Old john lets soiree you sons of bitches

Old john lets soiree you sons of bitches
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Captain Killerin looked over the report and grunted. The scouts had suffered heavy losses during their reconnaissance of the star system and all reports indicated that freemen settlements were well defended. "I guess we know where the rebels disappeared to," he said, turning off his viewer.

Lieutenant Commander Vickers nodded in agreement. He had been assigned to debrief the returning pilots and report directly to the captain.

"And they do not appear to be the lovely big butt busty blonde katerina hartlova pornstars and hardcore tag bunch we were led to believe fled controlled space after the rebellion was defeated." "We don't need another front to contend with while we have the Mondagi to face," Killerin said.

He scratched at his salt and pepper goatee and gazed out into space. "We don't even know their strength, our forward scouting group failed to report. We must assume they are lost." Vickers let his eyes follow the captain but stayed at ease. "Suggestions?" "The freemen could be a valuable ally," Vickers said. "They have knowledge of this sector and, if reports are correct, many of their best commanders are still alive.

They would be a strong barrier against an enemy attack from this part of space." "I agree," the captain said. He turned to face the commander, "Free the prisoner and instruct him to relay this message to his superiors.

Give him a transport and any supplies he wants." Vickers saluted, "Aye aye, Captain." Lunk whistled as he stared at the ceiling, arms behind his head. His cell was bare, three walls, bars, a simple cot and a waste recycling unit. He tried to bend the bars but they were stronger than they looked and he had given up.

So he took a much needed nap and relaxed, waiting for something to happen. "Chow time," came a voice from outside the cell. "Food?

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I hope it's not rations, I hate rations." Lunk quipped as he slowly rose from the cot. "I don't cook it, I just deliver it," the guard said dryly. Lunk scooped the food into his mouth with one hand and swallowed. "That it?" The guard shrugged and walked to his desk. He sat down and made an entry in the log, then took a book out of the desk and began to read. "You just going to sit there and read?" Lunk asked. The guard mumbled in reply. "I noticed that most of you military types are very repressed," Lunk said.

He looked over the smaller man as he talked. "Sexually." "Uh huh." "I mean, ever since I ran into you people it's been one great big orgy," he explained.

"You'd think I was the only whore in port." The guard stopped reading and looked quizzically at the big man. "Yeah, first I screwed that pretty little fighter pilot, the one with the pink hair." Lunk licked his lips as if he could still taste her. "Then your doctor and his horny nurse played with the old sausage." Lunk threw his arms behind his head leaned back on his cot.

"Can you blame them? I am a sight, if I do say so myself." The guard leaned forward in his chair, his eye drawn to the big man's groin. "Lunk smiled slightly, seeing his plan starting to take hold. He pulled his pants down and held his penis out, looking at it proudly.

"Have you ever seen such a thing?" "I'm not a. I mean, I don't," the guard stammered. "Nothing to be ashamed of, private," Lunk said. "I know how it gets out in deep space, far brooke summers loves lexs monster cock insder her wet pussy from the hot piece of ass you got back home." "Yeah, it does get pretty lonely sometimes," the guard agreed. "And it's not like you can knock one out with a mate.

That's against regulations. It would mean the end of your career, and maybe even the brig. I understand." The guard nodded. He watched as Lunk stroked his shaft, urging his giant pole to grow harder.

"But if you met a willing body someplace, well," Lunk let the last trail off, hoping the guard would put two and two together. "That would be okay, I imagine," the guard said. "Bingo!" Lunk smiled. "What's your name, son?" "Rick," the young man said as he came around his desk. He adjusted his trousers and stood just out of arm's reach of the cell bars.

"Do you want to touch it, Rick?" Lunk asked, coming to his feet. "Um," Rick stammered. Lunk stood up and put his large rod through the cell bars, offering it to the smaller man, "Go on, I don't mind." Rick moved his hand toward the giant penis and hesitated. "Please?" Lunk smiled. Rick placed his hand on the head of Lunk's cock, then began to stroke it slowly. "Oh, that feels good," Lunk moaned, a little too enthusiastically, he thought.

"Put it in your mouth, Rick.

I could really use a good blow right now." Rick grabbed hold of the cell bars as he dropped to his knees and began to suck on the giant cock. He ran his tongue up and down the red shaft, tasting Lunk's skin. Lunk's fake smile disappeared as the guard continued to suck his dick.

He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up as the young man proved honey vs chante tube porn give good head. "I really like that," Lunk moaned. "You're driving me crazy, Rick." "So big!" Rick exclaimed. "How did you get so big?" "I bet your cock is nice and big about now, isn't it?" Lunk asked. He licked his lips as his eyes followed the curve of the other man's backside. "Oh yeah," Rick answered.

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Lunk pulled his cock out of the other man's mouth and stepped back into the cell. "What are you doing?" Rick asked, surprised.

Lunk stroked his cock and said, "You want it? I know you do. Come in and fuck me." He was betting the young guard was so filled with excitement that he would do anything to satisfy the urge.

"Come in and give it to me," Lunk teased. Rick stood up and took his clothes off, stroking his own dick. He was much smaller than Lunk but still possessed a larger than average sized penis. Rick quickly unlocked the cell door, stepped inside, and then threw the keys behind him in one smooth motion.

That had surprised the big man but his reaction was muffled as he was once again on the receiving end of the guard's talented tongue. "I want your ass, kid," Lunk said, raising the smaller man off the ground and turning him around. He put his hands on the man's hips and warned, "This will only hurt for a second or two." Rick cried out as Lunk pushed the full length of his giant shaft into his asshole. The sweat began pouring into his eyes, which were clenched shut as the burning sensation made his body tense.

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"Relax," Lunk said softly. "You're going to love it." The sound of slapping flesh seemed to thunder loudly in the cell as Lunk pumped his giant cock into the guard's tight ass, hammering him at a steady, merciless pace.

Lunk reaches a large hand around the guard's waist and began to stroke his dick in sync, causing the guard's anus to tighten even more. Rick moaned with pleasure. He hadn't said anything more than "yes" after he had taken the large rod up his ass, but all he could do was mumble, moan, and drool.

Lunk felt the young man tense as he worked his cock harder. He could feel the stream of cum move up his shaft as it shot out of his red cock and sprayed across the cell floor. Rick nearly collapsed but Lunk held onto him, the further tightening of his asshole driving Lunk to climax. He shot his massive load into the man's ass, the clapping of his balls on the guard's cum drenched legs even louder that before. Rick slumped to the ground as he was released, his body motionless brazzers couple and the ex makes three overcome with exhaustion.

Lunk shrugged. "Not bad, not bad at all." The giant man rose to his feet and grabbed his pants.

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He found the keys to the cell and was about to try to sweep them closer with his pants when he heard the door the cells open. He stood back and hurriedly put his pants on. He recognized the man before him from his arrival on the starship. It was Lieutenant Commander Vickers. The commander stood there silently for a moment, looking at the guard resting on the cell floor, then at the giant prisoner. "I have been ordered to release you and instruct you to take a message to your superiors," Vickers stated.

Lunk laughed and asked, dryly, "You couldn't have gotten here ten minutes ago?"