Lesbian granny gets her bald pussy mercilessly toyed by other mature chick

Lesbian granny gets her bald pussy mercilessly toyed by other mature chick
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After yesterdays fun, we both hurried to get ready, and headed down to the beach around 10 am, as we walked along the beach to the same spot, guys started to follow, we didn't even have time to lay the blanket down before guys started to wank, asking if I was playing again today.

Grabbing Grants cocks and sucking him deep, told them yes, as hands found my body, it didn't take long for Grant to suck on a few cocks too, hands and cocks finding my holes ready for use, as cum filled my pussy to start the day of, Grant took one guy and told him to fill his butt, at first the guy hesitated, then moved behind Grant, and sank his cock, balls deep in his butt, just as 2 guys took me in a dp, with a third in my mouth things were going well.

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We had taken quite a few guys, when Jim turned up, fucking my butt in a DP with another guy, then I told him to give Grant some cock and let him feel, the beautiful large cock head as I had. I watched as Jim went behind Grant, and waited while another guy finished unloading into Grants butt, then I saw Jim grab his hips, his large cock head, against Grants hole, then with one hard thrust Jim pushed in fully, I loved the look in Grants eyes as he was filled with one huge cock head, Jim took control and fucked him, I was taken by several other guys, then Jim started to cum, and asked who wants, Grant said 'yes please', and then with a few more hard thrusts, Jim flooded Grants, man hole, when his cock slipped out, he went down licking up his own cum.

As the lunch time rush started, we both took guys and cocks any way they wanted, Grant taking 2 at once in his butt, as I took another 3, Jim was in my mouth, then I felt some thing familiar, as a huge cock began to enter my butt, looking behind I saw Mark, as his cock hit home, all of him going deep in my butt first time, oh boy, I was now going wild, orgasm after orgasm rocketed though me, the guy under me cum and pulled out, Mark carried on fucking my butt for awhile then pulled out and rammed into my pussy, filling me quickly, he sped up and fucked me fast, what a cock, it felt so good, my cervix was next to be fucked, he took his time, shaved pussy blonde ride his hard angry cock his cock home, then it popped in, my cervix opened up, then he began to fuck hard and fast again, I was lost in orgasms, as Mark took full control, then he let loose, cum filled my womb, Mark fell contented onto my back.

As his cock slipped out, I saw Grant look and smile, I told Mark, his next fuck was going in Grants butt, he said hello and agreed.

As he rested I took several other guys, as they had fun, Grant was being taken care of too, his mouth now sucking Marks cock, working him hard again, I knew he would want Mark in his butt as soon as he could, and he did not have to wait long, Mark going behind and slipping his cock fully home, we watched one another have fun, I could see Marks cock going right in as Grant enjoyed anal orgasms, by now the guys just took us any way they wanted, Mark had been fucking Grant for some 20 mins before filling his but.

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I asked Jim and Mark if they wanted to repeat yesterdays water sport experience, they both smiled, grabbing Grant we took of to the water, Jim being first, lay down for me to pee over him, Grant was shocked but soon smiled, then when I knelt down and they began to pee over me, Grant really didn't know what to say, his hard cock told me he was ok with it though, and as he started to pee over me too, I knew he was cool with it.

After a quick rinse of we all went back to playing, with guys taking us both, Grant fucked me with a few guys taking turns in my pussy, then he cum in my butt, a few more guys fucked us both, then I said, lets take this home and smiled at Grant. We told Mark and Jim to follow us, and that we had some thing very different to show them, no sooner had we got to our friends place, Grant began to fuck my pussy, as Mark and Jim watched, then Prince who oh my god im cumming nearby came over, Grant moved back, Prince now began to lick the cum still running from my body, I looked at them both, I wasn't sure, both had hard cocks, but their faces were one of total surprise.

Then Prince jumped up, pinning me doggy this time, his cock pushing against my legs as he began to try fucking me, only this time I was in for a shock, his cock found my hole, but the wrong one, as my butt took in the first 4 or 5 inches I jumped, but he was in and going hard, oh boy, now I knew how Grant felt yesterday, as Prince made me his bitch, no way the knot was going in me though, Jim moved to face fuck me as Mark began to fuck Grants butt once more, I took Jims cock fully, as Prince built up to a very quick speed, his cock now a blur.

I went from one anal orgasm to another, without a rest, Young teen gets fucked by white guy was giving me his all, I was now his bitch in more ways than one, as he forced his knot in, I screamed, but soon relaxed as another orgasm took over.

Grant knew fully what I was feeling, Mark now fucking him hard, watching Prince fuck me, as Prince began to growl, it seemed to set of the guys, Mark exploded into Grants butt, just as Prince let loose in me, his knot held the cum in me, as I swallowed Jims load.

Grant moved to lay under me, Prince was trying to pull out, some 4 or 5 minutes later, with the same loud plop, the knot popped out, I heard Grant gurgling, as he took as much cum as he could, Prince walked off, and Mark and Jim now went around with Grant, one fingering my butt, cum still running out, then with no warning, I felt a fullness' again inside my butt.

Mark gasped as Jim fisted my butt, I could feel his hand in me now, as I orgasmed hard, hands and tongues took to me, as they played in Princes cum, Jim began to work my anal orgasm harder, then I started to panic, as Jim pushed his cock in with his fist, I had seen Grant take both, but this was my first time.

I blacked out as I had such a hard orgasm, then Jim, fucked me faster, I told them I wanted Mark and Jim to fuck my arse together, Grant got them arranged, Jim laying on the edge of the bed, my butt planted on his cock again, then Mark began sliding his cock in too, my but now gapping open, both guys fully home and working my arse, They set about having fun with me; Grant looked on, playing with both cocks, moving around to face fuck me too, as my butt took the thickest longest fucking it has ever had.

Mark was worn out, having cum 3 times or so today, but was enjoying Jims cock against his inside my arse, Jim also wasn't sure if he was gang rape hentai teacher virgin to be able to cum again, but I just kept orgasming, as they tried hard to succeed.

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I heard Grant say some thing to Mark, and then quickly felt Marks cock push harder still into my womb, Jim seemed to jump to, as they now fucked me harder, it wasn't long before both guys started to swell and loose control, I could feel my arse being ripped open by their cocks, as just about together they let loose, flooding my swollen butt with more cum. As we lay, regaining some kind of normality, I asked what happened, Mark and Jim both looked at one another, then Grant with a huge smile, held up his hands and said, I fingered their butts, and got them to cum again, it was so funny seeing them both colour up red faced, as I laughed.

They said watching me take Prince was so hot, and hoped we could do another session soon, we both said of course, and maybe with more guys too, if you know any who would be into it.

Both said some of the guys from the beach of course, would be, and Jim knew a lady who was kinky too, so we mind her coming along too. So the next day was set, meeting at the beach to get things going, Grant and I had hot mom san xxx vdo guys fuck us and cover us in cum, then set about organising a few guys to come back with us, Jim said he would bring the lady to our place, around 2 pm, when she was free.

So with 5 or 6 guys in tow, and Mark, we headed back, telling them to be in for some kinky fun.

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As soon as we got them naked and fucking, Grant let Prince in, some guys faces lit up. A couple looked worried, but as I moved, to get things organised, they looked on.

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I had asked Mark if he tattooed blonde olivia masturbates and gets squirt ok with fucking my pussy, while Prince took my butt, kneeling over Mark, soon let Prince know I was ready to be fucked once more, he licked my butt and Marks cock, I saw Marks eyes light up, as Prince took aim,I knew his cock would be getting touched, by princes rod too, Then I felt the tip of his cock going in a few inches, marks eyes grew bigger still as the presure from 2 huges cocks grew inside me, prince was having a bit of trouble, i was so tight, but soon all 11 inchs sank deep inside.

it was about now I saw Jim and his lady friend come in, both stripping, as they watched Mark and Prince take my body, grant honed in fucking her pussy or arse as she sucked another cock. Mark was making all sorts of noises under me, not able to move much his cock was still stuck deep in my uturus, as Prince now worked up speed, each thrust making me orgasm, then I didnt think it would, with one long hard push, Princes knot went in my butt, I let out a loud scream, followed by one of the best orgasms I have ever had, lasting for ages, then all too soon, marks cock let fly, his face telling me he had filled my pussy with cum, as Prince howled, the heat and pressure also letting me know he had cum, Prince kept cumming, the extra pressure seemed to exteed his orgasm, as cum now leaked out, he pulled against me, his knot held, but after 3 or 4 minutes he freed himselve, his cum now splashed ever where.

I saw Grant going behind me, I knew he would be eating the cum, then the lady joined him, as I looked around, they both kissed and shared Princes and Marks cum,she was also being butt fucked by a guy, while Jim went to town in my butt, with his cock, pushing more cum out as he did.

Then Jim pulled back, and I felt him fingering my butt, then with one hard push his fist went in, oh my god, I screamed, a nice scream, as I cum again so hard, he worked me for some time, the lady also now was inches away from me, her face against my arse cheeks. then Jim pulled his fist out, and she repleced it with hers, working my inerds with some expertise too, as more orgasms raced thought me. She took turns fisting my butt, then licking her fingers clean, as well as licking my arse and pussyI was thoughtly enjoying her attention, After I had eased back a bit, I returned the favour, licking her pussy husband watches wife take friend her, while we both had guys fuck us.

Liz was asking how Prince's cock felt in me, I told her, it would be better if she tried him for her sef, her eyes lit up, and I said he only needs a short time before he's ready to fuck again too. We sat up, telling the guys they had to wait, as I got Liz to kneel agaisnt the bed, calling Prince over he soon took to lovely teen chick gives a valuable blowob her pussy and cum soaked arse, Liz orgasmed at his first touch.

Then he jumped up, his cock pushing into her arse, she jumped, but he stayed in her, inch by inch, he went deeper and deeper, her eyes rolled back and soft moans came from her mouth, Prince was now fully up to speed, his cock a blurr as he rammed hard and fast into her butt, then with a fairly good scream, he knotted with her, now his paced slowed as his cock was held firm in her butt, I knew what she would be feeling, the full 11 inchs or so of his cock buried in her body, the heat, and now as Prince growled, his cum, lots of t, going right into her belly, she was screaming, with one long orgasm now, his bitch for a few more minutes more, then as the guys looked on, he pulled out, dog cum flowed every where, as Jim went behind her licking her butt and pussy clean, then he to fisted her, again she scream as he went in to his wrist, then flopped down, worn out from cumming so hard, I held her arm and kissed her, she kissed me back saying Thank you, The afternoon went well, we took the guys for some time, all going home with empty balls, and very happy.

Liz stayed a bit longer, after asking if we could run her home, of course we said yes, it seems she was single and liked the way Jim played with her, and said would we mind her joining us for some 3somes too, Grant and myself huged her, Please join us any time, we both repliedwe intend to have some more fun tomorrow too.