Xxx sxa sex stories story mmm

Xxx sxa sex stories story mmm
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Chapter One The story takes place in the far feature where the Earth comes to the near abyss of complete and total destruction. Earth has been split into three key alliances The Union, Sunkin Empire and the INF (Indepent Nation Front) After years of wars over failing empires of the Great Western Union of Nations including Britain and Northern American with a few "Lesser" nations, and the Asain empire of Sunkins nearly threw the earth into a catastrophic disaster that threatens the entire world.

The earth was thrown into chaos when the western presidential council of nations was almost wipe out thanks to key bombings and invasions from the Sunkin kingdoms Army. The people on the western side of the planet struggled to keep some form of control. Large city's were dimolished but not abandoned at first they were used for safety.

The people that survived were scared but thought things will be fine with time. There were mass bombings before but the Union never broke so they started comforting one another in the blowjob threesome with redhead and blonde slut teen that the Union soldiers would come to rebuild the Northen Union.The days passed and as food dwindled down and no sign of reinforment came the true nature of mankind began to bubble up from the souls of the survivors.Not many remeber or try not to remeber the first days of the rebuilding.

Jeremiah was 48 with a wife Terrie aged 40 a daughter April 20and a son Maxamillion who was sent to the Army at the age of 10 for his evaluation. Jeremiah who stood at 6feet tall had rusty red hair and has a strong build but lost his left arm in one of the battles of the Islands off the cost of the Western America front years ago when he was a Tech.Captain.

He had a small numbness in his arm during storms and spoke loudly and with a bit of a southern drawl. Jeremiah spoke in a harsh tone " Damn political games now that we lost almost the whole of the islands we should've conceded and waited to strike." pounding his right fist in the wall of a badly damaged building his family took for shelter every one had a floor or room depending on the size of the family.Terri who was a mere 5feet 3inches tall and had small almost fragile figure raven black short hair in a boyish cut came running in and asked if her husband was all right.

Jeremiah looked at his wife and said "No the union abandoned us dear." Terrie took her husbands hand took it into her hands gave it a kiss and said "They'll come back they always do.They came back for you and you where by the islands. They always come back." Terrie really hoped she was right with every passing day her hope never faltered.

April was the same body type as her mother but had red hair like her dad and had a almost preppy cheerful attitude who was fresh back from her evaluation knew better. An evaluation was when a child passes there basic skills reading writing and physical assessment they are sent to the Union for evaluation of what future career they will have.

April evaluation training set her up as a tech gear. A support officer who has special training in mechanical repairs for all the diffrent kind of tech. the Union Army used. She was out scavenging for any usable parts in the hopes to make a radio. She knew if there was no way to let the Union know there were survivors then there be no need to send soilders here. April had to be careful she knew there might be Sunkin soilders who would kill her as soon as they spot her. So she checked near by debris piles when she spotted what appeared to be a blown out city guard station.

The door seemed to be open but she saw a vent poking out from the side and figured thats the safer bet. "There is less food every day we cant keep this up." "We must venture out and try to find some." Survivors hollered and wailed but none dared to go out beyond the urban limits. Jeremiah knew better then most that the sunkin dont just bomb a place and leave they hunt for slaves and materials.

"We cant go out there. We must simply just make due with what we have untill we get more able bodies to hunt for food." Jeremiah yelled back. Plenty of survivors inside the city but not many grouped up like they have so Jeremiah and the rest figured they are scavengers looking for a quick buck and moving on. The survivors all knew of Jeremiah experiance and looked to him for leadership he was the only survior besides April with any military training. "I'll be the first one out to hunt if we dont hear from the Union in a few days." This calmed a few but not Winston a young cocky sports men who somehow survived three days in the wilds before he stumbled into the city."We need food sure but how will we hunt though." Winston snipped back at Jeremiah.

Jeremiah knew the boy was a sport man so he didn't take him to seriously. Sport men were pro athletes who surpassed there physical assessment but lack the brains to be more then fodder to the enemies guns. His arrogance was a form of hidding nadir gul hot xxx prone vidios scared nature and his spoiled lifestlye of fame has made him weak.

"We will make do i surrived with less in worse places child. We gathered food and enough of it to last this group for a while if we ration it." Jeremiah knew his 9mm and echo knife will kill any animal he can get a bead on but he was worried about leaving his family with no protection and would feel better if his daughter would stay with the small group with a radio. At least they can keep in contact with a Gurd troop or Union soldiers outpost. Speaking of his daughter he knew she was running late it was near noon and she wasn't back from her scavenging in the city.

April who made it in the guard station was now in the head guards office digging threw a pile of rubble when she came by a walkie talkie that was near prime condition.

She scooped it up and did a silly little dance of victory and thought to herself. "With this and a small booster box or a antenna I can reach the whole mid sectors of the Union.

Im bound to find someone anyone who can help." Just as her victory dance was over she heard a noise from further in the guard station down the hall a bit. "There bound to be guns or ammo here boys spread out dont leave anything we can scrap." April instinctively grabed for her electro-stave a compact metal stick that can deliver two chicks having fun with one guy large shock of electricity to restart minor tech or knock out anyone in a close combat situation.

Her training involved a bit of armed and unarmed combat but ultimately she decided that ducking to the side of the wall near the vent she used to crawl into the building was the better plan. Luckly she got in the vent quick enough to not be noticed by three rather large men. "Not Sunkin but definitely not friendly." April thought to herself as she noticed the heavy weapons slinged across ther backs and blood soaked clothing of the men.

" 'Betcher' said to look carefully at everything Mitch." The man in the middle said spacing out his words a bit too much. "Its Butcher not Betcher Clive how many times I got to tell ya idiot." Mitch said. "Right thats what i said Betcher." The guy named Butcher was obviously the boss of the motley crew. he hissed out. "Shut up both of you we might not be the only ones here we just ran into them creeps out there remeber." As he stepped into view.

April was not surprised that she wasnt alone the patrol her dad set up said they found small burt out fires during the day but never any people. She wondered if they were the reason why they never found people its been rumored that in acts of desperation some hunt humans for meat or enslave humans. "Alright nothing here Betcher just a few skulls and sum kinda disk" Clive yelled throwing the disk across the room carelessly. "For fucks sake tell that idiot to shut up Mitch." Butcher barked.

"Clive indoor voice please." Mitch politely said in almost a whisper. "Oh.sorry guys." Clive spoke back in the same whispering tone. April decided these people weren't worth the trouble obviously some kind of gang but fools not worthy of making her presence known and definitely not worth getting herself killed over or worse.

After navigating the vents April found her way out at last but saw what them fools ment by creeps. Mutants dead mutants.wasnt hard to realize they were mutants most were disfigured with welts and skin discoloration.

"Damn them idiots messed up now.

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Must not know mutants blood is poisonous dead men bumbling." April giggled to herself from her little joke. Off she went with radio in hand happy as can be, ever so careful not to run into mutants or more bumbling fools as she made her way back to her parents.

Back in camp if you can call it that, the camp was a ragtagg version of a shammy town a skyscraper skeleton really,was Jeremiah looking to the sky from the fifth floor looking to the south east area in the clearings from the wild boy boy xxx full story any signs of hopper activity.

Hoppers ment the Union will be coming to rebuild. Terrie's black hair swayed back with a cool breeze of air standing silently thinking what has happened of her youngest child Max. She hoped desperately that he was safe off continent in a base undergoing his evaluations even though she knew that was unlikely. "Honey we got company." Jermiah whistled loudly as to get the attention of the surviors.

They gathered around fast wondering if the Union has come to rebuild or if it was the Sunkin coming to deliver the death blow.

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"Seems like we have troop movement over to the east. I need 3 men to come with me the rest must hide untill its safe." Jeremiah bellowed. "Is it sunkin? Are we doomed?" The crowd murmured worried knowing they had a few weapons and even fewer abled men to defend themselves. Most of the survivors were workers and manufacturing supervisors from a few of the out stretched factories surrounding the fallen city.

Most men were to weak or scared to fight off well armed and genetically engineered Sunkin soilders Winston who was bord and ready for anything even if it ment his death jumped up "Ok lets go gramps" figuring that a quick death at hands of unknown forces was better then starving to death and then shortly two other men stepped up to volunteer. "Fine then grab a weapon and lets hit the road we need to make sure what they are before sundown." The men grabbed a few rebar with some hard concrete and a heavy knife each and off they went as the camp cleared out any sign of people staying near by.

As the young and old piled into the basment of there skyscraper skeleton. Terrie stayed behind incase April came back but she knew her daughter knew where to look for them incase no latina teen lick and fingers ebony twat in camp was around. After a few minutes of cleaning up the impromptu camp was virtually gone and the last of the survivors filled into the basement level of the blasted out skyscraper.

When April came back just in time to see them pile in. Running at full speed she cought up in time to battle of the genders guys vs gals her mom. "Whats going on mom?" April asked breathlessly "April dear your back oh I was so worried what took you so long?"April beamed ear to ear and showed her mom the walkie talkie "This was a real bitch to find took me all morning" she said proudly.

"Oh dear does it work?" asked Terrie. "Don't know i had to leave quick ran into some brutes and then some dead mutants." April said so nonchalantly. "Oh.well your father and a few men found a group moving near our part of the city they went to check them out." Terrie said with a look of concern in her face. "Its dad im sure he will be fine lets lock up and see if i can get anyone in range." April said trying to get her mom's mind off her father. A hour passed and then men found the group of stangers some looking like poor farm folk the rest look like simple town guards from the light blue uniforms they wore.

Winston and the other men drew a sigh of relief once they saw the guards. Winston knew that Guards ment guns and real wepons so that ment food and lots of it. Jeremiah thought why havent they sounded a distress call of any kind. What the men saw next was a total surprise to them in there group was a Sunkin soilder a Zealot Gunner by the uniform.

The Sunkin soilder was in chains and obviously a prisoner. "Get on your knees dog" one guard kick the inside of the Sunkin knee and he collapsed to the ground.

"Piece of shit Sunkin your lucky we dont burn you up. Imperial cunt." Jeremiah seen enough and decided to make there presence known. "Hey there Guards!" "Whats are you! Halt!" said a guard aiming a rifle right at Jeremiah chest. "Whoa sir. Mind if you point that at the enemy and not at me." Jeremiah then stated his Army rank and serial number."Tech Captain.

Jeremiah Steel Number 458627190056 at your command." The guard relaxed and lowered his rifle and introduce himself "Names Shell. Captain Shell." but kept his figer near the trigger.

"Wheres your troop Captain Steel?" Jeremiah answered him. "I ain't have one since the Island front fell a few years back." Jeremiah took a step forward "Sure would like to get to know you folks.

Seems like we can help one another out." As Jeremiah took a look at the survivors with the Guards. Most were wearing torn clothing and had visible cuts and bruises. The Pinay fuck big monter cock Captian saw Jeremiah as a small threat and allowed him to come closer as the rest of the people huddled behind the guards."So its just you and these guys here or is there more of you?" Jeremiah didnt want to lie but also didnt want to tell them the truth something seemed off about these Guards.

"There are a few scavengers in the city and I have a small camp of sorts in the city. The guard looked at Winston and motion him to step up "Wheres your group at boy?" "Uh.see." Winston looked at Jeremiah for guidance. "Now come on boy we're the Guard we are trained to tell when your lying to us." The guard spoke in almost a demeaning tone.

"Well.our group is safe" winston choked out. "That's good boy. Thats fine work you men doing keeping your folks alive.

How many was it you said you had with you?" Jeremiah had enough of the captain's prodding questions. "We didnt say son. Now where are you from Captain Shell?" Captin Shell didn't look too happy with the way Jeremiah spoke to him but said "We from a battalion stationed out in Remo Factory Township.

Got us a group of stragglers when we went to search for some escaped convicts."Jeremiah now knew why he didnt like the feel from them there Jailer Guards.

Bounty Hunters with badges and guns and itchy trigger fingers. "Bounty Hunters huh? Glad to see your doing your duty protecting the weak and you captured yourself a Zealot." Jeremiah pointed at their prisoner. "Yeah aint he a beauty. Gone get a huge reward once we turn him in if Remo still standing." Captain Shell words trailed off.

"Well look here we are in need of food and shelter for a few nights we got wounded and could use a neighborly hand." Said a lean woman Guard. "Oh you have wounded why aint you say so we have a doc of sorts back in camp come with us." Jermiah turned his back and headed toward camp. Might as well take the Guards with to the camp a few extra guns to protect the camp wouldn't hurt. The Guards followed arms ready to strike back in case it was a trap.

April was spending her time hooking up the small raido to a power cell. "Thing will be charged by morning, and we might get to see what them politicians doing about this." April said as a loud cheer rang threw the cramp basement. Then a knock followed by two quick rasp and a loud kick at the door. Terrie opened the door as Winston gave an all clear. The crowd came out and cheered at the sight of Guards in there blue and black with gold trim uniforms.

Having the Guard back in the city ment the rebuilding wont be far off now. Some of the Guards took bows and basked in the praise from the group of scraggly survivors.

"Where is Doc?" Asked Jeremiah then a old lady stepped out of the crowd. "Here I be, here I be." Doc was a kindly old black lady with a permit look of deep thought on her face.

"Who needs me huh?" Jeremiah introduce Doc to the Guards. "These Guards need you Doc some citizens are hurt and weak." The lady Guard spoke "and this scum bag needs some attention too." She threw the Zelot into the ground face first. The crowd took a step back and gasped. Terrie asked Jeremiah "Whats that doing here!" Most of the survivors havent seen a sunkin up close in there life but they knew the uniform well enough from there own evaluation period.

Jeremiah proudly said "Its there prisoner." Some of the survivors began to berate the zealot with cuss words and even throw rocks at him.

Doc yelled out "STOP!" And the crowd immediately simmered down. "Im a doctor not a mystical I cant bring back people from the dead! Whats wrong with you people." She lifted the zealot up and went to work on treating the Zealot while checking for any surgically installed bomb in the Zealot body.

The Guard protested. "There are citizens who need help this cunt can wait." Jeremiah tried to warn the Guard but was to late. Doc simply yelled out "They walked her from Creator knows where and manage to breathe and aren't bleeding out are they?

Then they can wait besides this Zealot might have been made into a human bomb." After the zealot was checked out and declared bomb free and also cleaned up Doc went to work on the citizens. Jeremiah had convinced the Guards to hunt with him to get some food five out of the eight Guards went with. The lady guard lovely legal age teenager wishes to be banged hardcore blowjob Mary asked Terrie "So your Doc is a strange one." Terrie simply laughed "Yeah but she knows best she was the first of us here had a chance to leave the city but said 'the people will need me here.' and here she stayed mending those she could and giving those who she couldn't a smooth ride to the creator." Mary nodded her head "Where did she get all them supplies?" Terrie thought about it and said.

"She had it with her stashed away i guess." Mary looked over the group of survivors. "Hmmm.I see.well she does fine work and seems to keep big cock black stud bangs a blonde people in check." Terrie eyes perked up.

"Oh we all learned its best to keep her calm by doing as were told." Terrie let out a huge laugh the first time she laughed so hard in who knows how long.

Terrie answered Mary's questions so now it was her turn to ask a few questions. "why haven't you sent out a distress signal?

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You say your from Remo right?" Mary nodded her head."We have Remo hasnt answered and we seen planes and jets near the south so we stayed clear off the radio spankbang veronica rodriguez first b g anal p. No need to draw them to us." Seemed reasonable enough Terrie thought. "Where you find the Zelot?" Terrie asked Mary "In the south about 70 miles from remo but we didnt find him he found us took out Jip and Solus." Mary had a distant look the same look Terrie gets when she thinks of Max."Jip and Solus were good men and great Guards.

Once that animal cut them down with a his bladed arms. We shot him in the helmet knocked him out for a second and we pounded on him with our rifles. The zelot was out cold we chained him up and went on the radio no reply from base.

We didn't even know where he came from just jumped out from the thicket of the wild." Terrie was surprised that a zealot was so far in deep into union territory and on foot at that.

She remembered a story about mutants hunting and killing Sunkin that they find and thats why there isn't any Sunkin bases near the union boundaries. "Well were you find your group of.survivors?" Mary looked at the group of small group of survivors.

"About two days after we were marching back toward Remo with the Sunkin prisoner. Most were wondering the wilds trying to get here. Half starved half dead as Guards we couldn't turn them away to be prey to wild beast or worse to be found by slave traders and bandits we promised them protection as far as the city then there on there own." Terrie got a disappointed look on her face.

"Your not staying then?" Terrie asked not a bit surprised. "We've a job to do war or no war there are criminals to catch three lug heads deserters from a tank battalion. Once we get in clear airs we will radio Remo and send guards here untill the rebuilders get here." Mary said unsure if the rebuilders would even show up. At dusk the group of Guards and some men from the camp came back with a wild bush bore.The camp was glad the hunters came back safe but was overjoyed when they saw there prize.

The camp gutted and started to cook up the bush boar the camp was feeling in better spirits with full bellies. One of the Guards named Gruff look at April and made his way to her. "Hey.April right?" April look surprised at first but then his face started to look familiar.

"Yeah i am your Gruff right from evaluation?" Gruff smiled "Yeah you remeber me?" Gruff said slightly glad he wasnt the most attractive man but he made a name for himself back in evaluation. "Yeah I remeber you're the only student to out power the trainers." April remeber the way Gruff just dominated the trainers back in evaluation during combat training and that action made him one of the top students in that evaluation period. "I'm surprised you made it into the guards i thought you had your pick of work stations to be placed." "I picked to be a City Guard to protect people but they stuck me as a Jailer Guard." Gruff looked at the ground.

"Oh.i see you dont like the jailers huh?" April said with a mouth full of boar meat."A Guard is ment to protect and serve the community not shoot and kill then get payed for dragging some corpse into the station." Gruff said bitterly. "Some times its best kill before they kill you." April said remembering the words of her self defence trainer. "We spend our time hunting and ambushing people.

That isn't self preservation its murder." Gruff never liked the idea of killing a human unless its to protect another or himself. Its one of the reasons he didn't join the Armed Forces. "Who you hunting now?" April asked while finally becoming aware that she was speaking with her mouth full. So she covered her mouth from view with her hand."Now well we are looking for three deserters from a tank battalion." Said Gruff.

April thought maybe them idiots from the Guard starion were them "Three rather stupid and big as a tree trunks with huge guns?"Gruff thought for a second " seen them?" April didn't want to send Gruff and the other Guards off in a chase if it wasn't the guys there were after."Not sure adorable chick with nice gazoo gets banged i seen a few fools in the Guard station earlier this afternoon." Gruff knew it was a long shot but they knew they might dubble back after the bombs fell"Captin Shell might want to know about this we hoped they were heading here." Gruff got up and left but turned back "thanks April." April gave him a huge smile and went back to eating her serving of boar.

Captain Shell was a harden Veteran Guard and kept an eye on the Zealot while the rest of the Guards mingled with the surviors. The Zealot was starving but he knew the Union dog wouldn't offer a scrap,but he would never beg for food.Just then Captain Shell barks at the Zealot prisoner.

"Hey want some food?" Captain Shell then went to throw the fat at the Zealot face.As the fat slid down the face of the zealot he used his tounge to catch the boar fat and chewed it up glaring at the Guard. Then Gruff came near the Captain and zealot "Hey captain Shell?" Gruff asked nervously. "What is it Gruff?" Captin Shell spoke in a harsh tone. "Got intell saying them three deserters are inside city limits from the camp." Captin Shell knew survivors loved to spin long winded tails of how they survived most of it bull shit."Is it reliable or not." Gruff swallowed hard.

"Its from April a Tech. Gear from my days in evaluation. Sir." Growing a little annoyed Captin Shell asked again "Is she reliable?"Gruff confidently said "If she says she found them I believe her Sir." Captin Shell knew they would dubble back toward Romo to scavenge for supplies. "Ok tell her she coming with us we'll leave a few Guards behind to protect the camp and keep this one in check." Pointing towards the Zelot.

"We leave in sun up Gruff." Gruff agreed and went to tell April that the Captin wanted her to show them around and hopes she agrees to come with. April agreed knowing its her duty to help. Aprils dad had gave her his 9mm and asked her once things get hairy let the Guards do there job. She knew how to keep herself alive but wasn't to keen on getting in a shoot with them idiots and the Guards.After about a thirty minute walk they came near the Guard station. "Thats where I last saw them and the mutants." April whispered to the Captain."Them corpses over there must be the mutants but i dont see any dead deserters." Captain shell whispered back."I'm sure they was covered in blood last i saw them." April said.

"Well maybe there still in the building what do you remeber about the layout?" Asked Captin Shell."Well most of it was blown out and crumbling i snuck in useing that vent jutting out the building." April said as she pointed to the vents."Can't use that our rifles wont fit.

You done well now stay back if you hear shooting stay down untill it stops if we fall.tell mary to keep the prisoner and go back to Remo with the rest of the Guards.April shook her head and stayed hidden behind some debris across the street from the station. The Guards marched in and hoped to sneak up on them.

Captain shell lead his men in and soon saw a rather large body slumped up on the wall. One of the guards nudged it and saw what appeared to be a muant bruiser. The Guards were now on edge not only do they have these well armed men to find but enraged muants to contend with.

As the Guards kept moving into the station they passed what seemed like a mess hall and then a few more dead mutants.Once clear of the mess hall they went petite babe and a massive cock pleasure photorama the hall and found there prize. The desserters were locked up in the only standing cell.

"Hey here over here help us out huh?" Clive yelled out startling Mitch and Butcher. "We was attacked by muants left us here to starve." The Guards were relieved messing with mutants bruisers was an ordeal they didnt want to go into. Once Butcher saw the bright blue and black uniforms he knew the jig was up. "Fuck its the Guard." Butcher mumbled.

"As if things couldnt get worse." Clive then poked Mitch "Look Mitch helps here you dont need to die now." Mitch was balled up in the corner."Shut up idiot there the Guard we as good as dead." Butcher yelled back at Clive.

"Oh.the Guard."Clives words trailed off. "Well seems like you boys been in quite a fight. Where is your weapons you stole off the base?" Captin Shell said with a smug look on his face. "The muants left them in that locker." Butcher replied back at the Guards. "Gruff check the locker see if theres any keys to open this cell men." Captain Shell ordered his men to delicious veronica hart candida royalle desiree cousteau jane kelton nicole scent a near by pile of rubble.

After a few minutes of searching the keys seemed no where to be found.

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"Greate seems like were stuck here boys." Butcher said with a small chuckle."Get the girl she might have a way to let this scum public guy come my home Captain Shell stated as Gruff handed over the deserters weapons.

Gruff dashed to go find April and told her the situation. "Ok well I for one am surprised the muants didn't eat them." April went following Gruff towards the cells. Once they both made it back to the cell April looked at the lock and laughed to herself.

Pulling out her electro-stave and with a bolt of electricity the cells doors slide back the Guards take the men and cuff them. Butcher knew a struggle with Guards was a death sentence so he told his men to surrender before they stepped out the cell to be cuffed. "Please you need to help Mitch he is hurt in a bad way." Clive pleaded to the Guards.

Captain shell looked over the man and saw his chest was slashed open with a nasty festering wound. "Its easier if the body can walk on its own then carrying dead weight back to Remo." Captain shell said.

"Does your Doc have anything that can help this deserter?" April looked at the wound and nearly threw up just from the nauseating stank seeping from the wound. "Maybe but we have to be quick I can run ahead and help her get ready." Clive then said "I'll carry Mitch." Gruff told April "Go on then April shoot twice if you run into anything and well make our way to you as fast as we can." April shook her head and took off out of the Guard station.

April came running back into the camp hollering for Doc. As Doc came towards April she asked"whats a matter child"Breathlessly April said "wounded.cut.infected.mutants." Doc was a smart enough woman and knew what April was trying to say. "Right.right lets get the needed medicine then. Send them to the shelter i will need a few people to help and hot water." A few of the survivors went off to help and others built a fire to boil some water and stared tearing up the cloth they had gathered during scavenging inside the city to make rags to help clean the wounds.

Mary walked over and asked April. "How many wounded and where are they were coming from?" April who was sipping some water from her mothers canteen answered. " of the deserters. There coming from that direction." April pointed west. Mary told the Guards to stay back and she will go and slutty schoolgirls mi ha doan emily willis alice echo and jennifer jacobs the Guards half way.