Brazzers movie long time english

Brazzers movie long time english
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"What kind of music do you like?" "Who is your favourite author?" "Remember that time when me and Ariel sang that acoustic set at the monk?" "What's the first thing you think about in the morning?" We had known eachother for several months.

After a school acting retreat, we had become much closer. He was graduating this year, and I was in the 11th grade. We were both talented, outspoken people. But he was so much more popular than me. I dont know how I managed to intrigue him so much. But I guess my charm finally paid off. It was 2AM. Oliver had put his number into my phone the day that we left for the shalis valley and now that we were all back home, I had finally gotten up the nerve to send him a text.

I had been lounging in bed on my cotton floral bedspread, barely dressed and reading charles dickens 'great expectations' when the natural redhead shower fuck on cam more videos on sexycamsorg rang. I was surprised to hear his husky, exotic voice on the other end. We talked of many things, but the conversation eventually became one of a sexual nature. I wasn't exactly a virgin, and neither was he.

But I had not so much as kissed someone I'd known at our school and this was fresh, exciting territory for me. "What's your favourite smell?" "Pussy." He laughed, the rich sound dripping through the airwaves that connected us like molasses.

"Oh, really." I was blushing, embarrassed. I didn't know what to say to that. Not to mention I was pretty distracted with the way my tight little spot had become so instantly wet. "Yeah. I do, actually. And the taste. You could say I'm very generous." I was too anxious about what he would think of me if I were to ask him a diry question, but I did answer all the ones he threw my way. "What's your favourite position?" "I like them all, really.

I'll always try new things too. But ontop, I guess." "Oh, wow. That's so perfect. I'd love to have a girl that knows how to ride." "I know you would.

I'm pretty amazing in bed, to be honest." Our conversations continued like this for a day or two. One thursday Oliver called. I snuck off from watching TV to go into my room and answer.

"Come over. Come and see me." "Whaat, but it's so late." I lived with my sister and her family, so I could pretty much do as I pleased, but even so. It was so late.

Why couldn't he come here? "You know you want to." "No, I know that YOU want me to." Despite my serious words there was that casual, flirting lilt to my voice. My heart raced. There were so many possiblities. By the time I finally agreed it was close to midnight. I walked the few minutes to his house while he led me there with directions on the phone.

Everything was dark, we had to whisper. The neighbourhood was nice and I was nervous to be caught, but my lacy thong was already soaked from the excitement. He met me at the back door in only his boxers and after a hushed greeting we crept through a dark, cheery looking kitchen into their second living room. I stripped of my jacket, shoes, sweater and we sat on what felt like a nice sofa. The only light came from his laptop that was open on the coffee table.

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This was the first time that I truly saw him. His cinnamon coloured skin, and cuddly, chubby body. His torso had that sexy growth of hair. Not too much, just enough to be manly. And a bit of growth on his face that he had missed in shaving today. I wonder how I looked in his eyes. Was my curly hair all a mess? My makeup from earlier in the day smudged?

He was smiling and I felt okay. Naughty lesbian action with two delicious floozies masturbation and brunette didn't say much, but soon he was kissing me and I was kissing him.

His mouth was warm and comfortable, our tongues tangling. His saliva tasted different than anything I'd ever tasted; bittersweet. His hands gently caressed the curves of my body. Fingertips dancing along the hem of my shirt. "Well, what are you going to do?" He asked, demanding yet nervously. I only grinned, and got up. He couldn't see much of me, but I removed the rest of my clothes anyway. Layer by layer. Slowly lifting each article off as if unwrapping a present adressed to him.

My large, firm breasts sat prettily on my too pale frame, the dark nipples hardening once the arousal and cold air hit them. Knealing carefully beside the sofa I walked my fingers through the hair at his stomach, following the trail down to where it met his underwear.

I played around, running my finger beneath the waist band but not doing much else. "What are you trying to do?" he gasped, impatiently. I just shrugged, but let him remove them without protest. His penis was hard, hot and thick. I wrapped my smooth little hand around his throbbing member and slowly moved it up and down. I took a moment to look up into his face.

He was watching intently as I brought my mouth close to the head and let the tip of my tongue touch his warm skin.

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I licked the surface in long, sloppy movements started at the top and working my way down the sensitive underside. I tilted my head to the side and sucked the side of his cock partially into my mouth, moving up that entire side and skipping past the head to go down the other side. His breathing was rapid, coming out in short puffing bursts. I teased him some more, this fingers of one hand dancing along his strong thighs while the other rested the the base of his dick and held it in place for me while I swirled my tongue around the tip a time or two.

After planting a kiss on the head I took him slowly into my warm, wet mouth. My tongue continued to blonde babe mia hilton pussy gape closeups tube porn around and around until my mouth was too full of his meaty cock. My sweet saliva mingled with his already oozing precum as I teasingly worked his tool.

I was a master at blowjobs. No matter how sore my throat got, no matter how cramped my jaw felt, I never stopped until they were either begging or cumming. Oliver had his hands in my hair, not pushing my head down, just holding. I took him all the way in and stayed there, letting my throat choke on his delicious dick before I slowly made my way back up. Popping him out of mouth, I licked along the ridges and veins for a while to be a tease before letting him fall back into my mouth until it was full again.

I started up faster, pushing my self up and down along his rigid member.

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Panting, Oliver lifted my head off with both hands. " I want to taste some of you." He grunted, and I got to my feet. As soon as I was standing, he didn't wait, and reached a hand out towards my pussy. A thick finger felt along my smooth lips, feeling the wetness there. I stopped moving, standing there, shocked and enjoying the feeling, unsure of what it was he wanted.

A little too roughly from inexperience, he plunged a finger into my depths and curled it towards my g-spot. I gasped, my body pulling foward as my knees almost gave out. It hurt a bit, his finger was thick and quick. "it feels good though, doesn't it?" It was as if he expected me to be a newbie to this, that I wouldn't know the ways my own body could be pleasured.oh, how he would soon learn! "Y-yeah it does, you jsut need to be a bit more gentle!" My muscles were clenched tight against him out of habit, but he soon withdrew his digit and I immediately craved for something more to be filling me.

Looking up at me from where phonerotica com sex stories in ebony lay on the sofa, Oliver took his juice-drenched finger into his mouth and sucked off ever last drop. "Did you see what I just did?" I bit my lip, my arousal and exictement growing with each second that passed.

"Yeah, I did.and I want more." "Why dont you get that sexy ass over here and sit on my face?" He offered, grabbing one of my hands and pulling me in the direction he wanted me to go. I complied, always eager to be pleased.

I rested my drenched cunt over his face, and gasped again, barely witholding the moan that wanted to burst out. His tongue swirled across my clit in slow, determined licks before his tongue dove into my pussy.

His attempts were slightly childish, but full of enthusiasm. It felt so good. I leaned forward a bit and took rare story mother sex son xxx back into my mouth, trying not to lose control. My legs were already shaking after only a few minutes. "Are you okay?" he whispered softly, his large hands on the softness of my thighs.

"Yes. I just.can I please ride it now?" I murmured, already freeing myself from my seat. He was chuckling, trying to surpress his laughter as I perched upon his lap. "You really are a girl that knows what she wants, hmm." He rasped sexily, squeezing my ass cheeks as I sat upon his dick and slowly rubbed my dripping pussy against it before reaching down to guide it into my sugary spot.

He was big.

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Thicker than anything that had ever entered my nearly virginal pussy. I bit my lip to hush the sounds of pleasure that wanted to burst forth. I sank down upon his shaft, his cock stretching my velvety walls. My pussy undulated and convulsed around the intruder, and I heard him groan quietly under his breath when I finally worked him in balls deep.

His hands stayed on my ass, although the toned muscle could barely be contained in his large grip as he tried to guide my movements to quicken. I ignored this, rolling my hips in a slow, teasing movement. He ran his hands up from my ass and slowly up the sides of my silky body until his tanned hands came to rest upon my large breasts. He cupped them, squeezing the hot flesh before carefully twisting my nipples. "harder!" I gasped softly as I shifted my method.

Rocking up and down with the help of the couch cushions I brought him deep hard and fast. Oliver grabbed me by the mature fuck girl hot xxx story and pulled me down close to him, kissing me passionately as out bodies connected over and over again. He came like liquid lightening while my soft, full lips wwere still on his, and I didn't want to stop. My legs were shaking, my pulse pounding.

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I needed more, and I would get it.