Cute teen laughs at an old guys dick

Cute teen laughs at an old guys dick
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Willy Carlson my hubby loved to play board games .In fact it was boarding upon an obsession with him!.You may think I jest but I'm serious!.The man's a gamer and although he's thirty three years old going on twelve he actually run a lucrative business.His!.

Willy without a shadow of a doubt really seems to take pleasure in the board games consisting of trivia. So as a daily routine it became more or less our civil duty to drop over by his closest friend B-boye's home to pit our wills against him and his wife to beat'um!.

Of course we always did .But B-boye always took all of his buddy's ribbing and jabbing with a grain of salt.He was the one good at B-ball a game his friend totally was not!. You guys ready to lose!. My ears was ringing as Willy sat across from me at the poker table this Saturday night tilting the top off The Game of Life game once more his favorite. No dawg I ain't in the mood tonight to watch you act like a clown in my house and yelling like a fool again I won!.Chrissy and I followed Will's stern expression over to B-boye.His back was still at an angle but his penetrating eyes that was centered on him spoke volumes.What B can't take it?

Hey I ain't said that.B say leaning back in his chair full of confidence but shit dawg why we always got to do this same ol' same ol' anyways! .Will we're young!.Save this shit man for when we're pushing our wheel chairs!. Oh your funny!. Okay so now it was clear to both Chrissy and myself that these guys would soon butt heads again if we didn't do something to stop them!.

Why don't I get you hot heads a drink Chrissy offer uncrossing her long legs the one's I was jealous of.Show off!.I thought to myself smirking as B-boye's trophy wife stood fixing her tight hip hugging jean skirt .The thing barely covered her semi flat ass behind!. And that see through sheer flowery short sleeve belly shirt barely covered her enhanced boobs!.We brought hair.them boobs. I felt out of my league over here sometimes but never let them see those feelings surface.Not even Will knew.Dawn you want to help?.Sure .I say far too quickly.Now I was sure that my nervousness showed.

Chrissy and B had a beautiful home. And I absolutely loved the decor of their dining area. So spacey with African and Scandinavian motifs decorating the walls.

A mixture of both their cultures.Dawn you need not be so nervous girl. Her grey eyes was sharp as she glance up at me smiling handing me the tray to put the drinks on. Oh it xxinx college girl story sex .I say flatly while placing the filled glasses one by one on the tray.Girl calm down .its enough our guys are in there acting so immature .Let's not you and I do the same.

Besides I love what your wearing tonight girl.Only a black woman's body could carry off those exercise tights and bra tops to the extreme and make'em look fashionable!.Well that was nice.Who would have thought it I liked her style and she liked mine.The guys was still hollering at each other and from the looks of it we could see that we might have to cut the evening short.Hey wanna see a little hobby of mine?.Chrissy says.She really was the right match for B-boye because just like him she had started saying.hey this or hey that.

Alright I'll bite . I was smiling myself because it really was ironic to see that the guys was rebel rousing in one room.

while the ladies was having a decent conversation in the next. Chrissy surprised me though as she removed a large brown box out from behind their huge red homemade pov girlfriend wanking cock spanking and piercing sectional sofa.What's that?. I grinned sipping on the drink I had brought in the room with me. Hey I just told you girl .my hobby. I threw back some of the Brandi shaking loose some of my pinned up course natural braided hair.

I loved the colors I was wearing now.a cool russet brown tint mingled on jet black hair. Chrissy always wore her long free flowing brunette hair the same. bone straight hanging down her back and cut blunt some what like a Asian woman would don her's. Apart from the fact that we both wore multiple piercings on our ears nose and down below around our belly buttons and both had vagina studs no one would have ever guessed that two entirely different women could think the same!. Is that what I think it is?.

I started laughing hard then choking on my drink as she introduced me to a rather large latex dildo!.Oh so you find this funny?.She say amused herself peering pass me into the room where the guys was now sitting acting civil.B-boye had lost the fight to Will's overbearing ego again.So you might as well say that things was indeed back to teen beauty dina is sucking huge fake fuck stick like crazy Chrissy your a freak I blurt out!.Shhhh!.Chrissy hissed low at me removing another item with her eyes traveling back.Now as you can see this is a butterfly love these!.My drink had worked wonders it had soothe my nerves quite a bit.

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I was even starting to get a little wet from staring at the items. Wow .I chide clearing out my throat as the next item she removed was a nice sized coal black latex dildo. I think my pussy stirred a little too much at the sight of that. You like?. Chrissy asks noticing creeping closer flinging the thing over her head as if she was trying to tempt me.or intice me. Who wouldn't like?.

She bust out laughing at me as if she was the one drinking something spirited instead of me!. This little beauty is mine. she whisper to me leaning close to my ears.Will was getting figidity because for once B seemed to be winning.B wipe at his forehead before making his next move.My B understands how I feel she says .Or should I say how it gets for me sometimes when he's not around.

I stare around for the bottle of Brandi to refresh my glass. Chrissy reads my mine going over to it before me filling my glass to the rim.

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Are you trying to get me drunk Chris?.I ask with my words and the sparkling drink showing some effects.Why?.I asks licking the taste from my upper lip think that I'm.I'm too much of a prune that I wouldn't consider this option if I wasn't with my man?.Ooooh.your turned on aren't you?.

Chrissy was being a naughty girl but on the real?.She was right I was ready to pull down those tight black tights and let the slickness there breathe a little. I didn't believe in shaving the hairs off my now throbbing pussy to the point where it looked like a flounder fish!.

All bald and slippery. although that shit was good when I was in my teens and the boys was always ribbing any girl who they slept with badly who decided to leave a lil cush on their tush intact!. But now here in the present.My camel toe was shaved down nicely so much so that I didn't mind letting men even see it at times. On my job in the office I always played at gaping my legs open only wide enough to give them a peek.

Some thought they was staring at nice black panties but two or three was smart enough to guess what it was. I had a beautiful pussy sexy squirting blond rides on fucking devices was proud to show it!.Dawn!.Chrissy had snapped me back to reality by smoothing my cheek with the thing.Ummm.I love this one!.It was a six incher. I'm sooo hot right now I want to stroke the shit out my shit!.

Alright. all my alarms started going off!. Was this heifer crazy!. We had our men in the next room and she was standing before me pushing a rubber dildo between her legs and gasping with ecstacy in front of me!. I was livid!. But creamy cum was seeping into my panties too! .Damn the shit was turning me on unwillingly!. I made a break for the entrance just then but Chrissy blocked me!. Dawneee?.

She chimes bedroom is only a few feet in front us.Hey girl the guys are seriously into there game in there.Soooo.why don't we play a better one in there? .She was pointing to her bedroom .

My pussy was pleading with my head to not think and just go for it!. But she was talking about letting a toy do what my man was an expert at!. Dawnee black women need to let go of some of their inhibitions girl and live life to the fullest!.

That long black dildo she had waving overhead a few minutes ago was now between her lips. She was lick.lick. licking it like a lollipop!.To coin a phrase. White girl gone wild!. B then saw me standing there in the doorway and remembered the drinks .Hey girl where's the drinks I'm thirsty!.

He was now losing from the sound in his voice.And B was pissed!. But Will had a gratifying look plastered on his happy face!. Chrissy pouted as B joined us in the room. She bit her bottom lip when his eyes fell on the large brown box. Hey baby .he say grabbing her close tugging her at the waist what you doing?.

It always amazes me to see ebony upon ivory skin. Somehow I knew the heat between the two must be explosive because their body language cast a different aura then it would with same race couples. Will was this nice chocolate black .That was the reason why her dildo made me so wet. It was almost the exact length and thickness of my man's prick when I deep throated it too perfection. Chrissy couldn't hide the dildo anywhere because it was still dangling in the hand she had behind her!.

B-boye's hand ran down naughty stepsis punished by her stepbro for smoking outside length of her arm and simotaneously hit up against the feel of harden rubber. She froze a little as my breath caught.

Hey girl what's this?.Just then my heart started beating a mile a minute as I watch Will shove back his seat getting up and walking towards us where we was all still standing in the room.

He was smoothing down his attractive neat little afternoon shadow staring at me with that glint of lust playing up his dark eyes.I guess with his winning streak in tact my man was ready to move on to a new game.His hand sought out my waist all to quickly only to dip lower to my apple bottom behind.

But Will soon did a double take as he saw his friend B flashed the dildo angrily in the air!. Hey baby .its.its just a toy thingy you understand?. Baby you don't need no toy girl! .Ain't this real black man's dick black enough for your taste!. Ummm black enough.escape her lips instead moaning at the choice of his very words. B seemed to catch some of his wife's jungle fever as their eyes met in an embrace before their lips did!.

Their heat sorta ignited the fumes that was fanning around Will and me.his hands was now stroking my apple bottom ass!. I was hot!. He was heated!. And like Chrissy I was now on fire!. My moans was also now filling the room along with her's. Will was more of a just us two in the room kinda guy.

But even he had to admit this scene was a scorcher!. We was in front of two people we know as friends!.Conducting ourselves in a very .very very intimate way.Chrissy and B stretched out on their red leather sectional.

Their clothing was dropping away fast!.I wanted mine off too! it baby!.Ahhh!.Chrissy chanted up at her husband staring christy mack behind the scenes behindthescenes masturbation at us as if we was her turn on!. .B- was a chocolate brown smooth skinned clean shaven hunk of a man who got his name B-boye from being a good dribbler at basketball.And his toned athletic body turned the head of lots of women when he played basketball or jogged.

but Chrissy had won his heart and that as they say. is that!. Their bodies molded smoothly together when he humped her. Needless to say our clothes by now was in a twisted bundle on the floor in the corner where we was. Will had been working my pussy juices vigorously!.My cunt was a wet mess!.I was spilling even more then when it was only the two of us together!.god even his hard on drove deeper into my burning pussy then ever before!.

Then I notice B was staring over Chrissy's head at Will and me. His grunts getting louder and coming more quicker as his tool pumped away up his wife's quivering slit. Was he staring at me?. There wasn't no question about it!.His eyes kept making contact with mine!.And then as if in a rhythm all our own we both begin to match each other's pulsations!.The same moves!.The same heat.the same rythem.

.Will felt the shift but thought it was him.No!.It was B's intense eyes locked with mine over his wife's head turning me on!.We was being pulled together by some unknown force!. Somehow though I had been right about Chrissy .she was a grade A freak!.The woman was totally getting off to her hubby mind fucking another woman!.So what did that say about me!. This woman who was secretly enjoying alanah rae hard work office. Chrissy then sought out Will's eye contact and he in turn seemed to pick up speed pumping furiously now between my dampen legs huffing and puffing as if he was trying to show her what she was missing by not fucking him!.

.The games people play.ha ;). Well of course after that day we all still remained friends .But the friendship climate for all of us had changed.Where we was once meeting to play Will's passionate board games.Well let's just say we was now meeting on Saturday nights to play like Chrissy would put it.An even better one! The End