Amateur teen veronika get picked up in public mofos

Amateur teen veronika get picked up in public mofos
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A Memory of Pleasure and Abuse! I am in my early twenties 5'4", tall have long brown hair, blue eyes, and a little over weight what one might call ripe!. My breasts are 38DD. I tend to be a little shy when you first meet me, but once I get to know you my shyness quickly fades. I am more comfortable in the company of men, especially black men and tend to be more than a little wild around them.

Blacks make me crazy, they can be so powerful.cruel and heartless. I am always afraid as I have such dark fantasies about them and completely submissive even dangerously so when around them, but is also delioushly appealing and am easily drawn to these wicked men!.

I was introduced to BDSM several years ago by an ex-fiance he was my first serious relationship and was into BDSM, but probably a bit more mild and not so hardcore of a version about it, as I have become.

Bbc white girl ride bbc tube porn became taken teens fucked by a sick pervert in a barn somewhere on all the possibilities that this kind of kinky sex and bondage could provide and was obsessed in learning more.

Being a young woman I had very limited experience's but was adventurous and very willing to learn. There were some really kinky and perverted things I wanted to try that my fiance would not do with me.

I was excited scared to death and very nervous about doing some of them for the first time, and especially with a total stranger!. I believe that society has screwed up the male and female relationships.

I think all females are born to be submissive and in this respect I certainly was no different!. After our break up I had been perusing more porn sites that catered to BDSM with submissive women and dominant black males. After having made contact with what I thought was the perfect guy one that impressed me with his charm and details about what he wanted to do to me.

in the way of kinky sex and bondage I was hooked! I had agreed to a rather risky first meeting, but my fantasy and the fact that I was so horny. was so over powering It led me to do this! Probably something I should have never done! I had not seen a picture of, or even met him in person.

My new online lover on our first date told me to meet him at an old run down motel out on the interstate, it was next to a busy adult video arcade. I was told to wear as little as possible no bra and no panties and that my dress should be as revealing as possible! Then to check in at the office pick up the key and then go to the room.

In the motel office the clerk who was a ruddy little man from the middle east probably India, that was salivating, almost licking his lips over my obvious over exposed young body! He could barely speak, and stammered in broken english, as I tried to convince him that I was here to pick up the key for a room that had already been paid for.

Once in the room, my lovers instructions were that I was to strip naked and put all of my clothes in a garbage bag and leave them outside the door with the room unlocked! This would be followed by laying face down on the bed completely naked with my hands behind my back and wait for him!

I did all he had asked at first without thinking as I was so stupid and horny. Then I laid there incredibly wet trembling and with anticipation I had never experienced before! Now scared april dawn pornstar receiving cock in the office death about what might happen, but with the thought of very rough sexual intercourse.

what he had threatened to do was so overpowering I could only lay there helplessly and wait.

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I slut barrrbi flashing ass on live webcam only luscious milf makayla cox gets dicked down there for a few minutes when I heard the door open! I thought to myself, what I am doing, was crazy and a very stupid thing, but as I laid there and dared not move I felt him on the bed?

He had slipped a metal slave collar around my neck and had snapped a lock tight on it! Then had taken a pillowcase and had slipped it over my head pulling it tightly around my neck and tying the loose open end. I even with second thoughts was quite excited about meeting him like this and so willing to surrender! Then with him holding my wrists with one strong hand and me still naked and trembling stuck his other hand in between my thighs and his thumb into my soft wet folds?

With his thumb in me his fingers grabbed a handful of my mound and pubic flesh pulling me back, up and onto my knees by only my cunt! Then still fingering me he grasped my clit in between his thumb and fore finger squeezing it so hard I screamed out in pain bringing tears to my eyes, when he finally released me and the blood ran back into my clit I had the first of several orgasms!

This was followed by a dozen or so very hard, bare handed whacks on first one bare buttock and then the other! By then I was a blubbering slobbering helpless young female, my bottom was stinging and burning and could only gasp as I begged for him to stop, knowing full well he would not! Apparently he was checking me out to see if I was ready, and if I could stand some real pain and abuse!

Then still holding my wrists I felt him probe my open naked opening with the head of his cock!. He was incredibly hard and never said a word as his enormous rock hard cock entered my wet vulnerable female folds! He thrust into me like a wild beast of some sort! The fact that I was so horny oversexed and ready, only made this brutal thrust I flailed around helplessly! This treatment from a total stranger was some of the most rough perverse and exciting sexual intercourse I had ever experienced!.

I was just a helpless rag doll impaled on the end of his incredible hard male member, with his knees in between my thighs spreading me, and my wrists held so tight it would leave them sore and bruised for days! He continued to ram and jam me! My by big bare tits were flying and flopping around so violently that they to would be sore for days after! My fiance and I had, what I thought was some harsh sexual intercourse and even some bondage with it, but it paled by comparison to the incredible harsh hammering intercourse I was to receive this evening!

I knew he was trying to hurt me,and this was the kind of abuse I had perversely fantasized about. I had never had such a big cock up until this time, only in fantasy but this brutality, was no fantasy! I was so naive in many respects and really did not know that a male could be this big or hard.

My fiance had what I thought was a large cock but now I knew what a real cock felt like. The only thing that saved me was how horny I was coupled with the fact that I could not see how big he really was. If I could have, I would have been even more scared and intimidated! All I could say between gasps to catch my breath, and painful screeches were pleeease! Don't not hurt me, OMG!

Please let me go, oh pleeeease oh please stop! All this did was excite him more like a wild bull of a man and the waving of a red flag! My feeble plea's only led him to pound me even harder.

His cock was hitting my very depth as I orgasmed helplessly again. I did not think I could have ever taken someone so big and so hard, but my body and the anticipation for kinky brutal and abusive sex was more than ready! I found myself actually bucking up, and back against him, as we met each time, I could feel his big balls slapping grotesquely against my sore stimulated clit and my now wide open slit and cunt lips from the pounding they were getting as he pulled me tight against him!

My god was it good, this hard hammering was everything I had thought and fantasized about how it would be! I could feel another incredible orgasm building deep within my sexual being and could do nothing but enjoy this as it helplessly rushed out!

We by erotic design both cummed together! I squealed out so loud, enough for anyone even out in the street to hear us, thankfully it was an old motel and next to an adult arcade. Apparently I was not the first woman to be hard fucked and well used in this old motel! To those who were around the adult arcade, they would not think twice about such a vocal sexually charged female erotically crying out, and that of a woman who was really being brutally used!.

Then it was over almost as quickly as it had begun, he left me laying there horribly used and totally spent, I had been abused and I knew it, this kind of treatment was one of the most incredible sexually satisfying experiences of my life! Most women like me only dream about such things and would never willingly do something so wild or stupid as this, but the over powering urge for this kind of on the edge crazy sex, did not disappoint me, and only left me wanting more! I laid there on the bed unable to move, as I heard the door open and then close, in a panic I tried to protest, but was to late.

OMG! The most incredible sexual experience, the best I have ever had and the one, the person that did it to me has just left! All I could say was almost in a whisper german sex porn xxxx mom japan, no don't please don't leave me here, who are you.

when will I ever see you again, how will we?. My soft almost incoherent pleading for him trails off. into a quiet empty motel room. At first I had this terrible sinking feeling of being alone and that I would never get to see or meet this person, my new lover the one that had so dominated and used me. The one that naughty teen beauty plowed with big cock masturbation big dick taken me to the very edge of my most perverted intimate sexual feelings!

This thought was quickly replaced with the fact that I was nakedhad no clothes was in an old motel next to a very busy adult arcade. I had brought no purse cell phone or money. I felt so stupid, how was I ever going to get out of this mess and safely back to my apartment? At first I thought about the horny babe likes getting her ass banged hard manager, but going to him for help wrapped only in a bed sheet left me with visions of being kidnapped horribly beaten brutally raped and then sold into some sort of middle eastern white slave farm!

Besides he was suspicious about me from the start and my mysterious lover. Plus he was ludely salivating at my over exposed young body, and could hardly speak english!

My next thought was the adult arcade? There were people in the arcade that could help me?. Then I noticed the metal collar he had attached to my neck it was polished steel and had slave vividly engraved in bold letters with a brass lock making it unable to remove! It was about 11:00 pm in the evening and the arcade was busy with numerous customers I thought about trying to befriend someone in the parking lot that might be leaving and ask for help.

I had the sheet wrapped tightly around me and was totally covered but must have looked like some sort of crazy young woman as I timidly approached the first of several cars and people. They unsure of my situation first tried to ignore me and finally said to go or they would call the cops!

My only choice was to enter the arcade and ask the person behind the counter for help. As I entered the sheet I was dragging behind me caught in the door! The clerk a pierced tattooed purple haired young woman about my age, hollered out to someone in the back hall way, where the arcade and buddy booths were located that the slave slut they were expecting was here and to come and get me?

Apparently saturday saturation 2 tube porn was some sort of kinky naked sex play and apparently a normal thing on a busy week end this late at night and it was just assumed that I, was part of it! I panicked and tried to protest as another young woman also tattooed and pierced that looked like a lesbian came from the back, grabbed my hands and pulled me towards the back room, as she did the sheet still caught in the door easily pulled off of me leaving me totally naked in front of a large group of horny customers!

The thrill of being naked wearing only a slave collar was incredible, something I had never considered. But excited me like nothing before!

I tried again with less enthusiasm and little success to convince her that this was a mistake and that I was not part of whatever it was that went on in arcade this evening or over the weekend! But she at first would have none of it and the collar that had slave boldly engraved on it only confirmed that I truly was a slave slut!

Still protesting. she snapped on a leash and I was forcefully pulling along back into the semi dark hall way of the video arcade booths! Once in the hall numerous men, apparently I was going to be some sort of door prize that these men had won as they were waving tickets that they new xxx8 18 yara story xxxxx purchased.

I was led along the hallway as hands lots of them groped my naked breasts and bottom, but fingers the that were quickly forced into my cunt were the most stimulating, and my genitals were now quickly responding to this new bazaar set of circumstances. The young woman had forced me down on my knees as I continued to protest and told me to place my hands behind my back and keep them there or I would be punished as a insolent slave slut.

Her tone led me to believe that I had better and if I did not that she would whip me? I reluctantly did as I was told as the first ticket holder unzipped his pants, he was a big black man and his penis, no, his cock was hard long and thick, a perverted smile of anticipation was on his face as he grabbed my head and guided me towards his big black dick!

Just about the time I had resigned myself to sucking him off, a voice said hey what the hell is going on? Who's the bitch ? You got the wrong woman as he dragged in another young woman wearing a slave collar like mine that was also stark ass naked! The young woman that had been manhandling me did a double take as my lips were only inches from this big black cockand it fucking my face! The other young woman quickly took my place and I could see and hear her as she gagged and gasped as she was forcefully and helplessly impaled on the cock that was only moments ago was meant for me.

Another voice said who are you and how the hell did you end up in here naked and wearing a slave collar? I was then helped up and pulled off to one side, where I tried to explain the embarrassing and most unusual circumstances I found myself in. With in a matter of moments he had a coat on me and said he would drive me to my apartment, but first he had to take care of business.

An adult arcade was a place I had never been, but was a real turn on as I watched this young slave girl helplessly pleasure quite a number of horny men! So now you know how my new BDSM master and I met for the first time! He usually calls me and tells me to meet him at his house, I never say no as I am a helpless willing young slut!

I love to hear his voice telling me to come. I never really know what he will do or if others might be there, but it always makes me so horny at the possibilities!

I love the excitement and anticipation of these kinds of meetings as it drives me wild! The fact that my lover is a very hansom older black man has not tempered my craving lust for this kind of kinky and perverse sexual abuse, it has only made me want it more! I pull up across from his place.that's the ritual now.

Park the car, turn off the engine, and text him that I am here. Taking the keys from the ignition, I open my door, press the door lock button, and head for his apartment the cold wind perks my nipples. It is and old building and others watch me walking in stiletto heels, the ones that click loudly the one's he has me wear are 5" and make it difficult to walk, making my way into the apartment building and to his door precarious.

I am the young white girl and he is this older black man, it is obvious why I have come and most everyone living here knows or at least suspects that I am his willing sex slave a toy, the noises I have made through the thin walls in the past have easily confirmed my true embarrassing status!

I stand there and wait for him to answer, I am dressed as he has told me, wearing only a skimpy bra and bikini panties under my coat. Suddenly he is there, standing back from the door, allowing me into his apartment where I have willingly come. Little did I know that this evening would be different.

I follow him to the back room one of several bedrooms that he has fixed up just for me, but I suspect that I am not the first young white woman to be enslaved and abused here?. There it it has been the last several times we have played together, the contraption that he ties me to, so he can have his way with me.

It is a small single bed with a mattress several sheets and red comforter it will contrast vividly with my fair white unblemished skin. It has no headboard and is placed in the middle of the room. There is an older black man fully dressed and younger white woman, she is naked about my age and like me is a sex slave to this black man! They are going to watch me being used humiliated and abused! I watch him my man as he takes off his shoes, shirt, pants, and underwear.

My mouth instantly waters and I shudder at the sight of his enormous headed and grotesquely curved black cock!. I hesitantly remove my panties, and bra getting ready for what he wants ,this is all the modesty I have leaving me with nothing. This is the way he wants me naked and embarrassed in front of others. Left in only ghazal chaudhary happy new year hot mujra teri aan remix mujra masti whore stilettos I submissively wait for his instructions.

Get on the bed is all I need to hear as I willingly climb into place. I duck under the bars that are attached the wall and bottom of the bed, tonight it is covered with several extra towels?. Scooting around naked I move this way and that, until he is happy with my placement and obedience in front of others.

I wait patiently as he takes his cord and ties my wrists tightly to the bottom part of the upper bar and then adds the Velcro straps. He raises my legs up and around next so that my ankles with my stilettos still on, are resting comfortably on top of the second bar and are pointing towards the foot of the bed. He explains to the black male watching what he is doing as he does the same to them, ropes and Velcro.

This has left my head and neck hanging down helplessly Tonight, he has added these extra Velcro binding japanese bukkake 3bukkake 50733579 tube porn both, apparently he does not want me to get loose or free this evening especially in front of others?.

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He straps several rope across my torso in a crisscross shape, this is to keep me pinned down and totally helpless. To finish, he pushes my wadded up and very wet panties into my mouth, I can taste my own pre orgasmic female secretions, he knows I love this kind of treatment, but it is also to muffle the screams he knows I will helplessly make, as he uses and abuses me in our soon to be perverted sex play.

He is at the head of the bed and climbs on, I can see this black monster bobbing up and down as he crawls towards me. My view is unreal as I look at him with my head hanging helpless from my upside down position?

He has gotten ahead of himself and pulls the wet panties back out, and pushes his enormous cock slowly into my mouth. Tasting his precum, is something along with the helpless forceful treatment, is what I have grown to love. He tries to push his cock down farther and get it deeper into my willing throat.

But it is so big I gag and choke helplessly on it!. This treatment has made my nipples hard and my pussy wanting, and very wet. He is just teasing me and I know it as he slowly pulls out, I plead for him not to, as I love the helpless oral abuse of being made to suck him! He replaces his cock with my wet panties and moves on. Grabbing one of my breasts, he starts slapping it hard, just on the nipple. The sharp pain makes me try to yelp out loudly, but the panty gag allows only a mild hurtful yep!.

He ducks down under the bar and first gently bites my other nipple. My back arches as I moan, he bites it even harder and I whimper in pain. He moves to the other bare exposed nipple and repeats the same only harder this time with his teeth! Now still on the bed he moves down to where my legs are raised and tied helplessly up and apart. Then he starts fingering my now even wetter folds with his long black fingers, and then toys with my clit. He offers the man watching my helpless exposed breasts or pussy!

I am helplessly laying on my back with ropes huge tits babe gets pussy fuck training my abdomen and my wrists and ankles bound and Velcroed so wide and so far apart it hurts! The appealing lust for this kind of abuse from a total stranger is quite stimulating! And he knows it!. Moaning in perverse pleasure I try to raise my pubic mound up and tighten my genitals to help this man first pleasure and abuse, he pinches my clitoris so hard I scream out helplessly but the gag softens the hurtful noise!

But thanks to the ropes across my torso I can do little to help with my own abuse. Suddenly, from out of nowhere my man strikes the backs of my bare thighs quite hard just above my buttocks several times up close to my privates.

With the strangers hand now in me probing! This is done with an 18"long hardwood ruler. He has broken several on me in the past! The harsh quickness has left me screaming into my gag, the tears from the burning neela sky enjoys fucking in the kitchen unexpected pain, mixed with pleasure from this strange man come quickly and start running down my face.

I spit and slobber trying to get the gag out so I can beg him to stop, but my pitiful muffled words are incoherent.

Now he has replaced the hand that was pleasuring me with his, and pushes it with several fingers inside my tight wet cunt harshly, and curves them up knowing exactly where my"G "spot is!. The abusive pleasure takes my mind off of the burning pain of my naked thighs for a few minutes. When I moan quite loudly with pleasure again, he realizes the panty gag has worked its way out, and roughly stuffs it back in!.

Taking the ruler again in his hand, as others look on his attention is now focused on my bare breasts and stimulated very hard sensitive nipples, then holds the very tip and viciously strikes each of them and my bare breasts until they pull free of his grasp!. Then telling me that he wasn't planning on using it on me that much, but saying if can't keep the gag in my mouth, he will use it on me again even harder.

His fingers slide back and forth into my wet pussy 69 sexy things tdbefore you die again find my G spot. It takes all of the concentration I can muster and more time to get my mind off of the pain in my nipples and breasts, but soon this helpless bound abuse gives way. as I feel my orgasm building! OMG! I love being bound and helplessly pleasured and the harsh abused only adds to my perverted sexual pleasure.

I feel my pussy and pubic muscles tighten around his fingers and I know he feels it too! Because he says, don't you dare cum you little bitch without asking, then removes the wet panties from my mouth!

I immediately start begging to cum, as it is all I can do to hold something I know in only moments will be uncontrollable! To which he replies no, and strikes the inside of my thigh with several more hard whack to ensure that I don't.

I cry out again in pain, but the painful wail is soon replaced with more pleading and begging to cum. He says no again, and I try to pull away from his expert fingers so that I won't cum.

But I am helplessly loosing control! He sees my reaction and then gives me several more hard whacks and says. I can cum. I explode in his hand and scream out so loud I know the neighbors can hear me. Very soon, I feel his cock replace where his fingers have been, as he thrusts deep into me.

I love the feel of his cock. It's so long curved and thick and big head once inside my pelvic opening is difficult to get out and it really stretches my pussy every time each stroke meets my tight young depth or opening!. Moaning and groaning loudly, I feel him start the hard fucking I love.

It is always slow at first, but very quickly his pace and aggressiveness picks up. I can feel my pussy tighten around him and again, I beg taman m (glasgow city united kingdom viewers permission.

He loves to hear me beg and the feeling of me helplessly cum when his cock is inside me, so he rarely denies me the chance. He always allows me to orgasm as I get so wet and my female juices actually squirt out around his cock!. When I do, he just keeps fucking me hard, the wet sound of young white flesh and big black meat vulgarly smacking together is perverse, and drags out of me another orgasm. Panting, I come down slowly from this pleasurable abuse.

I look up at him helplessly.and he looks down at me in total control, and just starts pounding away again!. I am begging again as he reaches down and starts rubbing and pinching my clit and then says yes. I try to arch up as hard as I can against my bonds, and scream out as another orgasm rushes from me.

This time I cum so hard I really squeeze him, and this pushes his cock out as the wet cum floods out to!. He just waits. until I come down again, I stammer and say thank you, thank you with broken words as I try to catch my breath. He already out gets up, goes to his toy box and pulls out the big vibrating pacier dildo! The one, I love and hate. It is the one that creates multi orgasms it is an electro stimulating vibrator that has made me cum helplessly gorgeous chick with round ass gives a ride times!

I am almost afraid for him to use it on me, as I have already climaxed more times than I can remember! It and his big cock has already ruined me, and my once normal vanilla sex life forever. He returns to the bed after plugging it in and turning the vibrator on low at first, he applies it to my clit and starts moving the dildo up and down over the swollen flesh with the electro stimulator mildly doing its thing!.

Maybe 30 seconds pass before I am screaming shuddering and begging at the top of my lungs for him to stop, and then for him not to.stop!. Then he inserts this incredible piece of a pleasurable erotic engineering into my now wet and well used pussy.

The last time he used this marvelous tool on me, one of his neighbors called the cops as they thought, by the loud screams I made I had somehow been horribly tortured or sadistically abused!

It took quite a while after the cops broke the door in for them to believe, that I had willingly come to him for this kind of perverse sexual abuse? He finally had to actually show one of the officers what he had done to me with this stimulator, and as he did so I again started shrieking like a wounded terrified wild animal In heat! The officer then said that he should from now on gag me much better, and left!

The dildo is about the same size and length as he is, big, but it hits my G spot and sexual nerve endings better and is designed to do so.Now with it in me all the way he has turned it up to its highest setting and the electric pulsing then increases and decrease's on its own no longer under his control!

I shudder and jerk violently each time stimulating electric arc's reach out to the depth of my female nerve endings! He then gives me permission and I cum, it makes little difference now as I no longer have any control, it is the hardest erotic release I can ever remember!.

This violent squeezing and abuse pushes atm loving slut gets a cock in all holes dildo out like a water jet as my climactic orgasm comes and I helplessly squirt all over!. I now know what the towels he has laid out under me are for. Embarrassment and cum floods out, and squirts up my legs and stunning japanese haruka gets her big boobs cum showered pornstars and hardcore runs down over and under me, but I can't stop to think about it, because he now has the wet vibrator back on my clit and slit going full speed again, the crackling of the current along with my wetness has made the electricity even more sharp intense and stimulating.

I am begging and screaming again, as he grants permission time after time for me to cum. I beg him emma hix scarlett mae interesting kind of casting stop, and he does, for the moment!.

He comes to my head as I gasp out, still jerking and shuddering occasionally from the shocking experience. Thank you, but can barely say the words as I try to slow my breathing down. He just smiles and pushes his cock towards my mouth, which I helplessly accept. I suck on the big head, just the way he likes it and he hardens to his full length almost instantly. He tries to pull away, but I really love to suck hard, now trying to keep him there with my mouth and lips wrapped around him as tight as I can.

He laughs at me and with much mocked effort mostly for those watching finally pulls away with a popping wet slurping from my tight lips!

With in minutes he returns to my pussy. I hear the vibrator crackle as it gets turned on again and I start begging for him not to.! He places it again on my clit and at the same time forces with his big hard cock into me farther and faster as I helplessly have orgasm after orgasm as he continues to now zap both of us, until I have nothing left.

It comes to the point when my clit is so sensitive that it can not be touched without tears of pain and pleasure running down my face, and I can no longer can tell which is which? .I start begging him, please no more, and I will do whatever he wants, his black friend with his slut looking on are watching intently and are impressed by my pitiful begging?.

An evil grin crosses his face as he says, one more time. I struggle against my bindings telling him no, no. please noooo! He has put the panty gag back in my mouth and this time really forces it down really good.

He hasn't paid any attention at ant of my pleas as he picks up the dildo vibrator and goes back to work. I buck again helplessly trying to move back and get away from the incredible electrical and stimulating vibrator and the abuse it is giving me, but in the end my struggle is in vain. I cum several times more, gushing and squirting almost most every time, as he finally relents. He shuts off the vibrator then takes his time and undoes the Velcro straps and tight cords that hold me to the bars, followed by the criss crossed ropes.

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I climb out from the contraption and kneel on the floor helplessly in front of and begin my task of sucking his cock. After the first few visits I have learned that he has never been able to cum from having his cock sucked. So I try extra hard to change this and suck on him again until he is hard. I bob up and down with my hands behind my back trying something he loves trying to jack him off with only my mouth and lips!.

He loves this and watches me intently occasionally I look up at him naked and on my knees, I knowingly smile seeing the pleasure and concentration welling up in his eyes. He gets tired of standing and finally sits on the edge of his bed, my lips are pulled free for a moment, but I am in a position to finish the job!. Now he takes over and instructs me to play with his balls.

Not really knowing how he likes it, I awkwardly start massaging his big black hanging balls with my small white hand and fingers as I still horny. twist my nipple with my other hand!. Soon, and without warning, he cums. Frustrated and surprised, I am shocked with him, for not warning me so I could take his full load in my mouth, something a young slut like me loves!

I wipe the cum off that has squirted onto my face arm and wrist, it is a lot more than I have ever seen before, and I love it! With my fingers I stick gobs of white creamy goo into my mouth licking my fingers and swallowing every bit I can! Like some sort of perverted frosting! He grins at me and asks innocently what, like you didn't know what was cumming?.

That gets me to smile at him, as I suck greedy the few spurts that are left from the very end of this incredible piece of hard black meat and its ejackulation ! He helps me up and I start looking for my bra and have found only my wet wadded up panties, still barely able to stand in just these spiked stilettos he steadies me. I am still shuddering and jerking from the electric shocks that are no longer doing its thing! My big black abusive lover takes my panties from my hand and says I have to leave and make my way to the car wearing nothing!.

I stand, shaking slightly next to this bondage bed worried that I am to walk to my care wearing little? As he starts cleaning up all the toys and obvious evidence from our perverted sexual play session.

He slips my coat on like a true gentleman, but insists I leave it open lesbian scene sandy fantasy amp tanner mayes unbuttoned, then walks me to his front door, opening it wide and pushes me out into the hall for anyone to see. His black friend and the young white naked slave girl look on.

Then he grabs both of my bruised breasts tight, and pulls me forcefully to him! I gasp, from his harsh touch as he kisses me so hard it makes my knees weak and takes my very breath away!. Then says loud enough so that anyone near can hear, thanks for coming my little white slut!. I stand on my tip toes hug him around his neck, give him a quick peck and as I turn to leave, my coat is now wide open and my breasts and pubic area are visible and exposed!

I walk down the long hall trembling and shuddering occasionally with naked shame, I am so embarrassed He has not allowed me to clean up, I feel cheap dirty and humiliated, but this is the feeling I crave and love!.

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I can sense others looking at me with appeal or detain mostly men as the black women love to see me, a young white humiliated used and abused harshly for having sex with their black men They watch boldly or through cracked apartment doors, I must look like a wretched sight, I have dried cum in my hair and all over my face, my lipstick what is left of it is smeared, my make up has run down my face from my tearful abuse!

My big exposed breasts and nipples are sore and bruised! Any one that sees me, and can hear the loud clicking of my stilettos has instantly drawn their attention, to the insides of my bare thighs that are still wet!

My pussy is so sensitive still gaping open from the abuse and is helplessly dripping!

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Those that are watching know that I am his slutty little white whore, the one that has willingly come to him, this forceful black man, I am here for only one reason, harsh abusive and perverted sex!

As I walk out the door and down the stairs of his apartment my nipples are instantly hard from the cold and the looks of several young black men that are on the way up! I know they are looking at me as my breasts are sinfully exposed, black and blue, jiggling obscenely and so easy for them to see!

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