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Next brazzers live show tuesday july th pm p pm e
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My Daughter Alison and her best friend Sarah's Treat I walked past the room and had to do a double take. The door was slightly ajar and as the bed was opposite the door I noticed the duvet had been kicked off and Sarah was lying on her stomach with her legs spread. Her red nightdress had risen above her waist and her bare pussy was on clear show. I know I should have closed the door quietly and gone downstairs, but I stood mesmerised by the beautiful sight before me.

Sarah was one of my daughter's best friends and had been coming over to our house for many years. They had been friends from school having lots of things of interest in common and so it wasn't uncommon for her to stay overnight. In fact as a single parent it was nice to have another person around other than myself and my daughter Alison.

I have had the pleasure of bringing Alison up since her mother left teacher sex storys in ebony audio years ago and as she only saw her occasionally I had dealt with being both 'mum and dad' to her.

We didn't have many secrets now and as I had seen her grow through puberty and school we had a very close relationship. She was always trying to set me up on dates with some of her friend's single mums, or even the odd teacher, but in the last 5 years I have only been on a handful of serious dates with no one special to show for it so far!

The biggest busty tattooed woman drilled by pawn guy to that being the lack of physical attention so I had become pretty reliant on porn and a swift wank to keep me sane. On one occasion I had been so pleased that Alison and I had such an open relationship as I was usually very careful with my laptop clearing the history just in case Ali ever used it, although she had her own for her college work so had no real need to use mine.

But one particular night she had been waiting for a software update and needed to find some information out for her work. I had nipped out and so she helped herself to mine, switching it on and using it for her project. The problem came when she went to save a picture from the internet to the hard drive when it opened up a file I had been using to save some pictures of some sexy women in various states of undress.

In fact there were quite a few in a variety of poses showing everything from underwear shots to full sex. I remember coming home and finding my daughter looking through the pictures, not even trying to hide the fact she had seen them and we had sat down and had an adult conversation about it, although I had felt like the teenager being reprimanded!

I had explained that I had a huge respect for the female form and enjoyed looking at it in many ways, clothed or naked and everything in between, but she commented that a lot of the pictures were of girls who were flashing or been caught in situations where their boobs or pussy was showing in innocent positions.

I told her that it was just one of those things that I found extremely horny and as I then took myself 'in hand' to deal with my turned on state I wasn't hurting anyone by bothering them. Sure I missed the intimate touch of a woman, but I was concentrating on spending quality time with her rather than chasing sex with someone as I'm sure there would be plenty of time for all that when she was older and left home.

She gave me a big hug and told me how much she loved me before leaving me to close down my laptop. From that day I then noticed that Alison would occasionally wear some skimpy clothes, or walk around in her underwear without covering herself up. She had without doubt an absolutely gorgeous body, and at 18 was turning into a very beautiful young woman. I knew she was doing it for my benefit so that I had the opportunity to see some female flesh so I just enjoyed the times she did it thankful that she was comfortable enough with me.

Although I sometimes had amazing mackenzee pierce takes on ricoacutes black cock guilty feeling of being turned on by my daughter's body, I was happy that it wouldn't go any further and enjoyed the flesh. My problem was that she must have shared the secret with Sarah as the last few times she had been, she too had seemed to wear less and less clothes making my cock stand to attention on more than one occasion.

It seemed to come to a head this weekend when they had both been to a party. Ali had asked if it was OK for Sarah to get ready round ours and whether it would be OK for me to pick them up after the party and for her to sleep again. Of course I never said no having two beautiful girls in the house and was quite looking forward to it. The Saturday night came and after spending the day out shopping, the girls came home to get ready.

I had been busying myself during the day and was planning on watching a film while the girls were out after dropping them off at the party. I heard the shower turn and the usual giggles and loud music filled the house as it normally did.

One of the bags the girls had brought home from their shopping trip was still in the kitchen, and as I made a drink for myself I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and Sarah appeared in the kitchen to collect the bag. She had a towel wrapped around her having just come out of the shower, her hair wet and dripping on her shoulders. She smiled at me as she bent down to retrieve the bag causing a gap to open up in the towel where I saw a freshly shaved pussy in all its glory.

Completely bald and as smooth as the day she was born, the slit of her pussy visible just below her pubic mound between those wonderful legs. As she picked up the bag, she looked back at me and followed my eyes as I had been unable to draw myself from the sight of her pussy in the flesh and coloured slightly when she saw that her sex was on show. But instead of covering up immediately, she turned to face me knowing very well that the towel still didn't cover her completely and asked me if I was OK!

I just about stammered out that I was fine, unable to hide the fact I had seen her flesh I even stated that I was even better now I had seen the treat. She smiled and said that she was pleased to have been assistance asking me to hold the bag she had picked up to enable her to adjust her towel.

As I stepped forward and grabbed the bag from her, she held the towel and opened it fully before me, her nakedness now on full show, my cock springing to attention as her firm breasts stood before me all pert and glorious. Her slender belly melted into that area I had seen moments before, the fleshy mound now on full view. Then as soon as it had appeared, she wrapped the towel back around her, calmly took the bag from my grasp and disappeared back out of the kitchen and padded back upstairs.

I was left in total shock, my daughter's best friend having just flashed me her gorgeous naked body leaving my cock throbbing and needing its own attention.

My head spinning with delight I returned to my coffee and sat at the worktop trying to savour the lovely sight I had just been privileged to have seen.

Eventually I heard the girls come downstairs and was met by yet another treat.

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Stood before me in full St Trinian's schoolgirl outfits with torn black fishnet stockings visible below extremely short navy blue skirts they gave me a twirl and asked how they looked. Now as the schoolgirl uniform is one of my favourite fantasy outfits I think the fact my chin hitting my chest causing my mouth to open wide answered for me.

They hadn't told me they were going to a fancy dress party and wanted their outfits to be a surprise, which they certainly were.

I was then struck with a jealous thought that both these girls would be ogled all night by men and women alike but as there was not a lot I could do about that then I just had to live with it. At least I had the benefit of seeing them before and after the party. And they both must have decided to have some fun with my feelings as they had a bit of time extreme hard interracial sex with poor latin girl part we had to leave and so whichever room I went into, they would appear and find some excuse to bend over to pick something up, thus giving me an eyeful of bare ass with their pussy held tightly inside a skimpy thong.

At one point I thought my cock was going to burst through my trousers as Sarah bent down in front of me forwards to hand me the newspaper, her cleavage now fully pumped up by the wonderbra she was wearing whilst Alison bent over keeping her legs straight to pick up the TV remote which she had just dropped, her bum now on show framed by stockings and skirt.

I knew what I would be doing now whilst the girls were at the ebony teen boobs amateur took a handsome refugee home. To finally cause me maximum frustration, they then asked me to take some pictures of them so they had a keepsake, to which they got into various different poses as I clicked away with the digital camera.

My favourite type of 'dress up' was there right in front of me and I detached the fact that one of the beauties was my daughter as I clicked away as much for my benefit as theirs. Ali asked me to then upload them onto her memory stick so she could pick a few to post on her Facebook page the next day. I was only too pleased to agree to upload them onto the computer knowing full well that they would be going straight onto my laptop too!

I delivered them to their party after we had finished our little photo session and returned home to spend some time on the laptop. The film I had planned to watch went by the wayside as I enjoyed the pictures I had taken from earlier as well as having a scout around the various other sites that I regularly visited.

My cock was aching with pressure as I just had to release it from my jeans, removing them completely so I now sat naked rubbing it with my left hand as my right hand controlled the laptop with the pictures on screen. The pictures I had taken earlier were now safely in a folder and I clicked through each one again, relishing in the beauty that filled the screen as both girls pouted their lips and stuck out their chest to show off their best assets.

My cock throbbed at the sight on screen, pre-cum oozing from the end which I spread over the glans with my thumb. My head was spinning with erotic thoughts at what I would do with a couple of hardcore slut brutalized tube porn participants like Ali and Sarah, imagining them turning that pouting attention on me as I sat here with my cock out.

As I imagined their hands replacing mine, their tongues flicking out of those ruby red lips, lapping at my oozing pre-cum. I lifted my hand and sucked my thumb, the taste of my own pre-cum now in my mouth and I found it a pleasant thing. I had thought about tasting my own cum in the past but had never had the nerve to do it thinking that it wasn't a thing a man should do, but tonight I felt different.

I licked at my thumb and enjoyed the taste, returning my fingers to my oozing cock to collect more and taste it. They ran easily over the head, my saliva now mixing with the pre-cum, enhancing the feeling of pleasure as I continued to feast on my own juice.

Red lace bras under white blouses filled the screen, striped ties loosely knotted around their necks hung suggestively between their pumped up cleavage and I longed to put my cock between them. Short navy blue pleated skirts minimally covered their tight bums as the sunny leon full hard xx story of their thighs was visible just above the fishnet stockings held up with suspenders.

High heeled platform shoes accentuated their gorgeous calves making their legs seem even longer. The picture now filling the screen was Sarah's arse, bent over with her legs straight, she was looking back at the camera blowing a kiss from her bright red lips, her black thong pulled tight against her pussy, the white of her bum cheeks so deliciously smooth as her suspenders stretched over the edges and I knew there and then that I was going to come.

I looked deep into her eyes that seemed to be full of passion just for me and as I grasped the base of my cock, not even needing to pump it at all, the first shot of cum rose powerfully through the air and hit my bare chest. I let out a cry of pleasure as I felt my balls contract and release more spurts up and over my belly and chest, the second shot even being powerful enough to have some land on my bottom lip which I licked off without thinking about.

The salty mixture tasted good and I continued to enjoy the feeling of spunk spurting up and over myself before I milked the last of it from the end of my cock. I jumped into the shower after my cock finally calmed down and stopped pumping spunk all over myself, and as I stood under the water the guilt returned of my sexual thoughts towards my daughter as well as her teenage friend.

Although now 18, the age difference made me feel slightly awkward, although I have always enjoyed the beauty of ladies younger than myself. I saved the pictures onto Alison's memory stick ready for her to transfer to her own computer and it was time to fetch the girls from their party before I knew it. The cool air was welcome as I drove to where I had dropped them off and as I arrived I was presented with a variety of scantily clad ladies in various costumes as well as the usual Batman, Robin and Superman costumes of the guys.

As I waited in line with some of the other parents who had drawn the short straw to pick up their kids I saw Sarah and Alison appear from the front door. Kissing some of their friends' goodbye, hugging and waving they made their way to my car.

A lad suddenly walked past them and slapped Sarah's arse, much to the amusement of all around, but she subsequently grabbed him and snogged him before grabbing his crotch and pushing him back towards the party! The doors flew open and the giggling girls crashed into the back, obviously a little drunk from their evening but both belted up before instructing me to proceed to home! Laughter filled the car as they recounted some of the stories of the evening and who had been seen with whom.

As I drove I checked my rear view mirror only to see Sarah looking deep into my eyes, her lips puckering black cocks matter krissy lynn lets black cock stretch pussy as she blew an imaginary kiss my way before thanking me profusely for picking them up and being such a wonderful man letting her stay.

I joked that she could continue giving compliments all night if she insisted but was then left a little embarrassed by her next outburst. She leaned forward and placed a hand on my shoulder, her seat belt stretching so that my mirror was filled with the sight of her breasts pushed out further, the soft globes bouncing slightly as we travelled along the road. She told me what a great dad I was to Alison and how lucky she was that she had such a cool good looking father. Ali agreed as we continued the journey and said that I deserved a big hug when we got home for being so nice!

Having taken them to lots of parties in the past the girls always impressed me at how they seemed to have a good time without getting absolutely wrecked on drink and as far as I was aware blonde and pink haired lesbians in cab tribbing reality and bigtits never touched drugs.

They were sensible beyond their years which I put down to the openness we had as I had allowed them both to drink sensibly at home learning that they can enjoy the alcohol without having to go to excess.

The benefit was that they were loosened up enough to have a great time without going too far and being ill. As we walked in the door, they both pounced on me and covered my face with freshly put on lipstick, their perfume mixed with the smell of wine which I found quite arousing. I laughed with them as they thanked me again before they left me alone, walking into the kitchen to put some coffee on.

As I followed them in, I was met with the view of Sarah's bum as she was bent over looking in the fridge for some more wine. "Have you not had enough"? I asked as she grabbed a bottle and put it on the counter. "Well I have Mr D, but seeing how you were kind enough to pick us up I think you should enjoy a glass yourself". "Well that's very thoughtful Sarah, and please, it's Nathan"! "Ooh sorry Mr D, I mean Nathan" she said grabbing a glass and pouring me some wine.

"Drink up and be merry" she said in a slightly slurred tone. Perhaps she had drunk a little more than I thought as she handed me the glass, deciding that actually she and Alison should perhaps have just a little more. "I think you should have a glass of water each first" I advised, being the model parent. "Good idea Batman"! Alison said as she poured them both a glass of cold water from the fridge.

And as they both stood before me still in full St Trinian's schoolgirl outfits they drank their water. But as Sarah lifted held the glass to her mouth, Alison pushed her shoulder making her spill it down the front of her blouse. In fits of laughter Ali doubled up at the screech that Sarah let out, the cold water spilling down her cleavage and soaking her front.

It had the instant effect of also making her nipples stand proud against the lace of her bra, even more visible now being wet. Looking down at herself Sarah just laughed again, turning to Alison and pouring what was left in her glass over her best friend's chest. Both girls had now screamed with laughter at the cold water which had wet their fronts, and both girls now stood before me with their nipples stood erect and almost visible through their wet clothes.

I laughed along with them, not quite sure whether I should have told them off, but as they were both old enough and only having a little fun I didn't see any harm in it. In fact, the sight before me was pretty erotic and I was having to concentrate on not getting a hard-on. Making it slightly worse was the fact that I had put on a pair of jogging bottoms and a T-shirt after my shower to be more comfortable, and any erection would be harder to hide than in jeans.

"Girls, I think you both need to get changed before you get too cold, and get out of those wet clothes" I said nodding at them both. As they both looked down at themselves and to each other, it seemed to dawn on them that they were in fact almost see-thru and their nipples were still quite erect.

A glint seemed to appear in Sarah's eye as she started to unbutton her blouse, pulling her tie off over her head. "Can I just put this in the wash basket"? She asked suddenly removing the blouse completely and holding it out in front of her. Although her bra had pretty much been on show under her wet blouse it was still a shock to see her stood there now with no top on.

I just nodded, mesmerised by the beauty that stood before me. As she moved towards the door to the utility room, she threw the blouse into the basket and then proceeded to remove her skirt. With that now gone and in the basket, she unclipped the suspenders and seductively pulled off the stockings so she now just stood in her bra and thong.

Turning to face me, her nipples stood proud in her wet bra, she tossed the stockings my way and asked me to put them in the bin next to me as they had done their business as she had ripped them herself for effect. As she walked into the kitchen she took a big swig of wine and stood all innocent as both Ali and I stared at her. "What?" She asked stood with her wine glass in her hand. I was about to question her as to whether she should have really undressed in private thinking that Alison would do the same, when Ali spoke.

"Well that's half a job Sarah, you've only taken off half the wet clothes" She said pointing at her bra. "What about that?" Putting her drink down, Sarah reached round and unclipped her bra right in front of us, pulling it over her arms she tossed it into the wash basket and went back for her glass. "Your turn"! She said to Sarah nodding at her blouse. Within seconds, I now had to girls stood in front of me in just their thongs, drinking wine as if it was the most normal thing in the world!

I wasn't quite sure what I should do or say and ended up doing nothing but stare. "Dad, you can close your mouth now" Ali said as both girls laughed out loud at me. I lifted the glass I held and drank the whole lot in one go, refilling it feeling the initial kick of alcohol do its job. "I think you girls had better go and put some clothes on or you will get cold" I suggested trying to be the caring parent again. "But it looks like you are enjoying the show" Sarah said looking down at my crotch.

And there was a big reason that loose joggers were perhaps a bad idea as my cock had sprang to attention with the glorious sight before me without me noticing. The front of my jogging bottoms standing out with my erection which was too late to hide. "And impressive too" stated Sarah smiling. "Err, sorry girls"! I said as I turned slightly to try and hide my embarrassment. "But thank you for the compliment" I finished. Giggling the girls said that they would just nip upstairs and get changed so I could settle myself down without their distraction.

Red faced I nodded at them and watched as both their cute little bums disappeared from sight as their soft footfalls padded on the carpet. I couldn't believe what had just happened, seeing the teenage girls come in wearing my fantasy outfits only to strip down to their thongs, pert breasts out before me in the flesh. Any red blooded male would have had the same reaction as me and got a hard-on.

And what a hard-on it was. It literally throbbed in my joggers, hardly any resistance from the material which still tented at the front. I pushed my hand down against it but it sprang back up as hard as anything. I knew there would only be one way that this beast was going to go flaccid tonight, and that would be after another wank. I finished my drink having heard the girls banging around upstairs in the bathroom as they cleaned off their make-up and washed.

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I heard drawers banging as they retrieved nightwear and then it went quiet. I decided that I would nip up now and say goodnight as it was rather late and would retire to my bedroom for a little solo fun. As I got to the top of the stairs, their door was ajar and so I popped my head round to say goodnight. The usual lamp was on in the corner of the room throwing some light into the room, and Alison's iPod was in its docking station playing softer music at a lower volume.

Words never came out of my mouth as I now witnessed Ali lying on her back, completely naked, her hands running over her own nipples as Sarah knelt between her legs feasting on her cunt. I was shell shocked. I knew the girls were best friends and had not seemed too keen on having boyfriends, but it had never occurred to me that they were lesbians!

As I mamandole la verga al novio de mi mejor amiga en el automoacutevil in silence at the door, I rubbed myself over my bottoms grabbing a handful of material covered cock. My conscience told me to stop looking and leave them to it, but the man in me seemed to make me stare even harder. The sounds of licking and moans were clearly audible over the soft music as Sarah held Ali's pussy lips open and flicked her tongue from base to top, making Ali cry with pleasure when her clit was touched.

I slipped my hand in the waistband of my joggers and grabbed my stiff cock, rubbing its hard shaft up and down as the pre-cum soaked into the towelling material. I couldn't quite believe my eyes that I had been teased so long with the girls flaunting their body around, and tonight I was seeing them fully in the flesh.

Sarah had her arse towards me as she leaned in and licked at my step-daughters open cunt. It took me all my will power not to burst into the room and thrust my cock deep into Sarah's pussy on show. As I continued to watch, Sarah then stopped licking and moved up Alison's body, kissing her stomach and breasts before lying on top of her and planting a kiss on her lips.

Their legs now spread sufficient to enable each other to rub their pussies against the others thigh, entwined in a loving embrace as they thrust themselves against each other for maximum effect. The thought of Alison tasting her own pussy juices on the lips of her female lover was almost too much for me and I made a quick retreat to my room where I still had the image in my mind of what was going on in the other room as spurt after spurt of hot cum shot over my stomach for a second time that night.

I cleaned myself up and lay in bed, the sound of music still coming from their room as I drifted off to sleep in the knowledge that my step-daughter and her lover were in the next room in each other's arms.

When I woke it was light and the house was still. I remembered what had happened the night before and was a little unsure how I was going to face the girls. Firstly because they had both stood semi-naked before me when they undressed from their wet clothes, and secondly knowing that they were lesbians and must have been doing what they did last time for some time before now without my knowledge.

Saying that they were still unaware that I saw them last night, although I was sure they would have guessed I might have seen or heard something when I went to bed? I got up and threw on the joggers and T-shirt that I had on the previous evening as that was my usual casual dress when I was at home.

I thought it would be a good idea to get some coffee on for when the girls woke. I walked past the room and had to do a double take. The door was slightly ajar and as the bed was opposite the door I noticed the duvet had been kicked off and Sarah was lying on her stomach with her legs spread. Her red nightdress had risen above her waist and her bare pussy was on clear show. I know I should have closed the door quietly and gone downstairs, but I stood mesmerised by the beautiful sight before me.

Sarah had obviously dressed into her nightdress at some point after their session but obviously didn't wear any knickers. I stood looking at the beautiful girl, her gorgeous pussy lips spread slightly that I had seen from behind last night. She was fast asleep oblivious to the fact that her sex was on show in the double bed that I knew she slept in with Ali when she stayed.

It then occurred to me that Alison wasn't in the bed and so I panicked not wanting to get caught perving over Sarah's nakedness. Just as I turned to tip toe away, the bathroom door opened and Alison stepped out. She was wearing her usual tight top that she sleeps in, but no knickers.

Yet again I was faced with her cute pussy mound as I tried to keep my eyes on her face rather than below. "Oh., morning Dad" She said as she stopped in her tracks. Her hands clasped together in front of her pussy as if to somehow hide it, as she looked me in the face, and then into her room at what I had seen moments earlier.

"Err., morning darling" I said, trying to act as calm as I could. "I noticed the door ajar and so couldn't help but glance in as I passed.

I hope you slept well after last night's party." "Very well thanks, it was a wicked night and I hope Sarah and I didn't embarrass you too much when we stripped off!

I figured you had pretty much seen us near as damn naked before and so hope you weren't offended we had a little impromptu fun and gave you a flash." "Not at all Ali, although it was a bit of a shock at first, but let's be honest, how could I be angry at 2 gorgeous girls stripping off in front of me?" "Glad you enjoyed it; and sorry if we teased a little too much to get you over excited!" Remembering my hard-on I flushed as I apologised for having a lack of control and hope I didn't offend either of them.

"Trust me, we took it as a compliment" She said as she moved forward towards her door. I moved aside to let her past and told her I was putting some coffee on if she was interested and she said she would sarah vandella double penetrated by massive black cocks interracial and pornstars down shortly.

I walked downstairs with a slight tingle in my groin as I felt the start of an erection with the pictures of the previous evening dancing in my mind. I switched the radio on as well as the coffee and almost instantly the kitchen was filled with the delicious smell of it as it brewed. As I poured a cup, my phone went with a text.

'B a Luv and bring 2 cups of coffee up pls' was on screen. Cheeky cows! I thought, and replied with exactly that. But before any reply came back I had poured 2 more cups and started up the stairs with them. I knocked on the door ultimate sastisfaction of ebon attractive gal hardcore and blowjob my toe before pushing it open further to walk in.

Both girls were now sat up in bed, the cover returned to its usual place covering them up to their waists. The flimsy red top of Sarah's hanging by the thin straps on her petite frame which was opposite to the tight top worn by Alison. Both though had their nipples protruding through the material which caught my attention straight away.

I placed the cups on the bedside table and they both thanked me. I was about to leave when Ali asked me to stay and chat. I sat on the end of the bed and asked them if they had slept well. Both nodded to the fact that they had, but Alison then apologised for teasing the night before. She thanked me again for taking and fetching from the party but said that although they weren't drunk, the alcohol had seemed to loosen them up a bit meaning that they had a little more bravado when they took their clothes off.

On reflection they knew they had perhaps teased a little too far, but being a single man had also been thankful that I hadn't tried to come onto them. I again thanked them for their honesty, but then foolishly added that even if I had come onto them, it wouldn't have resulted in anything. "Is that because I'm your daughter and things wouldn't have seemed right?" Ali asked me.

"Well partly that Ali, yes. But also because I didn't know you two were an item" I said looking a little embarrassed now that I had said it. "What?" asked Ali, "We're not an item, just best friends" She said with a shocked look on her face. "But I saw you last night!" I continued. Now it was their turn to be embarrassed. "Oh!" said Sarah. "That was my fault Nathan as I had been a little horny from all the teasing and although Ali and I have shared our beds in the past, we haven't done anything with each other until last night.

Call it a little experimental fun and I am sorry if you saw anything, especially as it was with Ali"! "But you looked like you were having so much fun" I said.

Embarrassed again they both chimed; "Well we did" and fell into a fit of giggles. "Every man's fantasy to see what you saw Nathan?" Sarah said, although it was more a statement than a question. "Indeed Sarah!" I said feeling my cock start to stir at the thought again of the two of them.

"So did you see much?" Alison asked, again looking flushed. "Enough to see you were enjoying it" I said in reply. "OMG, how embarrassing" She said looking at me first and then to Sarah.

"I know Ali" said Sarah. "He must have seen us kissing and allsorts!" "Yeah" Ali said looking back at Sarah. "He must have seen me kiss you like this." and with that she took Sarah's face in her hands and kissed her square on the lips.

Again I was in the position where I should have left, knowing that she was just trying to shock me again, but I seemed stuck to the duvet. Sarah responded to her kisses by opening her mouth, meeting her tongue with her own as they snogged in front of me.

Then a hand crept up the inside of Sarah's red top and I could see the outline of Alison's fingers playing with her nipple. Wanting more Alison grabbed the hem of her top and lifted it over her head, exposing her breasts to me whilst Ali went back to kissing her and fondling her breasts.

"Is that what you saw Dad?" Ali asked breaking off from the kiss and looking at me. "Well yes Alison, and I saw Sarah licking you" I heard myself say. "What like this?" And with that Sarah pushed the quilt forward exposing their naked bottom halves. She lifted Ali's top from her so that both girls were now completely naked and manoeuvred herself between her legs which spread almost automatically to allow access.

Now only inches in front of me my daughter closed her eyes to enjoy the feel of her best friend back between her soft thighs with her tongue in her cunt.

My cock had sprung up and was again pressing against my jogging bottoms as Sarah's arse was right next to me. Her pussy looked so sweet from behind and I had the sudden urge to reach and touch it. I lifted my hand and ran a finger across her buttocks and then down the crease until it reached her already wet lips. She let out a sigh as I pushed my finger against her flesh which easily parted to allow me access now to her hole. First one and then a second finger disappeared into the hotness that was her teenage cunt.

I brought my thumb up against her clit and she sighed again as the pleasure ran through her. Alison opened her eyes and smiled at me as I changed positions slightly, burying my fingers deep into her friends pussy. With each sigh Sarah made, Ali benefited from the vibrations her mouth made against her own sex. Sarah's fingers rubbed Ali's clit and held her cunt lips apart so she could get her tongue deep inside, lapping at the sticky morning fluid that came out.

Suddenly Alison spoke; "You've seen our bits now Dad, so how about you show us that cock of yours?" She asked with that cheeky smile again. "I bet it must be begging for some female attention!" she stated. I was in such a state of arousal that I didn't even argue and pulled off my clothes so I was as naked as the two girls. My daddy is proud of me and compeers daughter father workout part associates daughters was like a battering ram before me, pre-cum already oozing from the eye making my glans glisten in the morning sunlight.

I went to return to finger fuck Sarah, but Alison reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling me across the bed towards her. I now knelt in front of her top half and as Sarah continued to feast on Ali's pussy, my daughter lifted her head and took my cock in her mouth.

And 'Oh, My, God' how good did it feel. To have a girl's mouth once again round my knob end felt so good. Her long nailed fingers looked so dainty as they wrapped themselves around me and gently wanked the shaft as she continued to suck hungrily on my cock. Leaning across Sarah moved around towards me slightly so I sex xn xxx 2019 com slip my fingers back inside her, her arse now thrust into the air to accept the digits that entered her wet hole.

Her tits were now rubbing against Alison's legs making the nipples hard, the friction adding to her pleasure. As I finger fucked her harder I heard her scream that she was coming, burying her face deep against the open flaps of Alison.

With her orgasm sending vibrations through her friend's cunt, chubby babe gags to big black cock had the knock on effect of starting Ali off who clamped her lips firmly around my cock as she moaned with pleasure as the ripples of her ecstasy enveloped her. With both girls now in the throws of an orgasm, and the fact my cock was receiving female attention for the first time in a long time, my balls needed to empty their load and so I motioned to Alison that I was going to come.

I grasped my own shaft now and started to wank it as both girls knelt up side by side, real porn film style and told me to come all over their faces. I was in no position to argue at this point as my orgasm was imminent and so with a powerful burst, my creamy fluid shot out across the short distance between us and landed on their cheeks, mouth and chin. The remainder shot down onto their chests, their nipples erect, their cleavage covered in cum.

And true porn style they took it in turns to suck on my cock extracting the last of my spunk before French kissing before me and sharing what spunk they had managed to get. I collapsed on the bed, aware that the girls had now stopped kissing and fell down in a heap beside me. That's when the guilt suddenly hit again. "Sorry girls, I don't know what came over me." I said through my heavy breathing.

"Don't worry Dad," Alison said, "Perhaps we had better just keep that little escapade to ourselves for the moment!" Thinking I had just made a big mistake that could get me into some embarrassed situation I was sure the girls would probably want to just forget about it all anyway. Until I heard Alison say; "But then again it was rather fun, so would I be out of line to say that could have been the start of something very exciting between us?" Had I heard right?

Had she just opened up the possibility of a return match? Before I could reply Sarah piped up. "Well I'm up for it if you two are, that was bloody amazing" She said, continuing, "And anyhow, that big cock looked too much not to have as a replacement for those fingers of yours Nathan that you had inside me so I am up for seconds anytime".

How could I disagree with those comments? "Well as long as you girls are game, I would be only too willing to replay what just happened". Suddenly the doorbell rang out. All three of us looked at each other, the girls still wiping away the remnants of my cum on their faces as I jumped up and grabbed my clothes.

Then I remembered who was ringing this Sunday morning. "It's OK girls" I said pulling on my joggers, "Dave said he may pop over for a coffee if he wasn't up to anything, so I'll go and pop the kettle on while you two had better jump into the shower". As I leaned across and kissed each one in turn, thanking them for an unbelievable session, I was sure I saw a glint of a wicked smile shared between them at the mention our old friend Dave was here to visit.