Busty blonde beauty receives an anal pounding cumshots and big tits

Busty blonde beauty receives an anal pounding cumshots and big tits
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FIRST FUCK 2 BY me Saturday night came and I was excited about the things to cum. Namely me. All I could think about all day was the up and coming fucking I would receive that night.

Mom talked to me about how to enjoy being fucked especailly in the ass. I still wanted my dad to take my virginity there. Mom was worried that dad was to well hung to do it. She was afraid to her little girl's asshole would be torn and ripped to pieces. So while dad rested Mom took me to their bedroom to roundass skank pumping big butt and anal get me loosen up for the ass fucking I wanted so badly.

After we got undressed Mom pulled out her assortment of dildos and the KY jelly. "I think we'll start with this little one first then move up to the bigger ones.

I want to try and stretch you before your father pounds his monster into your tiny ass." Mom stated. Mom laid down on the bed on her back.

"Climb on top of me with your head at my pussy. And your pussy in my face. Us girls are going to have a 69 party to get ourselves ready for the toys." I did as she requested.

I was staring at her shaved pussy and big clit. I stuck my tongue out and flicked it acrossed Mom's clit. "OH, YES, Thats it, Diane, suck mommy's clit!" Mom moaned. Mom stuck her tongue up to my pussy hole and began to fuck me with her tongue.

I loved the feel of her tongue in my hole but even more Shemil sex sister vs sister loved the way she flicked her tongue across my tiny clit.

My juices started flowing. Out of my pussy and into Mom's mouth. My mother knew how to make a woman cum. After a few minutes of elsa jean1002elsa jean mp4 porn story pornflexorg lashing each other we finally came.

First me then Mom. Mom was able to swallow all my juices but hers dripped down across her asshole and onto the bed. There was a huge puddle of her juices on the bed. I asked, "Mom, how did you learn to eat pussy so well." "It started when I was about your age.

My mother was bi-sexual and so was your grandpa. They both like to suck cock and eat pussy. I walked into their bedroom one day and found them with our neighbors. Grandpa was sucking a cock like no tomorrow and Grandma was tied in a 69 position with the woman. They didn't see for about ten minutes but when they did they knew they couldn't just chase me out so they had me join them. That began a long night of fucking and sucking I would never forget. Grandma and her friend ate my pussy till I was raw.

Then Grandpa and his friend fucked every hole I had and then some. I got fucked in the ass, fucked in the mouth, fucked in the pussy, they even took turns double fucking me. First Grandpa was in my ass and his friend in my pussy then they changed positions and Grandpa's friend took my ass while Grandpa sat me down on his hard cock.

All the while Grandma and her friend were licking my clit and sucking my tits. I came so much that night I didn't think I ever want fuck again. But I did and still love to fuck for hours." Mom told me of her past. "Do you and Dad still fuck Grandpa and Grandma?" I questioned. "Sure do. As a matter of fact we got together last week while you were at Cindy's house." Mom replied. "Do you think I could get with all of you guys one weekend?" I asked. "I don't see why not. Your Grandparents have been waiting for you to get older so they could help teach you some things about sex.

Your Grandpa drools every time he sees your cute little ass. I really think my father is an assman. He would rather fuck a butt than a pussy." Mom stated. "Has Dad ever fucked Grandma?" "Yes, numerous times. Grandma loves Dad's big cock. She especailly likes being double fucked with your Dad deep in her ass. She has this thing for big cocks. The bigger the better. Once Grandpa and your Dad both fucked Grandma's pussy at the same time. Grandma came so many times that she made a puddle on the bed twice the size of the one I made a few minutes ago.

Grandma looks forward to our little get togethers because even as good as Grandpa is, he isn't hung like your father." Mom continued.

"That means I could take him easy in the ass or pussy!" I said. "Yeap, that korean brother fucked sleeping near her sister the size of it, no pun intended." Mom laughed. "So lets get started working on loosing up your tiny asshole. Get on your hands and knees om the bed." I did as she told me. Mom bent over and put her tongue up to my virgin asshole. It felt strange at first but after a few minutes I began to feel the rumblings in my stomach.

My orgasm was fast approaching. I didn't know you could have an orgasm though your butt but here the feelings were. Mom stopped just before I came. I liked the feel of her tongue in my ass. Mom then smeared KY on my hole and pushed a finger into me. It felt like when they shoved a finger into my pussy but this was my tiny virgin rectum. Mom continued to probe my hole with her finger and I continued to get more intense feelings from it. Mom then inserted a second finger into me.

Suddenly I was tight again. She twisted and pushed the fingers into me until I could feel my hole relaxing. Then she inserted a third finger and we started all over again. Each time I relaxed or loosened a little Mom would put another finger in. "OH, Mom, that feels so good.

Is this how a cock feels in your butt?" I asked. "It is similar but not the same as you will find out when I start to use the dildos on you. But a cock has an all together different feeling.

Mostly because it gives way bridgette b the butt plug burglar molds to your bowels. And it has a warm velvetly feel to it." She replied. "Now, sunny deol ki blue film use the smallest dildo first then move to the bigger ones." Dad walked in about the time Mom removed her fingers, "How is our little girl doing?" He asked.

"She has been able to take four fingers so far. I was just going to start using the dildo on her. Come take a look at your daughter's tiny asshole! See how sweet it looks!

Stick your finger in her and see how tight she is." Mom told him. Dad came over and inserted one of his big fingers into my ass. I could feel that he went deeper than Mom did with her little fingers. "Yes, she is nice and tight. When you are though with her bottom, it should be able to handle my big cock." Dad replied. "Daddy, take your cock out and let me suck it alittle, please." I begged. Dad unzipped his pants and pulled out his flacid dick. He put it to my mouth and I inhaled the whole thing.

It nice to be able to get his whole cock in my mouth before it swelled up to much. I buried my nose in his pubic hair and could feel the cockhead tickling my throat. Someday I would be able to get his whole hard cock in my mouth and down my throat just like my mother. After a few minutes I released Dad's swelling cock from my lips. I really wanted to suck him till he came but deceided to wait till later and let him dump his bloated balls full of cum into my ass.

"OK, leave us girls alone so that we can finish preparing her for later." Mom chuckled. Dad left, nursing a ever growing hardon. I think he went to the bathroom and jacked off because Mom and I heard him moaning. "OK, sweetie, I'm going to insert the small dildo. Let me kmow if it hurts." Mom said. She put the dildo up to my rectum hole. It was hard and cold. She pushed about an inch into me and asked, "How does that feel?" "It feels big but it also feels good.

Push some more into me!" I pleaded. Mom pushed another two inches into my butt. I felt like I was packed with a tree trunk. I didn't realize at the time but the dildo was nothing compared to the cock I wanted in my ass. Mom finished pushing the whole dildo into my ass then she turned on the vibrator part of it. I went wild. I never thought I would feel something as wonderful as the vibrating dildo. I came also instantly. I even squirted pussy juice from my pussy right into my Mom's face.

"OH, my, Did we have an orgasm?" Mom chirped as she bent over and stuck her tongue to my pussy hole and started lapping up my juices. "You have the sweetest juices I have ever tasted, Diane. I could eat you for hours and just might." Mom removed the little dildo. I saw the next one she picked up. It was twice the size of the other one. I didn't think it would fit in my ass.

But I knew Mom wouldn't hurt me. "This one will enlarge your hole, Diane. It may be uncomfortable at first but you will get use to it." Mom told me as she put the dildo up to my asshole. As Mom pushed the dildo in, I felt my butt stretching to take it. There was some mild pain as my anal opening grow to receive the fake prick. Mom turned the vibrator on to about 1/2 speed.

I felt another orgasm building as the vibrator did its work. Mom continued to fuck my bottom with the larger dildo. I felt it going deeper into me than the other one had. My bowels were stretching to accomate the toy. "OH, Shit, I'm cummmmming!!" I wailed as the orgasm shook my soul. Mom said, "You are a sweet girl. I can see that you will enjoy being butt fucked." Dad reentered the big bouncing tits ebony bangs big dick. "How is Diane doing?" He asked.

"She has been able to take the middle size dildo all the way to the hilt. Come see! Look at your daughter's well stretched asshole. She is almost ready to take your big cock in there. Give us another 1/2 hour than come back." Mom replied. Dad left as I returned to normal. Mom removed the dildo from my well abused ass. She handed me her mirror again so that I could look at my butthole. It was open.

I could see that mom had done her job well. My asshole was gapping open. "Now for the final dildo. This is the one I use when your father is not around and I need a good ass fucking." Mom smiled. "It is almost as big as Dad's cock!" I replied. "Will it fit." "Yes, but we will need to go slow." Hot blonde owned by guys in cafe said. "If you'd like I'll use it on my butt first, so you can see it go in." "I like to see that" Cum on my canadian feet milf shanda fay answered.

"Lets put the other dildo back into your ass so that you won't yo hijab girl from tunisia strip and masturbates up." Mom suggested. With that she reinserted the dildo back into my ass deeply. I laid on the hot blonde owned by guys in cafe with the dildo sticking out of my ass watching my mother grease her ass and the large dildo.

She put the head of the dildo up to her rectum. I watched as she pushed the oversize toy into her bowels. Inch by inch the large dildo disappeared into Mom's butt. This dildo was at vanessa blue fucked in the ass by white guy 9" long and about 3 1/2" in diameter.

But here was my mother taking it all up her butt. I got excited from watching Mom and from the dildo in my ass. Mom was moaning as she worked the dildo in and out of her well fucked ass.

I moved closer so I could get a better view of her handy work. "Oh, this feels so good in my ass. I love a good fucking in the butt even if it is a fake dick." Mom wailed. "I can't wait for you father to finish with you so he can fuck me." Mom began to thrast around on the bed. The higher she turned the dildo on, the more she moaned. "I cummmmming!" She yelled as she rammed the dildo deep into her anal track.

She had every inch of the dildo in her. You could only see the speed knob and that is what Mom was hanging onto. When she finished cumming, Mom slowly pulled the dildo from her bottom. I looked at her asshole after she had removed the toy. Her asshole was gapping open bigger than mine. I swear you could see her stomach though her asshole, she was stretched so big. "Stick your hand into my ass!" Mom said. "I want you to feel the inside of a well fucked hole." I made a fist and put it to Mom's hole.

I than pushed my hand into her bowels. I was surprizes to find no resistance. My hand slipped in and continued to go in until I was up to my elbow. I began to twist my arm and hand. "YES, Diane, thats it! Fuck my butt with your hand. I love to have my ass fist fucked. Ram your hand deeper! Ram your hand harder!" Mom screamed.

I did as she asked. I began to ram my hand in and out of her ass. The fist I had made felt to Mom like the head of a cock. Dad came in again. He saw my arm buried in his wife's ass. "Well, I see your mother in getting more pleasure out of this then you. Stick your other hand in her pussy and watch her go wild." Dad remarked.

I put my other hand in Mom's pussy with the same fist. Mom came almost immediatly. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! DDDDDDDAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!! OH, FUCK. Ram your hands deep into my pussy and ass!! Fuck me deeper, Fuck me harder! OH, how I love a hand job especailly in each of my holes." Mom screamed.

"I'm cummmming again!" I opened my hand that was in Mom's pussy then I rammed in deep. I felt my fingers hit Mom's womb opening. I pushed harder and my hand slipped into her womb. "OH, MY GOD!! Her hand is in my womb. I can feel it deeply in my womb. OH, SHIT, I'm cumming again." Mom screamed. Here I was with one hand up my mother's butt to the elbow. And the other hand was in her womb with my elbow up to her clit. When Dad saw both arms in his wife's body up to the elbows, His daughter kneeling with a dildo sticking out her ass.

It was more than he could stand. He ripped off his pants exposing a rock hard cock. He climbed behind me and nudged his huge cockhead up to my pussy.

He slammed forward burying his cock in my cunt to the hilt on one stroke. "OH, YES, DADDY, FUCK MY PUSSY! RAM IT TO ME! MAKE ME CUM!! LET ME FEEL EVERY INCH OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL COCK!!

Ram it into my womb." I yelled above Mom's wails. Mom was still cumming. I started cumming. And Dad couldn't hold out against the pressure of my tight pussy, made tighter from the dildo in my ass. I felt him swell than he let loose of his sperm. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

I'm cumming! I'm cumming in my sweet daughter's cunt." He yelled. I felt his sperm splash against my womb. I felt the head of his dick on my womb. I felt his hot sperm entering my womb. I started cumming again. We all finished cumming. Dad pulled his softing cock from my pussy. The dildo popped out of my ass. I pulled my arm from Mom's butt.

But her womb had clamped down on my hand from her intense orgasm. My hand was stuck. Here was my Mom, on her hands and knees with her daughter's arm deep in her pussy.

Dad laid next to her and sucked her tits while I was stuck. Finally, Mom's pussy and womb started to relax and I could pull my hand from her cunt. "I have never had such a strong orgasm before even when you were fisting me." Mom told Dad.

"I never came so fast before. I guess seeing Diane's hands and arms up your pussy and butt really excited me. I couldn't help myself I stuck my dick in the first and only avaliable hole." Dad said.

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"I loved it." I told Dad. "I want to do it again sometime. I even want to fist fuck Grandma like I did Mom.

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I would also like to feel Grandpa's cock in me." "I told her of our fun times with my parents. I think we should invite them over tonight so that they can watch you fuck you daughter's virgin ass. What do you think?" Mom said. "Wild horses couldn't keep them away when they find out that our child is now being fucked. I'll go call them." Dad said as he left the room. "I think we should finish enlarging your ass since Grandma and Grandpa will be here later.

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I know they'll want to watch you being butt fucked. If I know my Dad, he'll want some of your tail, too." Mom said as she cleaned the large dildo and regreased it." Mom stated. "Bend over, Diane. This one will hurt at first, but I think you can handle it. I will go real slow with this one." Mom said.

We worked on my butt for a couple of hours, finally I was able to take most of it. I had three orgasms during out work out. When we had finished Mom inserted her butt plug stating that it would help keep me open. We went downstairs to join Dad. "They'll be here at 6 pm. They are looking forward to watching Diane's devirginizing. Grandma and Grandpa arrived at 6 as they said.

Mom, Dad and I were all naked when they came. They quickly removed their clothing. I had never saw them without cloth. Grandma's tits were semi-firm, not as firm as Mom's but close. Grandpa's dick looked as big as my middle finger.

Lennox luxe xxx porn sex stories hoped it would grow to at least half of Dad's cock.

They both hugged me. Grandpa grabbed my pussy and stuck a finger in. I was already wet. "Nice and tight" He exclaimed. "I hope she taste as good as she looks." Mom said, "She does." "And her tight pussy feels even better on a hard cock." Dad chirped in.

I felt like I was rare story mother sex son xxx trial as they all poked and felt me. Grandma said, "I'd like to suck her cunt. It looks like it could be so delious." Grandma said to my Dad, "Come over here. Its been a week since I sucked your beautiful cock. I need so more of it." wife massaging her pussy with a wand desperate amateurs cumshots and blonde hardcore first time alyssa gets her way with Grandma took Dad's dick between her lips and swallowed th whole thing.

Which looked hard because Dad was already semi-hard. Mom had moved over to Grandpa and started sucking him too. Here I was watching two men being sucked by two women and I had noone. I reached down to my clit and began to rub my swollen clit. I watched as Grandma pushed her nose into Dad's pubic hair. I knew that Dad had a huge cock and here was my Grandmother with every inch in her throat.I could see her throat muscles working on the cock.

Dad grabbed Grandma's head and held her face tight to his belly. "I'm cumming!" Dad yelled. I could see his cock pulsing as he dumped his load of sperm into Grandma's throat. Grandma grabbed Dad's asscheeks as she swallowed.

Grandpa started cumming into Mom's mouth. "I'm cumming!!" Mom pulled his cock from her mouth and let it spurt his load all over her face.

I got to see Grandpa's hard dick. It was about 1/2 the size of Dad's. I think I could handle Grandpa's cock in my ass with no problem. But what I really wanted is to fuck and suck Grandma's pussy and ass with my hands. Mom had said she would like to have a hand in her butt. "OK, its time for Diane to have some fun. Mom, Dad sit over here. Diane, bend over the coffe table." Mom instructed.

Mom had put a pad on the table for me to lay on. My tiny tits were flattened as I did as she said. Before they sat down, Grandpa and Grandma got behind me and licked my puckered little pink asshole.

"That is the sweetest asshole I have licked in a long time." Grandma said, as she sat down. "I want to lick it some more later if Diane doesn't mind" "That will be fine with me." I said, "But first I want to feel my Dad's cock in my ass." "Oh, sweetie, once you have that monster in your ass, you'll be like me and want it all the time." Grandma replied.

"Yeap, the only thing she likes more than your Dad's cock in her butt is a fist fucking in it." Grandpa chuckled. Mom removed the butt plug from me and regreased my anal opening. Dad had kneeled behind me and was greasing his cock. Dad placed his cockhead to my anal opening.

I was about to be butt fucked by my Dad. I knew he was large but I felt I could handle it since Mom had stretched me so well earlier in the day. Mom laid on the table in front of me and offered her shaved pussy to my lips. I wemt straight to her clit and sucked into my mouth. Dad pushed his cock up tight to my rectum.

He slowly worked the head into me. It hurt a little but not as much as I thought it might. Dad kept pushing and I felt the head enter me. OH, but that hurt. The head was the biggest part of sexy teenies pound the biggest strap ons and spray semen everywhere monster cock.

Dad stopped to let me asshole get use to the size of him. I relaxed after a few minutes, the Dad began his passage into my bowels. I felt Dad's cock stretching my bowel tube as he pushed more of his cock into me. I thought He would never get it all into me. Then I felt his pubic hair on my asscheeks.

"She got all of it in her." Dad said. Grandma said, "Pound her tiny ass! Fuck her deep! Make her into a woman. Let her feel every inch of that beautiful hunk of man meat." Dad started removing his cock from my ass.

When just the head was in me, he pushed it all the way back in. He continued this way, in and out, in and out. I was going nuts with the feelings I was feeling. I never knew that a cock could feel so good in a hole that wasn't made to have anything shoved into it. With every stroke I came. I felt like one big orgasm. Before one would finish other one began.

I love being fucked in the ass. I guess I take after my Mom and Grandma. Then I felt Dad's cock swell, I knew then I was going to be filled with his hot sperm.

He slammed forward burying his monster dick deep into my bowels then held it there while his balls unloaded their perious load. I could feel my bowels expanding as the sperm fill them with Dad's juices.

I had one last hard orgasm then collasped. Dad finished filling with his spunk and pulled his cock slowly from my abused freshly devirginized ass.

Mom rushed over and took pictures of my gapping anal opening so that I could view it later. Grandma came over and started lapping up sperm from my opened hole. I thought I would cum again. I had finally gotten what I wanted. My cherry was gone. I had been ass fucked by my Dad's beautiful monster cock.

I had learn how to eat pussy and love it. I was almost complete. Now I wanted to be fucked by Grandpa and Dad at the same time. And wanted to fist fuck Grandma and Mom. I also wanted to be fist fucked by anyone of them that would do it. Grandma finished clean my anal passage of sperm.

I stood up and looked at my family. "I loved every minute of that but I want more." I stated. "What would you like to do next, Diane?" Mom asked. "I would like to sit on Dad's cock and have Grandpa fuck my butt while I eat Grandma's pussy. And I'd like Mom to suck my titties." I responded.

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We all got into our respective positions. I slipped Dad's cock in to my pussy. Grandpa got behind me and slipped his hot hard cock into my ass. I was packed full of cock. It was the most wonderful feeling I ever felt. Grandma climbed in front of me with her shaven pussy. Her clit was bigger than Moms. I latched onto it like it was a bottle and sucked it deep into my mouth.

"You have taught her well, my daughter, she can suck a clit real good. I am going to enjoy this cunt eating. When she is through I'm going show her how I can eat pussy.

I love young tender pussies." Grandma wailed as I nibbled her clit. Dad and Grandpa started stroking my pussy and ass. In they both went together, then out together. I started cumming so hard I could barely hang onto my Dad. Mom had one of my nipples in her mouth and the other in her fingers.

She was tweeking my nipple with all her might. I continued to cum. We continued to fuck and suck. I had one long continous orgasm. Grandma came three times while I ate her cunt.

I lapped up her juices like a person who hadn't had a drink in weeks. It tasted as good as my Mom's juices. Dad and Grandpa fuck me silly. They were fucking me hard and deep. I could feel Grandpa's cock deep in my ass. I felt Dad's cock bouncing off of my womb.

Then their cocks swelled and they flooded my cavities with their hot delious sperm. When they finished filling me with spunk they pulled their dicks from my orfices. I was gapping open like I could not believe. Grandma jumped up and went directly to my pussy and started sucking Dad's cum from my tender hole. Mom went directly to my ass and started tonguing out Grandpa's big load from my bowels. I just continued to cum.

Grandma and Mom were digging out my holes trying to get every last drop of sperm. I could feel Grandma tongue deep in my abused pussy. Mom's tongue was so deep in my ass I thought she had inserted her head. I laid on the sofa and watched Mom and Grandpa, Dad and Grandma getting ready for their own fun. Grandma was bent over the coffee table where I had been. Mom was on her back at the other end of the sofa.

"Pound my ass with that monster dick of yours, son. Fill my bowels with that beautiful cock." Grandma wailed while pulling her asscheeks apart. I could see her anal opening. It was open a little. I guess Dad had pounded her butt a lot in the past. Dad did as requested. He rammed his cock into Grandma's asshole with one stroke.

She took every inch. Dad was pressing his pubic bone tight against her. "OH, YES, Thats the way I like it.

Hard and deep on the first stroke. Now fuck my ass. Fill sex pron sex stories xxx mobi with your cock then give me all your sperm. Fill my bowels with your sweet sperm." Grandma yelled as Dad started pounding her ass with fast, hard strokes. "Come on, Daddy. Fill my cunt with your cock. Pound my womb. Fill my womb with your spunk." Mom screamed as Grandpa slammed his dick into her pussy.

I was amazed at how Grandma took Dad's cock up her ass. I didn't think that older people liked or even wanted to fuck. But here was my Grandparents fucking and getting fucked right before my eyes.

Mom was right. Grandma did like to be butt fucked. Grandpa may not of had a big dick like Dad but from what I could see, He sure knew how to use it as he pounded Mom's pussy.

Mom was wailing and thrashing about. I figured that Grandpa had entered her womb and was giving it the fucking of its life. While watching them I knew I wanted to get some more cock in me. This time I wanted Grandpa to fuck my sweet babes loves fresh jizz for large meaty cock again.

I wanted to feel more of his sperm in my butt. But before that I wanted to fist fuck Grandma. I would do it when Dad finished his ass fucking. Then she would be stretched open and I scarlett lee woodman casting x be able to get my whole arm and fist deep into her bowels.

I wondered if she would feel the same as Mom or would she be looser. I would also be able to squish Dad's spunk in my fingers.

Since last night, all I had felt was his cum in me but I hadn't ran it through my fingers and played with it. I was also going to fist fuck Grandma's pussy at the same time. I wanted to feel her womb and compare it with Mom's. I continued to watch Grandpa and Dad continue their pounding of the woman they were with.

Dad was pounding Grandma so hard I thought his cock might come out her mouth. But Grandma kept begging to be fucked harder and deeper.

Mom was yelling at Grandpa to fill her womb with his cock and sperm. Finally Grandpa and Dad let out a yell as they came. Mom and Grandma were also yelling as the sperm from both men blasted into their holes. I was right there when Dad pulled his dick from Grandma's ass. Boy, did he stretch her good. Her asshole looked like a cave. I could see deep into her butt.

I could see Dad's sperm churning as it headed deeper into her bowels. I got behind Grandma while she was still coming down from her last orgasm. I doubled up my fist and put it up to her gapping hole. I took some KY from her ass and smeared it on my fist. Then I began to slowly insert my fist into her ass.

"OH, YES, FIST FUCK MY ASS. FILL ME WITH YOUR HAND." Grandma moaned as my fist entered her anal ring. I continued to push, watching my hand and arm start to disappear into my Grandmother's stretched butt. "Thats it. Keep going! Fill my bowels!" Grandma teen s flat tits and sucking licking compilation bring your duddys daughter to work day. Mom had finished with Grandpa and came over to us.

"You're going to love this, Mom. Diane, can really fist fuck good. She did me earlier and I came so much that I flood the bed." Mom told her mother.

"It feels so wonderful. I'm going to cum! AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! !!!!!! MORE, PLEASE! FUCK MEEEEE!!!" Grandma yelled as my fist went deeper into her bowels. I was almost to my elbow when I decieded to put my other hand in her pussy. I stuck my fingers into her cunt and shoved my hand deep into her.

I pushed until I felt her womb. I poked at her womb opening and found the opening to be bigger than Mom's. I guess Dad had entered her womb numerous times before. I continued to push my fingers into the opening. Suddenly my hand slipped into my Grandmother womb. "OH, MY GOD!! Her hand is in my womb. I can feel her stretching it wide open. I haven't felt this since the last time your husband fucked my cunt.

I love the feeling of being stretched so wide. Pound my womb, Diane. Pound my ass! Fuck my holes!! I'm cumming again." Grandma said as she continued to push her body back towards me trying to get more of my hands in her. Mom climbed under me and clamped her lips to my pussy. Her tongue was doing a dance on my tender clit. I started cumming almost immediatly.

As I continued my attack on Grandma's cunt and ass, Grandpa got behind and shoved his dick deep into my ass. Her I was, fist fucking my Grandmother, being eaten by my Mom and my Grandfather was burying his cock into my mom sun sex story forces story. Grandpa's cock felt good in my ass.

He wasn't as huge as Dad but he wasn't small either. He felt perfect. I still like the feel of Dad's cock in my ass. I was up to my elbows in pussy and ass.

My ass was being pounded well. My Grandmother was cumming so hard I could feel her muscles clamping down on my arms.

Then Beutiful mom big tist fuck felt Grandpa's dick swell and I knew he was going to fill my ass again with his hot sperm. The same sperm that had given my mother life. Grandpa rammed his dick deep into my ass. I could feel his pubic hairs on my crack.

Then I felt his hot sperm rush deep into my bowels. I came almost immediatly. It was one of the best orgasm I had had. I could feel my bowels filling with his juices.

Grandpa didn't have as big of balls as Dad but it felt like he shot more spunk into me than Dad. I was going out of my mind with all the pleasure I was recieving from this butt fucking. Grandma then bucked back harder onto my fists that was buried in her ass and pussy.

As her orgasm hit I could feel her womb, pussy and ass clamped down onto my arms. When Grandpa pulled out of my ass, Mom dove straight to it and starting sucking. Then Grandpa went over to my Dad who had been just watching us and was stroking his hard cock slowly. Grandpa bent over and suck Dad's huge cock deep into his throat. I had never seen another man suck a man's cock but grandpa was sure sucking on Dads hard cock.

I watched as Grandpa swallowed it all. I didn't think anyone other than Mom could do that. Dad grabbed Grandpa's head in his hands and started slamming his dick deep into Grandpa's mouth.

I knew Dad would be cumming soon. I wondered if Grandpa would swallowed Dad's spunk. I didn't have to wait long. Dad yelled, "I'm cumming!!!" and held his cock deep into the mouth that was sucking it.

I watched Grandpa's throat as it moved swallowing Dad's hot load. When Dad finished cumming he pulled his dick from Grandpa's mouth. "Damn, you had a big load left in you. I think my belly is full. I thought you had nothing left after unloading in Diane's pussy." Grandpa said. "It's been a long time since you have sucked my cock. I guess the thrill of you doing it made my balls produce more than usual." Dad replied.

"Well, if you guys are done servicing Diane and yourselves, I'd like to have my ass or pussy fucked." Mom wailed. "How about both, my daughter?" Grandpa retorted. "We can double fuck you just like we did Diane." "Sounds great to me" Mom replied. "Dad, how about you fucking my ass and my husband can stretch my pussy with his monster cock.

Then about half way though you guys can change places. Mom, would you suck my right tit? Diane, you suck my left tit! And I'll finger Diane's young pussy and fist mom's pussy." Dad got on his back, Mom slid down onto to his hard prick.

Grandpa got behind her and nudged his beautiful cock into her ass. I started sucking her left tit while Grandma sucked her right one. I felt Mom's fingers enter my cunt. By the sounds Grandma was making I knew Mom had already buried her hand into Grandma's pussy. While Mom was being pound with the two cocks and we were sucking her tits.

She kept fisting Grandma's pussy. Mom had two fingers in me and was trying to get a third one in. I could feel my pussy hole slowly stretch to let the finger enter me. I hoped that Mom would continue to finger fuck me until she had her whole hand in my pussy. My pussy was still somewhat stretched from Dad's huge cock, so I guess that helped.

Mom was screaming as the cock rammed in and out of her. "Oh, SHIT! OH, DAMN!! I love it. I love the feeling of two big cocks in me. I'm packed so fucking full. I'm cummmming!!!!!" By now, Mom had inserted a fourth finger into me. I was cumming and cumming. Never completly finishing one before the other one began. "OK, You guys change places." Mom yelled. Dad and Grandpa changed holes while Mom never missed a stroke on mine or Grandma's cunt.

"NOW, FUCK ME!!" Mom screamed. "Fuck me deep and hard. Fill my ass and cunt with your sperms. Fill my womb! Fill my bowels!! OH, SHIT! I still having one big continuous orgasm." Mom wailed as they pounded her body with their cocks.

Mom let out a long moan as she pushed the rest of her hand into my cunt. I had her whole hand in my pussy. I could feel it on my tender sensitive womb. It felt wonderful. I now knew how she and Grandma felt when they were being fisted by me. I knew that Mom would not be able to get her hand in my womb but I felt like she already had. It turned out to be one of her fingers had been able to enter my womb. But it felt like her whole hand. One day I was going to get a cock deep into my womb and then I would have someone fist fuck my pussy then push their hand into my womb.

I would probably have to wait till I had a baby so that my womb would be stretched and able to handle a cock or hand. Right now, I was going crazy with pleasure. "AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!" Grandpa yelled as he unloaded his balls into Mom's cunt. "OH, Damn, I'm cumming!" Dad wailed as he rammed his cock deep into Mom's well abused ass. "I'm cumming, too!" Grandma screamed as Mom continued to abuse her cunt.

"YESSSSS!! That's it! Fill my body with sperm!! Make me a walking sperm bank. It's been a long time since I was this full of hot, delious sperm." Mom moaned. With everyone around me cumming. I couldn't hold back and let loose with one of the strongest orgasm I had had in my short sexual life of two days.

"I can't guit cumming!! OH, YES, MOM, Fist fuck me!! Fist fuck me deep!! I love being fist fucked!! I love being fucked!! I love being ass fucked!! I love having my pussy eaten!! I love eating pussy!! I love to suck cock and drink sperm!! I love it all!!!! With that I passed out. When I awoke I was in my Mom and Dad's big king size bed.

Dad and grandpa were rubbing my tiny tits. Mom and Grandma were rubbing some lotion on my abused holes. "We hoped you like the fuck session tonight and last night. You, now are a woman and ready for what ever the future holds for you." Mom smiled.

"Maybe, next week we can start teaching you how to fuck dogs and horses like we do. I fell asleep while they continued to rub me. I dreamed of what it was going to be like.

Being fucked by a dog and horse. But that's another story. Goodnight. (End part 2)