Kendra lust anal in gym

Kendra lust anal in gym
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Chapter 7: About a week later, Lindsey came by. Her mother had caught a flight to the east coast for work, and her father was going to stay the night in San Francisco, Lindsey suspected he was with a girlfriend.

It was a Saturday night and Sean was home. I never told Sean what went on between Lindsey and I, but he seemed to know. When she showed up Sean answered the door, rather than assume she was there to talk about orchestra, he walked her out to the shop. I had just got the car back from media blast and was laying down the last of the epoxy primer, so I was head to toe in a painting suit that probably wasn't the most attractive look for me.

At least that's what Lindsey had said. I opened up the garage doors to air it out. And got out of my cover all's. "Aw, I thought you would be naked under thoes!" Lindsey said as I stepped out of them. I looked and Sean had just went inside!

I suggested that we keep the flirty talk down while Sean was around. Sean peeked his head out the back door. "Dad, can I go to Jakes for the night?" He asked. "Yes, but I want to talk to you before you go." I answered. Lindsey waited out by my shop and I went in. "Sean, do me a favor, don't say anything about Lindsey coming over.

I don't want people to get the wrong idea xxx katrina kaif story free my niece suck my cock Lindsey, she's a good kid and people tend to talk about stuff they have no business talking about." "I know dad, it's none of my business as far as I'm concerned. And if anyone asked I wouldn't say a word." He said. I thanked him. "I'm not going to have to call her mom?

am I?" He joked! I gave him a punch on the arm and told him to get lost! We chuckled! After Sean left, me and Lindsey decided we would go out to a nice dinner somewhere. We had to go out of town where nobody would recognize us. She picked a steak house that was about a mile from Stanford.

It was a good forty minute drive, but would give us a chance to be alone with nobody to bother us. Lindsey went home to get ready, and I got cleaned up. I calledand was able to get a table, but not till later in the evening. It was a bit late, but what the hell. I arrived at her house at about seven. I went to her door and rang the bell. She called to the intercom. "The key is under the mat. Come in and I'll be down in a minute." She said. I came in and sat down.

This was a nice place so I put on my best suit and tie.

Lindsey came down I nearly died! I have never seen her look so beautiful! She always dressed nice, and even wore that beautiful black dress on her birthday.

But this was senior prom or red carpet level of dress! She was made up like I have never seen! Hair up in a very sophisticated fashion. High heels, her dress was green and sparkling, went down just past her knees. And she wore nylons with the black yes that curvy latina ass is real that ran up the back! She came down and did a one eighty. "What do you think?" She asked. I was speechless, my jaw dropped wide open!

"I hoped you would say that!" She giggled! She pulled up her dress slightly to reveal her garter. Her stockings were thigh high, something that has always turned me on! I let her drive the chevelle, She was intimidated at first, and had a hard time with the clutch, but she got the hang of it. I couldn't take my eyes off of her! She was so out of my league it was stunning! By the time we arrived, we had about twenty minutes before our reservation.

So we sat at the bar. She looked old enough to drink, the bartender was ready to serve her what ever she wanted. But she only ordered a coke. I ordered a beer.

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We sat and talked about her future. Her parents have gave in already and she was going to Stanford. That meant she would only be at the most a forty five minute drive away. We sat down for dinner and had a wonderful conversation about the Bay Area, and all the things she wants to see here. One thing she brought up was, she always wanted to have a fire on the beach in the moon light and make love to the sound of waves crashing! That thought had my mind swimming! After dinner I drove, she had fell asleep on the way home.

She woke when I entered her driveway. She reached in her purse and clicked the garage door remote. "Pull in here, stay a bit." She said. I pulled in the garage and shut the car off. She slid over to me and kissed me. She whispered. "Come up stairs. I want to show you something." I was still conflicted.

It didn't take a genius to figure bigboob anal toying and masturbate with finger what she had in mind.

But there was that part horny mia smiles sucks cock in school me that still wasn't ok with this relationship. That part that made me feel like I was being selfish and taking advantage of a school girls crush.

We got out of the car and Lindsey led me by the hand up stairs to her bedroom. She closed and locked the door behind her. She rushed over and began to remove my tie and shirt. I had convinced myself on the way up the stairs that I was going to have to put a stop to this. But the second our lips met, that evaporated. She kissed me hard and deep, she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down before I could process what had happened. Squeezing my cock and jerking it, she pulled back and with a grin, dropped to her knees, pushed me back on her bed and took me deep in her mouth!

I don't know if it was her just being eager to please, or she really enjoyed sucking cock, but there was no stopping her! She definitely had been watching porn for reference! She worked me up and down and even stroked me with my balls in her mouth! She was fixated in blowing me when I just had to taste her!

I picked her up, kissed her passionately, got up, turned her around, and bent her over her bed! Lifting her skirt to find her little black lace panties were soaked! She had them slipped over her garter and I was able to remove them and leave her heels and garter in place!

I dove face first into her ass! She tasted incredible! I licked and sucked her labea and clit. I even began to rim her, this drove her wild!

It didn't take long and I had her cumming hard. I made her cum till she finally begged to be fucked! With her on her knees on her bed, I parted her red swollen little lips with my cock. She was still very tight. I bent as I pushed in! I was in, and she shook with an intense orgasm!

She was soaking wet and it made penatration much easier in her tight hole. I fucked her deep and slow. Lindsey would cum over and over. I picked up my speed, with one hand on her hip, the other I reached and grabbed her hair!

She answered by screaming, "oh god yes!" Now I was working up to a frantic pace! Lindsey had collapsed onto the bed and I was driving down into her, slamming into her g spot! She was just screaming, "oh god!" Over and over! I began to slow to catch my breath.

I couldn't help my self, I pulled out and gave her a serious rim job! She reached back and pushed back on my face as my tongue went up her tiny asshole!

I got up and slammed back into her waiting cunt! I drove alex d whips out his fat racket and lets the teen girls suck and lick his shaft and fast and soon as she was about to cum I took my thumb, and slightly penetrated her little pink butt hole!

She came so hard she squirted! Biting and screaming into her pillow and clawing at her sheets, this one lasted a long time! Soon as she relaxed I let my thumb slip out and pulled out for a breather!

She lay on her stomach panting heavily, and I unzipped her dress. She got up, very weak in the knees and let me pull the dress off. Her knees were buckling, and she was out of breath. Standing in front of me with thigh high stockings and high heels and a lacy bra, looking up at me with a completely lust filled look, I pulled her in and kissed her as I laid her back on the bed.

She lifted her legs up on my shoulders and with her hand guided me to her soaked cunt. I pushed in slowly, at this angle I seemed to bottom out. So I kept my strokes short. As I fucked her she pulled me down to kiss, whispering over and over, "I love you, I love you." "I love you too" I replied. We had fucked close to two hours! It was all I could do to keep from cumming several times now. But all that build up was coming to an explosive end! My pace quickened and my strokes became deeper, I could see a look of discomfort on her face as I went deeper.

I pulled back a bit, but she shook her head no, "Don't stop! I want all of it!

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Cum in me! Cum in me please!" She pleaded! Hearing her say that sent me over the edge! In a matter of seconds I emptied my balls into her to the point I was gushing out of her. I have never came so hard! Or so much! She came with me, not as intense as before but I think she was spent! I got up and got dressed, Lindsey had fell asleep. She woke as I was putting my shoes on. "Please stay with me." She pleaded. "I would love nothing more, but I can't bee seen leaving here in the morning.

Your neighbors might say something." I said. "I think the entire neighborhood herd you fucking me!" She joked. I got in my car and went home, I coasted down her street in order to not make any more noise than necessary.