Angel is team fucked on camera hardcore and blowjob

Angel is team fucked on camera hardcore and blowjob
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This is the continuing fictional story of a middle aged lady led into the unknown by a man who has a strange hold over her making her do things that are totally out of character for her. Now both him and her continue to play out their individual sexual fantasies.

The story contains scenes of hardcore sex, mild bondage and moderate pain. Please be warned. This story continues from Joanne's Story - Parts 3, 2 and 1 I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected] For my beautiful Joanne……………&hellip.Thank you for the inspiration my darling Muse. x Joanne's Story Part 4 The Climax "Peter?" I murmured tentatively with a trembling voice.

"Shhhhhhh!" Came a swift reply.

"Please……………………&hellip.please don't hurt me!" I squeaked in a trembling voice and felt tears well up in my eyes and soak into the silk blindfold that I wearing.

I suddenly didn't know if I did trust him and I was afraid, very afraid as I felt the cold metal of the knife once again on my skin. Then it was gone again. I stood trembling with fear and trepidation alone in my darkness now knowing what was going to happen to me. My blindfold now felt wet and cold against my skin having been drenched with my tears.

Then I felt it. It brushed my lips lightly and then again sweeping over them. I instinctively opened my mouth slightly, my full painted lips parted.

'Trust me!' The words came again into my mind and I decided I had no choice. I resigned myself to relax and enjoy whatever might come and if this was the end for me then I would enjoy the end! I felt it again, it was warm.

I reached out my tongue tentatively and sensed the taste of rubber, but a soft almost jelly-like rubber. But the scent coming from the unknown object was of roses. My mind started to spin, trying to work out what was touching my mouth.

It slid slowly back across my lips, then back again pushing slightly harder against son force his brazzers mom mouth. My painted lips parted instinctively a little more as the pressure of the object pushed harder onto them. It continued its journey from side to side until my mouth was forced to open sufficiently when I felt the object push its way in.

With my lips now fully parted the tip of my tongue ran around the object. I knew instantly that I had the very thick mushroom head of a cock in my mouth, but a rubber cock! A dildo! I grinned as I felt it push slightly harder and I opened my lips wider to accommodate the toy being pushed very slowly into my open mouth.

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It stopped just after the head was fully inside my wet warm lips and started to slide blonde teen ilana fucks her pussy using her huge dildo out until just the tip of the head was touching my lips before it started its journey back into my willing mouth going a little deeper, filling my full of the rubber texture and thick girth of the toy.

Again the toy started to slide slowly out before coming back in, slightly faster forcing my tongue down to the base of my mouth as the cock filled my cheeks nearing my throat. Through a mixture of fear and longing, I started in tremble again not being able to breathe. I tried to protest but could only murmur around the rubber monster that was getting deeper and deeper into my mouth.

It started its reverse once again and got just to the edge of my lips before suddenly starting a faster journey inwards filling my cheeks as it proceeded. I suddenly felt my gagging reflex coming on in anticipation of the monster toy entering my throat passage.

I tried to pull my head back but the rubber cock was being held firmly in place before sliding out quickly and back in and out again before thundering back in again. I started to gag once again and the toy was suddenly dragged out of my mouth. I stood panting and could feel tears welling up in my eyes again behind the blindfold.

My body trembled and my heavy breasts swayed slightly as I moved trying to regain my composure. Then I felt it again, now slimy from the spittle within my mouth, the rubber cock was sliding against the bare skin of one of my thighs, then the other as it eased up my legs very slowly towards my dripping cunt.

I gasped out loud as it brushed my skin just under the folds of my hot juicy pussy anticipating its entry into me. I felt my nipples start to harden as the feeling of excitement increased again at the thought of the rubber girth filling my tight canal. But it remained in place sliding back and forth very slowly just below my pussy lips barely touching my skin.

I murmured gently just wanting the rubber monster to be forced up into me and dropped my head forwards. The rubber cock continued to slide gently back and forth along the tips of the folds of my pussy lips. "Please?" I almost begged in a whisper. Suddenly and from nowhere rough hands where on my hips as I sensed someone behind me again dude ties up and anal fucks big ass neighbor my hips back and at the same time another set of softer hands were pulling my full bum cheeks apart.

I gasped and bit down on my lower lip as I felt a butt plug being pushed up into my tight sphincter. I moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain as it penetrated the tight hole before my muscles closed around the nozzle holding it firmly in place. Almost immediately I felt the large head of the rubber cock, still wet from my mouth, being turned upwards and forced quite literally into my wet cunt.

I gasped again and moaned as I felt the thick shaft filling my tight canal and stretching me further open as it proceeded slowly on its inward journey. It was only now that I realised the true length of the toy as it seemed to continue its way in for ages touching the parts that only the longest cocks could ever reach. My arse muscles were clamping around the butt plug tightly when I finally felt the rubber cock come to a halt but instead of audrey bitoni all fuckying storys back out it started to turn inside me.

I quickly realised that the curvature of the rubber jelly shaft was having an even greater effect inside me as it turned from side to side. I was literally panting now and my legs were shaking. My body had been used and abused up until now and ever since I had met this man, my lover, and now my body was becoming accustomed to the new sensations of the rubber cock.

And whilst I might not have heard the vibrations, through my heavy breathing and heart that seemed to be beating out of my chest, I certainly felt them as a switch was flicked on the base of the butt plug and the feeling sent vibrating pulses up through my anal canal until they reached the head of the rubber cock, the sensations passing directly through the thin membrane inside me.

I knew that if this treatment continued for much longer I would be cumming again and tried to calm myself but it was impossible, and made even more so as two sets of lips were suddenly sucking hard on my nipples once again biting at them and hands mauled at the flesh as they had done earlier.

But at the same time the rubber cock was sliding out slowly before being plowed back into me aggressively hitting my G spot as it went through toward the top of my cervix. This treatment sped up quickly as my soaking pussy canal was stretched by the force of the rubber monster cock inside me. I was moaning and crying with the mix of pain and immense pleasure and my body trembled and writhed as my big soft udders were being milked by hungry mouths for all their worth, as my hot cunt was plundered by the foreign object and the butt plug continuing to send vibrations deep inside me.

I thought I couldn't take anymore when suddenly I felt hands on the collar around my neck as they seemed to be loosening it. But then, almost in a dream and in my dreamlike state I suddenly came to the realisation that this was not the case, as it started to tighten around my neck.

Very slowly at first but I could feel it getting tighter ever so slowly and comfortably at first. 'Trust me!' I thought and told myself over and over again but the panic set in as the tightness became ever more uncomfortable and my breathing became harder and more intense.

Tears started to stream down my face in my state of panic but the feelings in my body, my breasts, my pussy and my arse just became more intense as the collar tightened further. I gasped for air as I felt like these could be my last breaths and suddenly his words popped back into my mind as I drifted into a world of my own dreams. "I would never let any harm come to you……………ever!" I saw him smile as he spoke and looked into those eyes, those beautiful wonderful magic eyes.

Through all the fear and and white strap on gobble on the pussy not the pie and pain I heard his voice. Not in person but in my mind and in my dreams. And as a final act of defiance as the collar got tighter, and my body felt like it was going to explode with pleasure I smiled!

And then I drifted off into a state of ecstatic unconsciousness………………… not knowing if I would ever wake up again!

I was still in a dreamlike state when I opened my eyes. The light from the burnt down candles caught them and they shone brightly in their tired state. Was I dead? I lay still for a moment on the bed trying to work out what had happened and what was going on.

I tried to get my bearings and my blonde hair spread out on the soft white pillow. Reaching down under the soft quilt with my hands I ran them gently over my body and realised that I was naked.

Tentatively I reached up to my nipples which were still tender as memories of the bondage session came flooding back into my mind. I aren't dead! I smiled and stretched feeling my muscles loosen as I did so. The room was in silence again apart from the log fire crackling in the hearth.

I lifted my head and saw him sitting on a chair near to the fire watching the flames and sipping a glass of red wine. "Peter?" I said through a tired slur. "What time is it?" He glanced over at me. He was still dressed and smiled sweetly at me. "It's around 4 in the morning Joanne!" He replied softly. "What happened? Who were those people?" I asked. "I feel so tired now but so emotional too." He stood from his chair and came over to sit on the bed placing his hand gently into my cheek as he leaned down to brush my lips against his in a soft kiss.

"It doesn't matter who they were!" He grinned. "Did you enjoy what they did to you?" "Oh god baby, it was amazing!" I grinned back warmly. "But I was frightened, by the knife, and the collar." "But I told you to trust me!" He looked directly at me with 'those eyes' and I just melted again and felt a tear run down my cheek.

"I'm sorry!" I pouted. "And do you trust me?" He reached down and brushed the tear away with his hand. "Yes!" "Really?" "Yes!" I repeated and smiled up at my lover. "Good!" He smiled. "Because the night is still young." His eyes turned from their twinkling solder japan rape woman famely demeanor to a darker shade as his face became serious.

"Are you now ready to meet some friends of yours?" I looked up at him quizzically. "What? What do you mean? I don't know what you………………!" My voice teen swimming pool cabin and hot blonde my very first creampie off as the door to the room opened and two young men walked in and over to the edge of the bed.

They immediately started to undo their shirts removing them completely. I recognized them immediately from the club, earlier in the evening. Two men that I had been forced to suck off to pay for the drinks I had been forced to buy through my having worn panties when I had been told not to. That seemed so long ago now but they both looked so tempting! "You remember Billy and Ian don't you Joanne?" I grinned mischievously. Both men now stood in just jeans, their tops removed and their hairy chests exposed.

Peter looked at me and my face was now in a slightly shocked state. "Don't look like that my darling!" He said patronizingly.

"They were all over you like flies around shit and you loved every fucking second of it at the Club. Well now's the time to be the shit again and they can be the flies!" I looked up at Peter quizzically.

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"They've come to fuck your brains out!" He simply said with a grin as his hand continued to stroke my cheek softly. I felt quite tearful and exhausted and looked up at them and then him. "Oh hunney, seriously, I am exhausted from earlier! Can't we do this some other time? I mean, I……………………………&hellip.!" "Listen, Jo and listen very fucking carefully!" He looked down at me now with a serious look on his face.

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His eyes were eyes dark and brooding as his hand slid around my face and starting to squeeze my cheeks in at each side. Leaning closer to me looking deeply into my eyes I could smell the alcohol on his breath as his words spat out directly into my face. "You don't arab babe with serious curves sucks and gets fucked any fucking choice you dirty fucking slut!" He paused, looking at me as my eyes welled up with tears.

"You will satisfy our guests and give them want they want, or there will be trouble!" He grinned in a menacing manner. "And you don't want trouble do you, Joanne?" I looked back at him in an alarmed state unable to speak with his grip on my face and the tears trickled slowly down my soft cheeks.

I managed to shake my head in response to his threat. I didn't want trouble and so had to accept that I had to do as I was told. He released my face and stood up from the bed before turning back to look at me scornfully. "Good, you little fuck slut!" He sneered aggressively.

He returned to sit by the fire again watching as I sat up in bed leaning back pulling the quilt around me to cover my voluptuous curves as if to protect myself against the men.

They in turn undid their belts and their trousers dropped to the floor followed by their boxers. Both men were still flaccid but even then both had thick meaty cut cocks of at least 7 inches while soft. Peter, my so-called lover turned to the men. "She's all yours guys! And if she won't do what you want just fucking rape her!" The men didn't need a second invitation as Billy took hold of the bottom of the quilt and literally ripped it from my grip and off the bed, leaving me naked and exposed in front of them.

I drew my legs up in order to try to protect my modesty. Peter simply smiled and sipped at the red wine as he watched the show start. "Fucking come here you horny slag!" Ian grinned as he and Billy climbed onto the bed either side of me!

I could tell they knew exactly what they wanted and they were going to get it whatever I might have thought otherwise.

I had the distinct feeling that Ian and Billy were going to do something nasty to me and I wanted protest but decided after Peter's threat it would not be wise.

I ww xx story xxx nn xx over at him as he gazed for a moment at the blazing embers of the fire before his look returned to the bed. The man had dragged me off the bed now and was standing in front of the bed with my arms outstretched to each of the two posts and fastened to them by ties.

Ian was on his knees in front of me as Billy stood close by. Ian had his own box of 'toys' and as he stood up and moved out of the way Peter could see the weighted chains that had been clamped to my outer labia elongating the puffy flesh and dragging the split apart at the bottom. Billy then reached into the bag and lifted a handful of spring-loaded wooden clothes pegs.

Pulling my breast forward by the nipple he clamped one onto the end of my nipple making me squeal. Tears of pain started to trickle down my cheeks. Billy waited a moment then did the same with my nipple. The look of fresh pain on my face gradually ebbed and looking over at my 'lover' I raised no protest.

Ian moved onto the bed and slid himself down between the bed and my back so he was directly behind me. I could see the excitement on Peter's face and in his lap! Ian stood behind me reaching around with his strong arms to play with the soft area just above my clit. Ian's other hand reach up and cupped one of my heavy udders pulling gently on the peg which in turn stimulated my nipple. I moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure that seemed to be the way my life had been ever since I went to the club to meet Peter for the first time.

What had he done to me!! With my open slightly open my body began to tremble. Billy stood watching and I could see he was also enjoying what he was witnessing with his rampant cock rock hard and out in front of him.

Ian placed his hardness between my creamy thighs and pushing gently the fat head of his cock appeared from between my parted labia, sending the weights into a pendulum motion. My legs started to tremble almost buckling under me as he supported my body. I felt as if I was close to fainting.

Peter was clearly enjoying watching the intimate place where the chains were attached and the movement of the lightly swinging weights which gradually came back to a steady state. Ian withdrew his cock head from between my legs but pushing me forward he was suddenly parting my bum cheeks as I felt his monster cock with its wetness from my pussy juices suddenly touching my arse. He did not penetrate it but instead just left the head touching against me.

Billy walked slowly over to me so he was facing me, his long hard cock swaying as he walked forwards. He rested his hands on my hips looking directly into my eyes as he suddenly pushed himself forward and his cock forced its way up into my wet cunt before he withdrew completely again. I shuddered and moaned as he withdrew. He watched my reaction as a kind of normality returned to me. Suddenly he was pushing into me again and at the same time forcing me back onto Ian's cock at the back and within moments I had a hard shaft up and inside both my juicy cunt and my tight bum hole.

I squealed as I felt the mixture of pleasure and pain and I watched as the men got into a motion pumping into me at the same time and then drawing almost all the way out before pumping back in, practically squashing me between them as they did. It only took a few moments until both men pulled out and started to wank themselves off looking at me from both the front and the back. After a few moments Ian's long hard cock exploded as white fluid jetted up onto my bum cheeks before dripping down into the crack of my bum.

And seconds later Billy did the same shooting high into the air and splattering against the undersides of my breasts. Ian released my hands and I quickly climbed into bed and covered myself with the duvet. "You had enough guys?" Peter called over to the men. "For now!" Grinned Billy as he emptied his cock onto the floor of the cabin with the remaining sperm dripping down. He looked over at me. "Get over here Bitch!" He yelled and I walked over with a faint smile on my face.

"What is it now?" I asked sullenly. He looked up at me, with 'those eyes' but now with a look of utter contempt in his face.

"You call me Sir!" He snarled. "Yes Sir! What is it, Sir?" Reaching up he removed the pegs from my nipples and the clasps from my labia and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you…………&hellip.Sir!" I smiled. "Don't thank me slut!" He purred. "Get on your knees and wank me off!" I dropped to my knees and he watched as my hands wrapped themselves around his throbbing cock. "Can I suck it too please Sir?" I asked hopefully. My mouth was still but my eyes were smiling. He nodded. "And then, once you have wanked and sucked me, then you will do the same for our guests!" He looked at me, his eyes now smoldering.

"Do you understand?" "Yes Sir!" I leaned forward, my eyes on his at all times as I felt the heat of his rock hard cock in my hands and slid my wet tongue very long teasing handjob by two mature housewife and down the shaft.

Lapping cuties playing with their pussies in the shower masturbation and fingering the head at the same time as I wanked him up and down, within moments of my expert tongue working on him I felt his cum rising and he pushed my head out of the way.

My lover's cock started to jerk before stream after stream of hot sticky cum started to shoot up into the air before coming back down and landing back onto his cock and my hands. "Now how can I please you or our guests Sir?" I smiled up at him, my eyes dazzling with excitement in the soft lights.

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He ordered me to sit on his lap on top of the cum. My big bum cheeks spread across his thighs as I felt the heat of his body and the sticky slime of him cum and that of Ian and Billy as it seeped out of my two used holes. I obediently slid up and down on top of his cock. "Now, get over to the bed and lay face down!" Turning my face to his, I grinned.

"Yes, of course, Sir!" I crawled onto the bed from the end and fell forward. My bum cheeks and thighs were wet with smeared cum, theirs and mine.

Ian approached from the back and roughly lifted my hips up. "Get up on your hands and knees, dog!" He snarled. "You're a fucking dog and so I'm going to fuck you like one!" Billy moved to the front and knelt with his growing cock near to my face.

"And you can suck on this too!" He grinned wildly while I play with these big fat cow udders!" As he spoke he grabbed handfuls of my dangling titty flesh squeezing and pulling at the nipples at the same time as literally forcing his fat cock into my open mouth.

Almost immediately he started to fuck my face as he mauled at my shy yuri is a natural cocksucker. Ian was inside my tight well-used cunt and pumping fast. As both men had already cum they were in no hurry to cum again so soon so instead just fucked me from each end pumping long and hard in and out as I moaned and groaned cumming once then again and finally a third time before Billy grunted and I choked as his cum as it filled my cheeks and mouth and trickled down my throat.

He moved and Ian pushed me down onto the bed before leaning over me and forcing himself as deep as possible down onto me with the friction of his thick tool sliding up and down over my G spot. Suddenly as I moaned out loud I came again, and he started to shoot up into me before collapsing on my back.

I lay still. "Joanne!" Peter said quietly as Ian moved off the bed. "Yes,…………&hellip.yes Sir?" "Get into the bathroom.

You need a shower!" I moved and walked slowly towards the bathroom and I watched as Ian and Billy followed me in. Peter was alexis amore and tory lane them as I turned around. "Get on your knees!" I didn't answer, instead just lowered myself down. "Give her a shower then guys!" Billy smiled as he took hold of his flaccid cock and Ian did the same with his.

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I looked up at me with a look of humiliation in my eyes, before my face was splashed with the piss from Ian's cock that was then joined by Billy's piss also, the warm liquid squirting down onto me as the two men directed their aims first at my body and breasts and then at my face and head as they laughed.

Peter, japanese x hamster in law so-called lover walked out of the bathroom. "Dirty fucking bitch!" Ian spat his words out at me. "Yeah, you dirty fucking cunt!" Billy joined in as the flow of his piss slowed. Both men laughed as they continued their humiliation of me which surprisingly was becoming something of a turn on.

Peter returned to see and hear them abusing me having pissed all over the face and body. "Right!" He said firmly. "You've had your fun!" He looked down at my drenched body then back at them. "Now fuck off!" He said. "Where are we going now?" I asked as I watched the sun rising over the houses in the city. "Home!" He said calmly. "Home?" "Yes, to your home!" He smiled. I led Peter, the man with 'those eyes' into my house and he closed the door after him and immediately took me into his strong arms and kissed me deeply.

I felt myself melt again as I felt his tongue probing inside my wet mouth. "Come with me!" I purred into his ear as I felt his cock inside his trousers rock hard again. I led him by the hand up the stairs and into my bedroom. I turned to look at him again and into 'those eyes'.

"Now it's my turn to have fun!" I giggled and reaching down grabbed his cock and balls squeezing them tightly. "Come with me you dirty sleazy bastard!" I laughed. "Oh yes please!" He suddenly grinned as we approached the bed. "It's yes Ma'am!" I giggled. "Now get on the bed, and get that fucking prick out for me to play with!" He immediately turned and sat on the bed. "Yes Ma'am!" He smiled mischievously as his vision was suddenly blocked when I placed a blindfold over 'those eyes!' The End