Perfect czech looker lexi dona pleases and comes

Perfect czech looker lexi dona pleases and comes
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Sheila was an aspiring actress. She wasn't a very good actress. That didn't really matter to me. She had big sad dark eyes, dark long wavy hair and thick lips. Hot, young, and she ALWAYS wanted to impress, she loved to suck cock, and that was a big plus too. I had developed a program; a regiment for Sheila that I felt could help her develop her acting skills; in particular her concentration, emotional conveyance, and facial expressions.

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The theory behind the program was that focus and concentration could be improved by acting while being extremely distracted. I bought a stack of index cards and wrote down a different feeling or emotion (happy sad scared…) on each card.

I made a CD of songs that I knew she would hate (songs by "Vanilla Ice", "Sony & Cher"," Michel Bolton" and others). I also made a video tape which showed different Chinese Kanji characters displayed for about 5 seconds each.

Sheila stopped by at about 1:00 in the afternoon. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a little red top. It was a rainy Saturday. "What a shitty day" she said sipping the coffee she had brought with her.

"Now what is this little acting seminar you've prepared for me? I've been having trouble getting into my part. I got a rehearsal tonight a 6:00." The rehearsal she was referring to was for a local production she was acting in.

I was a play written by a local "artist" and it was called "Pudding Pudding Stew!". Sheila played a go-go dancer named Katrina. The play was opening the next week. "Let's go upstairs." I said " I'll show you." I watched the seam of Sheila's shorts ride up her round bottom as I jozefa aka ivanka olya aka kathleen pitts hot fuck her up the stairs into my bed room.

Sheila walked to the futon on the floor and sat down. I handed Sheila the headphones and loaded the video with the Chinese characters on it. "What you are going to want to do is watch the video I will play for you." I explained as I handed her a note pad and a pen, "You will see a series of Chinese Kanji characters.

Each will be displayed for about 5 seconds. I want you to black guy v s girls xxx each one as well as you can on to this notepad." "While you are doing that, I will display one of these cards to you" I said as I held up a card that said "ANGRY" on it.

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"I want you to facially display the emotion that you see. And I want you to listen to this music cd I have prepared for you." Sheila put down the pen and note pad. "You want me to write Chinese characters while I make faces and listen to a cd you made?" Said Sheila.

"That sounds weird, and stupid as fuck." "At least let me finish." I pleaded "Ok…"she said putting her hands on her hips with a smirk on her face. "Ok. First you'd have to take your shorts off so I can prep you" I said "We're going to need the devices." "OH! Ok! Said Sheila. She knew that by "devices" I had meant sex toys. "Now this is sounding interesting." She said as she sat up and unsnapped her shorts and took them off.

"Take off your top too" I said. Sheila had on a little black sports bra and a pink and blue polka doted thong.

I grabbed a couple of pillows and Sheila obediently lay down face down on the pillows pointing her cute round buns skyward. She knew the position well. I moved towards her and pulled the thong out of her ass crack and spread her buns apart wide. I kissed her softly all around her butt hole which kind of resembled an extremely active mollusk as it puckered and gaped.

Spreading her butt cheeks further, I rammed my tongue as far up her ass as I could and feasted on her bung pie for a few minutes. "Oh Sheila, your bunger is so yummerz!" I said as I reached over and grabbed the K-Y and a small butt plug and proceeded to lube up her wet gaping anus. I pushed the plug up her butt as she let out a soft sigh. Next I grabbed a vibrator, lubed it up and slid it into her drenched pussy and turned the vibration on slow.

"Oh yes!" said Sheila moaning softly. "OK. Now were almost ready to get started" I said handing her the headphones. She put them on her head and reached for the pen and paper. I undid my pants and stuck my stiff shlong in her face. "Hey" Sheila blurted out. "What's up with that?" "Oh." I replied, "while you're making faces based on the index cards I will be showing you, listening to the CD Ex wife lets hubby cum on her big ass made you and coping down the Chinese Kanji characters on the video, you will also need to give me a killer blowjob with a butt plug in your ass and a vibrator in your cunt.

That way you will be distracted visually by watching the video and audibly distracted by the music on the CD. Your hand eye coordination will be occupied by you trying to copy the Chinese Kanji characters. You will also be mentally occupied facially displaying the emotion on the card I will be showing you. You will be irritated because all the music I put on the CD is music I know you hate. You must also contract your vaginal muscles to keep the vibrator from slipping out of your slippery wet cunt.

The butt plug will affect how you do that. Your mouth and tongue will be busy orally stimulating my penis. You've never done this?" I asked with a surprised look on my face. "No." She said. "Well let's get started." I said as I picked up the index cards.

She put the headphones on and I started the tape. I could hear the first bit of "I've Got You Babe" as Sheila shot me a "what the fuck" look and plopped my half hard dick in her mouth and picked up the note pad and pen. I started the video and Sheila was soon scribbling on the notepad.

I flipped over the 1st card. It said "SLEEPY" on it. Sheila immediately half closed her eyes, blinking and seemingly trying to stay awake as she continued writing on the note pad. She slurped on my stiffening penis sucking it further into her mouth while licking at the bottom furiously. I flipped to the next card. It said "FRIGHTENED". Sheila's eyes opened wide.

She looked like she was about to scream as she let my cock out of her mouth a bit, licked my piss slit and whimpered. She continued to scribble at the note book.

The next card I flipped over said "SILLY". Sheila struggled to make a goofy grin with my rock hard cock in her mouth. She looked at the TV quickly and scribbled in the notebook then she looked at me with her goofy grin, crossed her eyes ex wife lets hubby cum on her big ass took a long slurping suck of my prick. This went on for about 30 minutes with Sheila going through the whole deck twice before I shot a hot full load of my creamy baby batter down her guzzle snout.

She came back later and said that her practice was great.

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She felt much better about the plays opening. We continued my training program regiment that week and I attended the opening night performance. She was good during her talking parts, but when she wasn't talking she just stood on stage making exaggerated facial expressions with her mouth in a cock sucking position.