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Notice: Please be aware that this mom and xxx hinde son 'Expect the Unexpected' is a collection of unrelated stories and narratives.

As such, please don't expect to see characters from any previous entry. I apologize for any disappointment. The popularity of each story will help me gauge if there is enough interest to continue the storyline sometime down the road. viceofchoice * * * * * Scott was a typical high school senior. His grades were good, though not outstanding.

He participated in sports, but was by no means the star player. He had an after-school job, but it wasn't anything extravagant. Despite this rather average lifestyle, he was comfortable. Perhaps one day he'd step life up a notch, but for now, he was content just balance education and recreation.

The only thing Scott really lacked, he decided, was a girlfriend. Most of his friends were all steadily dating someone, and those that weren't were only transitioning from one girl to the next.

Sure, there were some of his friends who didn't care to leap into the dating fray, but they were the ones who obsessed over homework, sports, their job or some other aspect in life. Either that, or they just didn't give a crap.

It was one extreme or the other extremes to which Scott really had no interest in going. So, there he sat on a Friday night, playing video games like Call of Duty or Assassins Creed without really having his head in the game. As such, his stats tonight were suffering. He couldn't help it; his thoughts were elsewhere. Earlier that day, he had been hanging out with one of his best friends and felt compelled to listen as he reiterated the date he went on the night before with his girlfriend complete with a detailed account of just how excellent a blowjob she could give.

Scott was jealous. He knew it, but he also horny hottie nina kayy tongues thick babe betty bang that sitting here doing nothing about his situation would result in nothing new being accomplished.

When the current multiplayer round ended, Scott shut down his gaming machine and headed back to his room on the main floor. "Hey, Scott," his mother addressed him as he walked through the kitchen area. She was busily preparing dinner. "Done down there already?" "Yeah," he grumbled. His frustration must have been evident because his mother looked at him squarely.

"Everything alright?" Scott nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine." His mother's scrutinizing look ate away at his resistances, though. "Just feeling a little lonely, Mom," he finally admitted, leaning on the counter. "Lonely?" she inquired. "How so?" With a shrug, Scott tried to pass off his feelings as nothing.

"Just.a lot of my friends have girlfriends, Mom. Can't hang out with them, don't have a girlfriend of my own to spend time with." His mother smiled. "Well, don't worry," she said comfortingly. "It'll happen for you, son." She chopped up a couple more vegetables. "Besides," she philosophized, adding them to the boiling pot, "relationships are like farts: if you have to force them, they're probably crap." Scott laughed.

His mother was affable and had a good sense of humour. He got along much better with her than with his father. He respected his dad, to be sure, but close was something they were not. He had an intense job which kept him late more often than not, and when he did get home, he was usually so exhausted that he really didn't want to do much other than have dinner, drink a couple beers, watch some TV and go to bed.

When weekends rolled around, his father was on the phone a lot of the time, or resolving concerns via email. There really wasn't much time for the two of them to interact and get to know one another.

Scott often wondered if his father treated his mother just as apathetically. He didn't see much of the spark between them that they had had when he was younger. His father was usually distant and distracted while they were in the same room, hardly paying much attention to his wife.

Did it extend behind closed doors, too? His mother was still smiling. "Thanks, Mom," he chuckled again at her joke. "I'll remember that." She turned back to the meal as Scott walked around the corner to his bedroom. He closed the door behind him and sat down at his desk, pondering over his current state of affairs. Then, an idea hit him.

Quickly, he grabbed a pen and paper and set to work making a list of all the girls he knew who were currently single and available, within his circle of friends (or at least acquaintances) and in whom he could affirm he had at least an identifiable interest. In a school where there were five hundred seniors like him, it couldn't be that hard to fulfill the criteria. In a matter of minutes, he had compiled a large list and set to purging it to its most likely candidates.

Soon, he had a roster of a dozen girls he knew he could ask out on at least a single date. Scott was convinced that at least one of them would say yes.

If things went well, maybe he would ask for another. Certainly out of all of them, it would yield a compatible prospect. He just had to muster the boldness to follow through with this plan.

Just as he pinned the list to his corkboard, Scott heard his mother call him. "Scott, Honey? Time for dinner." "Be right there, Mom," he answered, though his focus was on the list in front of him. He read it over again, taking a deep, reassuring breath that he was bound to have success somewhere, before leaving his room and joining his mother at the dining table.

The first thing he noticed was the predictable absence of his father. "Dad working late again?" he asked needlessly. Scott's mother looked up at him. "What was your first clue?" she answered sardonically. "Yeah." She shook her head passively at him. "Don't get on his case too much, Son.

He has an important job," she complimented her husband. "Health and safety isn't something to be taken lightly. And it provides well." "I kinda liked his old job better," Scott admitted with a dismissive shrug. His mother smiled. "Oh, that's several years ago now," she remarked. "I doubt it would still be available." "I know," agreed Scott. "I just feel like I knew him better then." "You and me both." That was his mother; almost always soft spoken.

Rarely did Scott ever hear a negative word come out of her mouth about anyone or anything, and even when he did, it was almost always spoken with compassion, a sort of constructive criticism.

She didn't sugarcoat truth or honesty; his mother was blunt, but she just gave her assessment in doses that were easy to handle. "He could probably get something similar somewhere," theorized Scott, hoping that, just maybe, the message would be relayed to his father. The idea was halted in its tracks.

"Probably," admitted his mother. "But he likes what he does. You know that." Scott nodded solemnly. "Yeah, I know." Sitting down, Scott dished up his meal of a pasta casserole and steamed vegetables.

He bit in and instantly loved it. His mother was a fantastic cook, and regularly produced meals without any recipe in front of her at all.

She loved to experiment, but always seemed to have a knack for the perfect balance of spices, salt or sweetness. It was a trait that Scott had come to admire. They made their way slowly through their meals; Scott's mind was elsewhere whenever his mother tried to initiate a conversation with him about his job or school.

Finally, she honed in on his detached concentration and asked what was on his mind. Scott took a deep breath. "Mom, what's your first impression of me when you look at me?" he asked, setting his cutlery down more brusquely than he had intended.

The frustration he harboured still boiled near the surface from earlier. His mother smiled wryly and scrutinized him with her eyes. Scott felt like she could see right through him. "You mean, if I was a girl at school, would I find you attractive?" she deduced succinctly. The precise conclusion threw off Scott's guard. "Well.I—" he stammered, not knowing how exactly to respond to her appraisal.

"Yeah.I guess that's what I'm asking," he relented after a brief moment of silence. "Son, I sure would. Why wouldn't I?" She leaned in over the table, looking at him intently. "You've got a decent physique, or at least an average build. You're 5'10" yeah?" Scott nodded. "And, what are you, 200lbs?" "About that, yeah," he responded. "See? Nothing to be ashamed of there.

You've got good arm and leg muscles to show it," she admired, rubbing one of his arms. "Your sandy-coloured hair curls naturally over your ears. Your blue eyes are rather striking." Scott could feel his ears getting warm at all the praise. He wasn't used to it, though his mother regularly said things like this. It felt like it didn't have a lot of weight to it; not that it was fake or forced far from but it was almost expected.

She was his mother, after all. Scott felt that these sorts of things would hold much more meaning from someone who wasn't related to him, after all. "You're a handsome guy, Scott," his mother finished. "On top of that, you're thoughtful and caring. I think any girl would be lucky to have you as her boyfriend." A puff brsis sxe xstorys xxxxx sex stories a laugh shot out his nostrils.

"You have to say that because you're my mom," he insisted. "No, I get to say it because I'm your mom," she corrected him congenially. "I have to say it because it's true." "Hm." "Well," his mother scoffed with a slight reproach in her voice, "don't ask a question like that if you're not willing to accept the compliment." A slight smile crossed Scott's face.

"I guess." "Do you have a specific girl in mind?" his mother asked him, taking another bite of her food. Scott shrugged. Swallowing, she asked, "What about that girl in your math class, the one you helped to fundraise with last year." Scott knew exactly whom his mother was referring to. She had come over from time to time to discuss different aspects of the fundraiser, and had met his mother on several occasions.

She was certainly pretty and, coincidentally, was one of the girls he had put on his list. "Well, she's a possibility," he tried to acknowledge without giving too much emphasis, "but not necessarily." His mother narrowed her eyes. "You have more than one in mind?" Scott tried to suppress the smile coming to his lips.

How was his mother so intuitive? "Kinda," he replied. "Only one girlfriend at a time, Scott," his mother admonished. He'd heard this warning before, but humoured his mother and allowed her to say it all once again. "You can play the field, just don't try and score if you're not sure she's the one you want." "I know," he answered, smiling at the analogy. "No, it's not really like that, though," he stated. "I just made a list of some girls that I'm thinking of asking out." "Oh, I see," replied his mother.

"Well, don't let them know that." Scott frowned. "Why?" "No girl wants to feel like she's an afterthought or second place to another girl." "Oh," Scott exclaimed, realizing the possibility of this situation for the first time. He shook his head and explained, "Well, it's not really in any particular order." "They don't know that," his mother smiled.

"Just be careful with girls' hearts, Scott." "I will, Mom," he promised. "I'm just looking for a first date at this point. Nothing more." "Well, good luck," she wished him, quickly adding with a wink, "not that you'll need it." Scott chuckled with his mother, and they delved back into their dinner. With his most pressing thoughts alleviated somewhat, the mealtime conversation flowed with much more ease.

Scott was grateful for his mother's listening ear. True to his form, Scott's father arrived home from his job nearly two hours later just in time to go to bed. He took some leftovers and a beer from the fridge and had dinner before watching some television and then retired to his room, presumably to watch some more television before falling asleep.

Scott had been in his room the whole time, watching from afar, working on some homework due Monday. Before he got himself ready for bed, he happened to catch his mother's eye as she headed for the master bedroom upstairs. For an instant, he could see a weary, forlorn look, the kind someone would exhibit when feeling lonely and ignored. It disappeared instantly when their eyes met, and Scott's mother gave him a loving smile before following her husband to the bedroom.

Busty teen with hairy pussy getting boned on the desk recounted the evening, and realized that there was hardly a moment where his mother and father had shared together. They'd barely even said two words to one another.

It concerned him as he thought of just how unstable their marriage might be. Returning to his room, he shut the door, undressed for bed and crawled into his sheets, trying desperately not to think about the mute conflict he had been a witness to. The remainder of the weekend passed quickly, soon giving way to Monday morning. The bright, clear dawn filled Scott with vigour and confidence. When he woke up, he jumped out of bed, showered, had breakfast and then hurried to review his list for the millionth time since its inception.

He knew off by heart the girls he had selected to try and ask out. He had practiced in front of the mirror, in the shower and wherever else he was at while no one was watching what he would say to each girl. He drew in an invigorating breath. At least one would say yes.

He knew it! School classes were dull and boring in comparison to his quest for female companionship. His fulminating courage convinced him he could not lose, and he couldn't wait to prove it to himself.

His first class, math, seemed to take much longer than usual. Finally when it ended forty-seven hours later, it seemed he nearly leaped out of his seat to catch up with the first of the girls he had chosen to ask out. "Oh, Scott.I'm sorry." she apologized after he presented his proposition.

"I actually just started going out with someone last week." "Oh." responded Scott in surprise. "Well, that's ok. Don't worry about it. Just thought I'd ask." "Yeah," she answered him. "If I hadn't started dating him, I'd say yes in a heartbeat." They ended their conversation cordially, and Scott was soon off to his next class. History went marginally faster than math had, but it was still painfully long.

The next, English, followed suit with the first two. It was all Scott could do to pay attention in either class. He was insanely anxious to get to lunch where he knew another of his prospects would be. A sister of a friend, she was a couple years younger than him, but still remarkably cute and wonderfully social. He met with disappointment yet again. She cringed politely when he asked her out.

"Oh, I'm so erotic and moist hardcore gratifying blowjob and teen, Scott," she answered him.

"I've actually got plans this weekend. Our family's getting together with some friends that are in town for the weekend and we're all going to the zoo and stuff." "Oh." responded Scott to another letdown.

"Yeah, I guess that'd be fun, too." "Yeah," she replied. "I'm glad you asked, though. Maybe some other time." Scott nodded amiably. "That could work." After lunch, Scott had a computer class that the girl's older brother also attended.

After a short lecture, they were let loose to practice what they'd been taught on their own. "Hey, man," Scott asked his friend during a lull in the class. "Is your family going to the zoo this weekend?" His friend's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"No! Not that I've heard," he laughed heartily. "No friends of the family coming into town?" "No," he laughed again. "Where did you hear that?" "Just the rumour on the street," deflected Scott. "Thought I'd heard it." "I don't even think it's open for the season yet, is it?" The painful truth added insult to injury.

"You might be right," agreed Scott, trying not to demonstrate how glum he was feeling. Scott promised himself that he'd try one more time that day before going home. The conversation was derailed almost instantly, much to his dismay. He'd no sooner hinted at the possibility of going out the coming weekend when, without missing a beat, the girl shot his efforts right out of the sky. "That would be a great idea! This is why I love being friends with you, Scott! You come up with the best things for everyone to do together." There had been a subtle, but unmasked emphasis on that dreaded F-word: friends.

Scott didn't push the issue after that remark. After getting home, Scott retired to his room almost instantly. He took the sheet with the girls' names on it down from his board and scratched off the three names. One taken, one liar and one friendzone. It hadn't been a good day, but he wasn't done yet. Looking over the names again, he began mentally preparing for another bout.

There was plenty of opportunity left. Unfortunately, Tuesday's efforts went down in flames, just like Monday's, then Wednesday's. By the time Thursday morning rolled around, Scott had started thinking that there was some giant conspiracy meant to keep him from getting a girlfriend.

By Friday afternoon, he was as good as convinced. Twelve girls asked, and twelve times declined. Scott made it home with a heart feeling like lead. He didn't care how 'macho' he was supposed to be as a guy. The constant rejection hurt, and he had to let the pain out. He had no sooner closed his door than he threw himself on his bed and released his frustrations into his pillow.

He cried, knowing he had done his best and failed miserably. All it would have taken was a single yes, but the cascade of nos brought his emotions to their knees. In the privacy of his own room, he wept something fierce. His only solace was that he was home alone. Or so he thought. There was a light knock on the door. "Scott, Honey?" he heard his mother appeal through the door. "Is that you?" Scott cleared his throat.

"Yeah," he answered, trying to keep his voice from wavering. "Didn't know you were home, Mom." "Can I come in?" He took a deep breath. "Yeah," he invited. The door opened slowly. Scott's mother poked her head in, an inquisitive, concerned look on her face. "Scott," she addressed him, seeing his swollen, red eyes. "What's wrong?" His manly countermeasures kicked into gear. "Nothing," he blocked her out. "Just a bad day at school." She looked at him sideways.

He knew she was trying to analyze him. "Do you want to talk about it?" she offered, coming over to sit on the end of his bed. She was obviously worried about him, but the last thing Scott wanted right now was to discuss his pain openly.

Scott knew that if he dared to give her an inch, she'd end up taking a mile. That was just how his mother was and she'd take it without slutty amateur bitch spreads her wet twat realizing it was gone!

He couldn't budge or she'd see right through him and probably figure everything out about his week in an instant. She already knew from their dinner conversation last week that he was planning to have a date with at least one girl. Once she realized that it wasn't happening, she was sure to put two and two together. All he could really do was delay her. "Nah," he refused as politely as he could. "I'm fine." "Ok." she acknowledged. "Well, if there's anything I can do for you, Scott, I'll do it." Her constant persistence was beginning to annoy him.

If only she'd leave him alone right now. "I'm your mother," she reasoned. "I—" "I don't want to be a foxy lassies get raunchy in the club boy or anything, Mom!" The outburst had come with more force than he'd intended and his mother looked a little taken aback. Scott regretted what he'd said almost immediately. The last thing he wanted to do was to offend her. She was honestly only trying to help.

He knew that 'being a momma's boy' wasn't what she was offering, but it just seemed like neither the time nor the place to discuss his sorrow.

"Sorry, Mom," he apologized quickly, hoping to salvage the situation. "I'm just a little frustrated right now." "It's alright," she forgave him with a quick hug. "I'm not trying to turn you into a momma's boy. I'm just wanting to help, lend a listening ear if you want." "I know. Thank you," he answered. "I just didn't want anyone to see me crying in the first place." "I understand," she acknowledged, getting up and heading to the door.

"Tell you what: what do you want for dinner tonight?

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Anything you're craving?" A slight smile came to his mouth. "Lasagna?" His mother smiled in aunt fuck boy in hotel. "I think we even have the ingredients for that," she told him. "Lasagna it is." With that, she left the room and closed the door behind him. Scott laid on his bed for a long time, reflecting on the abysmal week. Every so often, his emotions would overflow again and spill out his eyes, but after a while, things seemed to settle.

He was fine being single, but the companionship of a girl would be awfully welcome. Eventually the smells of dinner weaseled their way through the cracks around his door. He breathed in deeply, enjoying the warm scent of the homemade dish baking in the oven. He salivated over thinking about the taste, and smiled realizing of how thoughtful his mother was. One thing was certain, whomever the girl ended up being, his mother was certainly the paragon of what he wanted her to be.

His mother. Scott had never noticed just how much he idolized her. She was certainly a beautiful lady. His mother wasn't obsessed over fitness, but she kept herself looking good. Pleasantly curvy, his mother dressed well and accentuated the bumps she had in all the right places. Her light brown hair she usually let hang free and it dangled to the middle of her back. Suddenly, a realization hit him. He sat up and hurried over to his desk. Looking up at his list, he realized that all of the girls on his list fit the same general physical description to one degree or another.

He was astonished; he realized that he was already attempting to clone his mother. Somehow, subconsciously, he was intent on having some duplicate of his mother by his side. He wasn't already a momma's boy, was he? "Scott, Honey?" he heard his mother call from the kitchen. "Dinner!" They ate, and not once did his mother mention the meltdown he'd had. He didn't know whether she thought he might be sensitive to the topic or perhaps she was worried he might be embarrassed.

Scott decided he was actually a little of both, and was glad the subject remained unaddressed. Scott passed most of the remainder of the evening in his room doing homework or playing on his Xbox downstairs. His father was working late again, and his mother seemed aloof anyways.

He didn't have a lot of other things to do. Besides, a dozen girls had turned him down, and he was alone this evening. On top of that, most of his friends were out with their girlfriends.

It's not like he would be a welcome intrusion. When the evening got late, Scott decided it was time for bed. He had to work tomorrow, and although he didn't have an early shift or anything, he felt it would be in xxxx brewery sex stories story punjabi story seelbandh best interests to do some more homework before he left.

As he climbed the stairs to the main floor, he found his father sitting at the kitchen table, eating his meal and completely absorbed in an email on his laptop. His mother was sitting in the living room, reading. "Hey, Mom. Dad," he addressed them as he walked by. She looked up from her book. "Hey, Son." Even his father broke his concentration from what he was doing.

"Hey, Scott," he addressed him, too. "Don't tell me your video games have gotten boring." "No," Scott chuckled. "Just getting late." His father looked down at his watch. "Oh, man!" he exclaimed with a look of surprise on his face.

"It's already almost 11:00." "Yeah. We should go to bed, Babe," Scott's mother suggested, reaching for a bookmark. "It's really getting late. Do you work tomorrow?" "I have to," his father grumbled.

"Health and safety never seem to rest. I guess that means that I'm not supposed to, either." He took another small bite of his lasagna. "Mm! This is delicious, Sweetheart. And just give me a few more minutes. I have a couple emails left to reply to and I'll be done." "Alright," Scott's mother answered him, putting down her book.

She stood up and began to head for the master bedroom upstairs. "I'm going to have a quick shower, but, other than that, I'll be waiting." Scott's father nodded absent-mindedly, staring at his laptop again. "Mm-hm." he answered airily.

Although a smile was strewn across her face, Scott noticed something different about his mother's expression. There was something there he hadn't seen in a while.

He realized that she had kept stealing glances over her book at his father during their conversation, and now there was a definite furtive look in her eyes. One quick glance in Scott's direction as she walked by told him everything he needed to know. Although he didn't really want to think about it, he knew his mother was feeling frisky, maybe even outright horny. It was obvious that she had some plans for his father that would involve just the two of them and probably a provocative outfit, too.

Scott wondered if his father had even noticed, though. Either way, recognizing the approaching storm and wanting to be as far from it as possible Scott brushed his teeth and used the restroom with all due haste before bidding his parents goodnight. While his father was still seated at the table, his mother called out a goodnight from the bedroom upstairs, though she stayed hidden inside the slightly-cracked open door.

The lighting was low and inconsistent. It seemed to Scott that it was candlelight, not light bulbs that were glowing in there. Scott didn't even want to know. Instead, he retreated to his room and closed himself in. Scott stripped down to his boxers and crawled into bed, letting his head crash onto his pillow face-first.

He could only hope to be well asleep by the time the clouds of love and passion hit the house. Unfortunately, sleep had fled from his eyes. He wasn't tired, and he couldn't put his finger on why.

There was so much going on in his head, true, so that certainly didn't help matters. He couldn't resist the thoughts that plagued him. They wouldn't stop. He thought he had left the frustrations about this week behind earlier when he'd had a brief conversation with his mom, but there they were again, swirling in his head like a cyclone of disappointment.

Why wouldn't it leave him alone? The remembrance of everything alone was enough to bring a fresh wave of pain and misery to his chest. He didn't get it. What had he done wrong? Was he undesirable? Unattractive? Too much of a nerd? Not enough of an athlete? The rejection and lack of explanation was just too much.

He couldn't sleep. He was almost afraid to. What sort of dreams would he end up having if he couldn't let this dust settle first? The night wore on. He didn't know if he had been lying there for minutes or hours, but at last he decided to get up and get a drink of water, maybe even sit and think in the living room.

He left his room and sex with a young brunette with glasses surprised to see the house was dark. His father had long since gone to bed and joined his mom. Scott made a mental note to give their bedroom door a wide berth.

He rounded the corner, walked into the kitchen and found a glass, filling it with water from the fridge. Scott inhaled deeply, trying incredible wife makes him watch her fucking clear his thoughts as the cup filled. What was it?

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How could he improve? Why did his chances seem so dismal? Scott brought the cup to his lips and started drinking. The cool water felt good as it sloshed inside his mouth, like a soothing, refreshing blast of mist that restored sanity to his mind. He had no sooner started drinking than he heard a door open quietly.

He looked around the corner and up the staircase to his parents' room and was surprised to see his mother walking out and shutting the door behind her just as silently.

She hurried down the stairs, and Scott could see her shoulders were clearly slumped in dejection. A pair of thin spaghetti straps hung off them, holding up a very short black nightgown. His mother's legs were clearly visible, almost up to the point where her panties would begin to show. In fact, Scott could see them through the material itself. The entire slip was a sheer, almost transparent fabric. For a brief instant as she walked by, Scott could even see his mother's nipples through the clothing.

The sight of his own mother in such a revealing outfit made Scott's penis stir. He couldn't resist. There was no way to. His mother was a very good-looking woman, he had to admit.

Even his friends had complimented her to him when she was out of earshot. Never had he seen her so naked, though at least not since he was a small child. He kept his eyes trained on his mother and with every heartbeat his manhood seemed to grow a little thicker and harder. She walked right by him, as though she hadn't even noticed her own son standing in the kitchen, and sat heavily on the living room couch.

Scott was there in plain view; it was plain to tell that she wasn't paying attention to anything except her own thoughts. Immediately as she entered the living room area, she dropped her head into her hands. Hairy pussy gets drilled with a black dick heard a soft sigh, followed by a quick sniffle.

He was surprised. Was his mother crying? "Mom?" She sat up with a start and turned around to face him. "Oh! Scott." she breathed out in relief. "I didn't see you there." She swiped quickly at her face, brushing away the beginnings of a tear. Scott narrowed her eyes at her.

"You ok?" "I'm fine," she waved off. Her eyes caught sight of the glass in his hand. "I could use a drink of water, too, though," she admitted.

Nodding, Scott smiled. "I can do that." He grabbed another glass, finished his own, and filled them both. The task gave him something to distract his mind and he was glad to feel the uncomfortable bulge in his boxers beginning to subside. Hopefully, in the dark, his mother wouldn't notice mommy blows best part 3 was left of it.

Scott sat down on the couch beside his mom, handing her glass over. "Why are you out here?" he asked as he leaned back against the cushions and looked at her. Almost immediately, he wished he hadn't. His eyes were drawn to the large, ripe curves on her chest. Even in the darkness, the dark circles of his mother's nipples stared back at him. He felt a flush race through his entire body while his pulse sped up. The organ between his legs started thickening in reply.

"Why are you out here?" she bounced back, taking a sip from her cup. Her nipples taunted him beneath their see-through hideout. Scott crossed his legs, hoping to both deter any more reaction in his groin and to hide what was already becoming obvious. "Couldn't sleep," he answered. "Me either," confessed his mother, lowering her drink. "Besides, I forgot to moisturize." Scott hadn't noticed it before, but she had brought a bottle of lotion with her.

He knew it was part of her nightly routine to slather much of her skin with it but rarely had he seen her do it out here in the living room, much less in a skimpy nightdress. Cocking an eyebrow, Scott scrutinized her and decided to be honest about the fiery look in her eyes he had seen earlier.

"But.I thought you and Dad might be." "Sleeping off a little romp?" she finished. Scott half-cringed, half-smirked, but shook his head affirmatively. His mother sighed and shook her head sadly. "No," she mourned quietly. "He was too exhausted from work today." Although it was his own father, and Scott didn't like to think about his parents' sex life, he couldn't imagine any man refusing sex when it was so willfully offered to him.

It seemed to go against nature. "Dad turned you down?" he asked incredulously. Another slow nod from his mother told Scott all he needed to know. "He's turned me down a lot since he got his new job." "But.he's had it for years now," insisted Scott, still in disbelief over what he was hearing. "I know. It's not uncommon. It's." she sighed sadly again, ".been a long time, Son. Weeks and weeks." She took another drink from her glass and swallowed it painfully. "And then weeks and weeks before that, and before that." Scott looked at his mother as she stared blankly at the floor.

"He's just been so busy and exhausted. He's basically working from dawn until dusk, and then goes to bed just to get enough energy to get up the next day and do it all again." "Yeah, I know.but." Scott searched frantically for the right words. "You.looking like this.? Mom, how could any guy worth his salt turn you down? Even Dad?" A think smile broke across her lips, and she blinked reactively to a couple new tears forming in her eyes.

She brushed them away again. "Thank you, Scott." She slid a little closer to him and embraced her son lovingly. Scott returned the appreciative hug warmly. "You're welcome, Mom." "You don't know how much that means to me." "What do you mean?" asked Scott, pulling back.

She shrugged mournfully with a sad half-smile on her face. "Well.I guess I feel." she looked down at the floor again for a second before looking back up to her son, "undesirable." Scott's eyes widened, and he stared into his mother's eyes with a strong sense of skepticism. If he'd been the parent and her the child, he would have felt like knocking some sense into her.

"You've gotta be kidding me, Mom." "I wish I were, Scott," she admitted. "Your father.I know he still finds me attractive because I find him checking me out from time to time, but that's about the extent of it.

So often it ends." she looked up mournfully at her bedroom door, ".like this." Scott didn't know what to say. How could he just tell his mother it was alright when it clearly wasn't?

A sexless marriage? That's the last thing anyone would want. But the fact was that their relationship lacked that intimacy, that closeness that only sharing physical love could bring. Scott had seen it. He could have guessed, long before this conversation, that the sexual side of things had withered and was all but dead. "I'm sorry," his mother said at last, downing the last of her water and setting the cup aside. "I shouldn't be talking about your father's and my sex life with you.

Most kids find that.uncool, right?" "It's ok, Mom," Scott chuckled. He, too, stared at his parents' bedroom door for a moment before shaking his head. "I can't believe Dad would turn down sex with you," he reaffirmed, "but I don't blame him for still checking you out. I mean.you're still really a very attractive woman." Scott stumbled to get the sentence out, tripping over his words, wanting to get them just right.

"Oh, Scott." his mother waved off. "Do you really think I'm all that attractive? Sometimes I feel like I'm just getting old." "No! I mean it!" insisted Scott, deciding to lay his cards on the table. "You're, what, 5'8"?" "5'7'," she corrected him with a smile.

Scott nodded. "And.I'd say 120?" His mother grinned again. "135," she informed him. "But thank you for the compliment." "Sorry, Mom," chuckled Scott. "I'm really not a good judge of things like that." "Oh," she snickered with him. "That's not too heavy, though?" "Are you kidding, Mom?" he struck down. "You really look great! You have all the right curves!" Busty blonde teen oilin her round bubble butt amazing could see her face flush, even in the lightless room.

"I mean.you have no idea the compliments I get from some of my friends about you," he kept on, forgetting caution. That piqued her interest. She looked at him sideways. "Oh? Like what?" she asked.

"Well.one friend is always going on about your." he hesitated, wondering if he was really about to have this conversation. "Your boobs, Mom. He says he'd just die to stacy snake the depth of her body his hands on them." She pursed her lips, trying not to grin. "I see. 'One of your friends,' huh?

You're not going to tell me which one?" "Not a chance. He'd kill me." "Well then I'm not sure if I can believe you, Son." "No, I swear! You'll just have to take my word for it," he asserted. It was true, one of his best friends would constantly badger him over how attractive he found Scott's mother, but Scott wasn't about to let her know exactly who it was. "I don't exactly want things awkward the next time he comes over here," he reasoned.

"Anyways, he's always sneaking peeks when you're not looking. He says he can't believe that a mom has breasts that big and that perky." Scott's mom put her hands to her cheeks, trying to hide the blush. She leaned forward on the couch, laughing silently. "And.to be honest.Mom, I have to admit he's right," he concluded. "I mean they're what.size D?" "DD, actually," his mother corrected him, sitting up again.

"With a 36 bust." "That's really a great size, Mom," he complimented her genuinely. "Nice and full, lots to grab and play with, but not so huge that they're all over the place." "And what would you know about that?" she asked pointedly, lowering her gaze. "I.well." "You've been watching porn again," she interrupted. "Well.yeah," Scott confessed, seeing no other way out except through. "I'm a teen guy. I have raging hormones." His mother laughed quietly, shaking her head.

"And I'm a boob guy," he added. "Sorry, I notice these things. What can I say?" Getting a hold of herself, his mother looked down at her chest. "You really think they're that great?" Scott couldn't help but look, too. Her dark nipples flaunted themselves again. He had been able to ignore the half-erection he'd had this whole time, but seeing her beautiful breasts sitting there teasing him brought his attention back to the growing problem.

His penis again started to expand, and there was nothing he could do about it. "All that and more, Mom," he affirmed. "Believe me." The words hung in the air, both of them not exactly sure what to say next until Scott told her, "They really do ride nice and high on your chest. Probably because of the way you work out. They're." he took a breath, "they're incredible, Mom." "Thanks, Scott," his mother smiled at him.

"But you have to say that because you're my son." This conversation was familiar. A flashback came to Scott's mind and replayed almost the same scenario from a week back only there, his mother was the one complimenting him. "No, I get to say it because I'm your son," he teased her with a cheeky grin. "I have to say it because it's true." The intention wasn't lost.

His mother smiled widely, the first truly happy smile Scott had seen this whole conversation. He knew she remembered, too. "Hm," she acknowledged, trying to remain indifferent. "Well, don't ask a question like that if you're not willing to accept the compliment," Scott stated, echoing her own admonition back at her.

She was smiling widely enough that her teeth were showing now. "Very funny, Son," she accepted. "Thank you, though." "You're welcome, Mom." A moment passed before either of them spoke again. Scott found himself wishing he had another glass of water. He was just about to stand and get one when his mother fired a question his way.

"Scott," she whispered softly in the darkness, "what had you so upset earlier?" The gate had already been opened, the barrier broken. His mother had basically spilled everything that was distressing her. It would be rude not to return the same trust. Besides, deep down Scott knew it would be a therapeutic release.

"Well." he stuttered, unsure of how to explain himself. "Do you remember when I told you that I had a list of girls I wanted to ask out?" "Yes." "Well, I did." "And how did it go?" "I'm here, alone, on a Friday night, Mom.

And I will be tomorrow, too." "They didn't want to?" "Well, a few genuinely did, but others lied to get out of it, or put me in the friendzone faster than I could get the question out." "Oh, Son. Sometimes that's the way of it. Sometimes those things just happen. When I was young, a wise friend once told me that sometimes the guy is interested and the girl isn't, sometimes the girl is interested and the guy isn't, and when they're interested female fake taxi heist makes sexy driver horny for a good fucking in cab each other, it's a miracle." "Yeah, I guess." "Well, you don't need to worry.

You're eighteen. You're just entering life, Scott. There's plenty of time to make your move. There are other girls," she tried to smooth over. Scott didn't know if it was helping or not. "Was your list exhaustive?" "No, I had a bigger one, but I narrowed it down to the twelve I was most interested in." "Well, that's really unfortunate, Son," she patronized him. "It's their loss, really it is." "Except the ones who were taken by the time I got to them." "Maybe," his mother theorized.

"I'd still be willing to bet that you'd outshine them on almost any attribute." "Maybe. Either way, it was a serious blow to the ego," Scott confessed. "I was feeling really down. I know I'm a guy, but Cute blondie teen dolly leigh enjoyed black cock in her muff couldn't help it.

I had to have a good cry." "I'll bet. There's no shame in that, Son. If anyone mocks you for showing emotions, well, they can go screw themselves!" his mother beamed at him. "With a cactus, preferably." The last comment made Scott laugh, and he struggled to keep it quiet so as not to wake his father.

Still, dating wasn't looking all teen couple gets hot sex tips from step mom appealing right now. "I think I'm just going to wait a while before I get involved with a girl anyway," he informed her. "I've got enough going on." "Scott, don't—" she cut herself off, looking like she was having second thoughts about what she was about to say. "Don't make absolutely everything else a priority and forget about relationships," she warned with a heavy sigh and another long look at her bedroom door.

Scott caught the profound meaning in her words. "That's what makes marriages and other relationships crumble." "I get it, Mom." "I hope so, Saida sinner sure knows how to work a big hard cock tube porn she said, sealing the conversation.

She rested a hand on Scott's knee, briefly looking at him before looking back up at the door. "I hope so." The physical touch had a profound impact on Scott. It seemed to electrify his senses.

Somewhere in the deepest, darkest part of his consciousness a fire had been instantly lit and was rapidly turning into a blaze. For reasons he couldn't define, Scott let his eyes wander over his mother again. His lustful gaze took in her full, exquisite legs. They were thick, but had a beauty all their own. As they gave way to a set of delightfully wide hips, Scott fed his eyes with the incredible view.

He couldn't get enough. His sights went further up his curvaceous mother, again admiring the round, plump breasts she owned. They were gorgeous. His mother's nipples still stared at him from the other side of the sheer clothing. The urge to reach over and squeeze them was almost irresistible. It was as if they were sneering at him, taunting him, just daring him to touch them.

Scott had never felt a real pair of breasts in his life and ached with the anticipation of doing so now. As his eyes travelled up further, he spied his mother's luscious, puffy lips. He had kissed a girl a time or two and could remember the amazing feeling of a woman's tender affection. How he wanted it again! How divine it would be just to lean over and kiss his mother with all the raging passion that filled him—!

What the hell was he thinking? This was his own mother he was checking out. He had to admit she was beautiful, but what he was doing was not appropriate. Still, she seemed like she didn't want to move either, like she was contemplating reasons to justify staying here in the living room. Scott decided to break his mother out of her thoughts. "Mom.shouldn't we get to bed?" he asked, testing the waters. "Yes." she groaned, leaning her head back and looking at the ceiling.

She patted his leg gently as though applauding his suggestion. "Yes, we should. You're right. You're right." But her hand didn't leave his thigh. It sat there, her warm palm heating up the flesh beneath it. The heat seemed to travel through his veins and nervous system, creating static that started playing havoc with his inhibitions.

Each thump of his heart could be felt in his penis, the immense, aching pressure keeping him from thinking straight. He wondered if his mother was struggling with such muddled thoughts, too. "We should," his mother repeated, the level of conviction surprisingly low. They were both quiet. In the dark of the living room, mother and son sat together, each not daring to move.

The tension in the air was almost palpable, and Scott wondered what it was comprised of: sympathy for the other's loss, sorrow for their own struggles, empathetic understanding of the other's struggle or was it something more? Was it a sexual tension? It almost felt like it. Scott found himself both fearing and wanting this foreboding emotion to be just that. How had it come to this, though?

Was it the frustration of him not being able to win the attraction of a young woman at school that had led them to this compromising moment? That hurricane certainly still raged. It might also have been the pent-up emotions that his mother felt, still unreleased by his father. Whenever he looked into her eyes, he could see that tempest still howling. Perhaps these two fronts had been on a collision course with an unimagined fate.

It was like a perfect storm had indeed brewed, and now both he and his mother were caught in it. He should have known to expect the unexpected. The only option left now was to embrace the storm, to ride it out. Scott decided to take a chance. His track record with girls this week had been horrible so far, but there hadn't been this dense feeling of desire between him and the other female.

He hoped things would be different now. Mother or not, Scott wanted her. He could feel how she wanted him. He could tell how her sense of decency was wrestling savagely with her own primal instincts. It was now or never. Scott brought his hand up and rubbed his mother on the back, working out from the middle with affectionate circles, eventually brushing her long, brown hair away over her shoulder.

Then, with long, smooth strokes, he caressed her from the base of her spine to the top and back down again. His mother inhaled deeply as his hand travelled along her back, then gasped sharply as his hand made contact with her bare, sensitive skin on the nape of her neck.

She squeezed his leg in appreciation, kneading his strong muscle. "Oh.Scott." she whimpered. His mother breathed in a few more times as Scott continued to rub her back. "We shouldn't. We shouldn't, Son. We shouldn't." she tried to fight, even as her hand lost the battle and moved slowly up his leg.

Sliding closer to his mother, Scott brought his other hand in and rubbed high up on the woman's thigh. She grimaced, as if trying to fight off the soothing pleasure of his caress. After a few seconds of stimulation, she exhaled forcefully, giving into the temptation to enjoy her son's gentle touch. "Scott." she whispered again, "we shouldn't do this." "Maybe not, Mom," Scott agreed, recognizing their predicament. "But you want it, top vidos pornin the 2019 you?" His mother nodded rapidly.

"Y-yes." Scott dared to move his hand higher up on his mother's thigh, caressing and massaging as he explored. His fingers began to push the bottom edge of her nightgown up, exposing more of her warm, smooth skin.

She moved her legs apart slightly, inviting him to continue. Scott was only too happy to accept. Onward and upward he travelled with his hand until he reached the hot, firm wall of her pubic mound.

His fingers pushed with the slightest pressure against the mika tan getting plowed hard x traordinary pictures barrier of her black panties. Scott stroked his mother's grown womanhood gently up and down, stoking a fire that could not easily be quenched. Her breathing was shallow, shaking with anticipation and anxiety. Scott realized that his own trepidation had reached an impasse.

With his hands around her, touching her, all he wanted was to discover his mother. "Scott." his mother whispered again hoarsely. Her own hand started to crawl up his leg again, heading straight for his groin.

Scott could only look down and stare with disbelief as his own mother burrowed into the hole on the front of his boxers and returned with his solid, six-inch horny chick sydney cole licks lanas sweet juicy pussy. Already the tip was seeping its manly syrup, anticipating what was about to happen next. Scott's mother held his erection firmly, rubbing her thumb over the bulging cap, spreading his oozing pre-cum liberally.

Scott closed his eyes, breathing deeply. This was the first time any woman had touched him sexually and it was his own mother whom he loved so much! Just this tease she was giving him was exquisite and unbelievably satisfying. He couldn't imagine how wonderful it would be when they were finished with one another tonight. He opened his eyes to look at his beautiful mother again.

She was staring at him intently. "You can't tell anyone about this," she insisted, slowly accentuating each word. Even though her voice was quiet, it was unmistakably firm. She was still spinning her thumb over the end of his penis. Scott shook his head. "I won't, Mom." "Promise?" "I promise," he covenanted with her, letting his head fall onto the back of the couch.

The pleasure was overwhelming him, and he closed his eyes to bask in the sensation. "I won't tell if you don't." "Definitely no fear of that," she informed him. "It's just between us, then." Scott groaned out, "Mm-hm." as he nodded slowly.

He felt his mother let go of his burning manhood. Scott opened his eyes. His mother had stood up facing him. Just as he was about to ask her what she was doing, she reached up and tugged at the straps to her provocative dress. They unhooked from off her shoulders and her silky clothing began to shimmy down her body. "Then we'd better get comfortable," his mother insisted. With one last motion, Scott's mother let go of her gown and it fell to the floor around her feet.

Scott gawked. His mother stood there in only a dark pair of panties. If he had thought his mother was sexy before, seeing her in clothing, nothing could have prepared him for the awesome sight of seeing her with without it.

"Mom.!" he wheezed, still letting his eyes feast on her curvy, gorgeous figure. She smiled at him, obviously delighting in his reaction to her nude body. "Go ahead and lay down, Scott," she ordered him kindly. Scott needed no further invitation. He lay back on the couch, cum goes all over japanese sweethearts belly his head on the arm and stretching his body out across the length of it.

His mother kneeled down beside him and grabbed the elastic of his underwear in his hands. Scott lifted his body as she pulled it down his legs and off his feet. Scott lay there, almost panting, naked in front of his mother. He wasn't embarrassed or ashamed as he had thought he might have been. Instead, there was peace, comfort and mutual respect for one another's willingness to expose themself to the other. "You look great, Scott," his mother complimented him, gently feeling his body.

One of her slave in gimp mask sucks strap on cock touched him from one foot, up his leg and chest, across his shoulders and back down again to the other foot.

Then, she reached over and grabbed the bottle of lotion she had brought. "We're going to need this," she said matter-of-factly with a seductive glance in his direction. She crawled over Scott, wedging herself between his naked body and the back of the couch, nestling herself under his arm. The feeling of her warm skin pressed up against him from head to foot was almost unbearably erotic in and of itself. Her ample breasts pushed up and compressed against his chest.

Scott could feel his muscles tighten, almost as if something were going to explode out the end of his penis right then and there. He breathed rapidly, but deeply, several times to cool himself down. To ground himself, Scott clenched onto a couch cushion with one hand and embraced his mother tightly with his other arm. "Settle down, settle down," his mother pacified him. "No need to set off the fireworks yet." She applied some lotion to her hand and set the bottle on the end table.

As she rubbed her hands together, she whispered in his ear, "Just relax, Scott. This beauteous babe masturbates nicely softcore and amateur all for you." Scott closed his eyes and took a deep breath just as his mother's lubricated hand closed around his manly digit.

He cringed immediately. The pleasure was more intense than he could have imagined. Up and down his mother stroked him, up and down, up and down from tip to base. "Oh, Mom. Oh, Mom.!" he moaned out over and over. Scott couldn't think of any greater privilege than being able to share this initiation into sexual intimacy with his mom, a woman whom he admired so much.

"Oh, that feels so good.!" he groaned, leaning into her shoulder. "Ohhh.yes.!" "Shhh." she hushed him. "We don't want to wake your father now, do we?" He leaned back, clenching his eyes shut, digging his head into the armrest. "No." he grunted, still trying to come to terms with how intensely gratifying his mother's loving touch was.

"Oh. Oh.yeah. Oh, Mom.Mom.!" Scott's eyes fluttered open. Immediately he looked up into his mother's beautiful brown eyes staring intently at him. He was breathing so deeply now. Nothing could have convinced him to ask her to stop.

The moment was far too intense. He loved her. The pleasure she gave him was indescribable. Still, he wanted to touch her, to return the gesture of love if only a little bit. His eyes shot down, taking in the lovely view of her breasts and the cleavage from this angle. He couldn't resist looking. When his eyes came back a second later, his mother smiled broadly. She knew what had attracted his attention. He was initially a little embarrassed, but his mother's words calmed him.

"Go ahead," she permitted, still squeezing and polished his hard shaft. "Go ahead and touch if you'd like." Scott accepted the offer. Letting go of the couch, he brought his free hand over, across his chest, and laid his hand firmly on his mother's plush breast. He squeezed fervently. He caressed his mother's womanly chest, letting his fingers do the talking.

They ran over and over her wide nipple, and it stiffened at his touch. The sensual feeling of it all led to only one predicable response. "Oh, Mom.! Yes.! OHHH.!" Scott groaned, feeling his body tense up and a sharp, sexual tingle spread through his stiff erection. "Oh.ohhh.! MOM.!" His mother put a hand gently over his mouth. "Shhh." she quieted him again. "Just enjoy this, Scott." Then came the climax, hitting his senses like a battering ram.

Scott couldn't breathe. He couldn't think about anything except the intense, erotic pleasure. His steamy, white cream blew out of him like searing magma from a volcano. The first shot launched straight up over his chest and across his arm, the streak finally ending as it reached his shoulder.

The following ones slathered across his abdomen. Scott's mother kept rubbing him, coaxing out anything else that wanted to leave his body. Meanwhile, Scott heaved and huffed. Never had he experienced an orgasm quite so extravagant. It was like nothing he could have possibly imagined. Then again, he had never had a beautiful naked woman lying by his side driving it on, either.

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"Wow." his mother admired. "I'll never get over that." Still catching his breath, Scott looked at her. "Over what?" he questioned. "Just.the way a man experiences an orgasm," she explained her fascination. "I think it's extraordinary the way you ejaculate." Scott huffed a laugh and relaxed. Never had he felt so sexually sated. His mother took the initiative and grabbed his boxers and started to mop up the mess. "It's everywhere, Scott," she jested as she wiped him off.

"You sure know how to cum." "You sure know how to make me cum, Mom," he redirected. She gave him a flirtatious smile and winked at him out of the corner of her eye. "You're welcome," she said, cleaning off the sticky residue from her hand now.

Scott sat there admiring his mother again. She was so much more than a parent to him now. She was a lover, a close, intimate partner with whom he could share his deepest passions.

He wanted to let her know what she meant to him. "Mom?" "Yeah, Scott?" He didn't know quite how to go about this. Propositioning a woman for sex wasn't exactly his strongest skill, but there was no other way to develop it than to practice.

"I want." he began nervously. His mother looked at him expectantly. "I want to.to go down on you. To, you know, make you cum. Return the favour." His mother smiled kindly at his feebleness. "Well, that would certainly be the gentlemanly thing to do," she answered without criticism. She sat back against the opposite end of the couch and waved him forward with one finger. Scott grinned like a schoolboy and followed her. He closed in like a predator on its prey.

Following his mother's example from moments ago, Scott grabbed her panties and pulled them down her legs, tossing them aside. His mother, now as naked as he was, spread her legs widely and invitingly with one foot on the couch and one on the floor. Scott moved closer, but hesitated. He wanted to dive in, but wasn't quite sure where to go from there. He looked mom tech chaild sex story daunlod imploringly at his mother.

"I don't know how to do this." She beamed down at him excitedly. "I'll direct you, Son," she promised. "I'll teach you. First thing's first: you need to get down there and start with your tongue and lips against my pussy." "Heh.right." he chuckled.

Scott moved closer to his mother's soft womanhood. The mature flower invited him, glistening with moisture. As he drew nearer, he could smell the sweet scent of drunk sleeping abused sex story heat. It was the first time it had touched his nose. His friends had told him about it, but he'd never believed how wonderful a smell it truly was. The smell of his mother's arousal reignited his passion.

He felt the dangling rod between his legs twitch with life again. Not knowing quite where to begin, Scott kissed the tender folds of skin.

Then he kissed her again, and again, and again, each time with a little more pressure. Pretty soon his mother began to sigh and hum softly. "That's it, Scott," she encouraged him as he learned how to treat a woman. "That's it.just like that." Scott applied what he'd seen on his computer countless times.

He fitted his mouth over his mother's labia and reached out with his tongue. His mother's groin instantly twitched. He tried it again, running his tongue along the length of her private entrance. She shuddered again. The taste of his mom on his tongue encouraged him. Unleashing his tongue, Scott let it wander over the woman's sensitive flaps before plunging it inside his mother's body. "Oooh.ohhh." his mother breathed deeply, resting a hand on his head. She held him there gently, scratching his scalp cum hole of luscious babe is drilled urge him onwards.

"Ohhh.Scott.! Mmmm.mm.! Mmmm.! Eat your mommy, Honey.oh, eat me. Oh.eat me.!" Scott plowed on, spreading his mother's tender vaginal lips apart with his fingers. He flicked his tongue blonde cougar bounces on big black cockcock every inch supple skin he could find. His mother breathed harder and harder.

Scott savoured the woman's flavour as he dove more and more deeply into her with his tongue. With each pass his tongue made on and inside his mother's feminine entrance and every moan he heard her make, Scott could feel his own pole getting hard again.

The passion with which she enjoyed his intimate treatment to her body was reflected back, driving Scott to crave his own fulfillment again. His mother was panting shallowly through her clenched teeth now. "Oh, Scott.! Oh.that feels so good.!" she praised him. "Go for my clit, Scott. Mmmm.oh, go for my clit.!" With his mother writhing in front of him as he pleasured her, though, he decided his own pleasure could wait. This was about her. This intense emotional bond was for her.

He kept on, driving his mother mad with stimulation and pleasure, and searched for the spot she desperately yearned for him to find. Moving slightly up her wet and tender slit, Scott searched with his tongue inside his mother's womanly folds. Then, he found it. The stiff little nub peeked out of its hood just enough for him to close his lips around it. Inside his mouth he could feel the bud poking through his lips, and he attacked it with his tongue.

Back and forth he flicked, round and round he spun, driving his mother wild. "That's it, Scott.ohhh! Oooh.right there.!" she groaned, her passion burning anew.

"That's it.! Ohhh.that's it.! Eat your mother.! Mmmm.!" She grabbed his head with both her hands, holding him tightly against her burning womanhood. "So good.! Feels.so good.!" Scott didn't let up. Beneath his sensual efforts, his mom shook and trembled. Her muscles started to tense uncontrollably. Hot ampampamp horny teen babysitter fucks her boyfriend at work knew it wouldn't be long.

She was on the brink of climax. He was right where he needed to be, massaging just the right place with his tongue eating out his mother with all the love he had for her. "Scott.! Mngh.that's it, Honey.! Right.THERE.!" she wailed quietly into the night. "Oh, Scott.! Oh, Scott.! Oh, I'm cumming, Scott.! Yes.YES! Oooh.! Mommy's.CUMMING.!!!" His mother's body vibrated, and she pushed her hot, trickling vessel into his face. Scott kept working his tongue and lips on her private womanhood, wanting to please his mother as long as he possibly could.

She seethed and groaned above him. He was only too happy to give her more of what she sought. As her muscles relaxed, Scott released his mouth's grip on her tender button. He gave her one last soft kiss between her legs which made her twitch again before backing up a couple inches and looking at her. His mom's brown eyes were filled with wonder and amazement. They both just smiled at one another. "You ok, Mom?" he asked, just for good measure.

She took a deep breath and sighed heavily. "Oh, my gosh, Scott." she heaved. "That was incredible. Any girls you date are going to be lucky girls indeed." "You think so?" "I know so. I knew you were." she searched for the right, congenial word, ".inexperienced, so I didn't have a whole lot of expectations." She grinned sheepishly while Scott displayed a proud smile.

"I guess I should have." They chuckled together in the darkness. Scott's mother looked up at her closed bedroom door again. "I'll tell you a secret: that was just as good, if not better, than your dad has ever done." "Seriously?" Scott's eyes went wide.

"Oh, yeah," she chuckled. "I just hope it wasn't too much for you. Some guys don't like the taste of a woman's cum." Scott raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, Mom.that was fantastic! You taste great!" She sat up and wrapped her hand around the back of his head and pulled him towards her. Their lips met in a fiery wrestle of love and lust. Their tongues darted into the other's mouth, sliding along the others' lips.

After several blissful seconds of passionate intimacy, Scott's mother pulled her lips away. "Mm." she sighed. "Yes, I do." Their hands stayed on one another, softly touching and caressing one another's bodies. Scott could feel his rigid pole standing straight out from his body. It wasn't long before his mother's hands found it. Her eyes followed her hands. "Oh, my gosh, Scott!" she gawked as her fingertips slowly petted him from base to tip. "You're hard again already?" She made another slow stroke along his hard member.

The gentle tease his mother gave him tantalized Scott's desire for more intimacy. "Y-yeah." he stammered as he felt his knees getting weaker and weaker with every pass his mother made. "You young bucks and your sex drive," she commented with a furtive smile and another soft caress to his hard manhood. "I suppose you want me to do something about it." "Mm-hm." Scott hummed anxiously. Her hands roamed over his teenage body again.

Slowly, they urged him back to the couch. He laid down, expecting his mother to lie down beside him as she had earlier. Her alternate course of action shocked him. Instead of cuddling up next to him, Scott's mother crawled over his naked body.

She knelt on one side of him and planted her other foot firmly on the floor beside the couch. She lowered her crotch to his, reaching down and directing his phallic rod upwards toward her waiting counterpart. "Mom.?" he gasped as the reality of the situation set in.

"Mom.are you sure?" His mother closed her eyes and breathed softly as she felt her own son's solid erection penetrate her body. "Yes, Son," she assured him. "I want it so badly." She rocked forward slowly, letting Scott's six-inch organ settle firmly inside of her. "I want to cum again. And I think you do, too, right?" She rocked back, her gripping depths holding onto her son's gift. The pleasure was enough to take his breath away.

The hand job she had given him had been amazing, but didn't hold a candle to his. All around his firm pole, Scott could feel his mother's hot, velvety vagina.

The exquisite, luxurious pleasure would have made him orgasm instantly if this had been his first round. He couldn't imagine anything else feeling so grand. "Yes." he grunted deeply in his throat. "Then let's make love, my Son," she petitioned him formally. Scott voiced a concern. "But what if I get you pregnant?" "No worry of that," she smiled.

"My tubes have been tied for years." And then, that was it. There was no more conversation, only love and the basal sounds that attend it. Although his mother had been reluctant at first, Scott could see she was now the one leading the charge.

She put her hands on his chest and leaned forwards to get a better angle. His mother's long, brown hair fell all around them, making a canopy that isolated them and the love they shared as mother and son from the rest of the world. Then, she exerted more and more pressure between them, pressing their loins together, and moving back and forth with a majestic swaying motion.

"Oh, Mom." Scott adored her, running his hands up and down the length of her mature body. They found her thick breasts what happens when you put lesbians away in the same house all alone played cheerfully, squeezing and pinching her nipples lightly. "Ohhh.Mom." "Suck on them, Scott." his mother urged, riding him harder. "Like when you were a child." Her son obeyed, leaning up and taking one dark areola into his mouth.

Slowly he ran his tongue over and around her hard nipple. "Ohhh. Mmmm.oh, Scott. I love it.when a man.sucks on them.!" she panted between thrusts against her son's body.

"Ohhh.Scott.! I'm so turned on.! I'm so horny.! Oh, this.this won't.take long.!" And it didn't. Almost immediately after transferring his mouth to her other breast, Scott could feel his mother tense up. She grunted and groaned, squeaked and squealed with delight as the intense pleasure echoed through her body. She fell forward, still grinding her body against his, her hands holding onto the couch for support.

Scott saw her face looking like she was filled with rage as she squinted and clenched it, but he knew it was only the face of sheer orgasmic bliss. Suddenly, she stopped moving entirely except for long, deep breaths. Her face relaxed and softened. Scott caressed his mother, hoping to ease her overheating body as well.

Perspiration had begun to gather on her skin, collecting into small drops than ran down her naked body with the call of gravity. "Scott." she whispered in the night. "That was wonderful.!" She sat up, brushing her hair back behind her head. "Whether or not we should be doing this" she reasoned, "I don't care. That was wonderful! That was so good, Scott." A lopsided smile crossed Scott's face.

"Glad you enjoyed it, Mom." "And now it's time for you to feel the same thing," she predicted, gyrating her hips around. The intense pleasure returned. Wedged deeply inside his mother's warm vessel, Scott let the incredible feeling soak through his entire consciousness. He could feel his mother's love with every thrust.

He kept his hands on her breasts, rubbing back and forth, and up and down. Scott was content just to feel her soft, full bosom. Except for the sacred niche in which his penis was buried, he couldn't imagine any other part of her body feeling so warm and welcoming. "Ohhh.mmmm.!

Aaah.ohhh.! Oooh." he groaned quietly, still aware that they were not the only two in the house. "Mom.oh, it feels so good, Mom. Ohhh. Oh.Mom.!" A feeling began to build in his groin, a pressure that had only one exit for release. A cascade of tingles and warmth washed over him from head to toe. He breathed harder, faster. Like a rising electric current, the orgasm was mounting, threatening to detonate any second. Scott knew he didn't have long, either. "Oh, Mom.! Ohhh.oh, yeah.!

Oh, hell yes.!" he moaned out, feeling their bodies melt together in tender love. "Mom.oh, Mom.! I'm gonna cum.! Mom, I'm.I'm.OHHH!!!" he groaned in ultimate satisfaction. "Enjoy it, Son," he could hear his mother say. Her voice seemed so far off. "Enjoy it, Scott." Scott closed his eyes. His whole body shivered. The pressure between his legs was released in a set of volleys like a series of shotgun blasts deeply into his mother's womb. He knew his thick fluid was there to stay, but he didn't care.

As the tsunami of emotion ebbed, all he could think about was how deeply he and his mother's love ran. She rubbed my stepdaughter has issues and thats good arms affectionately. "Look at you, all covered in goosebumps," she observed. Scott opened his eyes. It was true.

No matter how many times he had gotten himself off by simply masturbating, he had never experienced this. It was something totally new. "Must have been a good one." "Oh.it was, Mom." he confirmed breathlessly with another stroke of his hands along her whole, sexy, naked body. "That was amazing.!" She laid down on him, her breasts squishing up against his chest. Scott put his arms around his mother and hugged her lovingly.

She kissed his cheek and rested her face on his. "I know, Scott," she whispered compassionately to him. "I know." They laid there together for some time, just breathing and enjoying the afterglow as the embers of their passionate love cooled down. How long they laid there was anyone's guess. Eventually, though, it was time to leave their secretive world and return to the reality they megan jones eagerly got on her knees wanted to escape from.

"Ok," Scott heard his mother say. "It's time to get dressed and go to bed." She got up and started replacing her panties around her waist. "Your father might get very suspicious if he wakes up and I'm not there," she told him, picking up her nightwear. Scott sat up and just admired her as she dressed. "Don't you come out here on your own some nights and read?" "Yes," his mother confirmed, "but sometimes he gets up to check on me or get a glass of water." Getting the nightgown oriented correctly, she pulled it over her head and down over her body.

"If we were still cuddling naked on the couch, that could get very difficult to explain, don't you think?" "I guess so," Scott chuckled, picking up his boxers. They were still wet and sticky with the semen he had excreted earlier.

He grimaced. "Um.yeah." His mother giggled softly. "Just put them in the hamper and put on a new pair before you go to bed." Scott stood up and headed for the bathroom, happily strutting around naked in front of his mother as she went to grab one more glass of water. Only hours ago, he would have been embarrassed to do it.

Now, though, there was no shame whatsoever. Walking back out of the restroom, he and his mother crossed paths one more time. He reached out and caressed her arm gently with the back of his hand. It travelled down her soft skin until it met her hand. Their fingers intertwined.

Scott and his mother looked at one another. The soft parent/child care that they once shared was now a taboo love that they could express only between the two wife massaging her pussy with a wand them. Scott leaned in and kissed his mother fully on the lips. She kissed back with equal passion. "Goodnight," she cooed. "Goodnight, Mom," Scott responded. "And.you know.if you ever need anything.

I mean.if you feel lonely or ever need.you know.a release." His mother smiled broadly. "I'll know exactly who to turn to, Scott." She pecked him gently on the mouth again.

"You, too, Son. Remember, if you ever feel lonely." "I'll come talk to you," he finished. "Thanks, Mom." One more brief kiss between the two of them and they let go of one another's hands.

Scott walked to his room, his mother climbed the stairs to hers. Each of them paused at their door, looking at each other. Scott's mother blew a kiss to him. He returned the gesture. She smiled sweetly and closed the door with the utmost stealth. Scott closed the doorway to his own room, put on a new pair of boxers and dropped onto his bed. Resting his hands up behind his head, he thought about tonight.

He almost didn't want to go to sleep for fear of discovering that this had all been a dream in the first place. He was content, though, his body uniquely sated. He had lost his virginity to his mother! But, with how much he admired her, who better to lose it to? Some bimbo at school? No, this was much more satisfying, more complete. This was a secret and a romance that Scott knew they would share forever. Sure, he'd probably get a girlfriend, maybe get married and raise a family some day; but of all people in the world, his mother knew him best.

As he fell asleep, he realized that this was what he wanted all along. What better way to experience passionate love than by discovering his mother?