Twistys starri knight starring at third tim

Twistys starri knight starring at third tim
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The steam rose of his cup of coffee as he stirred his sugar in. Staring into the inky blackness his mind flitted between thoughts of which he wasn't sure. The thought of seeing her again for the first time in almost 3 months filled his body with a tingling sensation in his spine and a sort of looming dread in the pit of his stomach was added to the mix.

She had been preoccupied with her other responsibilities moving from job to job, moving house and always on the go in her own town, leaving no time to see him even though they lived minutes away from each other. Not that he minded too much, but what he yearned for meant that she was never far from his thoughts. Not that she really knew how he felt about her. at least not as far as he knew. He had tried to keep in touch and arrange other meetings prior to this one but something had always come up that stopped her.

A brown satchel bag dropped onto the chair in front of him, leaving him somewhat startled. He looked up, gazing at the face of purist white skin and full crimson lips, framed by her long black hair, looking like a porcelain doll and just as delicate. Beautiful as always. She greeted him with a smile, that same smile that made his legs turn to jelly and left him staring deeply into her pale blue eyes, and took a seat opposite him at the table.

The silence between the two was broken by him. "Hey." "Hey?" he thought to himself, HEY?! "That is the best you could come up with?" "Hey," she replied. "How have you been?" "Good, good, yourself?" "I'm surviving." "Good, I'm glad." They smiled to each other.

He rose to get her a drink, what she drank had remained constant throughout their entire friendship which had been a year or so, and they talked about what had been going on in their separate lives in their time apart.

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He had got her to meet him for a coffee at the place they always went when she was in town. It was a nice little place, not big business but they did the best coffee in town and he was good friends with the owner, whom he had known for a good few years now.

They talked for a good hour about nothing in particular. After they had finished their drinks and paid they both stood up and made a move for the exit. Normally they would spend a few hours together but they had caught up with each other and grandma with big tits and hairy pussy gets facial had to be home to help her family with some errands, so they parted ways then and there, said their goodbyes and left each other with her none the wiser of his desires.

He walked home from town which was only a few minutes from his house so he had decided not to drive. As he approached his front door he started to think to himself about why he was doing this to himself, he just needed to tell her how he felt. Or show her.

Later that night, there was a huge rainstorm. The thunder erupted and shook the windows of his car like nothing else. The rain was thick but there was very little wind and it fell hard that his windscreen wipers could barely keep up with the water masking his view of the road.

He knew that if he did not get out of this there could be an accident as his tires were in need of a change, and the water was rising on the streets, creating long streams funnelling into the storm drains. She loved watching the rain from her bedroom window, the long trickles of water flowing down the glass and into her garden below.

She could spend hours watching the storm as time seemed to slow in passing when she watched the heavens unleash it's fury upon the earth. Over the loud crashes of thunder she heard her doorbell ring.

"Who the bloody hell is out in this weather?" she said to herself curiously. She moved whimsically towards the door and reached for the handle, turned it, opened alura jenson fucked in shopping mall solid oak door to reveal him standing there in his soaked clothes, with his hair limp and water streaming down his face and running off his jaw line.

She looked at him puzzled, and without muttering a word he stepped forward and kissed her passionately. For that moment the world seemed to melt away, the sound of the storm dulled, growing distant for the both of them. She had never felt anything so powerful and simultaneously erotic as this. He had waited so long for this moment that his hand was shaking uncontrollably as he reached around her slender figure and pulled her close to him.

His clothes were drenched through to the skin and water started soaking onto her clothes. She took his other hand and placed it on her lower back, starting to really get into the moment now. The real world washed over them and they tore their lips apart a stared deeply into each other's eyes, she pulled him inside and he closed the door behind him.

Pulling his shirt off over his head she dropped it to the ground with a wet thud. He mirrored her actions and lifted her top over her head revealing her slim body and petite breasts beneath her dark blue bra. They moved upstairs to her bedroom, she undid his belt and slid it from his jeans tossing it aside and they fell onto her bed. He undid the button on her jeans and slowly slid the zip down to expose the front of her black lace underwear. Gently tugging at the legs of her jeans he stood and pulled them off completely and threw them aimlessly behind him, he could not take his eyes off her gorgeous, skinny body.

He began to undo his buttons on his jeans, she sat up and swatting his hands away, took over from him. She pulled his jeans down to reveal the outline of his solid erection underneath his boxer shorts, she tugged at the top of his shorts and pulled them down, his cock flew out and stood fully erect gently twitching. After a few seconds, she moved her head forward and took him deep in her hot mouth.

He groaned with ecstatic pleasure as she flicked her tongue around the tip and over the head of his penis whilst gently sucking. Whilst she was working her way down the shaft of his erection, he swiftly undid her bra to reveal her perky breasts in their full glory and ran his hand up her spine, her alabaster skin erupted with goose bumps that made her shudder with excitement. Pulling out of her mouth he removed his trousers completely and pushed her flat on the bed with her hips positioned at the edge of the bed and her legs hanging off the side.

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He moved his head close to her crotch and grabbed her knickers with his teeth and eased them off down her thighs and off her feet, she smiled cheekily at him and he smiled back and lowered himself back to her now exposed pussy. He observed it briefly and noticed her juices running down her leg, he moved in closer and slowly and tenderly moved his tongue from the bottom of her opening all the way up to the tip of her clitoris.

He repeated this a few more times before he started to move his tongue faster and rigorously, in and around her lips and clitoris. She flinched a little with a slight groan of pleasure, as he started to speed his tongue up. She grabbed his bootylicious ava has her big butt creamed pornstars and brunette and pulled his head up from between her legs and kissed him again, her tongue gently slid into his mouth and was met by his, writhing together.

He slid his hand down her thigh and pulled her leg up to his waist and she guided his throbbing manhood to her welcoming opening. He gently spread her lips apart with his head and slowly, slipped himself inside her. She uncensored blow job delights hardcore and blowjob loudly. Her head exploded with emotions and sensations completely new to her. The odd thing she noticed was a twinge of pain as he broke her hymen, he looked down, and smiled, he was unaware she was a virgin until now.

She breathed deeply, after a few breaths the pain left and was replaced with an intense feeling of the purest delight, grabbing hold of his hips she moved him deeper and deeper inside of her until he was as far and her body would allow. He then retracted his hips and pulled as far out as he could, without actually coming out, and thrust his hard cock back in her. She started to blush; caused by the overwhelming feelings she was experiencing and moaned his name softly in his ear.

This triggered something animalistic in him he moved into a better position, holding her ankles spread wide he began to thrust, vigorously, relentlessly. She writhed beneath him unable to speak from the ecstasy of the passionate sex she was experiencing.

He pushed as deep as he could with long controlled thrusts. He could feel her hot pussy clench, her legs twitched and her body convulsed violently as she experienced an earthshaking climax that made her release out a moan louder than the thunder of the storm raging outside. Her groans of pleasure were enough to send him teetering over the edge of his climactic orgasm.

He erupted inside her and as he did so she held his hips still, with her legs wrapped tightly around him. Once they had descended from the peak of their orgasms they opened their eyes and stared into each other's gaze. He collapsed next to her, both breathing heavily, and she placed her leg over him and planted her head in his chest.

They both gently dozed for what seemed like a lifetime, she listened to his heart race in his chest and he caressed her long ebony hair, both contented.