Hillary scott takes it all the way anal

Hillary scott takes it all the way anal
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Just when Hot mom san xxx vdo thought I was too old for more wild sexual experiences, I am only 36 by the way, Thanksgiving weekend allowed me to revisit a past experience.

I was hosting Thanksgiving this year so my brother and his 25 year old wife along with our parents were all at my house. They were all staying through Sunday so they could play with my new daughter who had just been born last September.

On Saturday night everyone was getting packed and ready for Sunday.

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At the end of the night when the kids were in bed the drinks came out. I could not drink since I was still nursing but I was having fun anyway. My parents went to bed shortly after the kids and my husband, brother, and his wife stayed up a bit longer. My brother and I decided to dip in the hot tub since it was a fairly nice night. My husband didn't feel like it so he stayed inside and my brother's wife elected to stay inside also.

We changed clothes to get into the hot tub.

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I wore my black one piece, the only one I had that held in my milk bloated tits while holding in what was left of my baby pooch tummy. My brother looked as good as ever in his swim trunks and he had obviously kept himself active. He brought his drink to the tub with him and zoe parkers tight pussy fucked like a spreadeagle soaked, talked, and laughed.

It was during this conversation that he told me he was having troubles in his marriage. This surprised me; his wife is beautiful, 5'6 platinum blond, blue eyes, firm 34B chest and all of an athletic 130 lbs with a sweet personality to boot. Turns out she wants kids and he has a low sperm count. After that the mood got more serious, though we eventually got back around to talking about the night in college when we slept together.

While a little awkward at first the memories allowed us to relax and open up. We both said it was fantastic sex that night, in part because it was wrong. We both also admitted that we sometimes wished it could happen again. At the same time we both came to the same conclusion, why couldn't it? The fact we were both married on top of it being incest would be a good reason, but we were both in the mind to ignore that.

He leaned over and kissed my lips. The shock of being naughty was electric and I felt it shoot through my groin.

The last time I was drunk when I did this, this time I was sober and it felt better. I kissed him back and placed my hand on his crotch, I could feel him getting hard inside his shorts. He reached up and cupped my breast as he continued to kiss me. I leaned back slightly as he was half on top of me. He slid the strap of my suit off my right shoulder and exposed my right breast.

This was a bold step since we were outside and our spouses could come out at any time. He kissed down my neck and started sucking on my swollen nipple. My nipples had always been sensitive and since I was nursing they were more so. While I was being sucked I could feel my pussy getting wetter. I reached into his shorts and began stroking his cock, loving the feel of his hardness. He pushed my swimsuit to the side as he began to run my clit. I was trying, only half successfully, to keep my moans quiet.

He used his other hand to pull the other strap off my shoulder so that both tits were exposed. I was pulling his swim trunks off.

We kissed and groped like this for what masked cutie rides on a throbbing schlong like an eternity, always with the exciting fear of getting caught. My brother moved between my legs, and with my swimsuit still pushed to the side I guided him into my waiting pussy. Now with everything I had done sexually I had never tried sex in the water. It doesn't work without an oil based lubricant.

When he tried to thrust into me the water had washed away my lubrication so my pussy was dry. After one painful thrust we stopped that. Realizing what the problems were we both decided to continue this outside the tub. I sat on the side of the tub and spread my legs. He leaned in and started licking my pussy getting me lubed again and letting me recover from the first painful insertion. He was really enjoying eating my shaved pussy, and I loved it too! I had to bite my hand to keep from vocalizing my orgasm.

I turned over so I was bent over the side of the tub with my ass out of the water.

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My brother stood behind me and slid his cock into my now wet pussy. Felt much better that time. Our thoughts were not on getting caught at that time, but on getting off with each other. I groaned lightly as he started thrusting into me faster. I again found myself biting my hand to keep from screaming my orgasm out.

With a couple of grunts he came in me. I loved the feeling of his shooting his load deep inside me, I came one last time before he was done and pulled out. I straightened out my swimsuit and put my tits away while he found his shorts and put them back on. His cum was starting to leak from me and I was hoping it wouldn't show on my black suit. We went back to the house but stopped short of going in. Through the glass patio door we saw something that had had simultaneously cheering and groaning.

His wife and my husband were half naked on the living room floor. She was on her back with her legs spread and my husband was on top fucking her. My brother and I did not have any room to be judgmental, and while it was a turn on to see my husband fucking someone else I did have a tinge of jealousy due to how young and beautiful she was. My brother and I waited out of site and watched them finish. I'm sure my brother noticed but didn't say anything when my husband came inside my sister-in-law's pussy.

We waited a couple minutes after they were dressed again before coming in. Pretending we didn't see anything we took our respective spouses to bed. My husband wasn't in the mood to have sex with his wife that night, but it was OK I understood why. Now maybe I will be able to talk him into a three some!