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Big boobs hairy pussy milf xxx cory chase in revenge on your father
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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes "Angela" "Surely you're not staying in on a day like this, why don't you sit out on the lawn and read your book; Michael has put the sun beds up.

Most people would give their eyetooth for your lifestyle young lady? Michael will be here soon!" Her mother looked up toward the kitchen clock as she spoke. Angela and her parents lived in the Cotswold's about 20 miles from Oxford, it was a lovely part of England, the house was in it's own grounds some 100 acres, flowing lawns, surrounded by woodlands, barely visible from the outside world.

With father working in London for best part of the week, the house was always quite; mother busied herself with local WI and other causes.

It was a large house some 10 bedrooms and tended by an array of helpers. Angela was born late in her parents life, they'd lived and worked in India, not settling down to sexy kittens shag the biggest belt cocks and spray cum everywhere a family until well into there 40's she was an only child, her mother didn't want the hassle of childbirth any more one was more than adequate.

She'd resided at "The Gables" all her life, with some trips abroad mainly Paris, but she never liked the town. Often friends from college came to stay thought out the summer months.

Picking up her book she ambled outside into the sun, it was beaming down, and hot. Deciding to do a bit of sunbathing she returned collecting the suntan oil from the bathroom. Michael had placed the sun beds on the slope, facing the lake; he was placing a sunshade to one side with a small table as she arrived.

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"Morning Miss Angela looks as if it's going to be another scorcher!" Michael tipped his cap and went about his business. Angela sat on the sun dani daniels danny mountain in naughty office easing her dress back up over her knee massaging the oil into her legs, then lying back taking up her book. She loved to read, her Mills and Boon books kept her more than occupied, she was to absorbed in the story to hear Michael walk up the slope sitting down in front of her at the small table, he'd full view under her dress, wondering as to how long he could remain without her realizing his presence.

Angela was certainly a beautiful specimen of a young woman of class in any mans eyes. Michael was married, having three grown up children of his own, even grandchildren now; he'd worked for the Johnson's since they'd moved to The Gables nearly twenty years ago, watched Angela as she'd grown up. She's always taken kindly towards him, often calling him old rouge because of his openness to his thoughts.

"They're pretty!" Angela sat up with a start; as soon as she saw Michael, she turned looking back toward the house, fully aware that if anyone could see them, they'd know of Michael's viewpoint.

She opened her legs forcing the dress in between them. "Michael what do you think your doing?" "Talking to you Miss!" "How long have you been sitting there?" "Long enough…long enough to enjoy the view!" he smiled. "God, if I was but forty years younger, you're a site for sore eye's Miss!" "You're to much Michael, always girl in stockings pleases a horny stranger up on me unawares!" Michael looked back down the slope with a smile.

"The grass is extra soft today, I'll give you that!" he smiled. "You know what I mean, you old Goat! What are you doing here anyway? Mothers waiting for you in the kitchen" "Couldn't miss a chance like that, saw you lying there, knew the view I'd get coming up by way of the bank. My pleasure was fulfilled, as I say this, they did look appealing!" "One of these day's Michael Robert's!" "God, I wish you meant it Miss, I can assure you, you'd not regret it!" Angela watched as he ambled toward the house, he was forever catching her in compromising situations, coming upon her from out of the blue in most circumstances.

But he was such a loveable old guy, how could anyone reproach him, sometimes she didn't really know how to take some of his gist. For his age he was very daring in his words, she'd often wondered if he jested, or meant his remarks; he'd a granddaughter her own age she thought. Thinking no more about the matter she continued back to her book; the sun was getting even hotter as the morning drew toward midday, Angela decided a shower would be in order; at least it would cool her down; she wanted to freshen up anyway, her friend Jane would be coming home with her father at 4 o'clock.

He'd be picking her up from Reading on the way home. The shower felt stimulating as the spines of cool water forcibly raced over her breasts tingling the tips of her nipples. She'd not drawn the curtain, being as she and her mother alone in the house. Michael gazed pensively as he sat in the corner of the bathroom, Angela hummed to herself, eyes closed and head up, her hands moving leisurely over her body in caressing movements, water cascading over her from head to foot.

Her fingers dwindled momentary between her legs, then drawing the soapy bubbles up into her soft down, only to dip her long slender fingers back down, lifting her leg, placing it onto the low wall surrounding the shower tray, her fingers became excited, probing deeply into her pussy.

This was too much, Michael stood from his stool, quietly wandered over kneeling in front of her, he could hear her slight moans, Angela removed her hand, gliding it up to her small but firm breasts, her foot still placed on the wall beside Michael; his eyes were glued to the diminutive puffed lips of her pussy from which her fingers had just left, mere inches from his mouth. Angela never realized it was his finger, her mind awash with awareness of other things, continuing to manipulate her breasts in relaxing actions, one hand slowly lowered, placing it onto her tummy, sensing the engorgement of his two thick fingers as they gyrated leisurely deep inside.

Throwing her head back she moaned loudly, cool water spraying into her mouth, he leaned forward hooking his tongue under her clit, jiggling it with the tip, fingering her deeply, winding his finger around her inner walls.

As she came, she pressed her hand down hard on her tummy, feeling convulsions as the shockwave traveled towards the very nerve ends, the vigor of her orgasm, knocked her sideways.

Michael caught her young body in both arms before she could fall laying her out gently before him on the lamb's wool bathmat. Reaching across her body placing his mouth over her petite breast sucking gently, whilst his finger probed once more, gleaning her juices along its length. Angela felt somewhat weak when she finally came to, knowing full well that she'd not managed to reach the mat on her own, her pussy still quivered from Michael's finger and tongue. Feel refreshed now sweetheart thought you'd gone down the plughole.

"Did Michael manage to finish fitting the shower head?" "Michael! I didn't see him Mother, the shower was fine!" "Then he must have fixed it, Jane and your father will be home soon, will you help me get this table together, I want it all laid out by the time he gets home, you know what you're father is like!" Angela moved around the table helping her mother laying all the bits and pieces out, it their appropriate places.

It seemed funny if her mother hadn't seen Michael leave the bathroom before she taken her shower, he must have been there when she was showering.

"No it's not possible?" she thought. "She'd been daydreaming" Jane and her father arrived about 4.20, Father wanting a drink as soon as he stepped into the house. "That traffic, it's unbelievable, something should be done always in the summer, road works and counter flows they have to do it when it's most likely to cause havoc, it's no wonder people get so frustrated.

"Never mine dear, your home now! And how's Jane, ready for a couple of days holiday, away from the busy outside world!" Grace smiled toward her, pulling a face toward her husband. "Nice to be here Mrs. Johnson, it makes a nice break to get away from all the humdrum of the town!" "Will you have any more need of me Mrs. Johnson?" Michael quizzed poking his head into the door. "No, I'm sure everything is fine Michael, Angela has tried the shower, she's made no mention of it!" Grace looked toward her daughter as es de noche y estoy caliente comewatchus and trasero spoke.

"No, it's fine Michael, just fine!" "A little more in stimulating perhaps?" smiled Michael Angela felt herself redden; her mind went back, with her ending up on the bathroom floor, surely it couldn't have been Michael!

She thought. "No, honest it's excellent now! Thank you Michael" Angela turned back to Jane, as to cut him out of the conversation. "Little of my titillation works wonders!" He grinned with a wink, walking away. Angela couldn't help wondering as to the significance of his word titillation, if only she'd not have passed out. She dreaded the thought that Michael had anything to do with it.

"What could he have done anyway, he'd be past it at his age surely?" she thought. "Well what are you two going to do with yourselves over the weekend then?" Grace quizzed looking at the two girls. "For my own point of view, just to relax, nice swim, and get engorged by the sun on the lawns. God, it's so peaceful here!" Jane chuckled. "What of you Angela?" "Angela?" "Sorry, I was in a world of my own there! Sounds good to me, no shopping then?" "I've had enough of that this week, what with one thing and another!" Jane smiled It wasn't until the Sunday morning that Michael was witnessed again; the girls were by the swimming pool, sunning themselves, as normal Michael had arrived from nowhere, Angela had just picked up her book.

Until she'd caught a movement in the corner of her eye, she hadn't noticed him walking toward her; always straight to the front, just in case her pose was untoward, but this time her legs were tightly together.

"It's Sunday Michael; lovely gal performs rodeo on wang girlfriend homemade are you doing! Not working I'm sure?" "Saw you here Miss, imagined you might like a drink, how about you Miss?" Michael turned to Jane, who was now sitting up one elbow.

"Sounds good to me, nice Martini with ice! I think that would go down a treat" Michael's eyes followed her stretching out before him, her costume basically covering her private parts, big areolas and hairy sex stories free storys a slight pleat just where it should be, by the thinness of the panties he could tell she was shaved. He could have gone down on her there and then, and by the way she was flaunting herself, she well knew his thoughts.

"I'll have the same Michael…thank you!" It was as much as he could do to peel his eyes from Jane, he turned and nodded toward Angela. "Right away Miss!" "He's a randy old sod!" Jane giggled as Michael moved away. "You shouldn't tease him like that, you'll give him a heart attack!" "Don't knock him Angie, they say the old ones are the best.

I'd bet he wouldn't turn it down if he was offered it!" "What would you know about it?" Angela chuckled. "I'm only going by what I've heard, they say until you've endeavored an oldie you haven't lived. I'm often tempted to try!" Jane mused. "I wonder you haven't, plenty of chance stuck out of the way down here in the country!" "Jane you're to much, I've known him all my life!" "So, all the more reason for trusting him then!" "He's got two granddaughters my age!" "Well, put it this way, it doesn't stop him looking does it, as I say he'd jump at the chance, if presented to him, I wouldn't say no?" Jane laughed.

"There we go, two martini's shaken not stirred" Michael chuckled, kneeling down in front of the girls placing the tray on the ground. "Fancy a swim then Michael?" Jane suggested, with a grin. Michael looked toward the pool with a smile, then back to her.

"Think I could find more pleasurable things to soak up my energy Miss" he grinned.

"And what may I ask do you have in mind?" Jane smiled. "If only you knew Miss!" he chuckled, standing and looking down at them both before moving off. "He's gagging for it!" "Jane, he's our handyman you're talking about! More than likely considering something complete dissimilar, to what you have on you're mind" "Wouldn't like to take a wager on it would you?" Jane replied with a broad grin on her face.

"You have it made here, you know just as to where everyone is, so many secretive little hidey holes around the grounds!" Jane watched as Michael drifted out of sight. "Well…would you?" "Would I what?" "Angie, when was the last time you had sex?" "God!" "Exactly…you can't remember can you?" "I didn't mean that, I mean with Michael, his hands will be like sandpaper!" "I wasn't thinking of his hands, think of the mileage that his cock has done, I'll bet that's ploughed a few fields!" "You really do fancy him don't you?" Angela smiled picking up her drink.

"I'll not impede you!" she smiled over her glass. "I didn't think I needed consent!" Jane grinned. "But thanks, I'll let you know if he satisfies my needs, I'm sure he will!" "Jane, I really believe you mean it!" "Believe me I do, it would round my weekend off admirably!" Jane smiled her eyes focused on Michael's last whereabouts. "I'll pathe the way for you!" Jane chuckled.

It was mid-afternoon by the time that Jane got her chance; they were both sitting on the lawn in front of the lounge chatting when Michael came into view once more.

"Here comes wonder boy!" Jane laughed as she sat up, holding her hand up to her forehead, shielding her eyes from the strong sunlight. "Sure you don't want to take a wager?" "No, I'll leave you to it!" Angela laughed. "Are you busy Michael?" Jane quizzed as Michael neared them. "Trouble Miss?" "Well, I don't know if you can spare a few minutes of your time. It's just that the window in my bedroom appears to be sticking" "I'll have a look for you should you wish Miss!" "Why thank you Michael!

I'll be up there in a few minutes; I would be grateful of your assistance! Say ten minutes!" "Fine Miss, I just have to see cook and I'll be up there" Michael walked off toward the house, but the smile on his face hadn't gone unnoticed. "See you in a while!" Jane grinned as she stood. "You're serious aren't you?" Angela implied. "Never been more, see you in a while, no gate crashing now!" "I wouldn't dream of it!" replied Angela, watching as her friend entered the house.

She sat on the lawn looking up to the bedroom window that she knew that her mother had been prearranged for Jane; there was no sign of Michael or Jane, squeals were apparent, even low moans. It wasn't until an hour later that her friend came and sat back down beside her, for moments she said nothing. "Well!" Angela asked, with a look of concern on her face, for her friend. Michael walked out from the door down toward the two girls placing his hand onto Jane's shoulder.

"Thank you Miss, if I don't see you before you leave tomorrow, do have a safe journey back!" he smiled, and then walked back down the slope heading for home.

"Jane, are you alright: did he satisfy the need your had then?" Angela gina valentina shows off ass and screwed by huge cock watching as Michel dropped out of sight. "Satisfy! They're might be snow on the roof Angie, but Christ, there's one hell of a fire in the crate. Angie…never ever, have I been fucked like that, I was in another world out in space.

Jane pulled her knees back, looking up under her dress, then turned to Angela. "Have you ever seen such wetness!" she gasped. "I've already showered, and still it persists to leek from me" Angela looked under her dress as Jane opened her legs; her panties were truly drenched, the damp patch well up over the top at the front. Thick…white…syrupy cum was oozing through the gossamer material, even more so between her legs.

"God, he did me proud, didn't he!" Jane placed her arms behind her on to the grass, throwing her head back. "Jesus that felt real good!" "I take it that you're need was fulfilled then!" "Angie, you just have to try him, what a cock…super-cock that's what I call it, the end is just like a fireman's helmet, and it felt that big, Christ, did he give me a reaming!" "I think you'd better get cleaned up, tea will be ready soon…I don't want mother to see you like this" Angela stood, lifting Jane by the arm.

"Come, come on!" "God!" Jane giggled. "I can hardly stand; my legs feel so wobbly" "My, you look flushed!" Grace chuckled as the girls came into the dinning room holding each other's arms. "Little bit to much sun Mother!" Angela informed her mother. "Cum, not sun!" Jane whispered as she managed to sit at the table.

Monday, Jane and Angela's father left early, they'd both gone by the time she'd got up, Grace had already started her breakfast as she'd walked in to the dinning room. "All on your own again then!" Grace smiled. "So what are you up to today?" Angela collected her coffee from the percolator on the side then sat down at the table.

"A lazy day I think, spend a bit of time down by the lake! I could do with a walk" "No books then, that's unlike you?" Angela knew that Michael spent a vast amount of time down at the lake in the boathouse; it would be her chance. After Jane's depiction of Michael's talents, she'd had a wakeful night, getting over excited sexually. The only thing that bothered her was to how Jane managed to get him into bed so promptly. "No, a rest from those, or I'll have no books left!" Angela smiled.

There was no sign of Michael when she arrived, she'd played in the boathouse numerous times as a child, it brought memories flooding back to her, most of her time was spent in the loft, it was her own little playhouse up there.

It was more of a sail store now, not that the boat went out that often. Angela looked up the ladder; it had been years she thought as she started to climb. "Now, that really is a sight for sore eye's!" Came a chuckle from below her. "Never as yet, have I seen the exquisite fucking after oral pornstar and hardcore pair twice!" "Michael, what are you doing here?" "More to the point young lady; what are you doing here, if I remember rightly, you're father stated that you didn't come here unsupervised!" he replied, with his eyes cemented between her legs, under her flowing skirt "Michael that was years ago!" Angela laughed; she continued climbing as she spoke realizing that Michael wouldn't move from his position beneath her, until she was over the top.

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"I have my instructions, so I'd better stick to them, you could get into no end of trouble up there young lady" His gaze never wavered as he started slowly scaling the ladder behind her.

Angela recognized that there was no way out now, she was vulnerable to his needs, that's if he had any oomph left after Jane yesterday. "What are you doing here anyway?" Michael inquired as he stepped off the ladder.

Angela had walked over to the window, viewing the lake. Michael walked slowly across the loft behind her placing his hands onto her shoulders. "It's dangerous up here you know!" Angela never turned, the warmth of his hands on her shoulders felt comforting.

"I don't think I'm in any danger now that you're here Michael, you always did submit to my needs!" Michael's hands moved from her arms to the side of her waist, rubbing leisurely up and down her ribs. "What would your needs be now then?" he chuckled, the pressure of his hands getting stronger. Angela's heart missed a beat; she leaned back onto his chest, forcing his hands though to the front of her, placing them into them, then lifting them to her breasts.

Michael embraced them gently, manipulating in tender revolving movements, leaning down toward her neck kissing her soothingly, allowing his tongue to brush against her earlobe licking in lustrous strokes. Unhurriedly, she turned to face him, mom seduce and get fucked by sleeping son mlfzer her arms up around his neck lifting herself up onto her toes, kissing him hard on the lips.

Michael's tongue went deep into her mouth, tickling the end of her own. He moved gradually to the side, then lifting her bodily, laying her down gently on the folded sailcloth behind them, Angela's arms still held his neck tightly, their embrace unchanged. His scrawny but nimble fingers nibbling at the buttons of her blouse slowly moving his hand inside, her breasts were firm with prominent nipples, tantalizing each in turn with his fingers tips. Angela pulled away slightly, placing her finger onto his nose.

"You're naughty!" she smiled Michael slowly lifted, leisurely undoing the rest of her blouse, stopping for a brief moment his eyes absorbing her breasts. "I've always been that way!" he smiled. "Would you have me any other?" Angela pulled him back down toward her, kissing him passionately, but Michael wanted to suckle her breasts he moved leisurely down over her, his hand seeking to go further a field.

It had been weeks since her last encounter; she couldn't recollect that being that much of a triumph. His hand could be felt sliding up between her legs soothingly, she heeded his need opening them in a leisurely manner, once at the top locking them tightly together, gripping the probing fingers.

Michael's cock was throbbing hard he'd lusted for so long, watching as her body grew into that of a beautiful young woman. She could play now, but soon…very soon, she have need of him as he did of her, she relinquished her grip on his hand, slowly he peeled the edging of her panties to one side allowing his inquisitive fingers to find the dampness of her thoughts.

Angela tugged at the material beneath her, sensing his fat finger sliding up inside her pussy, giving out a soft moan of sheer gratification whilst he continued to suckle her breasts. Slowly his finger began to rotate against her inner walls, the sensations broadening with the swiftness of his movement, his thumb found the crucial spot, she lifted parting her legs, bucking up to meet his measured thrusts.

Michael moved down, lining his head to her pussy, his tongue occupying the stance that his thumb once beheld, her taste and aroma sending poundings to his brain, his cock thickening intensively to mother natures call, the call of breeding. Little by little he entered a second and then a third finger, Angela winched slightly, gripping the sailcloth tighter, her body going through sensuous spasms, orgasms flooded her body, racking the very nerve ending within her pussy, her heart began to pound, she squealed loudly with sheer delight.

He sensed her inner muscles quicken as his fingers found the essential space; knowing now…now was a good time. Lifting above her, his cock swung wildly, nevertheless, Angela's mind was far, far away, to concerned with other feelings to notice the size of his manhood, but her eyes widened when she sensed the intense pressure of his mighty helmet spreading the lips of her pussy. Michael rested slightly on his cock; although somewhat constrained it still gathered momentum, gradually prizing open her inner walls.

She stayed perfectly still, sensing the warmness as it unhurriedly enveloped itself within, her body now aglow with mysterious feelings, closing her eyes as Michael rocked slowly backwards and forwards burying the huge shaft into her. She lie back, her japanese av model has nipples pinched and hairy crack screwed had now numbed, all feelings removed, she was now part of him, together they moved harmoniously, reaching up, pulling him down to her once more kissing him enthusiastically.

"God, Michael…that feels wonderful!" she gently bit, but kissed his ear at the same time, wriggling her tongue inside. Michael enhanced his strokes, now long but deliberate, his hands under her shoulders, easing her down on to him with each inward plunge, the deliverance of such momentum sent Angela wild, she gripped his neck thrusting her hips up to meet him, Michael speeded his pace, fucking her hard. Suddenly she arched underneath him with her hips thrust forward, Michael took advantage immediately, pushing deeper inside, Angela cried out, stimulated by sheer pleasure, her body ached with the indulgence, and her head spinning.

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She felt she was on a merry two massive dicks for a hot bimbo round, bright lights flashing colours, orgasm followed orgasm, her arms trashed from side to side, intermittently gripping Michael's shoulder's, he experienced pain as her nails dug into him, but continued his drive, lifting himself on to his toes.

Unsurprisingly Michael sensed his seed on the move, he slowed his pace with no avail. Angela felt an unexpected swelling in his cock, as it readied itself for the upsurge; she was not surprised by the engorgement, however not to this degree, before it had only just been obvious. Michael eased himself forward, assuring his cock full penetration then held, throwing his head back, giving out loud groans.

His shaft rapidly thickened and pulsated as the thick seed passed along it, Angela, gripped the material beneath her once more, feeling the massif inflammation of his seed as it gushed deep inside; sensing a boiling sensation as her pussy extended within as it tried to absorb the syrupy fluid.

Michael could feel the backflow, as she fulfilled absorption point. Lifting herself up Angela cupped his face into her hands then kissing him gently on the lips. "Michael that was magnificent, you're an excellent lover!" she smiled. Michael tried to lift himself away from her, but his strength had left him. "Are you all right?" Angela sensed he was having difficulties as she tried moving herself from beneath him, but his weight was too much.

"I'm not to sure!" Michael stammered. Suddenly gripping chest as a surge of pain moved across his body, then down his left arm. His face told all, he fell heavily to one side of her with his hand still gripping his chest. Angela rolled over beside him. "Michael…Michael please, please…don't do this…Michael!" Angela rested his head into her lap; nevertheless it was to late Michael had gone.

As she endeavored to stand her pussy bubbled as the thick sperm gushed back down her passageway, the back of her skirt was smothered. Never did she ever deem herself in such a quandary, why her, and why now. She recognized she had to get back to the house, but what of poor Michael, she stooped down as to reorganize his attire, he was heavy, dead weight you might say. How could she explain his death? She looked down at his face; it illustrated nothing but a gratifying smile. As if to say……&hellip.God!

What a way to go! Jane rang redhead masseuse sucks and rides hard cock that evening, with all the news from her end, and then. "Did you manage to try Michael?" she asked, with a note of enthusiasm in her tone. Gail Holmes