Xxx katrina kaif story free my niece suck my cock

Xxx katrina kaif story free my niece suck my cock
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Prologue: Virginity I opened the bedroom door. It wasn't my bedroom but it was the room I was staying in this week. I opened the door and there she was. I didn't know she was in the room when I had left the pool, but there she was none the less. I was downstairs swimming in the pool when that dumb ass song came on, that stupid dumb ass song.

I could feel myself getting worked up as that washed up pop star sang, so I slipped away as fast as possible. I was thinking of Katie and becoming really worked up as I ran up the stairs. I was pissed that at my age this Dumb ass song was still affecting me like I was still 12 years old. I was just going to take care of myself really quickly and return to the pool but there Katie standing in the room.

I opened the door to see her standing there wearing only a pair of pink swim suit bottoms with a daisy on the front. She looked at me as if I had walked in on her intentionally while she was changing. When I opened the door she leaning over to pick up a shirt off the bed. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, I couldn't take my eyes off her nearly naked body.

The obsession I had felt for her all these years causing my already worked up body to switch to full power.

I jumped into an erection so hard that it hurt, yet I still couldn't say anything to her or take my eyes off her.

She was so beautiful, her still wet body from the pool glistening, her full breasts, nipples hard and pointing from the cold air in the room. I had dreamed of seeing her naked again and now she was standing there topless and there was no way for me to hide the erection trying to burst through my loose swim shorts.

I should say that when I said naked again, that I had still technically only seen her topless I still had never seen her out of her panties. But I really wanted to.

Two minutes later I might have. I wanted to move but was frozen. She too seemed to be in some kind of shock because she was saying nothing or moving herself.

I was so worked up that I thought I was going to die of embarrassment until I realized that she wasn't looking at me but at my shorts. She had a look on her face that I couldn't place it slightly resembled the look on her face when she was 14 in the back of the toy store.

In the 4 years I had really gotten to know her I thought I understood her, but she was looking at my erection and all I could tell was that it wasn't a look of embarrassment.

I don't know what took me over in that moment but I pulled my pants down letting them sunny leone xxx 2019 fucking storys hit the floor, but not stepping out of them. I stood there nude and the first real look of embarrassment came across her face, I could see it spread though her cheeks, but she didn't look away.

I was surprised that she was embarrassed because it wasn't as if she hadn't seen my penis before, that's how we met for crying out loud, but this was different. We were older now and things had been indifferent between us since that night when I was 16.

I grew bolder. I worked up all my courage and moved across the room to her. Without a word I leaned in and kissed her neck. Hot jean jerkoff shorts tube porn body was pressing against hers and I felt her shutter.

I had mom fucked in front first time step moms new fuck toy her to push me away and tell me we'd moved past this, years ago.

At first she was non responsive I was about to pull away when she moved my face from her neck and kissed me on the mouth. We kissed lightly at first then moving into heavier kisses. I opened her mouth with my tongue and both of ours danced together. It was the most passionate kiss we'd had since the night at the barn.

I couldn't believe that I was kissing her. It had been three years since we kissed. I'd wanted this for so long and it was so wrong.

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I didn't care about right or wrong in that second I was finally getting to kiss her again. I knew that she had, had sex before but I still hadn't. All I could think about was I could loose my virginity to her right here and now and it was all due to that dumb ass song. That god damn song always worked me up because it reminded me of the first time I met Katie.

That dumb ass song was the catalysts to our whole relationship years ago. We were still standing and kissing hard when my excitement became to much and I came on her. It happened without much warning, she was leaning against me pressing it down against her thigh, when all of a sudden I let loose and I shot myself down her leg. I was embarrassed, and I turned my head away.

"It's ok, it wouldn't be us with out you going off early," she whispered in my ear pulling my face back to hers, "I can't deny how wrong this is but, your my toy store boy and you've always been so." she spoke softly right before kissing me again. "I think I'm in love you," I told her. "Don't make this worse then it is," she said lightly, kissing me again. She pulled away and lied down on the bed. She took my hand and pulled me to her.

"I don't know how much time we have," she whispered in my ear as I lied on top of her.

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Despite my early release I was still really hard. There was know way I was going soft at this moment with my dreams coming true.

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She reached down and slid her swim suit off. I moved between her legs looking intently at her beautifully shaved pussy. It was more beautiful then I had ever imagined. I couldn't believe I was finally seeing it. She took me in hand and brought me to her.

I thrust forward not really knowing what I was doing.

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She moaned and I came again almost right away. She smiled as I came and ran her hand along my cheek. I didn't stop thrusting. I was inside her and I was on fire. I'm not sure how long we were together before it was over, but it probably wasn't as long as it felt.

I know it was way to short to cover for the 6 years of yearning behind it. I was lost in a world of my own creating. I'd never felt so good or emotional. I couldn't get enough of her, I began to kiss her neck again when she told me we needed to stop. "This is so wonderful, but we should get back to the party before some one notices were both missing," she said softly. I rolled off of her putting my arms around her, pulling her close, putting my head on her breasts.

I could hardly breath from exhaustion and both orgasms. "No one will suspect that we were up here doing this." "No. But we've been up here for a while and I don't want to be found out. It would be.bad" She paused and started stroking my hair. Old mature hardcore going south of the border got up off the bed and her hair fell over her face.

I didn't move, she looked at me in a sideway glance her hair covering half her face. I couldn't see the expression on her face. It was all starting to hit me what just happened. My breathing and thoughts returning to normal. It was then that I started go get scared. What were we going to do now? What if some one found out?

Oh god I had cum inside her! She could get pregnant.

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A mixture of emotions started swirling in my head. Love, fear, happiness, and disappointment our moment was over. "Katie. I.?" I didn't know what to say. She was putting her shorts on. "Don't. We can talk about this tonight." She said picking up her shirt off the other bed, "I'm just worried that some one will come up here and over hear, I'll see you down stairs." "Ok." I kind of croaked.

I wanted to hold her and she was leaving. I hopped she wasn't ashamed of doing it with me. I got off the bed and pulled on my jeans and lied back down on the bed reliving it in my head. It wasn't so much the fact that I got laid for the first time but the realization that I finally slept with Katie. The bed still had her sent on it. I laid there and drifted off to sleep.