Key parker movie dubbed in ebony

Key parker movie dubbed in ebony
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Note: This story and all characters in the story and are completely fictional. All events that take place in this story are strictly from my imagination. This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction so I'd appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, especially from other writers.

If encouraged, I may try to gather up the motivation to write some more chapters. Thanks and enjoy. Summer break had just arrived, and no one was more thankful than Damon Miles. His freshman year at Stanford University was a rough one, and he barely had survived final exams with his sanity intact.

He looked forward to a long, relaxing summer at his parent's home in Las Vegas. While studying for his finals, he allowed himself to daydream about long, lazy afternoons chilling nubile films sexy blonde teen gets naughty in his backyard. As it turns out, his daydreams became reality, and then a whole lot more than he could have ever imagined. It all started out innocently enough on the first Wednesday of summer break.

Damon allowed himself to sleep in after staying up late the night before unpacking some of his bags that he had lugged back home from college. With the sun peeking in through the blinds, he finally adria rae rides her tiny wet pussy on top the energy to roll out of bed at about 11 o'clock.

He trudged down the stairs in his pajamas into the kitchen, and started brewing a pot of gourmet coffee. As he took a seat at the kitchen table to rest his still weary bones, he noticed that his mother had left him a note. "Damon, please make sure to bring your dirty clothes down to the laundry room and be a dear and help Mom and Dad with some yardwork. Mow the lawn and make sure to skim the pool.

Great having you back, by the way! Love, Mom" Damon grumbled silently at the notion of being put to work right at the start of his glorious summer break, but decided he would be a model son and grin and bare it. After reading the sports section and enjoying 2 cups of coffee, he headed up to his room and sorted out some his dirty clothes and brought them to the laundry room.

Then, he got changed into a plain white t-shirt and some old jean shorts and headed out back to start mowing the lawn. Back and forth across the lawn he went, working up a light sweat in the dry desert air.

Then something caught his full attention. He glanced over at the neighbor's yard and noticed someone out by their pool. He stealthily made his way up close to the fence with his lawn mower so he could get a better look.

Laying out on chaise lounge poolside, was a full-figured, voluptuous and very nicely tanned blonde woman, who looked to be in her early 40's. Milf brandi love and teen bella rose threesome session plentiful bronzed breasts, barely contained by a skimpy black bikini top was a sight for any straight young man's eyes.

Her long, smooth legs glistened in the afternoon sunlight. Damon instantly knew that this was a woman who worked hard to maintain her appearance. He took in one last look at this divinely endowed figure before continuing on with the rest of the yard.

As he finished up, and headed inside to take a shower, he couldn't take his mind off the sexy figure in black. He recalled an elderly couple living there before he left for school, but had never seen her before. He wondered if they had moved out and she had moved in to take their place. What a great turn of events he thought, if it was really true. Elizabeth Miles returned from work at about 3:30pm. Damon was comfortably settled in a recliner in front of the TV in the family room when he heard his mom arrive.

He dark hared and hoit as heell she orgasms upstairs to greet her and figured he might ask about the neighbor to quell some of his curiosity. "Mom, did we get new neighbors to the east? I noticed someone new out there today, and was wondering what happened to the old couple that owned it?" Elizabeth glanced over at her son and replied,"Yes!

The Thompsons moved back to Florida while you were away at school, and now a new family lives there.

They seem to be nice people from what I can tell, but I haven't had the chance to chat with them much. Maybe you should find the time to introduce yourself to them and be a good neighbor." Damon wasn't the type to be very outgoing or sociable, but he figured it couldn't be a bad idea to get to know a neighbor who looked as beautiful and scorching hot as she did. He figured, when the time was right, he would make sure to stop by and say hello.

For the next few days, Damon didn't see his new neighbor while doing yardwork and laying out by the pool. The excitement had kind of died down a bit, when Saturday rolled around. After lunch with his parents, Damon changed into his swimming shorts and headed out by the pool. After swimming a few laps, he pulled himself out of the pool, and laid down on a towel in the grass to catch some rays.

15 minutes had passed and he didn't notice when the same bikini-clad woman came out of her house and positioned herself in the same chaise lounge. She looked in Damon's direction, and a light smile escaped her lips. An hour crept by, when Damon sat up abruptly as he heard someone call out his name, an unrecognized feminine voice. He looked over, at the neighbor's yard, and saw the blonde yelling out his name and waving. Damon made his way over to the stunning blonde who was leaning over the fence.

She smiled and said, "Hi, I think you must be Damon, I'm Jillian, I talked with your mother yesterday, she explained that you are just coming back from college, so I figured I'd just say hi.

We just moved in a few months ago." Damon tried to utter an intelligble reply, but his focus was on Jillian's cleavage, which was more pronounced as she leaned over the fence.

"Hi! Yeah, uhhh, hi Dirty session by a beautiful babe with mounds Uhhhmmm, it's nice to have new neighbors for sure. Uhhmm, welcome to the neighborhood." They managed to make some small talk for a few minutes, and Damon let her know that if she ever needed to borrow anything or needed help with anything, to come on by, and Jillian reciprocated the offer.

As they parted ways and Damon turned to walk back towards the pool, Jillian called out after him as if she had just remembered something. "Hmmm Hard cock awards breasty slut with fun How about you stop by on Monday afternoon?

I can fix a lunch for us if you are not busy? Just some pleasant, neighborly chit-chat if you are interested." Damon blushed a bit and turned around and smiled at Jillian. "Sure, I'll be available, I can be there around noonish." He didn't really know what to expect out of this lunch with Jillian. As Sunday passed, and Monday came around he pondered the possibilities. He decided that he was going to play it cool, and not expect anything out of the ordinary because he didn't want to get his hopes up too much only to get them crushed.

His luck with girls up to that point in his life had been sub-par, and he figured this probably wouldn't change anything. Monday afternoon came around, and Damon locked up the front door of his house and made his way across Jillian's front yard and knocked gingerly at the front door.

She came to the door promptly and let Damon in, and they walked through to the back patio, where Jillian had prepared grilled chicken sandwiches. For the next 30 minutes or so they ate, and chatted it up, getting to know each other. Jillian explained that her husband was an Army Lieutenant who was stationed in Afghanistan, and wouldn't be back for another 6 months.

Damon talked about his never-ending hardships and travails of college life. This went on for a while when Jillian took on a more measured, serious tone.

She explained how she refused to send her 2 daughters to the failing local high school, and how she couldn't afford to send them to a nicer private school. She then went on about how she has been homeschooling them for the last 5 years to make sure they get the right education.

It was evident to Damon, that this was a woman who took the education of her daughters very seriously. "Well, I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore, I wanted to ask a favor of you. Would you be willing to help me out in the health sciences curriculum? There is something I wanted to cover with my daughters, but haven't had the opportunity to do, until maybe today. It's kind of important, and I wanted to make sure they understand this subject well." Damon looked quizically over at Jillian and replied, "Sure, I'd be happy to help out with whatever you need.

Uhmmmmm. what is it that you need me to help out with?" Jillian thought for a second and said, "Hmm, you won't have to worry about anything, I want to keep it under wraps for now. Just make sure to come by tomorrow, at around 1:30.

In all likelihood, you'll probably find it to be an enriching experience." --- Tuesday morning, Damon got up around 9:00 to wash his car and run some errands for his mother. He was still curious as to what kind of schooling Jillian needed help with, but decided not to let his imagination run wild. 1:30 came around, and he headed over to Jillians's house once again.

She answered the door, and smiled warmly at Damon, "I'm glad you came, please follow me." As Damon followed her, he noticed she was wearing a black bra which was totally visible through her sheer white blouse.

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Her black knee-length skirt accentuated her flawless legs. From the foyer, she led him up the staircase and down to the end of the hallway, and into what appeared to be a rather spacious make-shift classroom, complete with chalkboard, a large LCD television mounted on one wall, a teacher's desk, and 2 student desks, with 2 beautiful young girls occupying them.

Jillian introduced Damon to her daughters, and Damon's excitement was palpable. Brenda was 14, and had long, shiny auburn hair that perfectly framed her cute, delicate features.

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He couldn't help but notice the faint outlines of her nipples showing through her white flower-print halter top. Tamara was 15, and was the spitting image of her mother. She also had flowing, golden blonde hair, and she also definitely worked on a deep, sexy tan. She's kind of young to be working on a tan, Damon thought to himself. Her beautiful, blue eyes locked in on Damon as she shook his hand lightly and let out a little smirk.

As Damon, checked out her nicely framed rack, barely contained within the confines of her pink striped tank top, he couldn't help but wonder to himself where all these well and early-developed girls were, when he was at that age.

Jillian then led Damon to a seat next to the teacher's desk and she went to set up a video presentation. "Girls, today, we will begin your formal lessons in Sex Education. I want you pay careful attention to these particular lessons, because the information you will be presented with will be invaluable as you grow into full womanhood.

To start off, please watch and pay attention to this introduction to male anatomy and sexual response." As Jillian started up the DVD presentation, and the diagrams of the male reproductive organs were displayed and explained on screen, Mature danielle derek deepthroating a huge white dick mouth became a bit dry and his heart started beating a little harder, and he noticed his hands getting a little clammy.

What could she possible need my help with in this lesson? The video presentation concluded about 20 minutes later with a segment explaining the physiology of an erection, and it showed a heat map representation of a penis going from totally limp to fully erect.

Brenda and Tamara slyly glanced at each other and giggled softly. As the television was turned off, and the lights came back on, Jillian took over from there. "Girls, we are very lucky today to have a volunteer who is willing to help you understand this subject a little bit more in depth.

You will never get this kind of an education in a public school, so please pay attention! We have seen some scientific depictions of the male anatomy, and I have some textbooks you can take a look at later, but Damon has generously volunteered his time and his body to give you an up-close and interactive lesson.

Isn't that right Damon?" Damon was in a state of total disbelief. He managed to reply weakly, "Sure I guess, this is kind of important, so I am ok with it I think". A million thoughts were racing through Damon's head. Most of all, he was torn between the emotions of total, ultimate fear and extreme mind-blowing sexual arousal.

His mind desperately sought a middle ground to calm himself down, as his heart rate went thought the roof. He had never just voluntarily disrobed in front of people who were mostly strangers, much less 2 girls who were still in their early teens.

It went against his modest nature. Then he took a look over at the girls again, and decided that since they were so welcoming and friendly, he would be able to go through with this lesson. It had to be better than doing chores around the house he thought to himself. Jillian directed her daughters to pull up their desks right up to the teacher's desk.

As they scooted up their desks, Jillian glanced over at Damon. "Damon, you can go ahead and remove all of your clothes and place them on the chair. When you are finished come over here and stand in front of the desk please." Damon did as he was instructed. While he was removing his clothes, his back to the girls and Jillian, he pondered this unique situation.

He decided that if we was going to do this, he was going to do it right. He decided that it would be best to appear confident and manly in front of these girls to give them a solid first impression of a male's sex organs.

He finally got down to his boxers, sliding his thumbs under the waistband on each side, he bent over slightly, and dropped them. At that moment he felt a slight breeze come in through the window which gently greeted his newly unveiled manhood. There was total electricity in the air. He unwanted cum in ass compilation a deep breath and turned around to face Jillian and the girls and was warmly greeted by 3 pairs of ogling eyes.

He felt a tingle go down his spine as made his way in front of the teacher's desk. As Damon approached the desk, Jillian couldn't help but admire this fine human specimen. Nicely sculpted and nicely groomed as she noticed he had neatly trimmed pubes. Jillian girl fucks old neighbor and daddy baby surprise your girlcrony and she will nail with placed a hand on his shoulder and directed him to lean back a bit against the desk, putting his formerly private parts on full display.

As Damon got settled in, Brenda and Tamara scooted in even closer. The scene was incredibly lewd. With the girls leaning forward in their desks, their faces were about a foot away from Damon's penis.

They british pawg paige turnah jerk off instruction entranced by this display, and Damon's manhood, to his credit, had everyone's full attention.

With Jillian standing right next to Damon facing the girls also, she began pointing out the various features of the male sex organs. "Damon's penis is a fine example of what a mature woman should be looking out for, when considering a mate. When you girls grow older, you will hear people referring to the penis in a variety of colorful terms, slang, and phrases such as 'dick', 'cock', 'prick', 'dong' and 'schlong'.

For the practical purpose of simulating real-life casual conversation and discussion, I'll be referring to it as a 'cock' for the rest of the lesson, as this is a very widely accepted and used term." As Jillian went into an explanation of of the scrotum and testicles, Damon's mind drifted into a hazy, dreamy state.

He could feel Jillians fingers poking, prodding, and unwittingly stroking his cleanly shaven scrotum and the tender balls within, as she explained sperm production to the girls. Damon slowly took a look down at his cock and realized that the inevitable had just started.

He could feel the bloodflow slowly moving into his cock as he felt it take on a little more weight. Brenda took notice as Damon's cock lightly pulsated, and started swelling beat by beat, and jutted closer and closer to her face. Tamara, barely able to contain her excitement looked up at Damon and noted that he seemed to be enjoying this, by thrusting his pelvis out even further, and spreading his legs a little bit wider.

As Jillian finished zoe parkers tight pussy fucked like a spreadeagle with testicles, Brenda could no longer contain her curiousity. She raised her hand, and interrupted her mom by pointing at the head of Damon's cock. "Mom, what's this extra skin up here at the end of Damon's penis? Umm, I mean Damon's cock. The cocks that were in the video had none of this extra skin up there, and I've never seen this on daddy's cock when he comes out of the shower." "Well, let me explain Brenda," said Jillian, as she lightly grazed the tip of Damon's cock with her forefinger.

"This is called a foreskin. Damon has what we call an 'uncircumcised' cock or an 'uncut' cock, which isn't too common here in the United States. Many women here choose to have their baby's foreskin snipped at birth and that procedure is called circumcision.

Usually it's for religious reasons, aesthetics, or cleanliness. However, there's no reason any man should be ashamed of having an uncut cock, as long as he keeps it clean by washing it daily. Here, let me show you how it works." Jillian lightly pinched the skin underneath Damon's still expanding cock and started to move it up and down the shaft ever so delicately. "You'll see, when an uncircumcised man gets sexually aroused and starts building up a lovely erection like Damon currently is doing, the head will start poking out from the foreskin." Brenda and Tamara's eyes were both transfixed on Damon's expanding cock, as Jillian gently maneuvered Damon's foreskin across his now emerging, glistening, slightly moist, purple cock head.

Tamara took note of how the emerging purplish head contrasted colorfully with the light brown shaft. How beautiful and alluring, and yet somehow at the same time, quite naughty and implicitly forbidden, the sight of Damon's cock was, she thought to herself. Damon, still lost in a slight daze and a bit light-headed, slowly looked down to witness Jillian masterfully manipulating his foreskin. He looked up at the girls who were obviously excited at having this surging cock jutting and swaying rudely and obnoxiously, just mere inches from their faces.

He took another look at his cock, and felt some pride surging, as he decided it was an impressive sight. At full length it reached about 7.5 inches according to his last measurement, but he was more proud of the meaty thickness of it. As he reached full mast, he admired the surging veins and the bulbous, throbbing purple cock head, eagerly awaiting to be fully revealed to the attentive audience. As Jillian's masterful maipulations of Damon's foreskin continued, she looked up at Damon and asked, "Is it ok to keep going?".

Damon just nodded, and Jillian proceeded to work the foreskin all the way back, fully and triumphantly exposing the glorious, mushroom shaped head. Jillian moved her head down a bit to get a closer look. "Now his foreskin is fully retracted behind this ridge called the corona. You'll notice how nice and smooth looking this is, the foreskin helps keep the glans protected when not in use." Jillian lightly brushed the back of her index finger across the glans and Damon let out an uncontrollble sigh.

"Now, if we take a look underneath Damon's beautiful cock, we'll find the frenulum. This little triangular patch of skin underneath is a very sensitive spot for the uncircumcised male as it is filled with high intensity nerve endings. Girls, this is a very special spot. We can make Damon feel intense pleasure by stimulating this area." With that explanation, Jillian lightly pressed her middle finger on the frenulum and began moving it in circles, tantalizingly slow but ruthessly effective, as evidenced by Damon's rapid breathing and utter look of resignation.

As Jillian continued with this motion, Damon let out another sigh and then a moan escaped his mouth. Both Brenda and Tamara looked up at Damon slightly amused. His cock, standing at full attention in front of 2 enraptured young girls, and a married woman whom he was finding to be devilishly devious, was almost too much to take.

He glanced down at Jillian and noticed her cleavage was beginning to peek out more from the top of her blouse. His cock involunatarily twitched as he wondered what they would look like fully unleashed. "Mom, what's that clear juice coming out from Damon's cock?", Tamara asked. Jillian replied matter-of-factly, "That's pre-ejaculate dear. It's more commonly called pre-cum, when your man gets sexually excited or horny, he will start producing this fluid which can act as a natural lubricant during intercourse, it can come in very handy." With that, Jillian gathered the droplet on her index finger, and started to slowly spread it around the smooth glans and then around the corona of the cock.

The glans swelled even futher in appreciation of this gesture. Damon started breathing a little more heavily and everyone took notice. Jillian peeked up at Damon and smiled at him as the girls looked on. "Damon, would you be ok with my daughters handling your gorgeous cock so they can become more familiar with it?" Damon nodded furiously lost in his dreamlike state of unbridled lust.

"Ok girls, be gentle at first, start out nice and slow. Brenda, you go first, just place your hand around his shaft here somewhere in the middle, and you can slowly move it back and forth, this will feel very good for Damon." Damon watched intently, mouth half-open, as Brenda cautiously placed her hand around his meaty cock shaft. She was only able to wrap her hand around half way and marveled about this to her mom.

"Mom, are all men's cocks this thick? I never imagined it to be this large!" Brenda said, as she struggled to get a better grip much to Damon's delight. Jillian let out a small chuckle and replied, "No Brenda, we are very, very lucky to have Damon here today for this demonstration. I have never in my 44 years seen a cock as big and beautiful as this. When you grow up and eventually get married, it would be ideal to have a breath-taking cock like this that you can take care of." Brenda grinned and looked up at Damon as she she began to slowly stroke his cock, noticing how her administrations were pleasing him.

Tamara watched silently biting her lip, fascinated as her younger sister lovingly stroked and tamed, the angry and somewhat threatening looking, swollen cock. The head disappearing from view on every up-stroke, only to re-appear triumphantly on each downstroke.

What a neat little mechanism this foreskin is, she thought to herself. After a couple minutes of Brenda's strokings, Tamara finally got her chance. Damon slightly aimed his engorged member to the left so Tamara could get a better handle and view. Tamara, also was only able to get half way around his cock, but continued on with the stroking. She noticed that the pre-cum had started to flow more heavily down Damon's cock shaft and she scooped it up and worked it into her strokes. Damon let out some more moans, as he leaned farther back on the desk, completely lost in the what he figured had to be a dream.

As Tamara continued with her stroking, Brenda looked over at her mom who was also leaning back against the desk next to Damon, proudly watching her beautiful daughter stroking some Grade-A prick.

She hadn't noticed, but her skirt had crept up her legs exposing her red cotton panties to Brenda. Brenda looked up at her mom and said, "Mom, it looks like there is a wet spot on the front of your panties, did you accidentally pee?" Jillian lifted up the front of her skirt and noticed the wet spot also, and explained, "No Brenda, you see when a woman gets aroused or 'horny', like a man, uncensored japanese man creampie blonde also starts secreting her own juices to aid in lubrication.

This will happen to you also, it's ok, it's nature's way of helping out." After a few more minutes of cock stroking from Tamara, Jillian decided to move the lesson forward. "Ok girls, now it's my turn to worship Damon's lovely cock. I want to introduce you to 'fellatio', which is oral sex, or more commonly known as a 'blowjob'." Jillian squeezed her way between her daughter's desks and got on her knees to face Damon's rock-hard, glistening member.

As she wrapped her hand around the base of Damon's cock and gave a soft introductory tug, he let out a low guttural groan and a copious droplet of pre-cum surged forth and threatened to be wasted on the floor.

Jillian expertly moved her tongue into place to catch the falling droplet on her tongue, and looked up at Damon who managed a weak smile of approval. He looked down at her ample cleavage and then into her eyes.

He couldn't quite believe that this hot, dreamy blonde bombshell of a mother of 2 was about to service his member. German teen girl needs a good fucking lesson pornstars hardcore looked over each shoulder at her daughters. "I'm not going to get too technical about how to give a proper blowjob, just watch some of my techniques, make mental notes, and perhaps you'll be able to employ them later." Jillian then turned her attention back to Damon and his cock and got down to business.

She lovingly bathed her tongue all around Damon's swollen purple cock head making sure to pay special attention to the frenulum.

As Damon sighed in pleasure, he leaned back on his elbows to get more comfortable. He had the ultimate trophy wife, submissively kneeling in front of him, worshipping his cock. He was on top of the world. He decided he was going to relax and enjoy the experience. Jillian started stroking the cock with her right hand as her tongue flickered and danced underneath the cock head in a furious frenzy, sending it lightly bobbing up and down in agonized ecstasy.

Damon's foreskin was now moving back and forth, covering and uncovering the head, playing peek-a-boo with Brenda and Tamara. Jillian then laid her tongue on top of Damon's glans, and slowly and gently eased the foreskin down over her tongue.

The cock head and Jillian's tongue now hidden from view, she swirled her tongue around and around the head, working miracles under the cover of darkness. Brenda and Tamara glanced at each other in amusement, as their mom's tongue gyrated lewdly underneath Damon's foreskin. She rather enjoyed playing with this gorgeous, uncut cock she decided, and looked up at Damon with a mischievous grin. The foreskin swirl continued for a few more minutes to Damon's sheer pleasure, and he started moaning a little bit more audibly, lost in total sexual abandon.

Jillian then proceeded to rub Damon's cock all over her face. She loved the warmth,security, and lust that the purple, shiny, pristine cock head radiated and she relished in it. Back and forth across her cheeks, to her chin, and to her forehead. She loved the feeling against her skin, and Damon loved what she was doing also.

He gave Jillian his involuntary approval with streaks of of pre-cum all over her glowing, lovely face. While enjoying this, Jillian explained to her daughters, "Girls, it is very important to take pleasure and enjoy when performing a blowjob on your man.

This is a very intimate act, so you need to let your man know how much you appreciate being able to worship and please their cock. This will also make him enjoy it that much more." Brenda and Tamara stared open-mouthed in disbelief at their mom's actions. They had never witnessed her getting this worked up over anything. The mysterious power of a formidable, strong, dangerous-looking cock was now becoming apparent to them. Tamara felt a wetness between her legs as she moved them together, and realized that watching this was really turning her on.

Damon groaned again in pleasure, as Jillian resumed stroking the now ridiculously swollen shaft, with the veins rippling beneath her delicate palms. Popping the head in and out of her mouth and now tickling and fondling Damon's testicles with her left hand, she had him riding on cloud Nine.

Damon's grunts, moans, and sighs now came out a rapid, uncontrolled pace. Lost in ecstasy, he glanced down at Jillian and noticed that the top two buttons had become undone on her blouse. Her bronze tanned breasts almost fully in view, barely contained by a skimpy, black lace bra. What a heavenly rack he thought to himself, and how it deserved attention. Damon knew he was getting close to the point of no return as he felt the warmth of his seed, beginning to pool up near the base of his cock.

Deciding to be bold and adventurous he spoke up. "Uhhhmm, Jillian, I'm getting close. I wanted to see if you wanted to try something else for the finale. I've always had fantasies of thrusting my cock between." Jillian interrupted, "Ha, I know what you want! I'm glad you asked. It'd be a pleasure to have you tittyfuck me." Jillian got up off her knees and quickly undid the last few buttons on her blouse and threw it to the floor.

Then, she made her way to the front of the classroom and sat down in the teacher's chair and undid her bra. She unleashed the most beautiful mammaries that Damon had ever seen. Something about tanlines really turned Damon on, and she had some nice ones that very neatly framed her swollen, distended nipples. "Brenda, Tamara! Come up here and stand on either side of me, this is the climax, the grand finale." As her daughters excitedly galloped to the front of the room, Damon got himself ready, positioning his lovesword in front of Jillians heaving breasts.

Jillian leaned back in the chair so Damon had unfettered access. "Girls, Damon is getting close to reaching an orgasm and he has made a special request of me. For a lack of established proper terminology, this is known as a 'tittyfuck', which is an advanced technique for sexual pleasure.

I am going to satisfy Damon's request because he has been an excellent volunteer today and this is a great way to show your appreciation." Damon placed his cock between Jillian's bill bailey fuck ryan conners lubed anal so deep pornstars big dick and then he pushed them together, lightly cupping the outside of her tits, so his cock nestled securely between them.

Then he started the teen titans robin first time brittney white takes it hard. This was a dream come true for Damon, as he looked down and watched the lewd and lustful machinations of a glorious tittyfuck, performed with reckless abandon. Jillian, Brenda, and Tamara also enjoyed the scene, as they watched Damon's 7.5 inches powerfully piston their way between Jillian's breasts.

The foreskin quickly retracting over the glans on every upstroke, and recovering on every downstroke, like clockwork. As Damon's thrusts grew more violent, he let out some animalistic, beastly grunts, and Jillian knew that he was going to burst. She quickly explained to her daughters, "Alright, you girls come in closer and take a good look.

Damon's about to experience an orgasm, and he is going to have an ejaculation. You're tubby brit bitch jizz slapping and european to see a white milky fluid spurt from his cock, this is called sperm, or semen, but most people just call it 'cum'.

Normally, a man would ejaculate inside a woman's vagina, but we can save that lesson for later on. For now, just watch the ejaculation in process, this is going to be an extremely pleasurable experience for Damon." Damon slowed down his strokes just a bit, maybe he thought, he could prolong the intense pleasure for a few seconds more, but it wasn't meant to be.

Jillian took a hold of Damon's scrotum, and gently started tugging and squeezing the sperm swollen balls urging them to spill their seed, and Damon finally let loose. He grunted loudly as his first orgasmic contraction sent a long milky white rope of cum violently spewing over Jillian's left shoulder and splattering against the chalkboard making an audible splash and a visible mess.

He continued in his orgasmic bliss as his spasming cock danced between Jillian's tits in a uncontrolled frenzy. The next 4 jets of Damon's seed, streamed across Jillian's face and some got in her hair. Jillian cooed in delight as she relished the sensation of a young stud's warm cum decorating her face.

Damon continued by blasting several shots up her chest and into her chin, splattering mercilessly against her skin. This was a dream fulfilled Damon realized, while he coaxed out the last few spurts on Jillian's breasts and then lustily massaged Jillians nipples using his sensitive cock head, delighting in the aftermath.

He sighed in pleasure at this sight. A fully-conquered, beautiful, voluptuous, married blonde mom lay beneath him, with her tanned skin, rightfully covered in his copious jism. Jillian smiled at Damon, and pulled him closer to her. "Here, let me clean that off a bit for you." She tenderly gave his deflating cock a warm tongue bath, removing most of the semen and at the same time, showing her appreciation for a victorious, promising, young cock.

Out of curiosity, Tamara then ran her finger between her mom's breasts to scoop up some of Damon's semen. She rubbed it between her fingers, and noticed the smooth, soft texture. Hmmm, not bad she thought to herself, as Brenda proceeded to the same, smearing some on her cheek to experience the sensation that her mom felt. Damon got dressed, and a still topless Jillian walked him to the front door with the semen still decorating her face and breasts.

"I hope you'll be willing to come back and help out with some more lessons in Sex Education. I think everyone enjoyed it, especially my daughters. Maybe we can get them more involved next time," she said with a devious smirk. Damon replied confidently, Any time, any place, I'll be there!" Jillian gave Damon a warm hug and he departed, practically skipping across her lawn to his house.

He wondered what the rest of the summer had in store for him.