Stud lets adorable babe taste his tough meatdick hardcore and cumshot

Stud lets adorable babe taste his tough meatdick hardcore and cumshot
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Chastity was born into privilege, and was bored with it. She was tired of the sexy teens in stockings have some fun suitors calling on her, and wanting her hand in marriage. She wanted out, to escape. Her mother told her she needed to decide on a suitor soon, so they could announce her engagement on her 17th birthday.

She explained to her mother that she wasn't interested in any of the suitors who had come to call. She didn't want to marry. Later her father came in and told her if she didn't choose, one would be chosen for her. On the day of Chastity's birthday she snuck out of the house just before dawn to ride her horse Winchester. She put his bridle on and took off. She needed to clear her head and figure out what to do next.

For she knew her parents were going to choose a man for her to marry.

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Riding Winchester always made her feel better, the wind through her hair always made her nipples hard; And the gentle rubbing of her clit on the bare back of a horse always made her forget for a bit, who she was and what was expected.

Winchester stopped in his favorite clearing to eat some lush grass, and Chastity lay on his back. She stroked her rock hard nipples, pinching just a bit, moving her skirt out of the way with the other hand, she began to rub her clit and dip her fingers in her wet pussy. Imagining what it would be like for a man to invade her, as her body rocked with an intense orgasm. Chief Shinning Hot brunette teen sexy ass strip dancing on webcam was a handsome young chief of 22.

He stood in the shadow of trees just beyond the clearing. He had seen the young white woman riding and watched with mild amusement. She had got his full attention when she started rubbing herself and lightly moaning. He crept closer to get a better look and discovered that she was quite beautiful, for a white woman, and she was completely alone.

This pleased the chief because he was in the mood for a little excitement being this white woman had got him stirred up. Chastity felt hands go over her mouth, and an arm around her waist. Then the feeling of being carried. She tried to struggle but her capture was too strong.

Panic rose in her as she had remembered the conversation the other night among her fathers' friends that Indians had been spotted in the area. Chastity tried to remain calm as the Indian pulled out some leather straps from his pouch, gagged her mouth skinny asian bitch gets sluted by black bound her hands.

She started to panic again when he pulled her arms above her head and tied them to an overhanging branch. He feet barely touched the ground. He then took a knife he had and cut her blouse away leaving her breasts exposed.

His hands reached up and touched her breasts, which were soft and full. Her nipples hardened at his touch. He then ran the knife down her flat belly, hooked it inside the waist of her skirt and in one motion cut it off.

Chastity hung there completely naked, with tears streaming down her face. She was terrified this Indian was going to kill her. Chief Shinning Eyes stood in front of the Chastity. She was beautiful, and he had to have her. Every part of her was going to belong to him whether she liked it or not. His hands roamed and groped every part of her body. He slipped a finger inside her still wet pussy and moved it around, a soft moan escaped from Chastity as her nipples grew harder.

His mouth watered for the taste of her. His tongue flicked her nipple and she flinched, then he grabbed her and took her breast in his mouth biting her nipple, Chastity screamed as fresh tears streamed down her face. Chastity was ashamed to be feeling pleasure from this stranger. All she wanted to do now was go home and celebrate her birthday and engagement, to whom ever her parents chose for her.

But the sad realization was she was at the mercy of lovely legal age teenager wishes to be banged hardcore blowjob animal.

Chastity could tell by the huge bulge in his loincloth, the Indian was excited. The Chief cut Chastity down and she hit the ground with a thud. He picked her up and bent her over a tree stump. He was looking at her beautiful ass.

His hands ran up and down it. He ran his forefinger in between the crack of her ass and down to her pussy. The Chief grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Charity felt his tongue on her asshole, and she flinched. But after a couple of seconds she rather enjoyed it. She was already building up to an orgasm; just from the tongue-lashing he was giving her ass. The Chiefs' tongue slipped down to her pussy, and his finger in her ass, that sent Charity over the edge.

Her whole body rocked with the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Chief Shinning Eyes rolled Chastity over and took off her gag, pulled her up to her knees and removed his loincloth.

Ten inches of hard cock sprang out at Chastity, her eyes widened with surprise; she thought "my god he's going to rip me in two with that." The Chief pinched Chastity's nipple and when she screamed he shoved his cock into her mouth.

Chastity nearly choked. The Chief grabbed both sides of Chastity's head and started fucking her mouth. When Chastity accidently bit him, the Chief pulled out slapped her so hard across the face that she hit the ground. He put her back over the tree stump, spread her legs and invaded her with all ten inches. He didn't even slow down when he felt resistance from her hymen.

Chastity screamed out in pain, but the chief kept going. He was going to teach her a lesson about biting. The Chief was fucking her hard and the pain gave away to pleasure, he was so big she felt like she would rip open at any time, but he was touching something deep inside her that was building to orgasm, then he stuck his finger in her ass and she went over the edge.

The Chief mom son xxx japani movies onto her hips and fucked her through her orgasm. He could tell she was gearing up for another when he pulled out of her pussy and entered her ass making her scream in pain at the invasion of her virgin ass. He took pleasure in the fact no man had ever touched her, anywhere. Chastity could hardly stand the pain.

She felt as though she was being ripped in two. Pain faded away to pleasure and she was moving to meet his thrusts. The Indian grabbed her hair and pulled her to a standing position, this turned her on even more.

She reached down with her bound hands and rubbed her swollen clit.

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The Indian had his hands on her hips pumping her ass as hard as he could. Chastity grew ridged as she let go; The Chief let out a war cry and pulled her hair harder as he came in her. Chief Shinning Eyes let Chastity's bruised and battered body drop to the ground.

She looked at him; he grabbed her by the hair, smiled at her, cut her free and put his loincloth back on. He then started to walk away. Chastity cried out " Wait, Take Me With You!!!!"