Lesbian lingerie model fingering wet pussy queening and glamour

Lesbian lingerie model fingering wet pussy queening and glamour
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Even though I knew my hair was a mess and I smelled very bad, I ran forward and embraced my father. The rest of the refugees getting off the bus were in a similar state and like my father, their loved ones didn't care either.

"No luggage?" He asked gently. I shook my head. "The storm didn't leave anything, I was lucky to get to the bus station before it hit. Everything I own is probably scattered over two states." I hadn't wanted to think about the wreckage of my life on the ride here, but now I broke down and cried.

Daddy held me and as I let it all out. I barely remember getting home and taking a shower then climbing into an outfit still left in my room, then into bed.

I woke up and the sun was streaming in through my old bedroom window.

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Baby sister sucking her boss breast milk was just as I had left it, the soiled clothes of yesterday on the floor just making it seem more like high school.

Mom never did get me to use the hamper she bought me. The corner was good enough. I sighed. With my recently rented bungalow now matchsticks and my fancy new job in limbo, thinking of my mother fit right in with my melancholy mood. I had loved my mother, but dying of cancer just before my senior year of high school kinda screwed me up a bit.

I acted out, slept around, but my father set me down and we talked, ranted and screamed. Seems we both had issues with her leaving us, as unfair to mother as that was, but we worked a lot of things out that evening, and our relationship took a turn for the better.

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We became closer than ever. I got back on track scholastically, went to college and found a great new job on the lovely coast of North Carolina. Good move that one.

I stretched and threw the covers off, luxuriating in the warmth of the sunshine coming in through the skylight my room. I looked down at what I had put on last night, a cotton superman tanktop and matching underwear. They had clearly been a set for a boy. I know, because I had stolen them from an old boyfriend.

When I stood, I knew the front always looked a little poochy, because they had been made to hold boy parts, but I always pulled them up high and tight on my hips. I had always felt sexy in them as my big ole titties spilled out the sides. They were a little faded and very soft from lots of washings.

I used to tease daddy with them. I remember seeing him try to hide his erection and for some reason that got me a little horny. However, what I really needed to do was pee, and get something to eat. After hitting the bathroom, I headed down to the kitchen and put some bread in the toaster.

As I waited for it to get ready, I let my hand drift down into my little boy undies. I was stroking my clit ever so lightly when I suddenly felt a hand of the back of my neck press my upper body down on the countertop. "Still teasing me with that goddamn outfit I see." Daddy's voice was harsh, and I could smell that he had been drinking. When had he started drinking I thought as I began to struggle. The hand only pressed down harder, I couldn't get free.

Years of working as a mechanic in his own string to auto repair had left him strong. The front of his body pressed against my back and I could feel his erection pressing into my ass. "Your boobs spilling out of that tank top, your shorts pulled up your ass crack. You hanging on the arm of the snot nosed kid you got these from." His free hand was roaming over my mom sexy russian redhead nymphomaniac love to deepthroat cock. I was scared, but my body liked it.

He pressed himself up against me fully and whispered in my ear. "I saw the two of you, you know. I wasn't stupid." His voice had a funny quality to it. "Saw you giving him a blowjob on the swing out back.

Him eating you out in the backseat of his car in my driveway. But the worst of all? You two fucking on the living room couch." His free hand reached around and headed under the waistband of my underwear. He began fingering me roughly and I was surprised how wet I was. Two fingers entered and he was strumming my clit with his thumb as the fingers moved in and out of me. My ass was dancing against his hardness as my titties were smashed against the kitchen counter.

"I loved you! And you looked so much like her, you still do! I needed to be held, comforted, but you, you selfish bitch, you gave all your love to that PUNK!" He was really frigging me for all he was worth. Suddenly without warning, he let go of my neck, grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me over to the kitchen table. Grabbing me by the throat, he forced my ass up and onto the table as my legs dangled over the side. Keeping his hand on my throat, he walked between my legs.

His ever present dad-boxers were nowhere to be seen and his massive uncut cock stood stiff and proud. He fumbled with the pee hole of my little boy underwear and before I could react, he jammed himself into me. My hands were free, so I slapped him. Hard. He caught my arms and used one hand to pin my arms and used the other to start choking me.

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"Fight me will you, you little bitch? Your mother loved it hard and nasty, and from what I saw of you on the couch with your boyfriend, you're just as much of a pain slut as she was!" He punctuated his words with savage pumps in and out of my sloppy wet pussy. He was right, I was really getting off on this, but I couldn't let him know that.

"Let me go you son of a bitch!" I grated out. "Raping your daughter right on the kitchen table. I ate breakfast here as a schoolgirl. We made that vinegar volcano for the school fair right here.

Right here where you are hate-fucking your daughter." I could see the anger on his face.

I knew from the fights beautiful yoni story nature sexual mom an dad used to have that he never backed down when he got this way. "Go on then, fuck me! But you better watch yourself old man. I might just come all over your fucking cock just to spite you. You want to hurt me? Go ahead, you wouldn't dare." He let go of my arms but not my neck. I pulled the tanktop over my head and released my breasts.

I grabbed onto his other hand and pulled it to my boob. He took it and squeezed till it hurt, but it felt good too. Never once did he stop pumping in and out of me. His hand tightened around my throat and I hooked my legs around his back pulling him harder into me. My fingernails dug into this thick biceps. I could feel myself getting light headed from the choking, but I also knew I was about to cum. I began grunting, as I felt myself tightening around his cock, my daddy's dick.

I ground against his slamming cock for all I was worth, and just as I was about to cum, I spit into his face.

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His hand around my throat tightened and his face locked into a grimace as I could feel him unloading in me. I began to shudder as my orgasm rushed through my body. My nails scratched bloody furrows in his arms. His face retreated in my view as the world dimmed around me.

He didn't stop choking me as he pumped me full of sperm and I felt my bladder let loose. I began to lose consciousness, but I was still cumming at the lovely chick demonstrates sex skills hardcore blowjob time.

Then the roaring in my ears became unbearable as my orgasm peaked and I sank into the darkness. I woke up, and it couldn't have been too long later as daddy was still stiff inside me. His weight was bearing down fully on me, pressing me flat onto the table. I slowly realized he was laying on top of me.

His head was on the table beside mine and he was crying. I reached up and stroked his head as I began to hump against the cock still lodged inside me.

"I love you daddy. Fuck me again."