Wild west dominant sheriff interrogates defenseless prisoner part

Wild west dominant sheriff interrogates defenseless prisoner part
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Now You Really Are the Head Nurse Written By: Mr. Mongo 4/26/2012 mmffF, humil, non-con, rev, enem, squirt, fist, shave, interr, medical procedures Being the head nurse on third shift had some advantages for thirty four year old nurse Malani Mehta. She did not have too many administrators breathing down her neck and only a few medical interns to baby sit.

Tonight Malani had to run the interns through the paces to show them the ropes. Malani was warned this new group of interns was pretty much the biggest bunch of assholes their medical school has ever graduated.

The third shift is now being used as a gulag for the worst of the worst interns. The interns were getting in trouble for playing humiliating pranks on the doctors, nurses, and worst of all the patients.

Malani and the other third shift nurses were told to keep an eye out for their pranks.

The nurses decided they were going to keep the interns busy so they wont have time to be pulling pranks. Maybe they will pull some pranks on the interns before their shift is over to teach them a lesson. All of the interns that were sent to third shift as punishment were doing their best to repent for the trouble they caused. The interns all admitted their practical joke got out of hand due to a series of unforeseen accidents that sunny leone condom porn sex stories vedidownload to their victims humiliation.

Each one of them promised to do their best to get back on the morning shift. Nurse Malani looked at the interns she was surprised to see an Indian female intern among the wayward interns. Of all people she should have known better. Malani figured that Indian woman's family must not have of raised her right.

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Nurse Malani walked up to the pretty Indian intern to size her up. Malani said to the intern in Hindi so the westerners do not know what she says.

"So what is your name and what part did you have in the practical joke?" "My name is Dr. Jarita Singh, all I did was not tell on the other interns. I swear I did nothing," Dr. Singh said in Hindi. Nurse Malani did not like the smirk that the pretty Indian intern gave her. Not trusting what Dr. Singh told her so Malani asked the other interns what really happened. "So what did you guys do to get this punishment," Nurse Malani asked.

"We knocked out the morning shift head nurse, then we numbed her larynx so she could not talk for three days. She had been screaming at us all day but after what we did to her the head nurse was a little more quiet," an intern said sounding ashamed of what they did. "That's it? You had to do something worse than that," laughed Malani. "Dr. Singh accidentally gave a patient the wrong medicine causing that patient to evacuate his bowels into his pants," laughed an intern.

"Well accidents do happen," Nurse Malani added. "By accident we mean Dr. Singh said, hey watch this before she gave him the wrong medicine," the intern said with a smirk. Anger filled good young gorgeous babe rides old rod mind as nurse Malani glared at the giggling Dr.

Singh. Nurse Malani figures it's time for pretty little Dr. Singh to be taught a lesson. No one should feel pride for making someone defecate in his or her pants in public. Having the other nurses run the interns through their functions on the night shift. Nurse Malani went to the pharmaceutical storage room. She was going to get hold of something the nurses here affectionately call evacuate. This is some nasty stuff it will make a patient empty the complete contents of their bowels almost instantly.

It probably was the same stuff Dr. Singh used on her patient. When the nurses were starting to bring the interns back to the duty station nurse Malani began pouring everyone a cup of coffee.

She made sure to giant dick sucking with hot ashley adams Dr. Singh's cup yellow while everyone else was given a white cup. The interns and nurses drank down their coffee. Doing her best to keep from giggling nurse Malani sipped her coffee and waited for the fireworks to begin in the back of Dr. Singh's pants. Getting out her cell phone nurse Malani wanted to get the whole thing on video.

It did not take long for the pretty Dr. Singh to run up to a waste paper basket with a desperate look on her face. Dr. Singh tried to evacuate her bowels into the waste paper basket but she was too late. The poor doctor began filling the back of her scrubs. The sound was horrific, it sounded like canvas ripping.

Everyone at the nurse's duty station stood there in shock watching their medical college pull down her shit filled scrubs so she could sit on a waste paper basket to finish clearing her bowels.

Dr. Malani sat on the waste paper basket naked from the waste down crying her eyes out. Dr. Singh was unable to get herself to stop making the horribly loud farting sound and shitting in front of her coworkers. Covering her face to hide her shame Dr. Singh knew she was never going to live this down. Some of the nurses ran to go get Dr. Singh a new set of scrubs. A few others brought over a rolling screen so Dr. Singh could clean herself without further humiliation.

While Dr. Singh continued crying behind screen nurse Malani played back the video of Dr. Singh shitting herself in public. The other interns all told nurse Malani they wanted copies for their facebook pages doing their best not to let Dr.

Singh hear them say that or to let her hear them laughing. "Now you know what it feels like to be humiliated by shitting your pants in public! Not so funny now is it," Nurse Malani said to the humiliated Dr. Singh as she tried to clean her amorous rear fucking for demure babe smalltits hardcore end.

"Pay backs are a bitch! You fucking whore," screamed Dr. Singh as she used the last clean part of her scrubs pants to wipe her ass. After getting dressed into new scrubs Dr. Singh promised herself she was going to get revenge against that whore of a head nurse. The other doctor interns came back to tell Dr. Singh not to worry about it. "Come on Jarita, it's not worth getting back at her.

They'll keep you on the third shift forever," a female intern tried to reason with Dr. Singh. "Forget that, I am going to teach that bitch a lesson.

We still have all the pharmaceuticals we used to knock out and mute the first shift head nurse now it's the third shift head nurse's turn! I'm going to humiliate her ten times the amount she did me," Nothing happened the entire night.

The nurses and interns were happy nothing exciting had occurred it gave them enough time to chitchat and play with their Facebook pages. When nurse Malani went to check on some of her patients when Dr. Singh and another intern snuck up behind her. They injected nurse Malani with a powerful sedative as she was knocked out they injected veronica avluv and markus dupree larynx with a local anesthetic that will keep her mute for seventy two hours.

Dr. Singh wrote up a fake medical chart for nurse Malani then placed her in an unused room to hide Malani. Nurse Malani slept away unaware of the humiliation she was going to face in the morning. Having heard about some high school kids coming to the hospital for a tour and a demonstration of some medical procedures Dr. Singh decided nurse Malani would love to serve as a demonstration model for the teenage students.

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All the interns had to do was get the teachers and the parent volunteers away from the students. Two female interns volunteered to take the adults up to see the new born infants and the how they work with the premature babies. When the teachers and parents were separated from the thirty tenth-grade students Dr. Singh took over the tour. The first shift interns gladly gave up control of the school tour to Dr. Singh and her fellow third shift interns. Awaking to the sound of giggling sixteen year olds, nurse Malani could feel the air conditioning on her bare skin.

To her horror Malani could not move her arms or legs the interns injected them with some sort of paralytic. She could barely move her head to look up. Malani could see her feet in some gyno stirrups. A smiling Dr. Singh pulled the blanket down around her belly and away from her breasts. She exposed Malani's breasts and pussy to the students who were making videos with their cell phones.

Pulling down the blanket allowed Malani to see the student's reaction to her humiliation. "Before I start the examination of the patient's vagina we will have to remove her pubic hair.

Nurse Malani has quite a thick thatch of unruly pubic hair that is going to get in the way. But first, who here would like to see how an Indian woman's pubic hair feels like," Dr. Singh said to the student tour.

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Every male student there raised their hands then rushed forward. Dr. Singh made the boys and a surprising number of the girls line up to run their fingers through Malani's thick thatch of black pubic hair.

Malani could feel the goose bumps rise up on her arms and legs. That means she is not completely paralyzed.

Malani will feel every touch. Trying to scream all Malani could do was make squeaks or clicks that were hardly noticeable. The pretty Dr. Singh Propped up Malani's head so she could see all the happiness she brings when she helps demonstrate the medical procedures. Each student would walk up then rub his or her fingers through Malani's pubic hair.

Malani could feel them tugging and fondling her bush some of the braver students separated he pussy lips or rubbed on her clit. "See how her pubic hair feels, it feels just like a white person's hair. Her labia are just as pink as the white females on this fieldtrip too. The only real difference between our two races is skin color and nothing more. If you like, you can feel nurse Malani's entire body to see Indians are feel the same as people of European descent.

Walking around the examination table the students began caressing nurse Malani's caramel colored skin. Malani's goose bumps came back with a vengeance. Seeing Malani's goose bumps big dick for big ass teen jodi taylor the students to laugh as they began rubbing her arms and legs trying to make her goose only twgirls are porn tubx go away. Students began sucking on and play with Malani's dark red fully erect nipples.

This was starting to be too much for the pretty thirty four year old nurse to take, she could feel her pussy getting wetter with each suck or rub. Standing at nurse Malani's spread legs Dr. Singh looked down and saw the wetness growing in nurse Malani's furry pussy. "I would like the students please assemble down here at nurse Malani's vagina. She is starting to show sexual excitement from you guys sucking on her nipples and rubbing her skin. Malani's vagina is excreting the vagina's natural lubrication getting her ready to be penetrated by a man's penis," Dr.

Singh instructed the students as she spread nurse Malani's pussy lips apart so the students could get a better look at her wetness. "What does a pussy feel like when it is wet Dr.

Singh? Can we put our fingers in her," an eager chubby sixteen-year-old male student asked. "Please say vagina and yes you all may stick up to two possibly three fingers in nurse Malani's wet vagina," Dr. Singh said as she stepped aside to let the students finger Malani's pussy. Trying to wiggle her legs shut Malani realized her body has failed her when nothing moves. Malani could feel the students sticking one or two fingers in her, but three of four of the brats tried to get three fingers in Malani's tight pussy.

Malani could see the students rubbing their fingers together feeling the texture of Malani's pussy juices. One asshole of a student slid his finger that was slick with her juices on Malani's upper lip right under het nose as the students' videotaped him doing it.

"Okay, that pussy isn't going to shave itself. Who here wants to try their hand at denuding nurse Malani's pubic hair," Dr. Singh said as she held up the electric hair trimmers for a student volunteer to grab.

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Standing in the back of the group was a quiet looking nerdy student. Dr. Singh decided that nerd would make an excellent candidate for Malani's pussy barber. Taking his time the nervous looking nerd ran the trimmers through Malani's thick bush. Dr. Singh would pick up masses of the black hair then put it in a kidney shaped pan.

Once the nerd got Malani's pussy mound reduced to stubble Dr. Singh reached over to lift nurse Malani up so the nerdy student could shave around Malani's asshole. When Malani was completely denuded of public hair Dr. Singh allowed the student to feel Malani's rough pussy stubble.

"Dr, Singh, is your vagina as hairy as nurse Malani's," asked a female student trying to be an smart ass. To shock the little smart ass Dr. Singh pulled down her scrubs and panties to reveal her little black bush. The students cheered when she did it. "Dr. Singh, can I touch your pussy," asked a male student. "You know what, why don't everyone pull down their pants so you can all see how different everyone's pubic hair looks and feels," said a smiling Dr.

Singh. The students began pulling their pants and underwear down then began boobs touch on bus hidden each other's pubic hair. The girls started horny camgirl masturbate dp toys and orgasm masturbation and amateur when the male students started getting erections. "Calm down that is a normal reaction.

I would be insulted if a man touched my vagina and did not get sexually aroused," laughed Dr. Singh. The students began pulling up their pants up so they can go back to seeing the next demonstration on nurse Malani. "Does anyone want to lather shaving cream on nurse Malani's pubic mound so we can remove her stubble. Another student raised his hand then stepped forward with a big grin on his face.

The student began rubbing the shaving cream all over Malani's pussy and near her asshole. Having all the students watching her being humiliated is really starting to get to nurse Malani. The head nurse could not believe she was starting to enjoy this. Malani felt like her body was going to betray her again as she felt the arousal build in her body.

When the student was done shaving nurse Malani he spanked her smooth pubic mound with several loud smacks causing his fellow students to laugh. Reaching into a kidney shaped pan filled with water and ice Dr. Singh pulled out the metal speculum that was soaking in the pan, she was going to use it to open nurse Malani's pussy for further inspection by the students.

When Dr. Singh inserted the freezing cold speculum into Malani's pussy caused the goose bumps to return to her arms and legs. Poor Malani wanted to scream but was not able to all she could do was open her mouth then bug out her eyes.

Looking down at nurse Malani with a smirk on her face Dr. Singh asks her, "Are the speculums warm enough for you nurse Malani?" Nurse Malani gave the giggling Dr. Singh a mean look. It was the only thing she could do thanks to the mild paralytic she was given. Malani could feel the students' hot breath on her thighs and vagina.

Despite the freezing cold speculm jammed into her pussy Malani was starting to get excited again. After all the students got a peek at Malani's plumbing Dr. Singh used her feet to release the locks on the exam table's wheels then begins pushing nurse Malani down the crowded hallway pussy first so everyone could see her wide open pussy.

Dr. Singh stopped for anyone wanting to take a picture or get a quick grope in. "Where are we going," asked as female student as the students followed Dr. Singh and nurse Malani down the hall. "We're going to a room where we use the hose a lot to clean filthy patients. We call it the wet room," said Dr. Singh as she pushed the imobalized humiliated nurse Malani.

Going around the corner they encounter a room that looks like a some kind of therapy room where water is used. Along the wall were hoses and ceramic stalls. Dr. Singh pushed nurse Malani into the largest of the stalls a male intern was waiting there dressed up in surgery scrubs and has a surgical mask on to disguise his face.

"We now will demonstraste how an enema works. First we placed a lubricated hose into nurse Malani's anus. Then we force water into nurse Malani's anus filling it.

When she reaches her limit she will evacuate the fluid from her bowels. This will also cause her to expel all fecal matter. You don't want to miss this.

Wait to see how high the water arc will be. Nurse Malani did her best to hold it in but the pressure was too much for her. With a loud spurt an arc of warm water came sputtering out her asshole followed by her shit shooting out like it was rocket propelled. The students broke out in laughter when they saw that not a one of them saw my frnd hot mom sex stories hardsex long storys enema administerd up close like this.

They were all glad they got it on video. "Another neat thing we want to show you all is how to make a woman ejaculate. Watch as my assistant applys lubricant to fingers. Using only his fingers and a vibrator he will make nurse Malani ejaculate," Dr. Singh said almost like a tv gameshow host. The masked intern slipped his lubricated fingers into nurse Malani's pussy applying pressure to her G-spot while rubbing his fingers back and forth on it.

He uses the vibrator to massage nurse Malani's clit. With all the students watching in awe of the spectacle being played out before them. Nurse Malani thought her pussy was going to explode with an orgasm. Before Malani knew what was happening she felt herself release as she had a convulsive orgasm. Nurse Malani was in shock that her pussy could feel like that.

Never has Malani experienced an orgasm like that before. Her face contorted with the orgasm the only noise she made a high pitch squeeling sound that the students began imitating to mock her. Nurse Malani could not believe her how good that felt. She did not care that the students were mocking her or Dr.

Singh was being an asshole all she could think of was having another orgasm like that. After they got Malani cleaned up they turned the exam table so her pussy was to face the students.

"Any more questions dealing with the vagina," asked Dr. Singh. "How does a baby fit through the opening of a woman's vagina," asked a female student. "The pussy was designed to stretch. Nurse Malani could easy get a fist into her vagina," claimed Dr.

Singh. "Bullshit," yelled a male student. "Ok smartass! Step up and prepare to be made a fool of," Dr. Singh ordered. Stepping up a the male student stood before nurse Malani's pussy.

Dr. Singh pulls out a latex glove to put on his hand. Once he put the glove on his hand the male intern starts putting lubricant on the students fingers and hand. "slide your fingers into nurse Malani's pussy as far as you can get them. Ok, now start to make a fist then push gently until you are up to your wrist. See you have your entire fist in there. Now I need you to move your fist back and forth in her," Dr.

Singh instructed. Malani could not believe she is being fist fucked by a teenager. What she really cannot believe is she is actually enjoying it. "Dr. Singh, we saw how nurse Malani can ejaculate can we see a guy ejactulate," asked a female student. "Well, fair is fair. Are their any male students willing to ejaculate for the tour," asked Dr. Singh. A male student comes forward with a big smile on his face.

He walks past the student still fist fucking nurse Malani then pulls his pants down exposing his erect penis to Dr. Singh. The pretty doctor reaches down grabbing the student by his erection to lead him to nurse Malani's face. Dr. Singh tries to stick the students erection in Malani's mouth but she clinches her jaw shut. Dr. Singh rubs the students cock across Malani's dark lips but she refused open her mouth.

"I can always demonstrate male ejaculation using your anus Malani," Dr.

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Singh threatened. Nurse Malani quickly opened her mouth then began sucking the students cock. The student began to gently moving his cock back and forth in Malani's mouth. It did not take long for the student to pull his cock out to spray Malani's face with his semon. The cum went all over Malani's closed eyes and nose causing the students to laugh at the nurse. Dr. Singh leaned forward then told nurse Malani, "Now you really are the head nurse." Left feeling like a dirty whore nurse Malani could not do anything about it.

If she tried to open her eyes to give Dr. Singh a dirty look she would get that student's cum in her eyes. Malani just had to lie there and take it, all she could do was think about how she was going to get revenge on the pretty Dr.

Singh. Taking the students back to be picked up by their teachers and parent volunteers Dr' Singh asked the students to keep quiet about what they did to nurse Malani because they will all get in serious trouble if got out. The students all agreed ans kept their mouths shut. For two days the interns kept nurse Malani in a hospital room disgused as a patient. When she came two and was able to speak she ran to the hosptial administration to tell on Dr.

Singh. With the threat of a lawsuit against the hospital the administrators where willing to agree to anything to calm down Malani. The adminstration was shocked with what they were told. When they brought Dr. Singh in to question fabiana andrade striper dos sonhos about what she did. Dr. Singh denied nothing, she even volunteered to have the same things done to her on the next high school tour of the hospital.

Nurse Malani loved the sound of that, she even offered to drop her law suit if Dr. Singh was made the permant examination model for all the student fieldtrips. The head adminstrator reminded nurse Malani about her poisoning Dr.

Singh so both women will take turns as the display models for all field trips coming to the hospital. Both women had dirty little smirks on their faces as they came up with new ways to humiliate each other infront of the students on the next tour.