Lovable girl is gaping tight vagina in close up and getting off

Lovable girl is gaping tight vagina in close up and getting off
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Fbailey story number 736 From My Garage Roof As I tucked my daughter Audrey into bed and said, "Goodnight" She asked, "Daddy, did you get my Frisbee off the garage roof?" I replied, "Not yet honey, but I will." I kissed her forehead and then got out the ladder and climbed up on the garage roof.

The Frisbee was not easy to find in the dark since it was the same color as the roof. As I looked around I noticed that I could see over the top of the ridge. The house behind ours that faced the other street belonged to Sarah.

She had three teenage daughters. I could see into the second story bathroom. The lights were on, the curtain was open, and so was the window itself. Music was blaring from that window and Judy came dancing into view. Judy was thirteen years old and she was naked.

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She and my daughter were almost the same age. By the looks of her, they were about the same build too. They both had A-cup breasts and just a hint of hair on their pussies.

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While she was drying off Doris entered, also nude. Then Doris walked off to one side out of sight. Judy finished drying off and left the bathroom. About five minutes later Doris reappeared, nude and wet.

She was dancing to the music as she dried off. She had at least B-cup breasts and more pubic hair than her younger sister had. Gail entered naked and walked through to the shower. Doris gave me a really good show as she danced to the music. About five minutes later Gail came into view and Sarah entered, also nude. The girls danced around while Sarah took her shower. Gail's breasts were bigger and looked to be a C-cup. Her pussy was shaved bald as far as I could tell.

Then the three of them danced together. Sarah has the biggest breasts, which made sense to me, they were a good D-cup, the same size as my wife's breasts. I knew that for a fact since my wife had let Sarah borrow a black strapless bra for some formal occasion. Sarah's pussy was also shaved bald. I watched them until they left the bathroom and the light was turned out. I made a mental note of the time and to return with my binoculars and my camera.

That was too good not to see again. Later while in bed with my wife I asked her about Sarah and I told her what I had seen.

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My wife told me that Sarah was an extremely organized woman and that they did everything by the clock. She had been over there and seen the posted schedule. Dinner, television, showers, and bedtime were all spelled out and as far as she knew…followed to the letter. I told her that I was planning on going back up on the roof the next night with my binoculars and my camera. She told me to be careful, not to get caught, and that a full moon was coming.

The sex that night was great, the best that we had had in a long time, and our climaxes were quite intense. She moved underneath me and even howled when her orgasm hit.

Normally she tried very hard not to scream out. She is afraid that she might wake Audrey up. Lying there with my arm around her shoulder and her head pressed into my chest, my wife said, "Audrey has been invited to spend the night with Judy tomorrow.

You will probably get to see her naked too." She paused for effect then added, "I just thought that you might like to know." The following evening my wife and I were home alone.

Audrey was over at Sarah's house for her sleepover with Judy. They were the same age and in the same grade. I asked, "When are you going to invite Sarah into our bed for a sleepover?" She asked, "Are you serious?" I kissed her and said, "After seeing her nude last night I thing I'd really like to tap sunny leone xnxx xxx brazzers download once." My wife said, "Look honey, if I do manage to get her into bed with us it better be for more than once…unless you meant once a day." Surprised I asked, "Would you really want to get her in our bed?" My wife laughed and said, "Oh God honey, you men don't have a clue, do you." "We have been in our bed together lots of times.

Mostly when the kids are in school and you are at work." I asked, "Really?" My wife said, "We have time to watch a home movie before their showers. I'll be right back." When she returned, she was completely naked.

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She put a DVD into the machine and turned on the big screen television. A title came up telling me the date, place, and the star's names. It was just a week ago in our bed staring Sarah and my wife. Wow! I watched the movie and played with my naked wife as she lay across my lap on the couch. The two hours were full of girl on girl action. I had been given two of the best blowjobs ever.

On the screen my wife gave Sarah several of her best orgasms ever. I heard her say so a few times. The very last scene was when my wife fucked Sarah with a big dildo.

In the end Sarah was convulsing and calling out my name. The credits rolled by one more time, then the camera zoomed in on Sarah's face and panned down over her tits to settle on her open wet pussy. Sarah said, "If you are watching this, then your wife has told you how badly I want your cock in my cunt. We can spend the whole day in bed if you can get one off from work. In fact you may need a second day off just to recover after we are through with you.

Ha! Ha!" My wife kissed me and said, "You better get up on the garage roof. It is almost shower time. Sarah is expecting you. I called her earlier and warned her." I was up there and in place a few minutes before Sarah came in. She was naked and made sure that the window was up, the curtain was wide open, and that all of the lights were on. The music was turned up when Judy and Audrey entered the bathroom naked. Sarah got them to dance around and bump their tiny titties together for me.

Then both girls went off to the side toward the shower. They were going to go in yong attractive cutie was fucked out side. I wondered if they would do what their mothers had been doing. Judy and Audrey came out as Doris went in. Sarah kept the two girls dancing until Doris came out and Gail went in.

Then she danced around with her daughter for me. Soon Gail joined them and after another couple of minutes Sarah went into the shower. She was alone when she sex xxxxx nj for nigeria back out. Sarah knew I was watching and she posed for me. She was sexier than my wife was. Maybe because I had not spent fifteen years looking at her naked body and fucking her.

Sarah put on quite a show before she turned the music off, the lights off, and left the bathroom. When I got back in my house my wife handed me the telephone. It was Sarah and she asked, "Which of the girls did you like the best?" I was surprised at her question.

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I answered, "All of them! Judy and Audrey were great together and they just kept getting better and better until I saw you naked.

I got so hard that I held the camera in one hand and jerked off with the other one. I cannot wait until I can get you in bed." Sarah said, "Monday." I said, "How about I take off the whole week and the three of us spend as much time as we can in bed." Sarah giggled and said, "Okay. I think I like that idea. If you fuck me for four months, Gail will be sixteen. I think I can get her to join you in my bed." All I could say was, "Oh my God!" The End From My Garage Roof 736