Dirty minded tattooed brunette with perfect rounds ass worships a huge black cock

Dirty minded tattooed brunette with perfect rounds ass worships a huge black cock
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The four girls quickly packed their suitcases and rushed down to the hotel lobby. The vacation from the warm tropical destination was nearing the end. For six days the girls tanned drank and slutted it out. They ranged in age from 18 to 21.

Amy the oldest and sluttiest of the four was railed by eight guys on the bed one night. By the time they were finished she looked like a frosted cake. Cum drenched her.

Her ass and pussy worked over and stretched. She did get ten orgasms from the romp. She was lucky she did not get pregnant or a disease. Pictures floated around somewhere.

The girls all looked good. They wore little shorts with tight tee shirts. They giggled as they jumped on the bus destined for the airport.

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These girls although appearing innocent and sweet were nothing more than little partiers with recreational drug habits. Francine was the worst. She was attempting to smuggle some cocaine out of the country. She had it hidden in her shoe. Only a gram. She was not a professional liar by any means.

She was nervous and giggly. She would be caught. As they approached the airport Amy asked her if she was going to try to get it through security. She told her she was.

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The bag check-in went smoothly. The next step was security. The first three girls easily got through. Francine was getting paranoid and starting to sweat profusely. It was if a sign on her face said smuggler. She looked around nervously. There was a one way large mirror that faced the security check point.

She imagined men behind it looking and talking about all the hot sexy girls that were being processed. They probably jerked off on the glass she thought.

She needed to find the easiest line. She saw it. Two younger looking girls were processing travelers. They smiled and waved her over. Francine made a show of how she walked. Her bumble bee bum wiggled up and down as she strolled over. Smuggling almost turned her on. She was fucked in a mask and without it and horny to get away with it.

The girls asked her a few questions which she answered easily and then was ushered through the check point. As she started walking two more security girls waved her over to the side. They told her they were going to perform a secondary search: just a standard procedure.

Francines guilt gave her away. She started begging and pleading to be let go. She said she was going to miss her flight and that she had nothing illegal on her. Her friends watched as the girls grabbed each arm and dragged her over to a large steel door that led into the one way glass window room.

The door slammed shut as Francine looked over her shoulder at her friends in desperation. Francine ended up in the large cold room with the one way window. She could see out it into the main security area. This was where they watched travelers being processed. Francine could see her friends anxiously waiting and strolling about.

The search was not going to be nice. Two more girls showed up and held Francine as she was being frisked. A girl grabbed each wrist and smashed it above her head against the wall spread widely. Two of the other girls used there feet to kick her legs wide pinning her feet spread. The final girl started an intensive pat down and grope of poor Francine.

Francine thought these girls were probably lesbians. The girls laughed and held her tighter as the search went on. The searching girl was methodical. She started by checking her long brown braided hair. She massaged her scalp and then grabbed a large handful of hair wrenching her head back. She whispered in her ear that if they found anything she would be taught a lesson.

Francine cried out as her head was wrenched back. She knew they meant business. She thought to herself. Should she admit to the drugs in her shoe? After all it was only a little bit.

No she thought. Maybe they would miss it. The search continued. Warm clammy trembling hands snaked up the inside of her tee shirt from her waist. Underneath she wore her favorite yellow tied string bikini.

The hands pulled the strings releasing the bikini from her body. It was pulled from inside her shirt and thrown to the ground. Her little d cup tits were massaged and then squeezed causing Francin to protest. Her nipples were now erect from the attention. The girls all laughed as the search continued. Francine by now started to beg and plead in desperation to be let go. She knew they were getting closer to the drugs. Her friends outside thought teaming up to satisfy a wang momsandteens threesome heard a cry from the room.

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They could not be sure but they looked at the one way glass. They wondered what was happening on the other side. After the searching hands had groped and pulled her top up just below her tits it continued downwards.

Fran wiggled to try and keep the hands from her waist and privates. The hands encircled her waist. They went around to her front. They slowly undid her little leather belt letting it hang open. The buckle jingled. Next came the three buttons that held her tattered and worn jean shorts shut. The hands now warmer and less shaky slid like a snake down her front gently rubbing over her clit and inner thighs through her white lacy panty fabric.

Fran moaned accidentally. The girls laughed. After the frontal search was done a hand reached down her ass crack squeezing both cheeks then doing a solid reach around of her crotch to her pussy.

A finger rubbed her pussy and circled her clit methodically. What kind of search was this Fran thought? The search continued with the girl carefully and slowly massaging her tanned bare legs down to her shoes. Little shoes. Runners. White. Her right leg was jarred up behind her back and her shoe was ripped off. The little pom pom sock flung off.

Nothing. The next foot. The girl found it. A gram of cocaine in her shoe. Francine was spun violently around and pinned to the wall by the girls. She knew she was going away to jail now. Just as the girl was about to smack Francine hard across the face a large male security guard came into the room. He must have been the supervisor. He wore gold braided shoulder epilates on his security uniform.

He told the girls to release Francine and put her in the seat at the table. She was trebling and scared. He yelled at the girls to leave. They scattered like little rabbits and ran from the room. The head security man gave her two choices. He was blunt and to the point. She could either be arrested and german sex porn xxxx mom japan to jail for two months while waiting for a trial or have another alternative.

When she asked fearfully what that was the man grinned. He told her many little party sluts like her try to abuse the security of this country by smuggling. Through his years he continued on he found an alternative to sending cute little girls to jail. At the jails he told her girls like her would get raped daily. Many times. By the guards and other prisoners. They were like little toys. By the time you came out you would be pregnant and have many diseases he advised.

After brother visits sister for bootie call this she started to cry. The large man wiped the tears from her face. He asked if she was ready for the alternate punishment.

She shook her head yes up and down. The man laughed out loud. He told her she was a smart little thing. He got on the phone and told someone on the other end it was time to begin. She knew the room was being taped. Two cameras pointed at the table and window area of the room.

The red lights were on. After two minutes 5 men all dressed in security outfits came into the room. They undressed quickly. The head man told them to hurry. He looked at her Passport and said they only had a half hour before Miss Francine would miss her flight. All the naked men had rock hard large erections. She could see the veins throbbing.

These cocks would destroy her little body. She got up and tried to run for the door. All five foot nothing of her weighing 100 pounds soak and wet with rocks in her pocket was grabbed and then thrown onto the table. She landed on her back with a thud. The wind was temporarily knocked out of her. The 6 men surrounded her. She was easily pinned down by her wrists by one. She was small and defenseless.

She could not fight them. Fran was a small girl. The men liked fucking the shit out of girls like her. These little tarts came on vacations with attitudes. They would break her in. Another guy grabbed her already open shorts and pulled them down her wiggling protesting legs. She squealed and begged like crazy. This made the men even harder and hornier. Her flailing kicks caught one of the males in the cock.

He bent over in pain. He swore and was mad. She had her shirt ripped from her body revealing her firm little titties. They did not bounce in her fight. They were lean and tight.

One man sucked on each one flicking and biting the ever hardening nipples. Her now moist panties were ripped off like paper and thrown to the ground. Her body now naked rested on the cold steel table. She wiggled and tried in vain to escape the impossible but was held firmly down.

The men commented to each other how they would fuck her to death. Fran was screaming not to be fucked. As she mom has gynexam son watching her friends outside could hear dampened screams and protesting. They waited for the outcome. Her ankles were grabbed and she was slid roughly towards the end of the table. At the end was a ten inch throbbing cock ready to inject her tight little pussy with cum.

The first man thrust his cock into her forcing it deep inside her. He was the one she had kicked. He told her she had better be ready for the fuck of her life. In and out he thrust. The end of his cock caused her pain as it jammed deep inside her. The other men gathered around some holding her wrists and others squeezing her tits. One man jerked off on her shorts vigorously. The man bounced and slid her on and off her cock.

She was like a little rag doll. Weak small and defenseless. She just had to take it. Eventually she could see by the sick distorted look on his face he was going to expel his warm potent baby juice inside of her. She tried to pull away but he grasped her waist hard. His large hands encircled her tiny waist completely in a vice grip holding her.

Francine was like a small person being fucked by a giant. He dwarfed her little body. He let out an animalistic grunt and pumped her full. She could feel spurt after spurt of cum juice splashing against her insides. Her legs were weak like jelly. The next male was well over six feet. He picked her cum dripping body up and pushed her face against the one way window. Her feet were not anywhere near the ground. She was suspended.

She felt his large cock head pushing and probing at her tiny asshole. The first guy came in and on her so much it dripped out and assisted in lubing the entry. The large head forced its way into her ass. All twelve inches jammed up her. It felt like he was going to go up into her stomach. In and out like a saw motion. First slow then faster. Her body now sweating from the workout squeaked up and down the window leaving a smudgy wet design.

The man did not take long. After about three minutes he pushed her so hard against the glass she thought it would juans big cock suck deep throat by three young gals way and break. His hips pushed his enormous cock deep inside her causing her to curl her toes from the pressure and pain.

She cried out as he blew it up her ass. A small orgasm came over her at this point. Fifteen minutes left boys said the head security guard. The man dropped her to the ground. She sat there sore and tire on her knees. The third guy had a jerk off fetish only. She was happy with this as it spared her already tired and stretched cunt and throbbing asshole. The third man walked over to her and grabbed a large handful of hair. He reefed her head upwards and made her straighten her back into a good posture while on her knees.

With his rock hard cock he whipped her across her face. Pre cum splattered her. This was the largest cock she had ever seen.

Probably fifteen inches with a 5 inch circumference. Thank god she thought to herself she was not going to get this one. The man put the tip near her mouth. She kept her lips closed. Two hands from behind wrenched her mouth open and allowed the gigantic cock to enter. It was so large and engorged she could not even bite down on it.

It stuffed her mouth and gagged her throat. It was too large to shove far down her throat. She still received a serious face fuck. In and out. The man grabbed her by her hair and forced her face towards him. She choked and could not talk. Only whimpers of protest came out. Eventually he let the mother load go.

It felt like a litre. He plugged her nose and forced her to swallow as much as she could humanly possible. The excess spilled out the sides of her mouth down her face. When he was done he wiped his large shiny dripping cock 2 girl xxx storys sex stories in her hair.

She was a mess. The next two guys without missing a beat picked her up effortlessly and raised her into the air. One in front and one behind. They lowered her onto their cocks. Her ass and pussy felt stuffed.

Up and down they effortlessly bounced her. Their hands working her tits and stomach over. Her washboard abs glistened with sweat. Her tiny and athletic shape helped turn the men on even more. After about five minutes the poor girl had an orgasm. A huge one. As the intensity grew her feeble little moans increased in sound. Her whole body wiggled and tensed up as she came for a good minute.

She exploded. This made the men blow their loads into her immediately after. As they blew their loads they talked dirty to her. They called her every name in the book.

Francine could not answer. She was exhausted. When they were done they threw her onto the table. It was now the bosses turn. He removed the leather belt from her tattered jean shorts and fastened it around her neck tightly. He mounted her and fucked her so hard anal amp snatch are fucked pornstar hardcore thrust made her scream. He pulled the belt tightly choking her.

She couldn't breath. He was torturing her loosening and tightening the belt at will. A squishy wet sound was heard with every thrust as the poor girl was injected with copious quantities of cum. She effortlessly slid along the table as spent cum lubed the metal.

When he blew his load into her he wrenched on the belt making her eyes open widely. He wanted her to look at him as he pumped his baby juice into her. He wanted this little tourist to realize he was the boss here. He got off her. He went over to the cocaine the girls had found. He made a large line on the table. He told her to do it all. Fran reluctantly did the line and got fucked up badly. She forgot most of what had just transpired.

They got her dressed and threw her in a wheelchair. A girl pushed her out to her friends who were waiting anxiously. She couldn't walk or talk right. Busty babe with glasses gets pussy pounded in the cab bigtits bigcock was sore and out of it.

She looked like she had been in a hurricane. Her hair all disheveled and shorts wet. Her legs glistened. A faint red welt was around her neck. Out in the lobby area her friends rushed to her when they saw her. They asked her what happened and she replied in a tired and drug like state don't ever smuggle here unless you are ready for the consequences. With that they boarded the plane. Francine was wet the whole ride home.