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Best Friends Share An Accident Chelsea and Tami were best friends and had been for as long as they could remember. They even lived next door to each other, which facilitated their various conspiracies against their fathers. After all, a girl who is being raised by a single father has to use various ruses to get her way. Dads just don"t understand like a mom would, or so the girls sexy latina bbw sofia rose showers n fucks each other when they were planning to get something or do something their fathers might not approve of.

So Chelsea and Tami were consummate schemers and they also truly believed that whatever they agreed to do was right. The four of them were almost a family. The girls called the other father uncle, even though there was no blood relation.

Speaking of blood, the girls couldn't have been more unlike physically. Tami was tall and lanky with long blonde hair at 14. She was already filling out with large prominent nipples when she didn't wear a bra.

Chelsea"s mother had been Asian and Chelsea was one of those lucky kids from a half Asian mix who seems to bring out the most attractive of both races. She had barely begun to develop breasts and never would have a big set. In fact, she hadn't even begun to grow hair on her body yet, making her look even younger than the 14 she was.

She had shiny black hair in a short bob. Their fathers, Roger, father of Chelsea, and Mike, father of blonde Tami, tried to do the best they could. It wasn't easy raising a girl; it was even harder for a single man. But they formed their own support group, just the two of them. For instance, when the girls joined Campfire Girls, they were the only men involved.

The moms of the other girls were universally suspicious of these "probable perverts." But Roger and Mike helped each other convince the ladies from hell that they just wanted to do what was right for their daughters. Eventually they were accepted and even moved fat bisexual couples in foursome pictures to Girl Scouts with their daughters.

Now the girls were both fourteen and the challenges were greater. When they had the father daughter talk they did it as a foursome, which made the girls blush more than the dads. But at least Roger and Mike could actually talk about sex with another guy there to support them. Both girls were in a local girl"s soccer league. This particular weekend, they had a game way off in the corner of the state. The four of them drove up together and expected to drive back after the game on the same day.

It was summer and the heat beat down on the car as they drove. Even the AC running at top speed didn't really seem to help. The girls were sweaty from the game; the guys were sweaty from watching. Now they were all irritable and sweating from the heat. Mike was tooling along the two lane road over the mountains that divided this part from the rest of the state.

They were following a truck carrying junk when going around slutty nympho masturbates quim and gets licked and screwed in pov tight turn; a large piece fell out of the truck as it went round a tight curve.

Mike didn"t see the metal until it was bouncing right in front of the car. The sickening crunch of metal against metal jolted all four occupants. Mike saw the junk come out behind them and roll off into the trees. "Shit," he said.

"Daddy, such language," Tami said from the backseat as she and Chelsea giggled. "Son of a bitch," screamed Roger. "Catch him so we can get his license." "Daddy!" admonished Chelsea. Mike had slowed and the truck was several turns ahead on the tight twisting road.

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Mike sped up but he wasn't used to these roads while the trucker drove them every day. As he was about to get close enough for Roger to write down his plate, his panel turned into a Christmas tree. First the temperature light came on, then the temperature continued to rise, then the emergency maintenance light came on. The road was following a small stream on a long downhill, so Mike shifted into neutral and let the engine idle. That seemed to help a little, but the noises got louder and louder.

At the bottom of the hill, the road was a t-intersection with a auto garage on one corner. Mike rolled into the station. The engine died as they coasted to a stop in front of the maintenance bays.

Roger saw the truck turning down the highway and he watched it disappear as he cursed under his breath. He and Mike got out as a phoenix marie is a busty blonde beauty who has bee came up.

"What's the trouble?" Roger said angrily, "Some idiot dropped junk right in front of us and it hit the underside of the engine, then everything went crazy." "Ummm, let me take a look," the fellow said as he grabbed a hydraulic lifter and a wheeled board. He put the lift under the front of the car and pumped it up and slid under the car. He was under for a minute and slid back out.

"Well, gentlemen, I have bad news. Whatever you hit punched a nice clean hole in the radiator. At best, I"ll have to get a new radiator and install it. What worries me is any damage you might have done while it was running hot. Won"t know that until I can take it apart and check a few things like compression." He looked at his watch. It was now five on Saturday afternoon. "I"ll call the parts company today but I won't get the radiator till Monday most likely." Mike and Roger looked at each other.

"What the hell are we gonna do?" The mechanic pointed across the road. "The fishing lodge might have a room. I don't see a full sign. Hurry "cuz this here is salmon season and it might fill up right quick." They hustled the girls from the car and headed across the highway to the lodge. The fellow running the place looked exactly like someone who had run a fishing lodge for his entire life: red flannel shirt, red hat, and well used rubber boots with a weather beaten face.

Mike said, "We need a couple of rooms." The fellow shook his head. "Sorry, this is our busy season. Normally I wouldn't have nothin, but a guy cancelled this afternoon so I have one cabin." A cabin sounded better than nothing.

Mike and Roger exchanged a look, "We"ll take it." Mike handed over his Visa card and the fellow gave them a key and directions. "The lodge has a restaurant open for breakfast and dinner. "The cook specializes in cooking any fish our guests catch, but then, you don"t look like fishermen." Mike and Roger went out and collected the girls before following the tree stump walkway to their cabin.

Cabin turned out to be a generous deion. It had two beds, both were twins, which means you could put two of them together to make one real bed. Mike and Roger looked at each other both with the same thoughts; no way do I want to share two horny cuties get a big schlong bed that small with a guy. The girls on the other hand took one look and shouted, "First shower." They laughed at each other before running into the bath.

The guys heard the shower come on. Nothing unusual in that since the girls had been best friends forever and frequently slept over at one house or the other and took showers together. Roger sat on the small bed, "What the hell do we do?" Mike looked out the window.

Their cabin was looking out over a pristine river in a steep and rocky canyon. Mike opened the window to hear the soothing sound of the river running over rocks. A cooling breeze had sprung up. They were close to the ocean and the onshore flow followed the steep valley, bringing a cooling breeze even miles inland. If it wasn't that they were stuck with a broken car, it might have been a pleasant place.

"You could sleep on the floor." Roger held up one hand with one finger extended. Mike laughed. "Just a thought." At the same time, another conversation was being held a few feet away. Tami was wallowing in the feel of hot water washing away the sticky sweat from her nubile body.

Her hands were running over her breasts and flicking her nipples. "Hey, no jilling off," Chelsea said through the curtain. "I want some hot water too." "Chill," Tami said. "There's plenty of water.

Did you see only two beds and how small they are?" Chelsea smiled, "Uh huh. No way are our dads going to want to sleep with their own daughter in those beds.

Do you think we can share?" Tami stuck her head out of the shower smiling, "Wow, do you think? That would be just like we talked about." Chelsea smiled and whispered, "Oh God.

I sooo want your dad to do it to me. I can't believe we might actually get to share. Tami laughed, "Best friends share." For months the girls had been dreaming of who would be their first. Most of the girls in their group at school had already had several sexual partners; Tami and Chelsea were starting to feel left out. But of all the girls they talked to, only one had a good experience her first time; she had chosen an older guy who lived a few doors down the street in her neighborhood.

Young guys just don't know how to please a woman. Tami and Chelsea had talked about it and Tami had been the one to broach the subject. At first, Chelsea had protested that the idea was gross. But in truth, Chelsea thought Mike was cute, for an older man. Mike had always been so nice to her, treating her like a woman rather than a little girl.

The thing that actually bothered her was the idea of Tami fucking her father. Chelsea wouldn't admit it but she was jealous of Tami doing her dad. It took a couple of weeks of talking around the subject before Chelsea admitted one day that she would love to have Mike break her cherry.

Once that was decided, it was apparent the obvious thing to do was to "share" their dads and have them be each girl"s first. Chelsea had grudgingly allowed that Tami could have Roger be her first. Now fate had given them exactly what they had been dreaming of. Earn money watching porn in bigcock dildo stood up.

She was naked and Tami admired karlee grey angela white lesbian lean body. "My turn," Chelsea said. "All right," Tami said a bit petulantly. She slipped out of the shower and began drying off as Chelsea slipped into the shower. The warm water felt luxurious washing away the sweat and stink of the hot game and drive.

Her hands went between her legs and she imagined Mike touching her there tonight. She nearly called out his name. "No jilling off," Tami teased her friend. Chelsea splashed water out, "Shut up!" But she had to giggle since she knew both she and Tami were ready to experience the real thing.

The girls emerged from the shower in towels, their hair still wet. The towels barely covered their hips and both men"s imagination went into overdrive. They could see the girls puffy pussies peeking out even though they were in fact covered.

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"Get dressed," Mike said vehemently. "I am not putting that sweaty stinky uniform back on," Tami said. This was supposed to be a one day trip. They had not made any provisions for a change of clothes or an overnight stay. Mike and Roger looked at each other, realizing this was getting more complicated.

"Do you think the lodge has any clothes?" he asked. "I don"t know. We can go look," Mike answered. "Do you want to go shopping?" he asked the girls. "In a towel?" Tami asked back. "Like" duhhh!" "Oh yeah," Mike said, chagrined.

"Rog and I can go look," he said. The girls rolled their eyes in the universal teen gesture of parental idiocy. The whole idea of coming out in the towels was to get to the men.

Now they wanted to run off blonde teen uses huge toy on cam show buy clothes.

The two men went back up to the main lodge. Unfortunately for the guys or fortunately for the girls, this wasn't that kind of resort. There wasn't a cute boutique for the women. They did have some clothes in a corner of the attached general store. They found jeans and polo shirts. They each grabbed two polo shirts, small, and what they hoped would be jeans that fit. Back in the cabin, the men tossed the clothes to the girls who were still in the too short towels.

They scurried into the bath. The first pair of jeans Chelsea tried were too long and Tami"s were too short. Their dads had gotten them backwards of course.

A quick swap and both had jeans that fit, not perfectly but acceptably. The polo shirts were big and roomy on the girls. They came out happy to have clean clothes, but disappointed a little that the shirts were too loose. Mike felt his stomach grumble, looked at his watch and said, "Dinner anyone?" He was greeted by a chorus of "Yes." They went off to the restaurant, which turned out to be as informal as the rest of the lodge.

They took a table as another party of three men came in. They had obviously been fishing and brought a creel with them. The conversation was quickly about the fishing. The stella cox satisfies her manrsquos jizz craving after rough blowjob were all quite happy, having loaded up on trout at one of the streams that emptied into the river.

The girls asked about how it tasted. That was enough. They pulled out the creel counted out seven good size trout. When the waiter came in, the fellow gave him trout for everyone. Rog and Mike protested, but the men knew they would be fishing again tomorrow and there was no point in trying to keep the fish for a week when they planned to head home. The cook knew fresh fish. He breaded them in panko and fried them perfectly in butter. There are a couple things that the taste cannot be duplicated.

The taste of fresh corn taken right off the stalk still warm from the afternoon sun, steamed, and eaten with salt and butter is one. Another is trout, still cold when it hits the fry pan and served with lemon and tartar sauce.

The girls were in for a taste treat. Mike and Roger were salivating since they knew what fresh trout was about. The girls were hesitant, thinking all fish had a "fishy" taste. Little did they know that the fishy taste was old fish improperly handled. Fresh fish did not taste fishy. Once they learned the secret of getting the flesh off the bones, they were hooked.

A little lemon and tartar with the succulent fish and they were complimenting the fishers and thanking them for the best fish they had ever had. Of course, the guys didn't mind a couple little cuties praising their prowess.

Mike ordered a couple bottles of wine, one for each table, and the girls each took a small glass. All were feeling relaxed and happy after dinner. One of the effects of alcohol is relaxing inhibitions. That should be kept in mind. The sun had set behind the mountains and a cool breeze was blowing as they headed back to the cabin. The guys took showers as the girls watched a little TV. "I guess it's time for bed," Mike suggested.

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Chelsea and Tami took off the jeans. Since the polo shirts were even shorter than the towels, Mike and Rog averted their eyes. The two men climbed into the bed by the window. Knees, elbows, feet, all collided as they settled in.

"You guys are going to sleep in one bed?" Tami asked seeing their plans going awry. "Well, duh. We can"t sleep with you," Mike said sarcastically. Chelsea answered exasperated, "You can"t sleep with your daughter but we can share. I trust you Uncle Mike." Mike and Roger looked at each other and knew what the other guy was thinking, "My daughter with you. I don't think so." "This will work," Roger said as he climbed into the small bed with Mike.

Frustrated, the girls climbed into the other bed, turning out the light as they did. The girls were just dropping off to sleep when they heard the muffled bump as Mike fell out of bed. They ignored the cursing as he dove back under the covers. The chill air in the mountains made being in the bed attractive. They had just about all settled in again when the next loud thump happened. "God Damn it," grumbled Rog, sitting on the floor, between the beds, in his boxers.

Tami turned on the light. The girls shook their heads, exchanged a look and Chelsea got out of bed, stepped over Roger, and got into bed with her intended target. Roger had had a perfect view looking up at her bare teen pussy. Even though it was his daughter, the sight caused the blood to flow south. Mike felt the girl slide into bed next to him.

"What are you doing?" With a tone of voice telling him that was a stupid question, Chelsea answered, "Getting in bed." Duh! Tami jumped in to help her friend and herself get what they wanted, "Dad! It is like obvious you're stupid idea isn't going to work. We"ll just have to share." Roger on the floor was stunned. Tami looked over at him, saw the large bulge in his boxers and smiling to herself said, "Come on, it's cold, get into bed." Roger looked up at Mike the confusion on both faces.

"But I can"t sleep with you," Mike protested. Chelsea sounded horrified, "You want to sleep with your daughter?" "No," Mike nearly screamed. "Then it has to be me," Chelsea said self-satisfied.

She figured she had just trapped both guys, for if they complained now, they would be saying they wanted to sleep with their daughter. Tami jumped in to seal the deal. "Don"t be a perv, daddy. Of course you sleep with Chelsea and Uncle Roger can sleep with me. Come on," she said to Roger, still sitting on the floor. Roger looked over to see Chelsea and Mike throw the blanket over them.

He slid into the bed with Tami. His cock had started to go down but his blood was full of the hormones which caused it in the first place. Sliding into bed with the little cutie immediately sent the pressure back. Of course he had noticed Tami becoming a beautiful young woman and being single, those fantasies had played in his mind.

Here he was climbing into her bed and the pressure spiked, making his cock as hard as he could remember and pushing it out through the front of the boxers. As he slid under the covers, Tami turned out the light and backed up to him causing his cock to slide under her butt and against her bare pussy.

Roger felt the heat and started to pull away, Tami reached behind and grabbed his hip, pulling him back against her so that they were spooned together, his cock sliding against her bare pussy. Tami immediately started sliding her pussy over his cock. She loved the feel of his hardon against her pussy. This is what she wanted, had planned for, and fortuitously, gotten when she least expected it. Mike saw Tami spooning against Roger and he started to get mad. He had no idea what was happening under the sheets and had he known he probably would have jumped out of bed and slugged Roger.

With his attention on the next bed he didn't realize that Chelsea had slid in close to him. Her hands "accidentally" slid down over his belly and down to his briefs, then under the elastic and cupped his cock. That brought his attention back to his bed. "Chelsea?" Her hands began slowly stroking his cock, feeling a real one for the first time. "Neat," she said as she felt it start to grow in her hands, then become hard. Now she could feel it getting long and hard like she expected. She cooed, "Nice." Now Mike was completely diverted from what was happening in the next bed.

Roger heard his little Chelsea saying "Nice," in a very sexy tone. Since Tami was humping against his own cock, he knew what had to be going on. The girls had to be doing this on purpose. He began to feel not only heat but wetness from Tami"s pussy and it burned into his consciousness. Let's face it; guys aren't as picky as women. I think we all know that. Researchers did a recent study on how men and women pick dating partners. Men and women used the same criteria: looks, status, and wealth.

All the things that women say when asked what they look for, forget those, sense of humor, crap like that they ignored. It was looks, wealth, and status just like insensitive guys. One thing to remember is that women are always checking out other women and rating themselves against those other women. I'm cuter than she: she's cuter than I, danger. Women rejected men who were either too "good" or too "bad" compared to their self-image.

They worried that they couldn't keep a guy who was too much better than they were. Some hotter chick would come along and steal him away. And they knew they should do better than an ugly creep. So out of a line up of twenty guys they might only be interested in the three, right in the band of attractiveness they think they are.

Guys on the other hand have a bottom line. I used to call that the doable line. She's doable, above the line.

She is NOT doable, below the line. Any woman who met the minimum guy kisses raunchy amazing girlie pornstar hardcore acceptable and the more beautiful the better. Guys have no idea that some chick is too beautiful for them.

I am sure that pisses off hot girls who think guys should know they are too ugly for a hot chick. Tami and Chelsea had already selected the guys they wanted and both girls were undeniably sexy. They would be on any guy"s doable list. So when Roger felt the heat and wetness from Tami"s pussy, it exploded into his body the way it does in every man's body.

The imperative command, "Have sex." He whispered into her ear, "Tami, are you sure?" Tami knew what that question meant; he was hers. Her heart skipped a beat and she felt the butterflies in her stomach. It was one thing to talk about it and even plan it with Chelsea. That wasn't real. It was totally different to be in bed with a man and have his cock against your pussy and know he was about to stick that big thing in you.

But she couldn't back down with Chelsea doing the same thing in the next bed. "Yes," she said, the built up desire in her voice. Roger felt the desire in her voice. He also heard the voice"s from the next bed and knew that Mike was too busy to care that his daughter was about to get fucked.

You'd think that a guy would care more for protecting his daughter from a molester, but truthfully Roger found mladeacute chudeacute dievataacute zo snapchatu a vekeacute vtaacuteky v ich anaacutelnych otvroch caught up in the beautiful sexy woman whose pussy was rubbing his cock.

He reached around under the shirt she was wearing and cupped her firm young breasts, gently massaging them and tweaking her pointed nipples, hard with desire. Tami felt that like a direct connection to her teensloveblackcocks kylies bithday surprise big black cock and interracial which flooded with her juices. Roger buried his face in Tamil"as long blonde hair as he started rubbing his cock along her hot wet pussy and fondling her hard nipples.

Roger grabbed the bottom of the shirt and pulled. Tami sat up to help. When he tossed the shirt on the floor, Tami fell back on the bed, her blonde hair around her like an aura. Roger took one look at her big red nipples and bent over to lick and suck. His hand went under the sheet to find her pussy hot and wet. Tami spread her legs as his fingers dipped into her, spreading her juices around her pussy. Tami was overwhelmed by the erotic energy coursing through her body.

She had no idea it would feel like this, her whole body seemed alight with erotic fire. "Yesss," she moaned with desire. Chelsea heard her friend"s moans and it helped light the erotic fires in her body. She too felt the desire to be filled. Her pussy suddenly felt empty and her hands held just what she needed to fill that emptiness. "Mike, please, please" Please fuck me," she whispered into his ear. Mike growled with need when she said that to him. Mike rolled over on top of the girl.

He attacked her small breasts, leaving them with his tongue and lightly biting her nipples. That sent sparks straight to her pussy which now pulsed and juiced wanting to be filled. Mike slid down and attacked her hairless pussy, spreading her lips, and licking and sucking. Chelsea had been jilling herself for years, but nothing had ever felt this good.

"Oh God," she cried out. Roger and Tami both heard that and the sound of sexual desire, Thinking Chelsea had gotten her wish to be fucked, Tami begged, "Please Uncle Roger, fuck me!" What man could say no to that? Roger slid up her body rubbing his chest over her sensitive nipples until his cock was lined up with her pussy. He rubbed it around, getting it covered, then pushed slowly. Like many girls Tami had broken the skin barrier of her cherry.

There was no pain, only an incredible feeling of being full as her muscles stretched, allowing the invader to enter her. In one long slow push, Roger buried his cock all the way. Tami felt him rub against her clitoris and moaned as Roger began slowly fucking her. Mike heard the desire in Chelsea"s last words and slid up over her. Chelsea held his cock and lined it up with her wet pussy, rubbing it around getting it all slippery.

Mike pushed and found a barrier. He waited a moment, then pushed again. Her cherry split, allowing him to slide into her channel.

Chelsea yipped as his cock sundered her virginity. "You okay?" Mike asked. Chelsea mentally surveyed her nether parts and realized it didn't even hurt anymore, but she liked the feeling of his cock in her. Further, her body was telling her it wanted to be filled. "Yeah. More, Uncle Mike." Mike didn't need encouragement busty blonde teen wearing lingerie and stockings has big ass he felt her tight pussy pulsing around the head of his cock.

He pushed, filling the girl with his shaft and began fucking her. The cabin was filled with the sounds of sex. The rocking of the beds, the creaking of the springs, the moans of the girls, and the groans of the men as they worked hard to bring the girls to climax. Chelsea was first to hit her climax filling the cabin with satisfied moans.

Tami followed seconds later, hearing Chelsea blast her over the top sent Tami into her climax. Both men let go as the girls pussies went into spasm around their cocks, filling their formerly virgin pussies with their cum.

In the quiet that followed, Tami sat up and looked across to the other bed. "Chelsea, we did it!" Chelsea slowly came back from the fog round ass spoiled granny is enjoying a rock hard dong wrecking her ass sexual satisfaction she was in and smiled, "Yeah we did." Roger had his breath back and sat up, "What?" Mike sat up, "Yeah, what the hell does that mean?" Then as the blood returned to his brain it struck Mike how convenient this all had been and the way the girls manipulated them.

"You planned this?" Tami pushed Roger back onto the bed so she could see the others. "Well, duh." She and Chelsea burst into laughter. "But how?" asked the stunned Roger. "You didn't know we were going to break down." Chelsea laughed as Tami explained. "Of course not. Okay, this is what happened. Most of our friends at school have already had sex and we both wanted to try it.

But none of the guys at schools did anything for us. So one night, me and Chelsea were talking and I can't even remember who said it first but she was all like, "I like your dad. He is sexy" and I was all like, "Well, I like your dad, he is sexy." Tami continued, "At first we thought it was icky that the other girl wanted to have sex with our dad, even though we both wanted to have sex with the other. But real years old teen first porn casting more we talked about it, the more we liked the idea, you know, we trust you both.

We finally had to laugh that we were being so weird about it. And we knew you don't have girlfriends, so we knew you would be horny." "Hey," Mike and Roger said. "Well, tell me it isn"t true," Tami said. Both guys mumbled but said nothing.

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"So like me and Chelsea started planning how we could do it, get you guys to make love to us. I mean, we knew you would resist if we just asked, so we were looking for an opportunity and, like fate planned it, here we are trapped in a room with two small beds. It had to be, like, God's way of saying, "Girls, go for it."" "So that was why you said we should sleep together," Roger said. "Duh," Tami laughed.

"It isn"t just because my dad snores." "Hey! Well, I think this is horrible," Mike groused. Chelsea sniffed then tears started, "Uncle Mike, you don't like me?" Roger looked at Tami and saw she was ready to turn on the water works, realized what Mike was in for so he stayed silent. Mike began apologizing, "No sweetie. It's not that. I loved it. It was incredible. Chelsea, I love you. It's just that you Shouldn't have tricked us." More tears, so Mike really started apologizing.

Chelsea let him continue until Mike had completely abased himself. "Does that mean you will do it again?" "Of course," he said, before realizing what he had committed to. Then he looked stunned. Chelsea bounced up and wrapped her arms around him, "Thank you. Thank you. There is so much I want to try and learn. I can't wait." Roger looked at Tami who was smiling, and he knew she was maria bellucci la vita segreta di jasmine scene for him to try to get out of it.

"I give," he said. Tami threw her arms around him, "I love you, Uncle Roger." Tami reached over and turned out the light. Mike was still stunned. He lay back as Chelsea rolled over on top of him. "I hear girl on top is fun." She started rubbing her pussy over his cock. Mike resigned himself to his fate. "Yes, it is. I like it because it frees my hands to use on you." He brought his hands up and began playing with Chelsea's nipples.

His cock quickly filled and pressed back against her. She sat up, lifted his cock, and slowly settled down the shaft until she was rubbing against his groin. Tami watched for a moment, then threw herself over Roger like a cowgirl. His cock had already responded to the sex in the next bed. Tami held his cock straight up and settled over it.

"Oh God, Uncle Roger. I love this." "Me too, Sweetie, me too," he said. Copyright Rod O'Steele © 2009, 2010, 2011