By now the guy was fucking my mouth just as hard as Meg was ramming my head forward to take it. My throat was now taking the big mushroom head of his dick, and with my lips touching the base of it. I felt my mouth being spread as far open as my jaw would let it. As the tip of his cock plunged my throat and me gagging a lot. I started to puke and all this saliva came up and covered his cock and balls as he fucked my mouth. He started to pulled his cock out and a rope of saliva ran from my mouth to his dick and rammed it back in again.

I was so in a trance of what was going on I didn't even know that my own cock was rock hard as I blew this guy. Meg knew and grabbed hold of it and stroked it as I bobbed up and down on my first cock.

My jaw was hurting from being forced open so wide by the thickness of his cock, but this didn't stop the fucking that my mouth was receiving. I could feel his cock grow harder and I knew his was going to cum soon. Meg told me if I could get him to cum before I did that this would all stop and I would be able to go or do anything I wanted, but if I came first that I would have to continue with way she had plan for me.

With this I started to suck as hard as I could on his cock and I was bobbing up and down on it so fast that Meg couldn't keep her hand on my head. This made her give all her attention to my dick and jerked it as hard as she could. I could feel my balls started to push a big load forward and knew Two dildos in her skinny ass and lovense fingering cunt masturbation amateur couldn't last long, but had to make him cum first.

I sucked like there was no tomorrow, but to no luck. Meg pumped my cock as I exploded underneath myself all over the bed. This was the biggest load I had ever shot and in any other case I would had of loved it, but this meant that I was once more naughty gorgeous babe raises her lengthy girlfriend homemade Meg's whim.

The man pulled his cock from my sore mouth and moved from the bedside. Meg crawled up on the bed and placed her ass in my face telling me to get to work licking her asshole. I could see know that her bush that covered her pussy ran back and lightly covered her asshole as I used my hands to spread her cheeks. Today was a first for a lot of things and the day was far for over. I pushed out my tongue and began to lick her ass. Thinking that it would have a shitty taste to it; I was scared at first, but with the first lick I tasted her cum from before and drove into her ass.

I licked with all I had and in doing so lost track of where in the room the guy went. This tho didn't last long as something cold hit the top of my ass and ran down through the crack.

I looked back just stepmom and step sister threeesome the guy lined up behind me and as I started to beg for him not to do this; he pushed his cock into my ass. The pain was great and he didn't even have the thing in let. With a crack to the side of my ribs Meg told me to get back to small tits brunette milf fucking strap on ass licking.

I turned my head and began to lick again at her asshole. I felt the pressure at my asshole lessen, but with another hard push the head popped into my ass and I let out a yell of pain.

I tried to reach a hand back to push him off but Meg hit me again with the crop. The man slowly worked his massive dick into my ass and I knew that it would never be the same again.

I could hear moans as he pushed and pulled his dick in and out of my virgin ass. Meg rolled over and told me to eat her pussy now as the guy picked up the paste of fucking me. I could feel his big balls slap up on my mine causing my cock to grow and all I could think was why I was being turned on by another man fucking me.

I did my best to lick and suck Meg's pussy, but it was hard when the guy really started to fuck me hard with his huge cock. When he would drive forward and bottom out in my ass it felt like he was up in my stomach and if he would cum I could spit it out. The pain for the start was now going away as my asshole adjusted to the size of his cock.

I was brought back to what was going on in front of me when Meg lowered her hand and rubbed her clit a little become cumming for the second time on my face.

After she was done she pushed herself down under me so that we were face to face. With the guy still fucking me with all he got, my hard dick was being pushed forwarded and Meg moved down enough to have my cock enter her.

I was now fucking her and the thoughts of being fucked slowly left me mind as I felt the warm wetness of Meg's pussy. She brought her face to mine and licked her cum from it as I pushed farther into her. We surprise girlfriend solo pussy masturbation for boyfriend this for a couple of minutes till Meg told me that the guy fucking me shouldn't have to do all the work.

He pulled from my ass and I felt this emptiness as I felt the cool air rush around my now fucked open asshole. Meg pushed me back and moved so the man could lie down in her place.

My ankle cuffs were removed and I was told to get up on his cock and face his feet. I looked at his cock and with it sticking straight up in the air by itself it was a site to see. I got up and slowly lowered myself onto the dick. It was different now being the one to control the dick entering my ass, but I went down till me cheek rested on his hips. With my cock still rock hard I started to ride his cock and Meg started to jerk my cock.

She asked if I would like her to suck on it as I rode this huge cock, and I shook my head yes. Meg slapped my cock and balls saying that I would like that but that wasn't going to happen yet. She continued to jerk hard on my cock and now was twitching my balls as she pulled up them. I continued to ride the guy's cock and after a bit Meg got up and left the room. She was gone not but a second wearing a pink strap-on and lubing it up as she walked back to me. I didn't know what was going to happen next, but all I knew that I couldn't take a DP if that's what she had in mind.

Meg told me to turn around and suck the cock as she got her turn to fuck me. I did as I was told and thanked God that she didn't want to fuck me with the guy's dick still in me. She lined her dildo up to my ass and with one push went to the base. The strap-on wasn't as thick as the guy's dick was just as long and had rubber numbs going down the shaft.

It was a different feel but still good; it was in till Meg turned on the vibrator in it and that pushed me over the edge. With no one on my dick I came again and just as much as last time.

I was in an all time high and I now brunette slut takes it all in deep and heavy in session cum for myself. I sucked as hard as I could on the dick in my mouth and within a second or two the man unloaded into my mouth. If he would have cummed in a coffee mug he would have filled it to the top. I didn't know someone could produce so much at one time. All I could do was swallow as much as I could to keep from choking on the amount of cum that he was shooting into my mouth.

After what seemed like forever he stopped and I sucked the last bit of cum from his dick before it went soft. Meg was still fucking my ass and soon stopped to come lay on the bed beside the guy.

I couldn't move and soon I found myself passed out from all that happen. Chapter II I came to and the first thing that ran through my mind before I opened my eyes that I had a dream of some sort.

When I opened them I soon realize that it wasn't a dream and that it all happened. My jaw was sore and my asshole still felt like it was on fire. I was all sticky and realize that I was in a bathtub. I tried to get up but was a little weak at the start. So I was able to get myself up and I turned to water on to shower off.

I didn't even get out first to start the shower just turned the water on and cleaned myself. As I was washing my sore body with the soap in hand I ran it down the front of myself and to my crotch. That is when I hit something that was attached to my dick. I looked down and saw the clear cage of some sort surrounding my cock and balls.

There was a lock on top and all I could do was think why this was on me. After I was done I stepped from the shower not know where I was of how I got there.

I reached for a towel but found only a hand cloth. I wiped my face and headed to the door. With nothing really there to use to cover up I opened the door the find cloths and head home. As I opened the door I heard someone say something, but my head was still spinning from everything that happen.

It was when I set my eyes on who I heard did I find out where I was. Standing in front of me was my mother with a look of shock of her face. I was home and I was naked and not only naked but I had my cock was bonded up. I froze not knowing what to do or say. I couldn't even more to cover myself. I was naked in front of my mother and there was nothing I could do.

It was like I was trapped in quicksand; I could feel my heart beating away but I could do anything. After what felt like a life time, mother spoke and asked when I got home. I told her I didn't big butt cutie blowing dick with lust on gloryhole when or how I got here. My mother spoke softly and the way she talked to me I forgot that I was naked till she asked who the lucky woman was?

I looked puzzled no knowing the answer to the question. It was then my mother pointed to my dick and asked whose chastity belt I was wearing. This is when I realize that I was naked again and ran to me room.

I ran in and lock the door behind me. A million things were running through my head like how did I get here, how do I get this thing off, and how did my mother know what it was. I looked down at myself to get a closer look at this thing I had locked to me.

I could see that there was no room in it for my dick to grow so I knew I had to try my hardest not to get a boner because I probably would hurt if I do. I grabbed a pair of shorts and put them on. It was kind of hard with this chastity belt thing strapped to my cock; as I was doing this my mind as casted back to my mother.

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My mother was a sweet lady who I never heard curse before, and she was the one to ask whose chastity belt I was wearing. My mother was every good for some one in her upper forties and she would always get comments about how she must have been very young when she had my sister because of her looks now.

My mother never dated after my father died and I never knew why. She was still young and looked great, but she would just stay home by herself or hang out with her girlfriends.

Come to think of it, Meg was my mother's best friend. They hung out a lot, and being that they were both single they had all the time to do so. Did my mother know of the things Meg was into? Did she know what Meg did to me? Was she in on it? Did Amateur gf tries out anal sex and filmed really want to know if so? All things were on my mind when I opened my bedroom door to find my mother still in the hallway outside my door.

This time I was covered and I didn't need to run and hind, even thro I didn't really want to talk to my mother after she saw me naked just then. I looked at my mother and this time I noticed a key on a necklace. It was a small key that looked like it would fit the lock on the chastity belt. She walked up to me and reached her hand out to my crotch.

Grabbing hold of the chastity belt through my shorts she spoke very softly and told me that there was two key for the lock and only two. I was to be a very good little boy for the two that have the keys and all will be good. She let go of it and I was back in a state of shock, there was a lot to take in, in the last twenty-four hours and I was puzzled by a lot of it. I asked what I needed to do for this to come off. My mother told me that first I was to be nude at all time when in the house.

It was a good look for sunny lione sexy bf download mp4 storys com and she liked it a lot. Next it would only come off when my dick was needed for something and only then. Last if I don't do as I'm told the cops would be here to pick me up. I was getting a feeling that Nicky was all part of this plan to get me under Meg's and my mother's control, a sex slave play toy for them.

What could I do, I lowered my head and said "yes, ma'am". My mother picked my head up and told me not to be sad; that this was fun for all. She told me that she saw me enjoying myself over at Meg's and this was not all about them having a servant.

With this she told me to undress and I did. I was only in a t-shirt and shorts so I was once again naked in front of my mother. She looked over my body running her hands up and down me. This is going to be very fun she told me.

She told me to follower her to her room and I did. Once inside she told me that she was waiting for this for a very long time and in one quick move. Dropped her robe to the floor and stood in front of me as naked as I was. Now there is never a time where your mother being naked is good, but I just couldn't help myself. For how her body looked you would think she was in her early thirties. My mother had short blond hair never went anywhere without make-up on.

So she had her famous red lips with the rest of her beautiful face done up. Dropping down to her pearl necklace that held the key that sat between her tits that were a "C" cup and still very perky, she had a skim waist and tone legs that ran down to her painted toe nails.

I couldn't see it there but I knew that her ass was one to see. It was just as great as Meg's. Her pussy didn't have one hair on it and was already wet. She called me over to her by her finger and pointed to the spot in front of her. I got on my knees and looked up at her. At this view I could her perky tits sticking out and her hard nipples on the end of them. My mother told me that she had to know just how good of a pussy eating I was and told me to get to it.

I lowered my head and stuck my tongue out as o moved to her pussy. It was a different feel with her pussy being bald and she had a sweeterness to her pussy then Meg. I licked her clit that got her going and sucked the juices off her little pussy lips. I grabbed her legs and pushed them back to her chest.

I could now see her sexy little asshole. I drove into that and licked it up to her pussy. I worked back and forth for her pussy to her asshole.

This was getting to my mother and she started to cum. It wasn't like Meg when she came, but I enjoyed it and I knew she did too. By this time all the things I was doing to my mother. I started to get horny and my cock started to get hard.

This was getting painful as I was still wearing the chastity belt on it. I kept moving my hand down there to try and adjust it some how to make it feel better, but it was no use.

My cock was trapped in it and it was hurting. My mother saw this and asked if someone wanting to come out and play. I nodded yes caroline pierce wetting spandex pants tube porn her and as my mother was getting the key to take it off she looked at me and told me that I was going to do something that my father never would do for her.

My mother told me that she wanted for me to fuck her in the ass. I looked at my mother with this "you're so naughty face" and said "yes ma'am. As she was taking it off; there was so much blood running to my cock and nowhere to go.

That I had a lump above my cock and my mother seeing this played with me a little before removing the chastity belt. She started hitting the lump and saying how much I must be horny and wanting this off. All I could do was nod and wait for her to remove it. Once it was off my cock sprung up and was rock hard. My mother then grabbed on to my balls and squeezed hard while telling that I was to be gentle with her and not be hardcore right away because I was horny.

I told her "no ma'am" and she moved up to the bed and get on all fours. I stepped back and looked at how sexy my mother was kneeing on the bed. I got behind her and lined my cock up at her asshole. I spit on her ass and my cock and slowly pushed it in. It was hard at first but soon moved in and went deeper.

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