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10 minutes later I walked down the stairs, through the doorway and out into the still warm evening air. Paul was swimming some laps (I'm not sure where he gets all of his energy from!) I walked past the pool and into the kitchen. Mom was getting some snack food ready for a lite dinner. "Hey sweetie.good shower?" she asked I saw that she had changed.

She was still wearing the bikini top under a tied up white shirt with a pair of tight jean shorts that looked amazing against her tanned legs.

"Yeah it was nice thanks. Good to get rid of the dirt." I stared at her as she carried on placing snacks on the plate. "You and Paul have a nice chat?" I asked She looked up at me, no betrayal in her face, " was nice to catch up." "Well thanks for making him feel welcome." "Oh honey - he's always welcomed here.always." "You're a good Mom." I saw her blush slightly. She walked around the kitchen island and gave me a hug. I held her close. I made sure I pressed myself up against her.

I wanted to feel her against me.and I did. Her breasts pushed up against my chest and my face was buried in the crook of her neck. I imagined I could smell the sex on her. I had a vision of Paul's cum dribbling out of her pussy and down her thigh. I was instantly hard. I pushed her a little closer in with my strong arms and made sure that my hardness pressed up against her belly. She must have felt something as she let out a little gasp and then quickly pushed back from the hug.

I made no attempt to hide my boner in my light cotton shorts. I'm sure she glanced down on the way back round to the plate of food. "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you letting Paul stay. I love you Mom." "Awwww.I love you to Chrissy." I stood up and walked towards the pool.

My erection was obvious but for some reason I didn't care. It was like a switch had turned on since my hook up with Paul in eating my bbw wifes tight pussy and asshole while she has multiple orgasms mountains. Something inside me was awakening.and I liked it. I sat down on the same sunlounger that Paul had fucked my Mom on. Paul swam up with a shitlicking grin on his face. "So did you see much?" "Pretty much all of it?" I grinned Paul raised his eyebrow, "You've changed your tune." "I don't know what it is man.

Just watching that was amazing. Seeing you fuck like that was incredible. I remember thinking how much I wished it was me. I mean, even talking about it now makes me hard." Paul laughed and lifted himself out of the pool.

He was still naked. "Can you pass me that towel Chris." I reached over and flung him the towel. I was a little disappointed that he wasn't going to stay naked. "So how was it.I mean.with my Mom?" "You sure you want to know?" he inquired.

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"Definitely." He stood there in front of me drying himself off. "It was pretty amazing. I thought she would be a little looser but her pussy was really tight. I was surprised it took me so long to cum.

And when she came.oh my was like every muscle in her body contracted." I sat there listening. He told me about her blow job and how good it was. I watched as his cock hardened as he described the feeling of her breasts, the aroma of her crotch and how she kept telling him to fuck her deeper. I wasn't even trying to hide my excitement.

I was letting every experience he had with her wash over me. I allowed myself to be taken away christy mack amp london keyes threesome fuck his words. "Guys.I've got some food if you want to head to the table." my Mom called out. I was ripped from my fantasy. I struggled to hide my disappointment when he walked over to a chair and put on his shorts. He had just pulled them up when my Mom came out, "You guys coming?" I stifled a smile, "Yeah, on our way." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We sat at the table and ate the snacks that Mom had prepared.

I enjoyed seeing her try to act as if everything was normal. She made every effort to avoid contact with Paul. Although I caught her a couple of times staring wistfully at his muscular torso. "So what are you boys up to tonight?" She asked. "We're heading out to a couple of the clubs to see what is happening." I replied.

"Ooooo.boys out on the town huh?" "Something like that." "Don't worry Mrs Jackson, we'll behave." Paul said. "I don't believe that for a minute Paul." she said as she cleared the dishes away.

"Probably a good time for us to get ready then mate." Paul said getting up. We walked over to my apartment and went our separate ways into the bedrooms.

What happened over the next 40 minutes was quite frankly ridiculous. Gels, creams and sprays. Jeans? Chinos? V-necks? Collared? Buttoned? Unbuttoned? Swish the hair to the left, or right, or spiked.and so it went on. For that 40 minutes we had turned into 17 busty and curvy ebony monique symone takes selfie while sucking dick t old girls going to our first frat party. When I finally emerged Paul was already pouring out some drinks.

"Might as well kick off the night on the right foot." he said offering me a cold beer. "Here's to getting what we can, when we can." I offered as a toast "I'll drink to that." We both necked the beer and slammed the glasses on the counter top.

The night was just getting started. The taxi arrived about 20 minutes later. Mom, who was now wearing a robe ready for her shower wished us well as we headed out the front door. "See you when we get home." Paul yelled as he walked through the door way.

I turned and saw my Suuni leun xxx storys 2019 blush a little. The taxi took us to Dexy's Bar and Grill. We were going to watch the game and grab some bar meals to line our stomachs. 'Going to watch the game' is pretty much code for 'going to see who's out and where it's going off'. The game became secondary once the crowds started to roll in. I introduced Paul to a couple of the people I knew who were on their own missions for the night.

We heard from a couple of folk that a new club had opened last week and it was pretty decent. So we decided to hit a few more bars and then head along to see what was going on. And the drinks flowed. I thought I was in with a cute college girl until her ugly friend dragged her away in a cloud of huffiness. Around 10pm we moved on to Sypher. It was the big 'flashy' club favoured by Z-list celebrities and cougars.

It played great live music though and tonight was no different. One of my favorite local bands was playing. Seek Far. Seek Far (locally known as just The Seek) were a stunning rock band. They play a few covers but also have some great originals. As they started their set they stormed through some covers, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, The Who and the most brilliant cover of the Ghostbusters theme music.

The crowd was up dancing halfway through the first song. A heaving mass of personal space invading exposed nerves. By the 4th or 5th song Paul was involved in a deep kiss with a tall dark haired emo girl seemingly uncaring of the fact that she was dry humping his leg. By the beginning of the second set Paul had just come back from the toilets where he disappeared to with the Emo girl and was letting me know all about the fact that he had just fucked her doggy style and was now trying to keep under the radar as her boyfriend had turned up.

I had had a little success myself. I had bought a drink for a eastern European girl that was here on a scholarship. That had led to some dancing which in turn had led to some kissing which had led to some rather secretive but mutually pleasurable rubbing. I thought things were going to kick on a little but she declined my offer to leave Sypher to head to mine and Paul's favorite late night club, Cage.

Paul asked if I wanted to stay. But I saw that my little bit of European was happily chatting to a group of guys so thought there was no point hanging around.

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The walk to Cage was only a few minutes from Sypher. The streets were full of party people at various stages of drunkeness. The thing I love above all else about living in this city is the diversity of the inhabitants. In the short walk we saw college kids, goth rockers, metal heads, teenyboppers, underagers trying desperately to get into clubs with fake ID's. There were cars with neon lights and powerful speakers pumping out dance music. Motorbikes and pickups revving. Mexican food trucks, Chinese late night outlets, fast food joints, pizza, kebabs and burgers.

There was beer, hip flasks, 40's, shooters and flashing cocktails. We saw guys speeding, girls loved up on MDMA, men in suits with white nostrils. There were buskers and street performers. The down and outs, the up n comings, the almost were's and the what could've beens.

All of this sound and colour bounced around in my alcohol infused brain. Paul and I kept our heads on a swivel at the myriad of beautiful women. Short skirts, tight skirts, loose skirts, baggy jeans, daisy duke shorts, v-necks, button up shirts, bra hidden, bra showing, no bra, fancy dress, hen parties, 40th birthdays, MILF's and teens.

"Cage is going to be off the hook." slurred Paul We high fived. The line to get into Cage wasn't as bad as it usually was.

From lining up to getting in we were girl with glasses loves playing with her snatch masturbate and homemade waiting for about 20 minutes.

Walking in through the doors we felt the energy of the club. Unlike a lot of the new clubs opening which went for glamour and sophistication, Cage went for dim, dark and shadowy.

The dance floor seemed to be one moving organism. A massive black mass moving in pussy hammering with a sweetheart smalltits homemade to some dark gothic trance music. Occasionally a flash of strobe lighting would illuminate the crowd in a huge lustful mural.

Paul and I headed for the bar. The bar at Cage was about the only lit up place in the whole club. We found space and ordered some beers and a couple of whiskey chasers. "So what changed for you man?" I asked Paul. "When did you change you attitudes to sex?" "Woah - open up with the big guns!" Paul laughed.

"You've changed so much - even last year you weren't this.up for it?" "It was about 2 years after you came out here." he began, "I was bouncing around in bit jobs, part time stuff.

One night I had a massive argument with my Mom cause I didn't have any money to help out with the bills and food. She went off at me. It ended with her screaming that she was disappointed that I was her son. I'm pretty thick skinned but that hurt me man." I was shocked to see Paul's eyes watering a little.

"So I had stormed up to my room and was packing a bag when she walked in. She hugged me from behind and told me that she was sorry and that she loved me. I turned around and hugged her back and I swear to God I don't know how it happened but we ended up fucking." "The morning after she told me that it could never happen again and that it was wrong," he laughed, "And then we spent the whole day fucking in bed, the shower, the kitchen, dining room, the was insane." "But apart from that we also talked, I mean really talked.

She told me that I was capable of so much more. She wet shower party skank group sex fingering me know that she believed in me and that if I wanted something I had to take it." "The next day I sent out my resume to 6 or 7 companies, nailed the interviews and had my choice of 3 different positions. I worked my arse off for a few years and now I'm the Central Districts Manager, earning 6 figures and having the best time of my life.

I've got a great girlfriend, an amazing relationship with my Mom and Sister and an outlook on life that means I succeed. If I see something I work out a way to get it. If I don't get it I move on to the next thing." "That Emo girl that I fucked in Sypher was a testament to my attitude. I had tried to talk to 5.maybe 7 girls before her.

They were either polite and told me they weren't interested or straight up rude.water off a ducks back. I've made a decision to not let the attitudes of others bring me down. If I want to fuck a girl and she's keen.I'll fuck her. If I want to fuck a guy.and he wants to.I'll fuck him." "But what about your girlfriend? Doesn't she mind?" He looked at me, "Do you honestly think I would be with someone who minded?

Katie (apparently her name is Katie) was as open as he was." "My Sister introduced us. We got talking and hit it off. I had been seeing her for a couple of weeks when I walked in on her and my Sister making out.

She told me that she didn't really do exclusive but she did want us to be a 'thing'. And it worked. She knows about my relationship with Mom and Sister and is OK with it. It just stella cox and mia malkova really does." I slammed back my whiskey chaser.

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The aged Talisker bit at the back of my throat. "Two days ago this would have blown my mind, " I said, "But now it just seems like the way things are meant to be." He held up his glass of whiskey and I picked up my second.

We clinked glasses and downed the Scottish delicacy. For the next hour we happily went about talking to random people - some receptive, most not. It wasn't just girls. We struck up conversations with some guys - talked about sport, cars, motorbikes. After a while we were both getting a little fidgety. We weren't being predators, but the thought of some female company and perhaps even some action was a nice thought.

We both scanned the room looking for some company. We saw two girls standing babe loves taking big black cock third world media one of the raised platforms to the side of the dance floor. One girl in a tight yellow dress - blonde, nice body, and a African-American girl in a tight black skirt and loose fitting blouse.

Paul turned to me, "Water off a ducks back." We walked over to the platform and waited for a space to open up. From where we were we had a great view of them from behind.

They both had stunning arses. The blonde girl was more solidly built - in an athletic way whereas the dark skinned girl was slimmer. Paul moved in. He immediately struck up a conversation with the blonde girl under the pretense of almost spilling his drink. She seemed cool towards his presence at first - but Paul had a gift when it came to speaking to girls.

Within a few minutes he had her laughing. Seconds after that he motioned for me to come over. Jenna and Caley were interns at a local law firm. They had come out to meet a couple of people from their office but so far they hadn't showed. "Well their loss our gain." Paul offered up in a relaxed way so it didn't sound corny. Jenna and Paul bonded quickly.

Both of them were gym freaks. Jenna was a track cyclist (hence the impressively muscular legs). Their conversation was mainly about physical escapades so myself and Caley drifted away, both rolling our eyes at the quite frankly boring conversation.

Caley spoke first, "Can you believe that two people could talk about exercise routines in the middle of a nightclub?" I had to laugh, "I struggle to talk about exercise even when I'm sitting in front of the TV eating pizza." Thankfully she laughed.

And she looked stunning when she laughed.

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Caley was actually half West Indian, half British. Her Dad was a big shot lawyer who moved to St Lucia in the 80's. He met and married a local woman and 2 years later Caley was born into the world. She was gorgeous. Curvy in all the right places.

Long slim legs and an amazing smile. Her brown skin accentuated her lips and eyes. She told me about her job as a office junior. How she hated it but had to pay the bills as her and Jenna needed to pay the rent somehow. We discussed my job in the film industry and I used a cheesy line on her about her being very photogenic.

As soon as I had said it I knew it sounded bad. We both stopped and stared at each other and burst into hysterics. I decided to see if she was willing to hang around. Paul and I had come up with a theory that if you are with a girl who wants to get to know you she will wait in the same place if you offer to go and buy her a drink.

"Can I get you a drink?" I asked. She looked over to Jenna and Paul who were still talking about dumbells or circuit training or something like that. "I'd like that - but let's go together." she replied. I hopped up and offered her my hand. She took it and then didn't let go when we petra czech busty amateur petra to the bar. "What would you like?" "I think a rum would be nice." "And coke?" She cocked her eyebrow, "Straight with a bit of ice please." I got the barmaid's attention and ordered one for her and one for me.

When the drinks arrived I turned and offered it to her. She took it and sipped a bit of the spicy warmth. "Come dance with me." as she pulled me away from the bar and towards the dance floor. The music was a pounding wall of sound. Deep bass with slinky dirty melodies that snaked around the bodies gyrating to its command. Caley knocked back her rum and placed her glass on one of the tables and moved backwards leder und lack ficken nr2 tube porn the melee.

I watched her as her sexy body casting couch x shamed asian teen fucks for cash with the music. Her short dress barely a quarter of the way down her shapely thighs.

Her hips moved in a sexual way. She beckoned me with a long finger. I shot back my rum and walked to the dance floor. No way was I going to try and bust out some sexy moves on the way over. I reached her and held her around her waist. She stepped into me placing one leg between my legs. She threw her arms around my neck and together we started to move in time to the beat. It was a bit clumsy at first until we settled into a nice groove. She mirrored my movements so our bodies never lost contact while at the same time never uncomfortably bashed into each other.

My hands caressed her back. As we danced I felt her breath against my neck. As the music became a little more intense so did our touching.

She looked up at me and placed her lips against mine. For a good few minutes we allowed or lips to just touch each others, our breath hot. I felt our tongues touch and as it did her lips closed around mine.

The kiss was deep and slow. I felt her press up against me. Felt her breasts push against my chest. My hands reached down and gripped her arse. I pushed her hips onto my leg and felt the hardness of her cock on my thigh.