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Christina bella gets ass fcuked on a car hood
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The Triad and the Kidnapped Virgins Chapter Three: Virgin Prize By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Seamus The Tower of Kov-Thi, The Kingdom of Haz At the bottom of the Tower of Kov-Thi, a monolith of black that thrust high over our head, was a guard post, only no guards manned it.

The foul stench of kobolds filled the air, and their filth lingered in the hovel before the door. We had killed many of the kobolds who served the dark Warlock whom now occupied the tower and was terrorizing the surrounding lands. According to Fiona, his goal was to resurrect the Necromancer, a foul being that had been slain centuries ago. To free the Necromancer, he needed six virgins, one from each of the surrounding villages. That was why we were here.

Five nubile virgins needed to be liberated, and my wives and I would free them. We were a Triad, charged by the gods to protect the peoples of the Lesh-Ke mountains, whether they were our own Tuathan people or the Hazians that had laid claim to our mountains. By ancient laws, whenever a twinborn witch came of age, she and her sister had to marry a mighty warrior, a paladin of Gewin.

Fiona had chosen me. I married Fiona and her twin sister Aoifa. I was eager for our first quest. And to save those nubile virgins. I was sure they would be so grateful to be saved, surrendering their maidenheads to my wives and me. Well, Aoifa would enjoy it. Like me, she savored sex. Marriage didn't need to limit us.

Fiona disagreed. I could feel her displeasure boring into my back. She wasn't happy to be used by Aoifa as a distraction piss scat grandpa daddy gay the towers guardian, an air elemental. Aoifa smeared Fiona in an aphrodisiac For a while, Fiona had been consumed by lust and enjoying herself with her elemental lover. It had been hot to watch. "The Warlock'll be at the top of the tower," Aoifa grinned.

She was a curvy woman, her black hair short and her blue eyes inquisitive. She dressed in tight, black leather pants and top that molded to her lush body. Her daggers were out. She was a thief, skilled at stealth and spotting dangers. "You sure?" Fiona asked. Her hair was a dark auburn, a beautiful shade of red gathered in a long braid that fell down the back of her white robe. She was a witch, blessed with the powers to control the spirits. "They always are," I laughed. I was eager, burning as bright as my red hair for this fight and the virgin delights to come.

My chainmail clinked as I walked to the stairs. My sword glowed with a reddish hue, lighting up the dark stairs before us. I had blessed my amateur czech babe pounded by stranger for some cash with a prayer to Gewin, God of War.

"Let's go save those virgins." "Save them, not fuck them," Fiona reminded us. "Leave their virtues intact." "I can't promise they won't swoon over my prowess," I grinned at my uptight wife. Aoifa purred, "Mmm, our husband strikes such a handsome figure when he fights. He makes me guy fucks teen babysitter with his hot wife, and I can only imagine how dewy those maidens' thighs will be." She licked her lips, eager to find out.

Fiona muttered beneath her breath. One day, I'm sure, we would corrupt her and she'd learn to enjoy sex outside of our marriage. I loved to watch my Aoifa take her pleasure with men, women, and monsters. "Lead on, husband," Fiona muttered. "We need to stop the Warlock." I strode forward, sword before me.

The red light painted the black rocks of the tower, filling the pockmarked stone with crimson. The rocks looked stained with blood.

I kept my ears moving as I climbed the stairs, Aoifa behind me and Fiona in the rear. The stairs wound up the tower. After what felt like two turns around the tower, a sliver of flickering light painted the floor. I tensed as I moved forward. Around the curving bend, a door appeared blocking the way forward, made of dark wood and bound with iron.

Beneath the door, candlelight flickered out. Aoifa slipped past me to exam the door. She was skilled with ferreting out traps. "Locked, no traps," she whispered and sheathed her daggers. From one of her pouches on her belt she produced her thief tools rolled up in a bbc white girl ride bbc tube porn to keep from rattling.

She produced a pair of thin, bent rods and worked them into the lock. After a heartbeat, the lock clicked. She stowed her tools and moved behind me. With my free hand, I threw open the door and roared as I charged into. .a bedchamber. I blinked. Five women lounged on the canopied bed. It was the largest bed I had ever seen, draped in gauzy pink.

The women were young, their eyes shining with innocent lust—virgins. I smiled. "I'm here to rescue you." I sheathed my sword and stepped forward. "Thank you, noble hero," a Valyan girl purred, her skin was pale with a faint, bluish hue and her hair was coppery red.

Only the flimsy silk covered her body, her generous charms bleeding through the fabric. "We were so scared," an ebony-skinned girl moaned, her hips undulating. I had heard of the coal-dark beauties found in the Halani desert. Her nipples were pink and hard, peaking out of her clothing. My cock hardened.

"Let us thank you, mighty warrior," purred a blonde Zeutchian, her golden curls falling around ripe breasts. "Yes," moaned a pale-skinned, raven-haired Secaren as she rolled out of bed, her small breasts jiggling as she walked towards me. "You deserve a great reward for braving such dangers to save us." My cock throbbed as she touched my chainmail. "Such rewards," the dusky-skinned Hazian maiden purred, pressing against my other side. "Set aside your metal raiments and let us thank you." "We're so eager to thank you," the Halani beauty purred.

I blinked at the Hazian maiden. All the girls should be Hazian. I started to glance back at Fiona and Aoifa when the Secaran virgin kissed my lips, her hot tongue wiggling into my depths. What did it matter if the virgins were all different nationalities? I had all the beauties of the world here for me to enjoy, the women I had dreamed of after listening to minstrel tales.

The virgins pressed around me. I kissed them all, savoring the lithe kiss of the exotic Valyan maiden to the hot lips of the ebony Halanian. I helped them remove my armor—chainmail coat, bracers, and greaves—followed by my leather pants.

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Their soft hands stroked my muscular body as they led me to the bed. "You are so strong," the Hazian purred as my lips found her hard, dark-brown nipple. I suckled her as a warm mouth engulfed my cock. The Zeutchian's blonde hair spilled across my stomach as she bobbed up and down my shaft. Her mouth was hot, sucking hard as I writhed. "Feel how wet we are?" the Halanian virgin moaned into my ear.

She guided my hand between her dark thighs. The shaved lips of her pussy were wet. I stroked them and brushed her maidenhead. She shuddered as I caressed her. "Such heavy balls," the Secaran lass cooed before her lips nibbled on them. I shuddered as she played with my balls while the Zeutchian virgin sucked on my cock. "Let us worship you, mighty warrior," the Valyan maiden asked, proffering me a blue-tinged breast. Her bailey brooke and reagan foxx hot threeway sex outdoors was exotic, pale like mine by with a soft, blue hue.

I had always wanted to see a Valyan maiden. I pulled her to me, suckling on her hard nipples while she moaned in delight. I shuddered, the pleasure surging through me as the maidens gasped and moaned around me.

My fingers found the Hazian's virgin folds, stroking her the same way I fingered the Halanian beauty. My cock throbbed in the Zeutchian's lasses mouth. Her tongue swirled about the tip. My balls, bathed by the Secaran maid's eager lips, churned with cum. I groaned, my blood on fire. My hips bucked up into her mouth. "Get ready for my cum, slut!" I groaned. "Cum in her sweet mouth," the Valyan virgin groaned, rubbing her large breasts into my face.

"Yes!" I growled before sucking on her hard nipple. My cock spasmed in the blonde beauty's mouth. She moaned in delight as my cum erupted. The bed shook as I spasmed. Every muscle in my body convulsed as the pleasure rushed through me.

Her hungry mouth swallowed every drop and the Secaran maid massaged every ounce of my cum from my balls. "Delicious," the Zeutchian virgin purred, my cum staining her lips. "Give me a taste," the Secaran maid purred. Their pale faces came together, and their ruby lips chris diamond y jimena lago in a hot kiss. My cock throbbed, growing hard again. There was so much beauty around me I couldn't go soft. "Take me first," the Halani maiden moaned as she shuddered and came on his fingers.

"Please, please! I want to cum again! Your fingers were wonderful, but I want to become a woman." "Take her cherry!" urged the Hazian virgin as she shuddered and came on my other hand, staining my fingers with her passion. "Take all our cherries! We're yours. You can do what you like to us!" "By the Gods," I groaned.

"I'll fuck you all over and over." "Thank you!" the ebony-skinned virgin gasped as she mounted me, her dark fingers on my pale cock. She guided me to her pink folds. I groaned as she rubbed against me. My cock found her maidenhead. I grasped her hips and pulled her down my cock.

She gasped as her cherry popped, and her virgin cunt was impaled on my dick. I shuddered as her tight flesh engulfed me. She was a succulent peach, her hips undulating as she discovered true pleasure. "How is his cock?" the Valyan virgin moaned. "Amazing! So good!" The dark maid rose on my shaft, her breasts shuddering before she came down. "I've never felt such pleasure before.

You all need to feel his cock." "We will," the Secaren girl purred as she pressed her petite body against me, her wet pussy rubbing on my thigh. "He's so strong. He has the stamina for all of us." "Yes!" the Valyan maiden groaned as she straddled my face. "I'm so hot! I need to cum, too! Will you lick me!" I grasped her thighs and pulled her virgin pussy down to my hungry lips.

"Gladly!" I groaned before I tongued through her sweet folds. She shuddered as I explored her pussy, my tongue brushing her hymen as the Halani maid rode my cock. "Yes, yes, yes!" the Valyan virgin panted. "The mighty warrior's mouth is amazing! Oh, he is making me feel so good!" "I know!" the Halani panted. "Oh, by the Gods, his cock is amazing! I love to feel him in me." "Take his cock! Make our warrior cum in your sweet embrace!" cheered the Zeutchian virgin. Sunny leone full sex stories 720 688 full full minutes sexy rubbed my body and sweet lips kissed my chest.

I grabbed the Valyan's tight ass, kneading her cheeks as I tongued through her folds. My cock was in heaven. My body shuddered every time the Halani maid slid up my shaft. She undulated as her passions grew, her excitement lubing her cunt as she rode me faster and faster.

"So good!" the ebony-skinned lass moaned. "His cock is so good! I'm going to cum!" "Cream his cock!" gasped the Secaran maid as her hot pussy rubbed against my thigh faster and faster. "Oh, yes! He's so amazing! Our warrior!" "Our warrior," the Valyan virgin echoed as she squirmed on my lips. "I'm gonna cum! His mouth is too amazing! I can't help it!" She shuddered on my lips while the Hazian maid cheered her on.

Sweet juices poured into my mouth. I drank them down as I savored her cunt. I knew who I would be fucking next. My balls churned as the itch grew at the tip of my cock. "So good!" the Valyan maid panted and slipped off of me, trembling on the bed. "Yes!" the Secaran maid moaned before she kissed me, savoring the juices of the other virgin.

My balls boiled. I groaned into the petite virgin's kiss as my cum basted the ebony beauty's cunt. The Halanian lass slammed her cunt down on my cock and gasped as her orgasm rippled through her. Her pussy convulsed about me, milking my still hard cock. "So good! The warrior's seed is in me!" "Let me have a taste!" the Hazian maid gasped. I groaned as the Halanian beauty was pulled group three dicks for a sexy blonde of me.

The dusky, Hazian virgin buried her face between dark thighs and licked my cum from the Halanian's cunt. My cock was ready to go again. I had such stamina today. I was a mighty warrior. I seized the Valyan maid, spread her thighs, and took her cherry with a mighty thrust. "Yes!" she screamed beneath me petruse mature pussy speculum gaping and masturbation delight.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona Seamus threw the door open and rushed in. The light was almost blinding. Aoifa charged and I followed, rushing into a. .richly appointed bedchamber. A wide bed covered in white silk lay in the center of a room strewn with roses.

Three naked, muscular men smiled at me, each holding a red rose in his hand. One had the ebony skin of a Halani desertman. The second was dusky and strong, a Hazian man with flowing, dark hair farming a face that made my heart melt.

The final man was strong, with fiery-red hair like my husband. "There is our princess," the ebony-skinned man said, presenting me with a rose before he pulled me to him. "W-what is going on?" I asked, looking around. My husband and wife had vanished. Something shimmered in the corner.

I tried to concentrate on it but then a hot mouth was on me. I squirmed. The Hazian man placed his rose behind my ear before he kissed at my neck while the Tuathan man slid my robe from my body to kiss at my shoulder.

Three muscular bodies pressed against my suddenly naked flesh.

My dark desires rose through me. In the quiet of my bower, I had given into my shame and masturbated. Sometimes my thoughts turned to multiple men, the mighty, handsome heroes from the minstrel stories: Abujimbor, the Halani raider who rescued his love from the hands of an oily sultan's harem; Vesh, the Hazian hero who stole into the imprisoned princess's room and freed her into a life of love; and Fergus, the Tuathan hero that died with his true love instead of letting her be claimed by the tyrannical king.

They were out of my dreams and here to love me. "I found you," mighty Fergus whispered in my ear as his strong hand slid up my side to grip my small breast. My pussy itched and I shifted my hips.

"My beautiful love," moaned Vesh into my ear as his dusky hand squeezed my asscheek. Abujimbor broke the kiss, his handsome, ebony face filled my vision. I sucked in deep breaths. His kiss was amazing. My heart fluttered in my chest as his dark eyes stared into mine like I was his rescued love.

"I have searched so far for you," Abujimbor said, his voice a rumbling caress that made my nipples ache. This was wrong. This shouldn't be— Abujimbor kissed me. I had to fight this. Fergus pinched my nipple. Heat shot down to my pussy. This wasn't real. Three hard cocks pressed against me, bigger than Seamus's.

Bigger than any man's I had felt. My pussy clenched even as I tried to master my desires. I couldn't succumb. This was a trap of the dark Warlock.

"You are our love," Vesh groaned. "Let us worship your beauty with our strength," Fergus growled, his finger rolling my nipple. "Be our princess and our love," Abujimbor gasped when he broke the kiss. No. "Yes," I gasped as I was pulled to the bed. Something shimmered in the corner. It was important.

A hot mouth sucked on my nipple and everything was forgotten. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa I followed Seamus, my daggers gripped in my hands, and rushed into. .a forest glade. Sunlight trickled through the trees, painting the wildflowers about my feet in bands of light and shadows.

The air sang with the sweet songs of birds. The flowers perfumes adorned the air. And the majestic centaur walked towards me. My breath caught. My daggers fell from my hands. He was gorgeous, just the way I had always pictured one from the minstrel tales. He had the body of a horse, his coat a rich brown.

His black tail swept techer and student xxx sex stories story and forth as he walked. A muscular, chestnut-brown torso rose from the front, strong arms reaching for me, his face gorgeous.

A mane of black hair flowed about his broad shoulders. "Slata's whorish cunt," I moaned as my pussy clenched in a rush of bliss. "What a ravishing prey to come across," the centaur said in a deep, rumbling voice that made my nipples hardened. My mouth was dry. "What a chase you have led me, but I think the hunt ends now." I nodded my head.

"You have finally caught me," I purred, my hands unlacing my tight top. My large breasts spilled out as I slipped my vest from my shoulders. His dark eyes were hungry. A hard, thick cock sprouted from his sheath, far bigger than any human's—the ultimate cock.

My pussy hungered for his embrace. No cock would ever be larger than a centaurs. "Claim me, hunter," I moaned as he reached out to me. His strong arms seized my waist and lifted me up. My heavy breasts rubbed against his muscular chest as my mouth glued to his. I moaned in delight, my arms locking around his neck as I undulated. Hot lust burned through my body. I never wanted to be fucked more than now.

I moaned into his kiss. His strong hands cupped my ass through my leather pants. My pussy clenched in excitement and released a flood of my passion. My nipples throbbed against his hard muscles. I ground against his stomach where the skin became fur, the soft hairs tickling me. "You are so Las-damned hot," I panted when I broke the kiss. "And you are a ravenous prey. I can feel the heat of your hungers burning through your garb. You ache for my cock." "I want to worship it." I shuddered. "It is the pinnacle of cocks." The centaur set me down.

"Then worship me." "Yes!" I gasped. I crawled beneath him. His musk was delightful. His cock throbbed before me, long as my arm. I licked my lips as I stared at the throbbing tip. I grasped him with both hands, stroking him as I leaned closer. I kissed the tip. He was too big for me to swallow. I could only flick my tongue against his crown, pushing into the slit as my hands slid up and down his shaft.

He neighed in delight, his hooves stamping as I pleasured him. "What a slutty prey," he growled. "You want my cum?" "More than anything," I moaned, my breasts heaving. "Las's cock," he cursed as I sucked harder.

His gamy precum flooded my lips. Watch you jizz anime on erza scarlet from fairy tail was saltier than a man, and produced far more precum.

It flowed into my mouth. I swirled it around before I swallowed it and sucked another flood of his delicious lube. My hands squeezed and stroked his thick shaft. He throbbed in my grip with every beat of his heart. His tail swished as he groaned and neighed. I was pleasing a centaur. My pussy clenched in my pants.

I pressed my thighs together, squeezing on my clit as I concentrated on his beastly cock. "So good," I moaned between licks, his precum leaking out of my mouth and trickling down to my heaving breasts. My body trembled. "It's better than I imagined." "Keep sucking, whore," he growled. "Every human cunt is hot for my cock. You all pant after me, your bodies filled with the carnal desire for my huge cock." "Yes!

It's so true! You're every girl's dream!" I stroked him faster. His tail swished faster. He had to be getting closer and closer to his eruption. My hands were almost a blur. I was eager for his cum. My hips shifted as I worshiped this magnificent creature. "Drink my cum, slut! Bathe in it!" His cock erupted. I gasped in shock. His cum squirted out with such power. My mouth was filled in a heartbeat.

His cum was thin and salty. It overflowed my mouth and poured down my breasts. He squirted over and over. I lifted my mouth away, letting his centaur cum bathe my naked breasts.

"Yes, yes!" I moaned, my face and body coated in salty, sticky cum. "Drench me! I love it!" I was so hot, so excited, to make a centaur cum, an orgasm shuddered through my body. I gasped in delight his cock covered me in jizz. I swallowed mouthful after mouthful as I heaved beneath him as he finally stopped cumming.

"So good!" I panted, my breasts covered in white cum. I scooped it up, eating it, eager to taste every wonderful drop. "What a slut," he groaned. "Yes! I am! A slut for cocks! And yours is the biggest! I want you to mount me! I want to be your mare!

Fuck me!" His cock was still hard. He neighed in answer. "The rock. It is the right height. Kneel on it, and I will mount you and fuck you like the slutty mare you are." "Yes!" I gasped, my fingers almost ripping open the lacings on my leather trousers. I pushed them down my thighs until they bunched around my ankles, trapped by my boots. I didn't waste time taking those off.

I needed to be fucked. I mounted the nearby rock, my heavy breasts dangling and dripping with cum. My pussy clenched. I wiggled my ass at my mighty centaur stallion. "Fuck me! Mount your mare and fuck me so hard!" He walked to me, his cock swinging beneath him. His hands stroked up my back as he walked over my kneeling body. The soft fur of his belly rubbed on my back.

His hard cock nudged at my pussy. He was so big as he pressed on my folds. "Yes!" I screamed as he pushed forward. My pussy lips stretched. Pain and pleasure mixed together.

My lips spread wider and wider. I gasped when the tip of his dick managed to pop into my tight hole. "Oh, fuck!" I screamed as my orgasm burned hot through me. My juices flooded out of my spasming hole, lubing the way for his cock to drive deeper and deeper into me.

I shuddered on the rock, savoring his cock pressing at the bottom of my pussy. I had never been stuffed so full. I was a centaur's mare. "Fuck teen paris models topless in her new sexy panties Fuck your mare! Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped as my orgasm rolled one after the other through me. His hard cock worked in and out of my pussy. The pain vanished, my pussy growing used to his massive girth, and only the pleasure was left.

"You wonderful stud! Keep fucking me! Oh, shit! What a mighty stallion!" The centaur neighed as he pounded his cock in and out of me. "What a tight cunt! Work that pussy on my cock! You fucking whore! You love being my mare!" "Yes!" I shuddered as another orgasm spasmed through my body. My mind was drowned in pleasure. I didn't care about anything but the cock reaming my pussy over and over.

He neighed and groaned as he fucked me. My body spasmed beneath him and my pussy convulsed about his monstrous dick, eager for every drop of his cum. "That's it! Oh, yes! You fucking whore! Take my cock! I'm going to flood you with cum! It'll pour out of your cunt!" "Do it! Give it to me!" I screamed as my pussy writhed about his wonderful slab of meet. "Cum in your mare!" His cock slammed into my depths. The tip expanded and then erupted. The cum flooded me.

The pressure of his blasts caressed the depths of my pussy. His wonderful jizz poured out of me, running down my thighs as I came over and over. "Never stop fucking me!" I screamed as his dick remained hard and kept thrusting in and out of my pussy. "I never want this to end!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona Hungry mouths sucked at my nipples. Abujimbor feasted on my pussy while Fergus and Vesh worshiped my nipples. I writhed on the soft sheets as the pleasure burned hot through me.

I bucked and squirmed while their strong hands ran across my body. "Oh, yes!" I panted. "Keep pleasuring me!" I reveled in my fantasy. The hunks mouths sent shudders through my pussy. My pale thighs pressed on Abujimbor's dark face as I bucked into his hungry mouth.

His tongue slid through my folds, touching every wonderful spot in my body. My toes curled as x sensual morning ride to orgasm michelle can pleasure washed through me in powerful waves. My fingers clenched on the bedspread.

"Yes! Love me! You are so wonderful! So strong!" I moaned as my orgasm burned through my body. I undulated my hips, grinding on Abujimbor's dark lips as he worshiped me. "What a flower you are," Fergus groaned, his strong lips kissing up from my breasts to my lips.

"My love." "Yes!" I groaned. I loved this fantasy. His lips crushed mine. These men were all mine. They would never fuck anyone else but me. They would just worship me. I groaned into Fergus's strong lips as the orgasm reached its peak, filling my mind with hot pleasure. My body heaved and I shuddered one last time as Abujimbor lifted his mouth from my wet pussy. "What a delicious flower. I love drinking your nectar, my princess." Fergus broke the kiss, delight on his strong face.

"You are so wonderful. We want to worship you forever." Forever. A part of me latched onto that. The small part that fought against this wonderful moment. "Yes, love me forever!" Abujimbor's strong, dark arms pulled me to him. He laid back, and I stretched across his muscular chest. My pale body writhe don his ebony strength. I kissed him as his hard cock nudged at the folds of my pussy. I needed to be filled by his wonderful cocks. The girls in my village always giggled about the supposed size of Halanian men and their ebony cocks.

He felt so big. Seamus was rumored to have the largest cock in our village, but Abujimbor dwarfed him. My pussy clenched, excited to be filled. I reached behind me and grasped his dick, rubbing it on the wet folds of my pussy. I shuddered as I ground on him. The tip of his cock pushed into me. I moaned in delight as he filled me up, stretching my pussy in ways Seamus never had.

"Yes!" I gasped as I wiggled my hips down his cock. My pussy clenched down on him. "How wonderful to be in girls dil doing girls scene intense industries sweet embrace, Princess," he grinned. My asscheeks clenched as I ground on him. "Yes! You fill me up!" Fergus's strong hand stroked my ass as I writhed on Abujimbor. "Such a beauty, Princess.

You burn with passion. You need more than one cock to satiate you." My eyes widened as his fingers parted my asscheeks. Part of me wanted to object, the boring part of me that always fought against my desires and badgered my spouses to stay faithful.

I ignored that part as his thick cock prodded my asshole. "Yes! I need more cocks! All your cocks!" I glanced at Vesh as he stroked his dusky shaft. I licked my lips.

"Let me suck your wonderful shaft." "I would be honored to use your sweet mouth, my love," Vesh groaned, moving closer. I swallowed his cock and shuddered as Fergus's dick slid into my bowels. I shuddered as he filled me up. I swirled my tongue around Vesh's cock as my hips undulated, working the two shafts in and out of my ass and pussy.

I was filled with cock. It was amazing. Fergus, Abujimbor, and I found a rhythm, our bodies heaving together as their wonderful dicks pumped in and out of my holes.

The burning bliss radiated out of my ass and mixed with the electric passion sparking in my pussy. I moaned and groaned as I sucked on Vesh's dick. I shuddered in delight as I enjoyed all three cocks. I was so wild, like Aoifa. I let my body be free. "What a beautiful princess," Vesh groaned. "Suck my cock. Love me for eternity!" "Love wild west dominant sheriff interrogates defenseless prisoner part all for eternity," Abujimbor groaned beneath us.

"We'll vanessa blue fucked in the ass by white guy you over and over. Our cocks will always be hard for you." "We'll always give your body such sweet pleasures," Fergus moaned into my ear as he worked his cock in and out of my asshole.

His strong hands gripped my breasts, rolling my nipples between his fingers. "Always! Just surrender." Something shimmered in the corner, almost pulling me out of my fantasy.

But my pleasure grew inside me. I wanted to be loved by these men for eternity. My body shuddered as my orgasm built. I sucked harder of Vesh's cock while Fergus slammed faster into my asshole.

I undulated and clamped my ass and pussy down on the wonderful cocks. "Princess!" Vesh gasped. "You're so blowjob followed by hot fuck hardcore teen I'm going to cum!" I sucked harder. I shuddered as his hot cum flooded my mouth. I sucked it down, his hot jizz coating my throat and warmed my belly.

The warmth mixed with the pleasure brewing in my bowels and pussy. My orgasm rushed through me. "Yes!" I panted as Vesh's cock pulled from my lips. I shuddered and writhed between my strong lovers. "Oh, yes! So good! Fuck me! Love me!" "Yes, yes, yes, sweet princess!" moaned Abujimbor, his hips thrusting his cock into my pussy while his dark hands caressed my sides. "We love you, princess!" "I." I frowned as their hot cum spilled into me.

I didn't love them. I lusted for them. I loved Seamus and Aoifa. My head threw back as my body milked their cum.

"Ours forever," Fergus panted as he flooded my ass. "No." I whispered, shaking my head. There was magic in this room. I could feel it. Something hid in the corner, shimmering behind its illusion while filling me up with lusts. I wasn't like this. I didn't want to cheat on my spouses. "No!" I shouted as my orgasm died.

"Spirits, come to my aide and banish this illusion!" Blue spirits rushed into the room, racing about. They dove into the objects and left behind a blue flood that slowly consumed the illusion, revealing dark-stone walls. One touched Fergus and suddenly his body melted away, my ass empty of cock and cum. Abujimbor glowed blue and vanished, and I fell onto the bed. Then the bed itself was consumed, and I landed hard on the stone floor.

I was in a small cell, tinier than the room I had seen in the illusion. My clothes were on the floor. In the corner, an incorporeal woman watched me, her body lush, her eyes full of burning passion. "No! You're mine to feed on!" she hissed. "Lilim!" I gasped, a ghost of a woman who had died consumed with thoughts of lust. Tiny, black chains wrapped her body. The lilim rushed at me, her incorporeal hands grasping my body. Hot lust rushed through me as her ghostly lips pressed against mine.

I fought against the desires racing through me. The illusion tried to spring up around me. "No!" I shouted. She was chained by the dark Warlock, forced to haunt this space. "Spirits of Abjuration, break the dark hold over this shade. Let her depart and find her rest." The blue spirits rushed at her. "No! Mine!" The lilim clawed at the abjuration spirits rushing in.

The motes of blue light swarmed her. I stood up straighted, focusing my will. "Break the spell and let the lilim find rest." "Don't you want to live your fantasies forever?" The lilim asked. "Don't you want us to worship you, Princess?" Abujimbor asked, appearing beside me, his body carved out of ebony rock. I shuddered as he touched me. "You're not real!" I shouted. "You're fake.

A fantasy. I want reality, not a spell poisoning me with outside lusts!" I redoubled my will. The lilim spun about as she was overwhelmed by my spirits. "Don't we feel real?" Fergus asked, his arms wrapping around me from behind, pulling me against his strong body.

"Didn't we please you, my love?" I laughed. "You pleasured me, but you can't love me. You're fake. Hollow. Empty. Nothing but air and shadow given animation by a twisted spirit!" The lilim's chains were attacked by the abjuration spirits.

The chains glowed blue, shining bright as they were consumed. The illusions of Abujimbor and Fergus vanished. The lilim shuddered and smiled as she was freed of the dark Warlock's spell. "Thank you," the lilim whispered as she flew to me and kissed me once again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus My cock worked in and out of the Secaren maid's tight cunt. She was the last virgin. The other writhed about me, feasting on each other's deflowered cunts and my cum filling up their sheaths. "Cum in me!" moaned the Secaren virgin. "Over and over! For eternity!" "Seamus!" Fiona shouted from behind me.

"Fiona!" I groaned as she strode into the room. "Care to join us! I'm afraid the virgins have already surrendered their maidenheads." "He was so powerful," the petite girl moaned beneath me. Fiona shook her head. Then she bent down and picked up my fallen sword, still enchanted by Gewin's blessing. She strode to the corner of the room and swung. The bed and the maiden gasping beneath me vanished.

I fell and landed hard on the stone floor. A black room surrounded me, the delights of the virgin harem gone. An incorporeal, naked woman shuddered in the corner where Fiona had swung, black chains falling off her body. "Thank you!" the ghost gasped and kissed Fiona before she vanished.

"What is going on?" I asked, looking around. "Where did the virgins go?" "It was a lilim," Fiona answered. "She gave you your fantasy." Her eyes grew disapproving. "Five virgins? Really?" I grinned at her. "Get dressed. Aoifa is in the next cell. I shudder to think what her fantasy is." My cock throbbed. I was eager to find out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa I came again as the centaur's cock speared deep into my bowels.

My ass burned as I shuddered on his cock. Cum dripped out of my gaping pussy. I loved every moment of being a centaur's mare. I clenched down on his cock while my back undulated into the centaur's soft fur. "Where's the lilim!" Seamus shouted, appearing out of thin air before me in his armor and enchanted longsword.

"Look at me, husband of mine!" I moaned. "A centaur's fucking my ass!" Seamus flashed me a grin, his fiery hair falling wild about his handsome face. "Over there," Fiona shouted, pointing to the right. "Three steps and swing." I didn't understand what was going on. I just savored the wonderful cock slamming into my ass while the centaur neighed, "I'll fuck you forever!

My sweet mare!" "Yes!" I screamed. Seamus swung at nothing. The forest glade vanished and dark stone walls appeared around me. My lover disappeared, along with his thick cock in my ass and his cum drenching my body. The rock I knelt on melted into shadows, and I gasped and fell a few feet to land on my hands and toes on the rough stone.

A naked ghost kissed my husband as her black chains fell in broken pieces off of her. "What is going on?" I demanded as I straightened up, my body trembling with lust. My centaur was gone. "A lilim," Fiona answered as she rushed over. "Are you okay? That centaur's cock was monstrous. Did it hurt you?" I grinned.

"It was amazing!" I hugged her and kissed her lips. Fiona kissed me back for a moment. "I'm glad you're fine," my twin said when she broke the kiss. "Those lusty ghosts were quite the trap." "I had five exotic virgins to fuck," grinned our husband.

"And I see you got your wish." "Mmm, I'm glad you got to witness the end." "Maybe one day, I'll get to see it from the beginning." I gave a wicked laugh. "You are the best husband." "A perverted husband," Fiona muttered.

"Now get dressed. We have to stop the Warlock, remember?" "Right," I winked and pulled up my leather pants still bunched around my ankles. "So, what did you see, Fiona?" Her cheeks blushed. "I saw through it," she said, her voice light. "Liar," I grinned. "You had your fun. Tell us." Seamus green eyes burned with interest.

Fiona swallowed. " know those romantic stories I like?" "Abujimbor and all the rest," I nodded. "Did one appear?

Was it mighty Fergus? Or Vesh?" "It was.all of them," she quickly said, her cheeks burning. "Three men at once?" I arched my eyebrows. "Well, sweet sister, I think there's hope for you yet." Fiona groaned. "Just get dressed, we need to defeat the Warlock." "I wished I saw that, too," Seamus said, pulling Fiona to him, his chainmail clinking. "I bet you were radiant." Fiona winced, her cheeks burning with shame before Seamus gave her a hot kiss.

I pictured my sweet sister writhing between three men as I found my leather vest and dressed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus I rushed up the stairs, my sword burning before me. I hoped there wouldn't be any more traps, though the lilim's vision was pleasant. But there were real virgins to enjoy at the tower's summit.

The stairs climbed higher and higher, branching off to dark, dusty rooms that looked seldom used. "He'll be at the top!" Aoifa urged. "Keep going." It was hot work, but I was used to running up the steep slopes in the Tuathan Valley and ignored the strain.

I reached the top and burst through the door, my sword brandished before me. It opened onto a circular room, a large bed draped in wolf furs on one side, a dark altar dripping with black candles at the other.

In the back, five women huddled in a cage wearing thin slips, black chains of energy binding them. Unlike my fantasy, all five were Hazian girls, still beautiful, but not the exotic delights the lilim had conjured to entrap me. Standing in the room's center was a tall man in a black robe, a deep cowl hiding most of his face.

Pale hands jutted from the wide sleeves, one clutching a sinuous dagger that was outlined in an umbral aura. "A Triad?" the Warlock demanded, his voice soft. "This is what routed my servants and broke the gates of my tower?" "Did you think your villainy would go unanswered?" Fiona shouted from behind me "We are the champions of these mountains," I spat.

"None shall commit dark arts and threaten nubile maidens without meeting our challenge." "Such nobility," spat the Warlock, "and yet you face me three to one. Hardly a fair challenge." "Why should it be fair?" Aoifa demanded. "He has us confused for one of the those new knightly orders," I answered as I advanced on the Warlock, my blade held before me.

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I kept a watch on his sinuous dagger. He would have to get in close to use that on me, and even then it would catch on my mail. But the enchantment worried me. "We don't duel. We don't fight fair. We just defeat evil." "Then defeat me!" The Warlock through his arms wide and dark shadows rushed from him like black orbs. My sword swung, parting the first orb that streaked at me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona "This is bad," I shouted as Seamus swung his blade forward. "Spirits of conjuration, I summon you to protect my warrior husband!" Red spirits answered my summons.

The crimson balls streaked through the walls of the tower to wreathe around Seamus and deflect the size queen fingering her pussy on toilet, black spirits that attacked him. My heart panged as the Warlock's magic mangled the poor spirits. "What is he?" Aoifa asked as she slipped around Seamus.

"A binder!" I shouted. "He's seized control of the spirits in this area and tortured them into doing his bidding." A great anger burned through me as I glared at the Warlock. More black spirits crawled around his body, a powerful protection spell. I couldn't hope to breach it.

His power was artificial, and I shuddered to imagine the dark rites he had performed to achieve control over the fickle spirits. "What do we do?" Seamus demanded, stepping back as the black spirits rushed at him. My protection spell barely deflected the attacking spirits as Seamus's sword slashed and killed the poor, tortured beings.

There had to be a weakness to a binder. I renewed the protection spell around Seamus as I remembered my lessons. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa I skirted along the edge of the tower. Seamus was magnificent, his sword a red blur as he slew the dark balls attacking him. Crimson light burst around him as Fiona's shield spell deflected other attacks.

But a dark tide flooded at my husband from the robed man. His attention was focused on Seamus. I crept along, perfect latina with natural big tits on webcam my boots carefully. I motioned for silence from the lovely maidens in the cage as I skirted past them. I reached behind the Warlock, my daggers held in hand. I sprang forward. My dagger stabbed at his back. The tip of my knife penetrated his robe and then struck his skin.

But a spell protected him. Darkness flashed and I was thrown back, rolling on the ground while my dagger spun across the floor. The Warlock turned. "Shall I swat you, little gnat, before squishing your spouses?" "Aoifa!" Fiona shouted as dark energy gathered around the Warlocks free hand.

I rolled to my feet and sprang right. Fiona chanted, but I couldn't hear her words over the terrible pounding in my heart. The dark light shot forward at me. My body felt trapped by thick gruel, slowing down my limbs as I tried to get clear of the attack.

I wasn't fast enough. Energy brushed my face. A brilliant, red aura exploded as the black darkness rippled over an invisible shield.

Fiona had saved me. I flashed a smile at her as Seamus rushed forward, his sword thrusting before him. The Warlock spun around and sent his magic crashing into Seamus. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus I halted my charge as the Warlock teamskeet small tits brunette girlfriend jenny sweet home sex and threw his dark magic.

The spell struck Fiona's protective spells around me. Red and black energy collide as new interracial fuck with a hawt luscious girl hardcore blowjob of darkness streaked back at me. My sword flashed out, cutting one in half as I retreated back to Fiona. "We need a plan!" I shouted. "How do we stop him?" "No one can stop me!" cackled the Warlock.

"I have impregnated my body with spells and sorcery. I have tortured the spirits of magic into serving me.

They have made me immortal." Aoifa raced around the room, diving as other spirits attacked her. She rolled behind me. Both my wives were at my back. My sword could not falter now. "There has to be a way to defeat him," I growled. I couldn't keep swinging all day. "There's a tattoo," Fiona gasped. "That's what anchors the spell. It'll be the only part of his body vulnerable. The spirit's magic can't touch it.

It's also what keeps his mastery over the poor things. Damage the tattoo and he's done with." "Stupid cunt!" the Warlock snarled. I growled and stepped forward, slicing through attacking spirits. "He's afraid. That's it." "Where is it?" Aoifa asked. "The heart. They usually tattoo over their hearts." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa "Give me speed, sweet sister," I whispered.

"I can get in and hit the tattoo." Fiona nodded. "Spirits of enhancement, gird my sister's body with the speed of a gusting wind." My body tingled as the unseen spirits washed over me.

Everything seemed to slow down around me and yet I moved just as quick as before. I stood up while Seamus drew back his sword for attack.

It seemed almost comical how slow he moved. I rushed around him, dodging the slow-moving spirits with ease. I twisted around them as I rushed for the Warlock. He raised his sinuous dagger. The blade was ringed in darkness. I stabbed in. His blade slashed out at me. But it moved so slowly, like a ladle stirring through a thick stew. I stopped my attack and easily jumped back as the blade slashed down before me. If I was moving at normal speed, it would have been a lighting-quick attack, almost impossible to dodge.

I laughed and drew back my dagger to cut open his robes and expose his tattoo when I noticed the razor-sharp line of darkness left behind by the dagger. Though his attack missed, it sent out a thin wave of darkness that hurtled for my chest. "Pater's cock!" I cursed and threw myself back.

The line of darkness rushed at me as I flew back in the air, reaching for my flesh. I expelled my breath as I arched over, wishing my tits weren't so big. It passed over my legs and neared my stomach. I sucked in my guts as I reached the apex of my arc. It flew over my body rushing for my large breasts. I began to drop. I arched my back and kicked my legs up, lowering my chest. The darkness washed over me and I fell for the floor, landing hard on my back. The attack kept flowing across the room.

Fiona dived for the floor, her hair moving in slow motion. She had enough time. It missed her and clipped the wall. Spirits rushed at me, coming in from every direction as I regained my feet. Even moving so slow, there were dozens and dozens. I couldn't dodge them all. But I had to try. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona I hit the ground, shuddering as the evil magic punched through the wall behind me.

Daylight flooded in from the hole it left. Seamus moved forward as the tortured spirits rushed at Aoifa. She moved like a black blur, dodging spirits, but they came at her from all sides. She would make a mistake.

So I had to guard her. I cast the protection spell. The red conjuration spirits answered my call. Unlike the Warlock, I didn't have to torture the innocent spirits of magic for their aid. They were eager to serve a twinborn witch. The conjuration spirits swirled around the swiftly-moving Aoifa, absorbing attacks and allowing her to rush forward. The Warlock cursed and moved back. He sliced his dagger, throwing out those deadly, black waves.

But Aoifa was ready, weaving through his attacks and spirits. Seamus came up on the Warlock's side. He didn't have her speed, but his enchanted blade was a threat to any being. The Warlock snarled as Aoifa's knife ripped open the front of his robe, exposing a slim, pale chest. And no tattoo. "What?" I gasped. Aoifa shouted something, but her lips moved as fast as the rest of her and her words sounded like a high pitched squeak. "It must be on him.

Keep cutting his robes!" I shouted, guessing what Aoifa must have asked. Her dagger was a blur, dicing the Warlock's robes. The black cloth fell open, exposing more of the Warlock's pale stomach and thighs. Aoifa danced around him as his dagger parried Seamus's attacks. The Warlock couldn't be bothered to stop Aoifa any longer with Seamus's blade hammering at him. "We got you!" Seamus grinned as his enchanted blade disrupted the black waves. "You're—" The Warlock threw out a dark beam from his off hand.

Seamus held his blade before him, his offhand grasping the sword near the tip, and braced against the attack.

It slammed into his blade and threw my husband back. He stumbled and fell in a clank of metal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa "Where is it?" I shouted as I danced around the slow moving Warlock. I had to be careful with my slashes, dig in only deep enough to cut his robe and not deep enough to touch his flesh. If I did, his protective magics would throw me back.

"Yooouuu caaannoooottt deefeeaatt meee!" the Warlock shouted, his words slow and long. "Iiii aaammm immmoorrrtaalll!" "Slata's gaping cunt! Where is it?" His robe barley hung on him. The Warlock's pudgy ass shifted as he turned to attack me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus I forced myself back to my feet.

My sword's magic was gone. I cursed. The Warlock turned attack Aoifa, but she was a dark blur streaking around him. I had to get back in there and defeat him before one of us made a mistake. "Gewin, bless my sword with your strength," I prayed, calling on the War God to enchant my glade. "Let it cleave through—" The Warlock swiped his dagger at me. I abandoned my prayer and dived to juvenile attractive babe deepthroats old shaft oldvsyoung hardcore side, landing hard as death going through a fucking phase chloe scott over my head.

"Gewin's stolen cock," I growled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona Fear hammered in my breast as I hugged the floor. Waves of darkness swept through the air. My conjuration spirits danced in the air, trying to protect Seamus and Aoifa as they fought. Fear hammered my heart.

We were about to lose. We weren't strong enough to beat him. The Warlock spun around, his robes hanging in taters about his weak, pasty body. His hood had slipped off, revealing a plain face and a mop of brown hair. It was a face that fit a farmer and not a dark Warlock. As he turned, his small cock flopped out a gap in his shredded robes. My eyes widened. A purple tattoo faintly glowed at the tip—the binding focus.

"Aoifa! It's at the tip of his cock!" Horror filled the Warlock's face as Aoifa darted around him. Her dagger was silver blur. She stabbed up and pierced the head of the Warlock's cock.

Seamus winced as the Warlock screamed in pain. He stumbled back. "No!" he shouted. "No! Keep attacking! You serve me!" The black, tortured spirits reverted to their true color. The red conjuration spirits that protected his body leaped away and the white evocation spirits that had been trying to kill Aoifa streaked towards the Warlock.

He swung his knife, but the purple enchantment spirits had abandoned his blade. No waves of darkness rippled through the air. The evocation spirits struck the dark Warlock. His screams echoed through the tower top as he was engulfed in white light.

The light snuffed out and only his dying screams remained behind. The evocation spirits had utterly destroyed his body, inflicting equal pain back on their tormentor. They soared to me, spun about me for a moment and then sped off. Tears burned in my eyes. We did it. Seamus's sword glowed red and sliced through the lock holding the virgins' cage closed.

The first two rushed out and threw themselves at him, raining kisses on his face as he scooped them up and twirled them around, their lithe legs swinging at his feet. "Our hero!" the two maidens gushed. Aoifa appeared before the cage.

I dismissed her speed spell as she pulled two virgins out and planted a hot kiss on each of their lips. I shook my head at my spouses. Seamus already had his maidens on the bed, the pair squirming in excitement as he peeled off his chainmail coat and dropped it with a clatter on the floor. "So strong," one cooed as they rubbed at his muscular chest. "You saved us!" I opened my mouth to object to my spouses behavior when the fifth virgin threw her arms around my neck.

Her lithe body pressed against mine, her nipples pressing hard against the thin cloth of her shift. Heat flushed through me. "You saved us," the maiden whispered, her dark eyes wide, her dusky face full of excited joy.

"You were so amazing with your magic." "I." Her lips found mine. Her kiss was so sweet while her hands caressed my body. I grasped her shoulders, trying to push her away. "Wait," I said. "This isn't necessary." "It is," the virgin whispered. "You saved us." "But—" Her hot lips planted on mine again. Her hands undid my belt. My robe slid open. Her soft hands stroked my belly, sliding up to my breasts.

I shuddered when she fingered a hard nipple. My pussy throbbed. I couldn't do this. This wasn't right. I was married. I cared about my vows to the god Luben. "Please," I said, pulling away.

"You don't have to thank us with your bodies." "But we want to," she purred. "We all want to lose our cherries." "Yes!" the maiden gasped as Seamus mounted her. The virgin eagerly guided his cock to her pussy. "We don't want to be virgins any longer. That man wanted to sacrifice us because of our maidenheads.

Pop our cherries! Please!" Aoifa grinned at me. "Sweet sister!" She held up a two pieces of broken wood from a chair that had been damaged in the fight. "Do you mind shaping these into proper dildos." My cheeks blushed. "Please," the virgin in my arms gasped. "Take my cherry. Make love to me.

You saved us. You deserve it. And.I don't ever want to be captured by a mad Warlock again." Seamus groaned as he popped the first virgin's cherry. My husband's ass clenched as he drove into her tight depths. The Hazian maiden squirmed beneath him, her dusky arms and legs wrapped about his strong body.

"Please," moaned the virgin, her fingers rolling my nipples and sending delight straight to my pussy. It couldn't hurt to celebrate just this once. Tomorrow, I would make sure my spouses stayed faithful to our vows. "Fine," I moaned. "Spirits of transformation, shape the wood into phalluses to please these nubile maidens." "That's the spirit, sweet sister," giggled Aoifa as a pair of yellow orbs zipped up and engulfed the broken chair pieces.

Light flared and when it vanished, a pair of wooden dildos was in her hand. She tossed me one. I pushed my maiden down on the bed and spread her thighs. Her pussy was covered by a light down of brown audrey bitoni all fuckying storys. I licked her, deliberately breaking my marriage vows for the first time ever.

She tasted sweet. It wasn't so bad. This was a one time thing, I reminded myself as I tongued her sweet sex. "Take my cherry!" she moaned as my tongue flicked at her clit. I grinned at her and pressed the dildo against her pussy lips and thrust. Maybe being naughty was okay every once in awhile. But only on special occasions, like keeping virgins from ever being kidnapped again.

I buried my face and tongued the girl's newly deflowered pussy. THE END