Tiny babe has anal sex pornstars ass

Tiny babe has anal sex pornstars ass
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Sissy the Redhead: Big Brother and Mamma Pt IV "This summer is going to suck," I said to myself as I walked back to my mom's house after wasting an hour not catching any fish. After all, I didn't have any friends around here, we lived out in the country, so I couldn't walk to the mall and meet anyone, and I had to live with my mom and my little sister. As a sixteen year old boy, I needed something to do. I had only been here an hour and I was already bored out of my skull!

The worst part was, I'd been stupid horny lately, and my mom was not going to make it easy for me around here. She was only around thirty years old and looked and dressed like a porn star. Whether she wore jeans, shorts, or a leather skirt, they were always skin tight and showed off her world class ass.

And her tee shirts looked like she borrowed them from my thirteen year old sister, Sissy. They barely held her huge tits, and her nipples were always hard. That, of course, meant my dick was always hard, and I had to run around hiding it from the two girls who I lived with. Yup, I was going to go crazy this summer. I could feel it. As I approached the house, I saw my mother running across the road form the neighbor's house, her tits bouncing all over.

Even though I had just finished jerking off in the woods, I felt my dick start to chub up again. She ran in the front door so I decided kerala hidden cam massage parlor sex hang out on the back steps until the bulge in my pants went down.

After a few minutes of thinking of anything but my super hot mom, I could stand up straight, so I went in through the back door and into the kitchen. My mom's bedroom was the first one down the hallway, and I heard some noise coming from her open door.

Curious, I quietly walked over to it, and peeked in. My jaw hit the floor. There was my mom, her skirt hiked up to the waist, her head gemma massey isis love krissy lynn and lingerie cumshot back and her mouth wide open and panting between moans. She had a dildo whipping in and out of her trimmed pussy, and one of her beautiful tits was out and she was squeezing the nipple with her other hand.

My hand went immediately to my cock and I rubbed it through my jeans as I watched her fuck herself silly. I started to unzip my fly to pull my cock out, certain that she was too busy with her pussy to see me, when she suddenly leaned over to her night stand.

I threw myself back from the door frame and waited a few seconds to peek back in. I was pretty sure she hadn't seen me. Sure enough, when I looked back, she had a second dildo out and was working it into her ass. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Both her tits were hanging out in plain view now, and she was alternating between shoving one toy into one whole, then the other in the other, and sweat was running down her face. And the sounds coming from her mouth were hotter than anything I'd seen in a porno. By now I had my dick out and my hand was flying up and down the shaft. I was glad I had just shot a load, or I wouldn't be able to last, and I wanted to enjoy this whole show.

Then my mom started to grunt and squeal, faster and faster, before yanking the dildo out of her pussy, and jamming the other one as far into her ass as it would go.

Then she started slapping the pussy dildo against her swollen clit, and she started peeing onto her bedspread. At least I thought it was pee until I heard her mumble, "God.cumming!" to herself. I didn't know girls could cum like that, but then, I'd never fucked a girl, so I wouldn't know. Anyway, that's when it happened.

My hand was working my cock so fast, it slipped off and knocked against the wall. My mom's eyes shot open and she was looking right at me. Her lust filled eyes were looking right into my lust filled eyes, and for a second, I thought I was dead. "Luke. Come over here." She whispered it, and I wasn't sure what to make of the tone. I figured she would have yelled or something. I did my best to stuff my steel-hard prick back into my jeans when she said, "Don't you dare, mister.

Leave it, and come here right now." It didn't even register that she hadn't covered herself up, or even removed the dildo from her ass. When I was standing next to her, she reached back down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit.

I was stunned. "Show me what you were just doing, baby," she said, looking down at my still stiff cock. "Uh, you mean this?" I started stroking my dick again. I was beginning to understand that I might not be in trouble, but still couldn't comprehend what was happening.

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"Did you like watching your mother touch herself just now?" "God, yes mom. You're so hot, I couldn't help it." "It's okay, honey. It's perfectly natural to get excited when you see what you saw." Then she looked away from my cock, and looked me in the eyes again. "Luke, have you ever been with a girl?" "Um, not really, well, no," I said, a little embarrassed to admit that to her.

"Well, if you want, I can teach you about women. I could help you learn how to make them cum like you just saw me cum, would you like that, sweetie?" "Oh my god, mom. Yes! I've wanted to fuck you for over a year now, ever since last summer. I must have jerked off a thousand times thinking of you." Her face lit up and she laughed when I told her that. "Oh, that's so sweet, baby. It's nice to know I can still turn on a hot young boy like you. Now, let me take care of that for you." My mother slid off the bed, got on her knees, pushed my hands away from my dick, and kissed the head.

"Nice cock, honey. Let's see how it tastes." Then she opened her mouth, and looking up at me, she let it slide between her teeth, real slow. She let the underside glide down her tongue and hit the back of her throat before she clamped her lips down around it. I know I'm not huge, but at seven inches, I figured I was pretty well hung for my age. But I was still surprised when my mother forced her head down on me, hard, and my cock pushed past the back of her throat, and buried itself to the hilt.

When she stuck out her tongue and started slurping at my balls at the same time, I almost came straight into her stomach. She must have sensed I was close, because she let my cock slide from her mouth and stood up to fully undress. "You too," she said, indicating I should strip as well. I was thankful for the break so I could make this last longer. When I was naked, she looked me over while touching herself. "Mmmm. You are a tasty young man, aren't you?

Such a nice, tight young body and such a big hard cock for your mamma." She was really getting off on this, I could tell by how fast she was rubbing her pussy. "Baby, I think it's time you knew that your mother is a slut.

I am a dirty fucking whore, and I like to be treated like one, do you understand?" "Um, I guess so," I said. She must have known I really didn't know what she meant. "What I mean is, I thought I might lead you through your first time like a gentle, soft woman, but I really have no idea how to do that. I've been getting fucked since I was younger than your sister, and have learned that I like to be treated rough, and I like to treat my lovers rough.

So please don't be surprised when you hear some of the things I'm likely to say. And don't be surprised when I tell you to do something.strange to me." That speech busty indian milf fucking in the office fueled my fire.

"I think I know what you're getting at, mom. I've seen some stuff in pornos, and I know how some of those women like it rough and dirty." "Good. Now get over here and eat my cunt, little boy." I got between her legs on the bed and started licking at her slit like I'd seen them do in the movies.

She started to squirm and moan, so I guess I was doing a good job. "Now, stick a finger inside as you lick.yes.that's it. Suck that clit! Yeah.fuck me with your hand, baby.yes! Oh, fuck, yes!" I could feel my cock drooling out pre-cum onto the bed spread.

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This was hotter than any fantasy I'd ever had about my mother. I had no clue my mom was such a whore! "Now lick my ass, baby!" I didn't even hesitate, I was so turned on right then. I ran my tongue down to butthole and she shifted her ass upwards, pulling her legs back so her knees were smashed into her boobs. "Poke you tongue inside it.yes.YES!" That's when she started squirting her juices again, all over my face.

They tasted so good as they ran down to my mouth on her asshole and I tried to drink as much as I could while still eating her ass. "Oh yes," she hissed through her teeth. "that is a good boy.such a good little boy! Lick mamma's dirty ass! Eat her cum! Oh, god!" Then she grabbed my hair and pulled my face out of her ass, hard.

"Kiss me, baby.

Kiss your mother with that dirty mouth." She pulled me up to her face and forced my mouth open with her tongue. I shoved mine back into hers just as hard. I figured I'd just follow her lead, and treat her just like she treated me.

"Mmmm, yeah," she said as she broke the kiss. "You like kissing your mamma like that, don't you?" She looked at me with her eyes really wide and kind of crossed, and she bit her lower lip.

It was such a slutty look, I had to kiss her again. This time I grabbed her hair and kissed her harder. When I finally let go, she was gasping for air. "Fuck, yeah, baby! That's it! Make your mother into your little slut! Go on, spit in my mouth! Do it, baby.I fucking love that!" I didn't even think about it as she opened her mouth up wide. I leaned in and spit my mouth full of saliva onto her waiting tongue. She was still gazing at me with those crossed, lusty eyes as she swallowed, then shuddered.

"I want you to fuck me now, baby. I want my son's hard young cock inside my pussy!" She got up on her hands and knees and wagged her ass at me. God, I thought. My own mother is begging me to fuck her doggie-style! It took me all of a split second to place the head of my cock at her steaming hole. "DO IT!" She was panting for it. It felt amazing as it slid inside.

So wet and hot! Her pussy gripped my shaft, a move I instinctually knew was special. Her pussy muscles were milking me as I sliped further and further in.

With action like that, I wasn't going to last very much longer, so I figured I'd make it as good for her as I could. I reached up hall of fame milf vicky vette plays with redhead penny pax in miami grabbed a handful of her thick black hair, and yanked back as hard as I could as I thrust forward and buried my dick as deep as it could go.

Her head jerked back and I held it there, pulling her hair as hard as I could and started pistoning in and out of her twat. She looked so hot like that, with her ass up and her back arched. She was grunting and brunette tara enjoys riding a fat pecker with each thrust.

I'd seen moves like that in the movies, and I tried as best I could to mimic what I had seen. Then I remembered another trick. I wet my middle finger by sticking it all the way in my mouth, then without warning, like I knew she'd like, I pushed it as hard and fast as I could straight into her ass. The practically shrieked when I did it, then her pussy started to convulse all over my cock, and I could feel another shower of her cum spraying out around the base of my cock.

"That's it you dirty little slut, cum for me! Cum all over that cock!" I don't even know how the words came into, or out of my mouth, but the effect was even better than I expected.

With a growl, she pulled away form me, flipped over with her legs spread, and started to rubbing her clit. "Yes, baby. I'm your slut, now. Your own whore of a mother is your filthy slut. You can fuck me any time you want.do anything to me! Just jerk off on my pussy, please? Please shoot your hot cum on your mamma's pussy?" I was so close it only took about five strokes before I erupted. As soon as the first thick white rope landed on her clit and lips, she gushed again. My cum was flying out and covering her pussy and hand, and her juice was shooting up onto my cock, my hand, even soaking my balls.

It was a mess like I'd never seen in any movie. It was the hottest thing I'd ever heard of.ever! Until what she did next. As soon as both our orgasms finished, she said, "Don't move an inch." Then she started scooping up handfuls of my cum, and her cum, and letting the thick mixture pour off her hand and into her mouth.

She kept doing this over and over until her pussy and legs and stomach were cleaned, and her mouth was full. She squished it up to her lips, then slurped it back in, showing me how full her mouth was before swallowing it all in one huge gulp while staring that slutty, crossed-eyed stare at me.

She licked her fingers and palm clean before getting in front of me on her elbows and knees, ass sticking up into the air, and proceeded to tongue-clean my cock and hands and balls. When that was done, and with a satisfied smile on her face, she even sunny leon water sex vedios her lips onto the soaked bed spread, and slurped as much of the cum and juice out of the fibers as she could before she finally laid me down.

She laid down next to me, put my limp dick into her mouth, and fell asleep. The last thought I had before I dozed off, was maybe this summer wouldn't be so bad after all. To be continued.