Ebony ex gf blowjob sucking oral deep throat interracial

Ebony ex gf blowjob sucking oral deep throat interracial
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There I was in the bar minding my own business drinking and watching the game on TV. Another guy was sitting close by and was chatting about things and he seemed pretty interesting. He seemed a little older but was pretty attractive.

For some reason this guy was just easy to talk to and at the time I had closed myself off to making friends for awhile. But we continued to have a good time and before the night was over he gave me his number and invited me over to a cookout he was having later that week.

I usually pretend to say sure and not go but for some reason I was too fascinated. Later on he called me and said that the cookout was off but if I wanted to come over for a few beers and meet his roommate then I could. I thought this was better anyway since I didn't know anyone else. Once I arrived he showed me around the house which was very nicely remodeled by him and I could tell that he did really well for himself.

I was definitely impressed and thought this would be a great friend and a better place to hang than my crappy apartment.

His roommate was a little younger than I was and didn't seem to talk much but that didn't matter. We grilled hot teen kylie quinn gets punished hard chicken and had a few beers and then he showed me his liquor bar. This guy was a great host and kept me intrigued. After dinner he showed me more of the house and when we got to the master bedroom I heard faint noise behind me.

I turned around to see a flat screen on the wall with porn playing very softly. At this point I was pretty tipsy and thought this was hilarious but awkward at the same time. He had a sitting area in his bedroom as we watched and talked. We began to trade a few sex stories and this was when I found out that they were Bi. They asked me had I ever thought about being with a guy and of course alcohol is like truth serum for me so I said yes.

Actually his roommate was gay but my friend was Bi. They both asked what it would take for me to be with a guy but at this point I was so embarrassed and anxious at the same time.

In my mixed emotions of erotica and being scared shitless I couldn't seem to get hard so I didn't want to get involved in anything that meant taking off my clothes. He told his roommate to walk over to me and pull out his cock. I was so drunk at this point that I didn't want to say no nor be rude.

He was rock hard thinking about it as he dropped his pants it sprang into action. This was the black guy and mature amateur xnxx story I had ever been to another man's cock. Without hesitation I grasped it with my cold nervous hands and slid it into my mouth.

It was long but a little thin and curved up. As I caressed the head with my lips and swirled my tongue around the shaft it felt natural to have this big cock in my mouth. From there we moved to the bed as I stripped off my clothes. He sat at the edge with his legs wide open and I got on my knees and went to town. I started licking his balls which were so soft and smooth.

I held his cock up as I licked him all over creating more lube so he could fuck my mouth faster. I wanted to deep throat this thing so badly but every time I tried I would gag and more spit would roll down his dick and balls. I would then go underneath him and slurp it all up and spit it back on his dick so I could down him some more. As much as I was enjoying this I was still very nervous and still wasn't hard. I felt my friend come up behind me and start stroking my dick and rubbing my body.

I did not want to stop but I also wanted to see what else could happen. So I moved onto the bed still sucking him while my friend went down on me trying to get my cock to join the party. I started getting hard but his tongue would tickle and screaming painful french anal rape lesbians away the sensation.

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I was a little upset since I thought he should be better at it especially since I thought I was doing awesome for a straight dude. I will say that I was astonished that he deep throated me which no girl has ever been able to do before.

We then switched so I could suck my friend and the other guy would suck me in a circle on the bed. His dick was a lot thicker and the head was the biggest part of all. I was really enjoying this now and gagged very easily but I loved it and it turned them on even more.

I had no idea how good the skin around the balls felt on my face and sometimes I would just nuzzle my face in there and just lay their cocks on my face.

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Sometimes he would rub my head, shoulders and back trying to be intimate with me but whatever. I hadn't had any attention in a long time. They didn't india is only one of several hot black lesbians try to force me too much but I liked it when sometimes he would press down on my head to go deeper. But most of the time there was no need because I was making myself gag trying so hard to take the whole cock and his balls as well.

After we grew tired of sucking he asked me if I would take one in the ass. Well to be honest I had experimented with that before but only by myself. I thought why not but I was afraid of my friend's dickhead fitting. He went to get some lube as I went back to sucking the other guy. When he came back he flipped me on my back with my legs spread and he took his time pressing the head of his cock in my ass. I knew how to loosen up and push back but it still hurt.

He didn't get very far and I wasn't hard at all. The other guy stood on the bed and I sat up so that he could feed me his cock as I was being fucked in the ass. I tried stroking my own dick at the same time but the pain of his cock filling me up and me trying to suck at the same time was a lot. My friend decided I should get on all fours. That way I could back my ass up on his cock as far as I could take it and be comfortable.

He soothed my hole with his finger lubed and gently put his cock back in.

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The other guy was underneath me sucking my cock and my friend's balls as I was sucking his as well. This was a lot better but still a lot to take.

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I eventually had to quit and I wanted to go back to sucking. My friend went to wash off the lube as I played with his roommate.

After having my friend's cock I didn't like going back to the other. He asked if I was ready to come and I told them that I wanted both their cum in my mouth and all over my face. Since I didn't think that I would want it after I came I decided to make them cum first. I got on my knees as they stood over me jacking off. I then took both of them and forced them into my mouth. Two cocks at once was great and I felt like a real pro.

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I was rubbing their cocks together and spitting on them so they would slide easily. I was gagging so hard that spit was dripping down my chest and onto my own cock. They loved this and tried to hold on to my head and fuck my mouth together.

I was in ecstasy and couldn't wait to taste their cum. I was trying so hard that I reached up to grab his ass and pump as fast as I could. My friend came first and it was perfect because he shot several loads across my face and onto my eye and some in my mouth. I was trying to catch it all and not waste a drop. He then finished by pumping my throat a few times to milk the rest of his cock. His roommate took longer and I tried to suck him off to completion but he grabbed my hair and told me to open up as he jerked off load after load into my mouth with my head back and I couldn't move.

My mouth was so full I tried to move so it would land on my face which I liked. I didn't know what to do so I was helpless.

I couldn't swallow but it was filthy slut jade amber fucks a stranger for money spilling out down my body and around my cock. I had never seen so much cum.

They went crazy when I decided to use all of their cum as lube to stroke my own dick. They both took turns pumping the left over cum out of my mouth as it was all over my eyes so I couldn't see.

All I knew is I was sitting in a pool of cum and it was HOT. I sat their unable to move without making a mess. My friend got me a towel and stood their loving the sight of all their cum glazed over my entire body.

My cock was the largest it had been all night and now it was there turn to taste my cum. I stood above them as they looked like wolves waiting for my meat. I took turns fucking their mouths and had one suck my balls as the other deep throated. It didn't take long before I fed them both my hot spunk all in their mouths and some on their faces. I was kind of glad it was over as they both kissed each other trading my jiz between them.

We cleaned up and went downstairs to listen to music and shoot the shit a little bit more while I sobered up. They told me how great I was at sucking dick and swore I had done it before. I took it as a compliment.

I went home thinking that I was glad this happened but it would probably not happen again. Or so I thought.