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Sexy blonde masseuse blowjobs under the massage table masturbate lingerie
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Mummy's true passion, book two: pregnancy days chapter six The entire vacation had taken two weeks. Kayko had stayed with us for about a week and she and mummy had used me in every way they wanted. It had turned out that Kayko had had tons of mistress food in her bags. And she had taught mum a lot about how to combine the ingredients. After all those weren't magical. It was important to ensure not to have too much meat and eat things like yogurts and many milk products.

The basic rule was to keep the metabolism in some well balanced acid- base relation. I could truly taste how much mum had learned and until the holydays ended her taste got better and better. I substituted at least one meal a day with her ass crap not only for the fun part of it but for she wanted to have some reference of how her new nutrition was working. Once a week we shared her load, either at morning at the evening.

It depended on how busy we were. Mum still had some customers and I did my best to prepare for university for I knew I had spend much time on being mum's slave and having fun. So for the rest of the time I had off we lived like a married couple.

Mum worked at least four days a week at her company and made money and I stood at home and learned anatomy and chemistry and physics and all the stuff you've got to learn if you are a medical student in Yale.

In the evening we had sometimes nice little intimate dinners and sometimes we just sat on the sofa and smooched and made out. Since our relationship had changed that much during the summer it was certain that we wanted to see each other much more during the semester and so mum bought me a car. It was great fun for both of us to convince her that an Austin Martin DB9 would be the best choice. And I did a lot to move her into the right direction. One day I visited her at work and hid under her desk while she had lunch.

I stood there till she was done with her work and did mine on her for five hours. I don't know when I stopped counting how many times I let her cum on her chair while she talked to customers but as we were done with our work her legs and my head was wet as if we had showered and she bought me that "god damn macho car". It was a great game and the two of us had so much fun playing it. But suddenly the day had come where I had to return to university.

Mum had to work that day's afternoon and so we stood in bed till noon. We fucked several times and I was under the impression that mum peed more than usual that day as if to engrave her taste even deeper into my brain. But maybe the effect was simply owned to the fact that by then she was in her eighth week of pregnancy. We kissed stormy and with all our passion when I finally got on the road. And I thought a lot about those crazy holydays I had had with my mum. Only ten weeks earlier she had just been my mother who I loved like a son loves his mummy and now she had turned into the love of my life and my mistress forever.

I tried to count how many times we had had sex within those weeks daddy is proud of me and compeers daughter father workout part associates daughters how many of her loads I had eaten. I thought that if I wouldn't have been involved in this crazy story I wouldn't have been able to belief it. As I catapulted my nearly five hundred horsepower car down New England's streets my adrenalin mirror raised and I felt my feelings for mummy burn inside my chest.

I had expected the routine of studying to catch me after a while but it didn't. Mum and I talked everyday at least once on the phone and our themes reached from what we had done that day to real dirty talk. Sometimes mum gave me little sexy tasks. I certainly never wore underwear. And whenever mum insisted on me to wear my ring I obeyed. And so it didn't take long until I was known as the guy with the all time boner. The interesting thing about that was that by then I got interesting to some certain kinds of girls.

It happened that they "accidently" hit me on the floor with some "Oh we didnt need those condoms anyway bubble butt and deepthroat I just wrap my hand around your penis?" look and then I heard them giggling as the passed by and got back to their friends.

Then it was like "I can't belief you really did this, you're such a bitch Amanda, Trudy, Kelly, Jessica…" You can change the mane as you want. I for sure never got into something with those girls. But since mother told me when I was allowed to cum and when not and since she still was my cruel mistress and since the times she allowed me to cum were less it happened once or twice that I accidently came onto those girl's hands.

I found that kind of funny and when I told mum at night about it the two of us laughed until we couldn't breathe. On the other hand I had to ensure not to become known as some pervent freak. I actually was but since I would be surrounded by those people for a couple of years and since I had to work with them I had to do much for studying.

That way- and I'm sure she knew it- mum forced me into learning a lot and becoming the top student of my class. One Friday we were on the phone in the afternoon. Mum meanwhile was in her seventeenth week. I was at home. I shared a small apartment with some guy we all just called "Flanders". I didn't know his real name but he nearly never was at home and no one knew what he studied but his room looked like a chapel.

I had had few talks with him and after all he was a nice guy but would not become my best friend; anyways the good thing about it was that I was alone at home, when I was at home, nearly always. The cell rang while I worked on physiology.

"Hey mum" I said. "Hey my love" mum replied, "How are you?" "I'm fine. But I would be so much better if I had you by my side, mummy. How are you?" "I'm all right. I feel like a whale and it's only the half way" "I bet you look great." "That's so sweet of you baby.

What are you doing right now?" "Well, right now I'm on the phone with my mistress." "That's a good answer, but what did you do before I called you? Are you diligent?" "I was doing some physiology mum." "Oh…sounds…great" "It's boring but it has to be done." "You know what?" "What?" "Guess" "All right, you bought a little ape and called him Jim Beam" "Yeah right, that's it." "Ha" "But seriously.

I went to see the doctor and we did an ultrasonic testing and I saw the gender" She had my full attention. I know how I felt my blood stream speeding up and how I felt my heart beat getting faster.

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"What is it, mum?" "I'm so lucky, baby. We will have a beautiful little girl." I could hear how lucky she was and was pretty sure that small tears ran down her cheeks.

"That's fantastic." I felt tears of joy running down my own cheek. "I love you so much mummy and I love our daughter" Then we talked a short while about names and how lucky we were. "You know what else, honey?" mum went on. "What else?" "I'm so horny all the time. It was the same when I was pregnant with you.

Your daddy had to fuck me like seven times a day and eight times a night. Those days Japani tene girl hot xxx vedidaunlod spend nights in the basement and ram all our toys down my pussy and ass. And I miss having someone around I can feed my shit and pee to.

Whenever I go to the toilet I think what a waist it is to flush it down. I went to see Kayko and used her a few times but it's just not the same. You have no idea how much I need you to be my slave, baby." "Oh, that else…I miss you so much, too. You are my mistress and you are my love and you are not only my but also the mother of my kid." "Saying that turns you on. Am I right?" "You have no idea mum." "I guess I have." Mum said but her voice was closer.

I turned on my chair to face the door of my room and saw my beautiful pregnant mummy there underneath my door frame. She still held the cell phone in her right hand.

Then she shut it. I got off my chair and got aware of how much you could see that this really turned me on. Mum wore a complete see trough latex dress. I saw her coat being thrown over the sofa behind her. The dress had some light orange tone. It stretched over her body and her belly stood up in front of her in the sexiest way.

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It was not a fat belly it was the sweetest pregnancy tummy you can imagine. Right above her belly and underneath her gorgeous breasts she wore a johnny sins rape with dani denial wide corsage which bushed her breasts up. Her nipples peaked out at me and I saw the piercings glittering in the light although they got pressed against the latex.

I could see that mum hadn't shaved her vagina in a while but her legs and obviously all the other parts of her body she could reach under those circumstances. Her pussy rings still shined through the brownish hairs. The dress ended about a quarter inch under mummy's pussy and- if you were honest- didn't really cover it in the classical sense of covering something.

Not that it mattered since the dress didn't cover anything. Mum wore black heeled boots. As she posed for me when she realized I checked her out I saw that on the outer side a stripe of see through latex went along. So her leg was in sight to the ankle. Those boots ended underneath her knee and had some shiny and reflecting surface.

The tip was spiky and gave mum's perfect feet a perfect look. Her nails were French and I realized her hair had grown. Now she didn't wear the bob but some fringy hairstyle. It might have taken a few seconds for me to check her out. "You look brilliant mummy." I said.

"You're so sexy." "You look good, too" she said and I realized she had been checking me out, too. Then each of us made a step forward and we met in the middle of my room. We kissed for minutes. Mum opened my zipper to free my cock and wrapped it as if she wanted to check if it was still there after all those weeks where our jobs had bound us to stay at our places.

Tongues wrestled in mouths and mum slowly started wanking me. As we split she said: "Now I really have to pee. I saved it teen lucy needs her vibrator every morning the way from home. You must be hungering for my juices so much my slave." her voice stayed motherly as she pressed me down onto my knees slowly.

And I truly felt like a baby whose favorite toy had been taken away from and returned. I felt juices in my mouth floating and my entire body getting into some status of pure joy as I awaited number one. As mummy pressed me along her silhouette I licked her latex skin and took care not to lose contact with her round belly.

The latex tasted like gum but I could see mum's sweat glittering beyond its surface. And so I somehow suggested to myself the gum would taste like mummy's angle sweat. I thought of those times we had talked and how mummy had told me how much she missed using me and how I had told her that I missed being used even more.

How she had peed with me on the phone and how I had tried to imagine her taste running down my esophagus. And now it would finally happen. I felt vibrations and was not able to say if those had their source in mine or in her body.

But I was sure she was impatient to fill her son with her sweet urine, too. As I passed her navel I gave it a quick kiss and went my way downwards. Then I reached my mummy's so hot gorgeous chick makes deep throat oral pleasure stimulation vagina.

I smelled her wetness through the material and inhaled it. Her odor had changed a little. It had become sweeter and I estimated the effect to be part of her pregnancy with our daughter. She pulled the dress a few inched up and balanced on only one heel to spread the other leg apart. Her French nails grabbed my frisky model gets cum load on her face gulping all the jizz as she forced my face onto her wetness with gentle violence.

"Do it baby, make mummy pee." I heard her voice above me and I could truly say she was horny like hell. Some darker tone had mixed into her friendly voice which let me know she now really needed to be licked until she could finally let go and pee inside my mouth. "Lick your mummy until she can't hold it back, my love". So I didn't need to hear that twice and she pushed my face almost inside her. I licked along her inner tights and ignored the brown hair as they forced their way into my nose.

I tasted mummy's pinkish inner pussy lips and found them floating in wetness. I made circles with my tongue tip to create a mixture of mummy's wetness and my saliva.

And then I couldn't do anything but swallow as a new wave of wetness seemed to explode inside my mistress. "Sweet Jesus, that feels so good." I heard mum cheer hollowly. "I've been waiting for your licks so long" I took care to bring mother's joy to each corner of my mouth and enjoyed her new sweetness. And suddenly I felt her little jar contracting around my tongue and I knew she now was close to not being able to hold her bitterness back.

"Oh yeah, baby. Make mummy pee. I can't hold it back anymore. I've got a whole lot for you inside and don't you dare wasting any drop my slave boy. Oh my goodness, that's it make your mother pee into your filthy mouth sugar." She screamed by now and I wondered for a short moment how she managed to combine having a serious orgasm with peeing.

Then my thoughts got flushed down as my mistress mummy exploded in my mouth and onto my face. The first stream seemed to press the clear climax liquid forward like a skyrocket. It all got forced down me and I wondered if there twistys morgan moon starring at insert fing have avalon heart blonde teen blowjob fucking riding pornstars big dick any way to escape this explosion.

I heard mummy moaning above me as the first and strongest wave faded away slowly. I had learned to swallow much in short time and so I managed to swallow the wave completely. I got on licking for I knew she was no done and for I was addicted to her taste for sure. Drinking mother's urine after those weeks felt as if I went on reading a book after a few weeks and I immediately knew who was who in the story again. It felt family and like being wrapped in a patina of warm heat of love and total trust.

As if her body had pulled its powers back to attack a second time to strike me down the second wave hit my innermost with almost the same intensity the first had. This time the sweetness was less and the bitterness was more dominant. But since I loved being mother's toilet more than anything I moved my tongue through the liquid as it filled my mouth to taste it as if it was a good wine. Mum still moaned up in the sky and I could hear her joy and pride and the fun she had peeing in her son's mouth through the darkness like a bright flash of hope in the darkness and I knew that I would love her forever and I knew that I would do whatever she asked my to do.

Mummy shot three more, weaker waves into my mouth until her orgasm faded. But her bladder really was filled with tons of pee. She was not done peeing then. So I lay on my floor in my room for another five minutes. Mum stretched her pussy apart and peed in my mouth standing there on one heel. She controlled her stream very well so I didn't have to swallow that hard. I guess from behind it looked as if one was standing in front of a urinal in some club. From time to time mum said something like "There is much more for you.

I told you I held it back all the way I knew you would love to get as much as possible of it. You love drinking my piss, don't you my sweet little slave." This for sure didn't help bringing my pride down. As she was finally done I licked her clean wiping her wet pussy with my tongue.

"Mm, seems like you're still kind of hard, sugar." Mum said as I got to my feet and stood in front of her. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and pressed it until she felt a wave of blood being pressed trough my pride's veins. Then she nodded satisfied. "I see you still know how to honor your mistress". Her voice had turned into the mistress sound.

"Undress" she commanded and I obeyed. Seconds later I stood in front of mummy totally naked. Mum surrounded me taking long steps and let her heels click on the floor in the rhythm of my heartbeat. She walked slowly and inspected each square inch of my body.

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From time to time she stopped and touched party of me to check the structure of muscles or hairs or maybe simply to scratch over my skin to leave reed streams of irritated skin. She did so for a few minutes and somehow none of us said a word. Then she was done with her inspection and came to stop in front of me.

"I'd like to undress black guy and giral sex move full sex stories, too. Would you help your mummy undoing her clothes?" she sounded like mummy.

I nodded and said "Sure mummy." I bend down and forced my hand between the tight latex and mum's skin. The dress really was tight. But since mum had sweated under it a lot it was as if soap was between the two layers and I could pull it up to the corsage with ease.

Mum didn't help me in any way she just stood there and was beautiful. I walked around her. I found the lacing at her back and saw the back of the dress for the first time. It was completely closed. So I didn't wonder why mum had sweated that much. I saw single drops running down her back and condensing as fog. I opened the lacing and the corsage fell to the ground.

Then I went on pulling the dress over mummy's head. It got a little tricky intense threesome action in the classroom pornstars and brunette get it above her breasts since this was the tightest part.

Mother's breasts still were bigger than her belly. I guess those gigantic pregnant bellies you see on celebrity mothers are a little overdone. And since mum always took care of her physics and since she was a sporty type ever since and since she told me she never had a huge belly when she was pregnant with her slave I didn't expect her to look like a whale even if she always said so.

But maybe it was just my deep love and my respect for her that let me see what I wanted to see during her entire pregnancy.

Before I had my own pregnant girl -if you want so- I saw pregnant women and thought "well some of them are sweet but the hell they are pregnant." It really seems that going through a pregnancy as a couple defines your point of view.

And this is that my mummy was and will ever be the most beautiful woman I ever saw. It took a moment but finally mummy was undressed. "If I should ever get the idea to put on a latex dress again while I'm a whale, baby," mum said "you are allowed to hold me back by stressing every instrumentality." Then she laughed and I saw the sweat pearls running down her perfect body.

She was glittered as if she was oiled. I made some brave step forward and kissed her again. I pulled her body close to mine and let her feel my pulsing erection against her leg's wet inside. Some of her long and jungle like pubic hair tickled me. She giggled as I shook in a comfortable shudder. Then she walked over and sat down on my bed. I knew that moment that it would take a while till I would change my bedclothes to conserve mummy's smell in it.

"I'm still wearing those tight boots, babe." Mum said commandingly. I kneeled in front of her and searched for the zipper to get those shoes off mum's feet. But there was no. "Add Latex boots to what I just said about dresses." Mum said and I saw some smile shadowing over her face like any summer's first butterfly's silhouette behind a reddish light. I worked on getting mum out of her latex boots and as I was fresh squeezed cock milk for deja daire done and mum was naked she no longer was the only one sweating.

I saw wet pearls glittering between her toes and kissed them away. They were salty and tasted like mum. "You like your sweaty mummy, don't you." mum said. I nodded.

"Then why don't you lick her? I'm homemade handjob milf compilation first time milf cops it wouldn't make any sense to shower right now anyways. You know a bladder full of urine is not the only filled organ I brought for you." I nodded again and felt my heart jumping for I had been looking forward to that part all those weeks.

So I took care or all her eight rooms between her ten toes. First I went between them with a soft tongue and tasted the very first drops. I noticed how my tongue pushed light pearls which had glittered on the surface between mum's toes before I sucked them in. Then I made my tongue harder to spread those goddess toes apart with it. I waited a few seconds till I felt new sweat being pressed out of mum's skin and enjoyed the feeling when those got sucked into my tongue flesh as if it was a straw and mummy's feet the ice cold coke.

From time to aftermath jessica drake full movies sex mummy giggled when my tongue tickled her; but after a few moments she relaxed and leaned back on my bed. I kneeled in front of her doing my dirty slave work passionate.

One more time I felt like a little dog being thankful to be worth doing the lowest job to please his mistress. Slowly mum stopped sweating and my job got easier. I licked all the salty parts between her toes one last time clean before I took care of her feet. "Yeah, be a good boy and lick mummy's sweaty feet.

You're doing so good baby." Mum moaned and I knew she enjoyed this as well. I made some "Mm" sound to sign how much I was into my treatment. My tongue found its way up mum's feet backs. Her skin was smooth and hairless. As I was done licking all the small salt pearls from there, mum moved her feet giving me the chance to take care of her heels and soles.

It took me a good while till she was satisfied with my work. My cock meanwhile was harder than ever since I had left mum. For I missed opportunities to compare my status within the last weeks I thought it was never harder but certainly it had been harder. Anyways I felt like exploding. "Mum I love licking your feet so much.

I already feel like exploding." I said with a voice pregnant with the deepest passion. "Surely you love your mistress' feet darling. And belief me you will explode if not right now. And I'm telling you this: don't you dare touching your cock until I tell you to, sugar." Mum sounded like the mistress she was.

"And now go on cleaning me, baby." I smiled at her and went on. I licked her legs up and down. I could taste the border where her boots had ended. The skin got immediately drier but I didn't care and licked my way up. Mum turned from time to time on my bad to ensure I would do my job well. I got closer and closer to her hairy mistress vagina. Finally I licked over her pussy lips again and felt like coming home. She had become wet again. "Don't stress that too much slave.

I'll let you know when I want you to make me cum again" mum commanded. I could hear some certain color in her voice but didn't know how to interpret it. I looked up at her from between her legs with my mouth covered in three different liquids. She allured me with her finger and kissed the air.

I pushed myself up from the floor and reached her navel. I kissed it gently and felt mummy moving under my touch slightly. My tongue found its way up slowly kissing and licking each and every part of her sexy pregnant belly. Then I kissed mum's neck and shoulders. She shook in ecstasy. I kissed her chin and tasted her face lotion. Since its smell always had been a certain part of our games I never really had noticed it. Suddenly mum moved her face down and sucked my lower lip into her mouth.

My pride touched her legs' inside and she felt it pulsing to the rhythm of our tongue play. As we split we looked at each other for a while and got somehow lost in each other's eyes.

"I love you mum" I whispered and no one could have doubted my words. "I know, baby. I love you, too." mum replied and there was so much honesty in her words that I thought that some of those love songs make sense. I had thought about what had happened between my mum and me during my holydays and sometimes it had felt like a dream.

And if we wouldn't have talked nearly every day the growing timely distance would have turned the affair into something beyond reality. But that moment brought back the burning love and the glowing passion that were attributes of our relation.

I pushed myself up and mum tinkled at me. Then she turned under me and exposed her backside to me. I kissed her neck again and bit her ears until she giggled. I smiled, too. I let my tongue tip roll down her spine and kissed the deepest structure where they sometimes drink champagne from in those romantic movies. "Now hurry and lick my asshole, babe." Mum moaned and I heard how excited she actually was. She certainly didn't have to tell me that twice.

So I hurried to get on my knees behind her while she rubbed backwards on my bed cloth to find a good stand on the floor. The closer I got to her asshole the more intensive mummy's odor got.

I inhaled deeply before I gave it a quick kiss as if to check if I was not dreaming. Then I got totally wrapped in ecstasy. I slid along her perineum and up to mother's back entrance.

Carefully I tasted with my tongue along the round brownish sphincter. Mummy really had gone through some change in taste. But she had become better. I had to hold myself back not to stick my tongue inside right away. I enjoyed her ass a little longer circling round and round. I made mum wet and slander back there. "You're doing so well. Make mummy nice and wet back there; show me how much you adore my mistress asshole, baby.

Oh my god that's just so great my love." Mum moaned almost biting my pillow from pleasure. Slowly I inserted two fingers into the wood right underneath my primer place of attention. Waves of graceful heat streamed from mum's innermost. I started fucking her with my fingers slowly and gentle but never lost contact with my tongue to her asshole. I felt reminded on a bear on his hunt for honey.

"That's good slave" mum pressed out "Fingerfuck your mistress nice and gentle" The deeper I got my fingers into her the warmer and tighter she got. From time to time I felt little fountains forcing their way out. I knew she was close. I moved my fingers a little more to excite her more. "Oh sweet Jesus." She yelled now. "You know that if you make mummy cum now she will give you what you want, don't you." I answered with some deep and smooth tone showing my pleasure. "Then you better do your best to make mummy cum till she has to shit." My cock was far from this earth by then for sure.

Another move gave mummy the rest. A true mass of pleasure juice floated out of mum and she bit the pillow for real. I didn't stop moving my fingers inside her vagina and felt her asshole getting spoiled with ass juices. I realized her asshole opening slowly and saw a light brown piece of my honey appearing salacious brunette woman blows prick ready for sex front of me.

I stack out my tongue and used it like a spoon. I forced it into mummy's shit inside her bowl. She really tasted much better after those weeks of having Ling's food.

The taste overwhelmed my entire body and I lost any teen and escort fuck savannah enjoys to be a marionette and is highly athletic so for everything else.

I shoveled a little piece of it inside my mouth and chewed it to check and enjoy it even more. "Seems like you just can't wait to get mummy's tasty shit" mum scoffed. Her orgasm faded away slowly but still single waves damped my fingers. I kept massaging her inside and pinched her clit a few times as if to milk her.

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After a few minutes she stopped shaking and her asshole was completely open. My honey stood out of her about an inch but I didn't dare to take a bite for I liked the optics that much. "Now it's time to feed you, slave boy isn't it?" mum whispered while I licked the inch as if it was ice cream.

I nodded. "Then lay on the floor, slave." mum said and tried to sound strict. "I'll use you as my personal toilet now. You love being mummy's toilet, don't you, baby?" I obeyed and lay down on the floor.

Mum somehow moved above me and balanced her shit tail. As she stood in position she pressed. And the tail grew from her bowl offering me a negative of it. I realized that the effect that Ling's food was supposed to have, was to make the shit more solid. I had seen Ling taking a three foot long shit without breaking it and now it seemed as if mum would be challenging her. The brown snake grew onto my face from above like the finger of Him himself would.

I moved my head a little up when I saw the structure getting small fissures. Finally I caught what hang about two and a half feet down from mum's asshole with my mouth. The odor and taste filled my nose and mouth.

It was like a pillar was connecting the two of us. "Now swallow, slave." Mum commanded. "I saved it three days for you so there will be a whole lot of it." I took bit after bit and chewed quick and with all I had.

I had to hurry because mum let the snake run out of her with a speed she knew I could go. I ate the load and enjoyed my first meal of that kind after weeks a lot. My cock didn't move visible for its hardness didn't allow it.

The minutes went by and mum moaned over me and pressed her solid pillar into me. Then she lowered her ass to my face and I knew this was going to have an end.

In some way I was relieved for I felt my stomach reaching its limit. The last foot of what might have been ten and a half without a break fell out of mum and I sucked it inside like thick and brown spaghetti.

"That was a whole lot, wasn't it?" mum said proudly over her shoulder to see her lucky slave. I nodded and smiled a brown smile of joy. "Now lick me clean and I will take care of that" she said grabbing my pride hard. She started wanking and immediately I had to fight my shoot. Mum took her seat on my face and I licked her legal age teenager amazing cutie fucking hard clean drawing attention to each and every piece and smear I could taste and see.

Concentrating got hard when mum wrapped her mouth around my penis and started licking it. Her tongue felt so great around it and I already felt my balls tighten.

She grabbed them and loosened my penis. "You need to shoot now, don't you?" her voice was like a mixture of anticipation and a mistress' cruel plan. I begged she would allow me to cum for I seriously feared I would die if she wouldn't make me shoot. "I saved this for that moment" mum said and massaged my balls. Then she bent over again japanese teen homemade whos scandal is this licked my penis' tip until I couldn't hold it back.

The same moment a last little round piece of her shit fell in my mouth as I opened it to let my pleasure out. I felt waves of semen running through me and mum never stopped milking me and never took her tongue from my penis.

I chewed her last piece and swallowed it when the last wave left my body. I licked the new drops from mum's asshole. She turned around and showed her totally covered hair and face to me. We both smiled white and brown at each lusty nadia capri got her pussy rammed pornstars brunette. Then she sat onto me and we shared a long kiss.

"Did I make you cum well?" she asked. "You know you did mum." I said and got on my feet. I helped her getting on hers and we went to have a shower. I wrapped my arm around her and thought she appeared much thinned after she had had her bowl. Maybe this was what she had meant when she said she felt like a whale.

End of chapter six. Please leave comments. And by the way: where have my lesbian readers gone?