Babes in the wind starring sharon lee clip

Babes in the wind starring sharon lee clip
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The "sex/rape" scene is more to demonstrate Hextor's depravity and state of mind more than arousal. This chapter has no real sex scenes after Poala's rape. Jin put a hand on Poala's head and ruffed her hair, "It could have been nice." Hextor stood quietly against the wall, trying not to be noticed by the crazed wizard. He felt terror like never before, as if it emanated from Jin. The farmer felt awed as well, awed and amazed.

His father had always bullied Hextor and his mother was just as bad. Yet here was this man who did not fear them, was not intimidated by their arrogance. Jin was a terrifying and amazing wizard. Power like this could get a man anything, Hextor wanted power like Jin's. Hextor could not help but just stare as Jin fixed his cloths and took a survey of the room.

'This man must be a god,' Hextor thought. "Hextor," Jin said with an air of authority, "you are now my first slave. Do you understand?" Hextor swallowed before answering, "Uh. Yes, uh, I guess." "Ah, silly boy," Jin said smiling, "I am your master. That means you will call me master or die." Jin's nonchalant tone and manner sent a chill down Hextor's spine. "Yes master." Hextor responded, easily subdued. "Now being my slave tight blonde slut double pounded by massive black cocks interracial and gangbang not without its benefits." Jin walked up to a shelf and started looking through jars.

"You may have some fun with that rude creature," he pointed to Poala, "before I kill her. Don't kill her though, I have questions." Hextor smiled evilly at his mother. He had always hated her and wanted to make her pay for it. He started to unbuckle his pants as he took his place behind her. "Have you no decency?" Jin asked obviously surprised by what Hextor was doing. The farmer had thought Jin. Master Jin had told him he too could rape Poala, but was now terrific asian school girl sucking and getting fucked uncensored and subtitles of what he meant by "fun".

He stood there dumbly looking at his master, unsure of what to do. Jin just looked at Hextor for a second then said, "What makes you think you can act lewdly infront of people? You do things like that in privacy." Jin pointed to the bedroom, "Go." Hextor was confused as to why he had to do this privately.

After all Master Jin just raped Poala in from of him. Hell, he tortured her. However, Hextor was not going to argue with his master over those details. Instead he grabbed his mother by the hair and started dragging her towards her room.

She cried out in pain, but offered no resistance. Once in the room Hextor picked her up and tossed her on the bed. Then closed the door. "Hextor we have to get out of here." Poala said weakly. "Why mother?" Hextor turn around and leered at her naked flesh.

He wanted to hurt her and make her pay for all those years of ridicule. He hated her more than anything in the world and he would make her suffer. Poala's breaking was noisy and she groaned when she moved. "He's crazy. That man isn't right in the head." She looked over at her son. By the way she looked at him Hextor could tell she did not like what she saw. "Did you even hear half the things he said? That man is. He is crazy, there is something wrong with him.

He's going to kill us all!" She could barely get the words out. Tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed quietly. "I don't know." Hextor took off his shirt, then started with his boots. true anal busty angela white gaping anal seems like a brilliant man to me." When his boots and pants were off he looked at his hard cock.

It was small, a lot smaller than Master Jin's, even than his father's. His father used to make fun of him for having such a small dick. His father had once invited him to get sucked off by his mother when they were all drunk one night.

It turned out his father just wanted his mother to see how small of a dick he actually had. The two of them had laughed at him and called him names. They also called him a pervert and a creep.

The mere fact that he wanted his mother so suck him off was proof that he was a loser. He had showed them though. He had a kid now, not that they would ever know. Hextor would win in the end, that is all that mattered. It was Master Jin who gave Hextor this victory.

Master Jin was a god, he was worth worship. Master Jin deserved to own the world for his kindness, his greatness. "Hextor what are you doing?" Poala sobbed, but she could not move.

She hurt too much to do anything but lay there. Hextor got on top of her and spread her legs. "Well mother, what does it feel like to get fucked by a disgusting little pervert?" With that Hextor rammed into his mother. Her sloppy pussy felt as good as he had imagined it would. His mother however did not react in any way.

She just laid there. She had the nerve to just lay there. He hated everything about this woman. Hextor would not let her ruin this victory like she ruined everything else.

Hextor roughly groped at Poala's chest. "I have always wanted to do this." He grabbed handfuls of flesh and squeezed, loving the way they felt. Poala moaned in pain and discomfort. Hextor pulled out and slammed back in, letting the bulk of his weight rest on Poala's chest, crushing her.

"You used to always call me worthless, but whose worthless now?" Hextor wanted her to feel it. So he pulled out just to ram back in her. Poala's flesh jiggled and waved. He pulled back for his fourth such ramming, suddenly cumming hard inside her. His whole body stiffened as he groaned and collapsed onto his mother. "I have won, mother." Hextor said out of breath.

The sex had not lasted long. Hextor knew he did not have much endurance for it. He hated himself for that. The fun would not be over yet though.

His mother would suffer before the Master killed milf gives massage footjob and tit fuck. She german gang rape force fuck suffer a lot.

How to make her suffer? Not wanted to think about it with a full bladder Hextor grabbed the chamber pot to relieve himself, but stopped. He grinned. Looking back at Poala, he laughed to himself. Pain could be emotion, he should know, his parents always tortured him. "You are a disgusting creep!" Poala tried to shout, but it came out as a hoarse whisper.

"What's wrong mom, thirsty?" Hextor started to urinate all over his mother's body.

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His evil laugh cackled as his stream of piss moved up and down her body. "I think you need a bath." "The god will avenge me." She sobbed, "The go." Hextor started peeing on her face, causing Poala to spit up the piss to try and breath.

"The gods wont do anything for you whore!" Growling with feral rage Hextor leaned over and snapped one of Poala's fingers. "Where are your gods bitch? Mine gave me you!" He snapped another finger. * * * * * * * * * * * Jin could hear the screams coming from the room. 'That is good.' He thought, 'such rude and disrespectful people need to be punished.' awesome teen face all in sexy jizz He had searched most of the kitchen for food, but had only managed to find bits of dried meat, some of which hung from his mouth as he chewed it.

The "house" if one was to call it the was pitifully small, Jin had already searched the whole place. He found little of interest and was reluctant to rest in what he was sure was a flee-infested bed.

Sitting on the edge of one of the beds, Jin decided the ground would be more comfortable. "Mommy!" A voice called from outside. the front door opened and slammed against to outside wall. Laughing poured into the hovel before a gasp. New people could be interesting, so Jin decided to leave the small room and return the the kitchen area of the hovel. He stopped however when the most beautiful creature he had ever seen stepped in front of the door to the room.

She had long blonde hair. Wonderful hair.

Her eyes where a sapphire color, a purplish blue. her breasts where large, not as large as Poala's, but big none the less.

The woman was thin, yet shapely. She was perfection. She was not looking into the room though. Her eyes were in the common/kitchen/dining room. During his search Jin had just thrown the items he was disinterested in over his shoulder.

Since he was not staying and the dump was trashy anyways, he just did not care about the mess. The woman did seem to care though. She was shocked, maybe even afraid the culprit was still in the house.

"Hello?" She spoke tentatively. The woman appeared to be afraid of what she would find, rightfully so. * * * * * * * * * * * * Lillith looked around her house. Someone had taken all of their food and supplies and thrown it around. She had never heard of raiders in these parts.

Bandits usually stuck to the common roads, not poor farming communities. "Mother?" She called out a little louder. She looked back a Jillian, her 13 year old sister. "Stay here and keep Liera quite." Liera had been quite so far, but babies could sense sexy massage leads into a hot banging and often became unpredictable. Jillian could take care of her though. Lillith slowly walked further into the house, "Hello?" The door to he parents room opened slowly.

Fer sunk it's claws into Lillith's spine, causing her to go rigid. Who was it? Was it her mother, father, brother. a bandit? Lillith could hardly breath. Her eyes began to sting and water with anticipation and fear. Finally after what seemed like forever Hextor stepped out of the room, "Lillith?" "Hextor!" Lillith exclaimed as she ran to and hugged her brother.

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She had been so afraid. She could hear Jillian coming up to them, "What happened Hextor? Where's mommy?" Lillith looked up at him expectantly, before hearing a moan from in the room.

Jillian gasped and ran screaming to their mother. Poala was laid out across the bed. Her right arm was contorted unnaturally, the fingers on her left all broken.

Her face was cut up and bruised. Blood seemed to be everywhere, "Who did this to her?" Lillith crouched next to her mother, "Who did this?" She seductive blonde girl pussy fingering on cam. Lillith started shooting off questions to he mother, to Hextor, to everyone and no one.

Then she froze as she felt something on her back. Was it Hextor trying to console her? The touch glided to her shoulder. Lillith's muscles tightened, what was Hextor doing?

Fingers gripped her hair and pulled it away from her. She could hear a loud intake of breath. Someone was sniffing her hair? The Lillith noticed a look of panic on her mother face. Lillith quickly stood and turned, pulling her hair from whoever had it.

The man who had been sniffing her was still crouched down. His eyes had followed her though. His eyes. The where mesmerizing, one a bright blue and the other and emerald green. His face was. beautiful. Lillith had no words to describe the man who was crouched before her. He slowly stood, rising a good head and a half taller than her. His wondrous lips formed a smile.Lillith forgot hot teen girl gina valentina is one sweet teenager dish and shes no stranger to raunchy she was, lost in his eyes, his face, his smile.

The man just looked at her for what seemed like forever before speaking, "Hello." The musical notes that made up his voice where ethereal in nature. Lillith felt herself getting wet just looking at him, just hearing his voice.

She could not help it. She wanted to reach for him. To touch him must be. must be. something. "Lillith." Her mother croaked. * * * * * * * * * * * Lillith's face was flushed red and her breath rapid. She started to reach out her hand to touch Jin's face, but stopped. Her eyes where big and beautiful, dazed as she just staired at Jin. She swallowed and gasped. She looked as if she had forgotten the world around them. "Lillith." Poala rasped in her annoying voice. Lillith blinked a couple of times then looked back at her mother.

Fear and concern displayed on both their faces. Lillith knelt back down and grabbed her mother's hand. Jin loved the way her hair moved as turned. Her body twisted in such beautiful ways. He could only smile as he looked down at her.

"What happened? Who did this to you?" Lillith wondrous voice graced the air. Jin loved her voice. Poala's eyes stayed on Jin, fear of him seemed to radiate from her eyes. *As they should.* "He's evil and crazy, you have to get away." She sounded hysterical. "No mother they are gone, only we are here." Lillith tried to comfort her mother. *Such a wonderful person to waist her time on such a lowly mom rap son best story download Jin's eyes twinkled as small lights danced across them.

"Them!" She howled and pointed frantically at Jin and Hextor. She started crying, "He's not human!" *Her fear is appropriate.* Lillith stiffened. She slowly peeked over her shoulder at Jin.

She was clearly weighing her options. Try to kill the intruder or take the children and run. *So adorable.* 'Hextor was to Jin's right. If he attack when she did there might be a chance.' Lillith though. As quickly as she could Lillith drew the knife she kept for protection and turned. The blade stretched before in a defensive posture, a very bad and shaky defensive posture.

*Oh, adorable again!* "Hextor grab him!" Lillith called. *Such a lovely voice.* Jin just stood their grinning at Lillith. The lights seemed to twinkle brighter. He was looking at her with suck amazing eyes. Lillith's eyes roamed his body half closed, enjoying her private thoughts. "Kill him! Kill him Lillith!" Poala chanted from her bed. *Annoying bitch.* Lillith shook her head and thrust her knife at the air in front of Jin.

"Stay back." She shook as she stood their, she looked like she was about to cry. "Hextor, what are you doing?" Hextor kept his gaze on the floor. If he loved or cared for his family at all he seemed to fear Jin more. *As one should.* "Hextor's with him. Kill them both." Poala raged in her raspy annoying voice. *Bitch!* * * * * * * * * * * * "Don't worry my queen." Jin said, apparently deciding Lillith would be his new queen for the Kingdom he would build.

"I'll just kill her and we can be on our way." Everyone in the room just looked at Jin in confusion for a long moment. They had trouble absorbing his nonchalant attitude.

"No!" Lillith screamed as she tried to plunge the knife into Jin. Reaching up Jin grabbed the blade, his fist engulfing the knife. The shattering noise seemed unnaturally loud to Lillith. Jin opened his hand and little steel shards fell to the floor.

He took a step forward and put a hand under Lillith chin, forcing her to look at him. She was to shaken to resist. "Why are you so worried about such a disgusting creature?" Jin's smiling face sent shivers down Lillith's spine. How can he be so happy in a situation like this? Jin tilted his head, obviously prompting her to answer him. "She is my mother." "So? Hextor doesn't seem to like her." Jin looked over at Poala. "Worthless creature.

She has no value." Jin moved around Lillith, "I can make it quick if you want." "Wait!" Jin looked over shoulder at her. "Um. Uh. As a queen I will need servants." Lillith begged.

"I am sure I can find better slaves elsewhere. More obedient ones." "But, uh. My baby." Lillith prompted, "She already knows how to take care of Liera." Lillith pointed at Jillian. Cheating sex mom and my frends husband only then remembered Jillian was in the room. The young girl's eyes where glued to Jin. Whatever trance Lillith had been in when Jin entered the room, Jillian was under. She seemed so captivated by the man that nothing else seemed to exist.

Jin looked down at her and Liera. He just looked at them. Moments seemed to drag on forever. Lillith was beginning to regret bringing the girls to his attention. She did not want him to take any kind of 'interest' in them.

"Hextor?" Jin called finally. Not expecting to be spoken to or asked anything, Hextor flinched, hitting the door behind him. "Yes, master?" "This is Lillith baby?" "Yes, master." Hextor swallowed. "Where is your baby?" Hextor's body went rigid. He was not a smart person, but he definately feared answering that question. Even an idiot knew you did not sleep with the queen. Even if she was not the queen when it happened.

Jin just might punish Hextor for things that happened before. "He raped me a couple of years ago." Lillith announced as if in challenge. To what she did not know, but she wanted to sound confident. Jin gently picked up the baby. Panic immediately took over Lillith.

She could not kill this man, but he could definitely kill her child. She regretted sounding confident. Again she wanted to shrink away into nothing, regretting she even mentioned Liera.

"Please." Lillith whispered, tears filling her eyes, "Don't hurt my baby." Jin looked at her lovely legal age teenager wishes to be banged hardcore blowjob make a bemused grunting sound. He smirked as he looked back at the baby. "It happened before me." He said. "No other man shall have you ever again." He looked at Alexis texas gets dicked for your pleasure bootylicious twerking then to Hextor, "Understood?" They both nodded in agreement.

Lillith put out her arms as if to snatch her baby from Jin, but he half turned towards Poala, pulling Liera out of Lillith reach. "Slave!" He growled at Poala, "Your mistress has just saved your life. You should show gratitude." He arched an eyebrow. "Well?" Poala looked afraid, confused, and grateful all at the same time, "Thank you Lil." Jin cleared his throat, causing Poala's eyes to flicker towards him for an instint. "Mistress?" Jin smiled, obviously pleased.

"Get to work." He held out Liera in his hand, somehow managing to balance her in one arm while maintaining her comfort. Poala tried to get up but could not manage to rise. "She is to hurt to do anything yet." Lillith protested. "Can we wait here for a couple of days while she heals?" "No." He was going to leave her mother to die! Lillith tried to think of what to do.

"I can't stand the miniscule size of such a." He looked around with disgust openly displayed on his face. "I have no words for such a place." Jin pointed his other hand at Poala, causing her to flinch.

Lillith gasped when a green, white light engulfed Poala. Her wounds healed instantaneously, then the light was gone. "Take this and get to work." Pausing in disbelief for only a moment, Poala took Liera from Jin.

"Now," Jin spoke turning to examine the house, "I know it will be tough, but find anything worth salvaging so we can go to Vraska." "Master?" Lillith spoke tentatively.

"Call me Jin my love." His smile was so radiant and beautiful. "How are we getting to Vraska, Jin? It is several moths north of here." "Oh." Jin stopped walking towards the door. "I guess the spell didn't work right." He mumbled to himself.

"I'll kill that witch if I ever meet here again." He moved further forwards and continued tp mumble incoherently to himself. "Hextor?" "Yes, master?" "Do you have a wagon and a horse, or ox, or a pig, or something." "Uh, yes, master." Hextor looked a bit confused, violet starr i dream of curvy babes pig?

"We have a covered wagon and two horses for market day." "Good prep them while Jillian and Poala gather anything salvageable." Jin put an arm around Lillith waist. "We will wait outside." "Are you sure you want to wait outside?" Hextor asked. "It could take a couple hours." Hextor's evil grin disturbed Lillith. She felt she knew what he was insinuating. "I could push the beds." "No." Jin cut Hextor off. "I will not dishonor my new queen or tarnish her prestige by consummating our union in a slaves hovel." Lillith sighed.

She did not find Jin unattractive, but his clear mental instbility worried her. Lillith was unsure of what 'consummating our union' entailed, but she though of Poala. Lillith knew the day would come when Jin took from her what he felt was his, but for not she felt re-leaved to put it off for another time.

The others where confused as well, but went off to their assigned tasks non-the-less. Jin led Lillith over to a tree and laid down in it's shadow while Lillith sat against the trunk. The wait wound of taking just over two hours. Jin, despite his previous ramblings, did not talk a lot.

When he did it was not really about anything important, most cloud shapes.