Hot brunette fucked in a glory hole

Hot brunette fucked in a glory hole
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I can't be you got me sitting her and for what? Hell I don't know. What u want to sexy teen loses virginity and naughty punished alyssa gets her way with daddys patron me for is running thru my head and got me biting my nails.

Why here in this empty parking lot? Why in this rain storm? Now I'm worried. Time has change back so it is still kinda light outside but it will be dark soon.

U need to hurry up before I leave yo ass. Rain gets heavier and the lightning flashes lighting up the the whole inside of my car. I turn on the radio trying to put my mind on something else as I lay back in my reclined drive seat. I look up and some head lights from a car hit me in the face like I was a deer caught in them. The car parks across from me, headlight go off, door open and up goes and umbrella. Well time must have went into slow motion cuz the walk over was worth watching.

I knew it was u by the walk. Every step u took in those heels made ur legs look like soft rocks. All I can say to myself is "man I would love to take a trip to and between those hills" smh. Stay focus maaan i said to myself as u leaned over to open the door. U sit down, fold the umbrella, threw it in the back and sat back in the already reclined front seat. U look over at me and. Nothing. Not a word.

I sat and admired for a second. Watched the water beed off ur legs like raindex on a windshield, ur scent of a freshly watered flower that just bloomed, tight skirt that came down mid thigh, red long sleeve blouse unbutton down to the second button just enough to see ya black bra with small red hearts, and ur hair!!!

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Ur hair was done and u out in this rain? This must be an emergency! So I snap outta ya trance and wait for u to say something. Nothing. Well why r we here? I asked. Again nothing. I gave u that look like what the hell! Still nothing. "Look I'm gonna leave if u don't say something! ANYTHING! NOTHING?!?! I leaned over to start the car u grabbed my arm. Well u need to say something I said kinda pissed off.

U leaned back in ur seat, kinda scrunched down, u place the pointed part of ur heels on my dashboard, and slowly spread ur legs slowly like the wings of a beautiful butterfly. I watched ur skirt ride down ur thigh and something rises on me.

So umm I think u forgot something or u took them off in ur car cuz u had no panties on. I can tell u had this planned cuz u r so wet. Wet as if the rain outside was falling only between ur thighs. U took ur fingers, slowly slid them inside until they disappeared and u slowly pulled them out. U took ur fingers and traced my lips with them like chapstick to chapped lips. i then licked my lips.

That's when I knew what we was doing here.

In the rain, right now in this car. My eyes got big like a kid that opened a big present on Christmas. I looked around as if we was doing an illegal transaction. Making sure that no one was coming. Rain was so heavy I couldn't see nothing.

I felt my horns growing cuz I'm feeling kinda mannish! Fuck it! So I leaned over and put my lips agains urs. No not the ones that r speechless but the ones that's causing the mess. I drink from this watering hole like a thirsty sprinter after practice. The quiet storm intro comes on over the radio. Prefect timing. The sun has set. The only thing that gives mature slut has fun at the gloryhole light the lightning flashes and the soft glow of the radio.

Ur body language is loud but I want u to say something. Ur man in the boat is fighting with my tongue like the captain fighting to catch Moby Dick.

At this point my tongue is swimming in and out of u like a whale. Say something! I wipe my mouth and sit back. My goal is to hear from u. I looked over and u have this grin on ya face. U leaned Over, bit me on the ear and straddle me. Wait. we can't do this here or can we in this empty parking lot in this heavy rain storm. Hmmmmmm. Seems like u don't give a damn cuz u lean over to kiss me as u grind again my friend that wants to me u. As I lean in to kiss u, u pull away. Grinning u lean back against the steering wheel, pushing me back in my reclined seat, placing one thigh on each shoulder forming a muzzle around face.

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Turning ur inner thighs into my personal buffet. U grab the back of my head forcing me to step up to the plate. I stick my tongue out and I didnt knock I just came on in. U kinky amateur ass spanking tube porn me with open legs and a continuous pelvic thrust throwing it at me like a professional pitcher and my tongue is batting a thousand.

With ur head tilted back, back pressed against my steering wheel, i gotta get u to say something. Mmmmmmmmmm u moaned. That's a start. I pull back, and wiped my face with ur highly raised skirt as if it was my dinner napkin!

I burp! (Lmao I'm just kidding. Thought that was funny! 😜) Ur legs quickly come down to straddle my waist. U reach down to unbuckle my belt and pants.

I grab ya hands. Here? I said. Shhhhhhhh u said with ur finger pressed against my lips. Hell y not? We came this far. I let ya hands go. I grow in ur hand. Yeah he know who u r.

I firmly grab ya hips and raise just enough for me to slide under and in. I didnt need to hear your reaction ur face said it all. Ya eyes roll in the back of ur head like a addict hitting it for the first time. I ruin ya high by forcefully pushing u back against the steering wheel ripping ya blouse opening.

4 no. 5. That's how many buttons I heard Bounce off the window that I broke off ya blouse. I took what was left of the blouse off u. U paused and had a look on ya face. I don't know if u pissed about blouse or turned on cuz u like it a Lil rough. I kinda didnt care cuz I'm turned on cuz I never did this shit before. I grabbed u by the back anal babe gets pounded fetish and ass the neck, slowly pulled u close, and looking u in ur eyes.

I started kissing, lickingand sucking down ya neck to ur chest slowly. As if u was made out of my favorite candy and u was the last of it. Yeah that slow. I'm trying to find out what cruise ur hips r on cuz the boat is swaying back and forth and side to side. The lightning flashing and the rain on the windows is making a reflection against ur skin making u look drinkable.

I unfastened ur bra and slowly raked my hands down ur back. Lets just say if I was blind I could read ur goose bumps like Braille. Ur body is saying a lot. Ur bra slides down ur arms slowly. Exposing ur breast. I take my shirt off throwing it in the back seat.

I then lean in kissing above them, between them and all around but no nipple. I grab them in each hand squeezing them together pushing ur erect nipples out.

I can't resist as u ride me at a pace of a slow pony ride at the county fair. Slow and easy. Easy and slow. I placed my lips around ur areola, then down to ya areola.

Roll my tongue around ur nipple then latched on like a infant that hasn't been fed in a week. They took turns. I suck the Left then the right and back to the left. I see its making u quiver cuz it's a skip in ur stroke.

And ur breathing has gone from a moan to a pant.

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As ur hips went from a slow pony ride to a brisk horse and carriage ride. The lightning must be getting close cuz its flashing more like u was at a photo shoot and I'm the photographer. The rain is so heavy like some one is throwing a hand full of rocks at the car over and over. U got a nigga biting my bottom lip. I grab u by the thighs rubbing my fingers thru the sweat. Caressing from ya thighs to ya hip like I was at a pottery class forming clay.

From the hips to a hand full of ass. O my damn! fuck a brisk horse and carriage ride ur pace jumped to the Kentucky derby and u in first place. U dig ur nails in my chest as u pin me seat. I don't care about the pain just as long as u ride me like that. U got me grunting and waiving the white flag.

It's soooooo wet and sooooo good. Faster, faster, faster I begged. and u delivered like the pony express. U pants went to screams as the end drew near. CLIMAX! Don't stop! Get what's urs. Come on I whispered as I held ur waist firmly. Wow everything is wet. My boxer, chubby babe gags to big black cock pants and I don't care.

Please don't stop. All of a sudden . Knock knock knock. We looked up at the huge flash light beam shinning right in our face. Yeah u guessed it the police. SHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!

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