Cel band xxx story onlion

Cel band xxx story onlion
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I didnt waiste anytime. I untied her limp body and laid it on a taller table by the wall. This table had a chains running down from the ceiling and I pulled them down and attached them to each of her ankles. I then added a spreader bar acrossed Natalie's legs and manacled her arms to the table above her elbow.

To complete the picture I raised her thin ankles up by the chains until she whimpered in pain stretched to the point her whole body was lifted off the table except for her upper back and shoulders.

I frowned at her for a few seconds before reaching up and adjusting the spreader bar wider until her legs he grabs her by her sexy thongs stretched wide apart 'perfect' I thought before walking over to the tool wall and grabbing some materials. I pulled.myself onto the table and stood beside her looking down into her stretched ass and shrinked pussy.

I grabbed a 5 inch by 7 inch dildo and put it to the entrance of her ass. I then firmly pushed down ignoring her struggling to try and get away from it as I sunk it all the way into her ass stretching it back to what it could take before alum touched it. I smiled before pulling one foot between her stretched leg and setting it beside Natalie's waiste so I was stradeling her body.

I then bent my knees so my hard cock was at the entrance to her shrunk pussy.

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Not wanting to do any permanent damage I grabbed the lube and rubbed it against my cock, but not bothering to try and wet her dry pussy first. Natalie was shaking as I pressed my cock to her vagina once more. She knew something wasn't right and begged it to be less painful than her ass. That was not to be though as I pushed my legs off the thin table in a quick motion letting gravity take over and I plunged strait down peircing through her unstretching skin and paralyzing her in place.

Natalie let out a peircing wail in more pain then she had been in her entire life as she writhed and twisted trying to escape the unending torment. I left myself like that my cock bottomed in her torn up pussy. Then I stood up on the table again looking down at the blood coating my huge cock before I mercilessly let myself drop into her again enjoying the sound as her screams ripped through the air again.

I did that five more times enjoying the sound of her agony before I started to bounce inside her. I put my hands on her thighs and pulled myself up a few inches and dropping myself into her before quickly doing it again not giving her time to recover in between each time I speared her pussy.

I sped up my bounces until I was barely all the way into her before I was dropped japanese av model has nipples pinched and hairy crack screwed. It felt so good I groaned in pleasure and soon between my own enjoyment and the sounds of Natalie's suffering I was ready to cum.

I lifted myself out of her and dropped in and as I heard her loud whimper of pain I started to come before I even bottomed into her I was spraying my load deep into her womb causing her to whine as her mangled pussy was then covered by coating upon coating of sperm. I didn't pull out of her for a few minutes after that enjoying the feeling of being in her too much.

Finally I sighed and pulled my member out of her stepping off the table and lowering her unconscious body back onto the table. I went around untying her bonds before slapping her across the face to ruise her. She woke up staring up at me and immedietly reached down to feel her ruined pussy and winced before removing her hand.

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I led her to the bathroom and she went to the washroom before I fed her a nutrients bar and then held out the waterbottle for her which she gulped down. I watched sadly as she finished the waterbottle. I then kneeled down beside her "that water bottle had a heavy sleeping pill in it" I told her. "it also has a memory loss pill in it Natalie you will not remember the last 3 to 4 days when you wake up" I told her and kissed her head "sweet dreams my little one" I murmured as her eyes started to droop and she passed out.

I wasn't done yet though. I padded to the kennel door and pushed one and four before letting the dogs spread out along the walls. I then bent her over the wooden horse again and tied her legs so the dogs wouldnt hurt themselves by her not being tied down. I removed the dildo from her ass before calling Trigger over and letting him start.

He padded up to her swollen holes and gave them both a lick he then mounted her and thrusted into her vagina. Without Natalie's struggling form to keep him at bay Trigger went wild slamming all of his lenth into her with ever thrust his body moving like a jackhammer. In a few minutes flat he let out a whine that meant he was going to cum and thrust all the way into her. His knot went up inside her and then he was shooting load after load into her pussy.

Ten minutes later his knot had gone down and he stepped onto the ground and sat on the north wall. Next up was Bear and then Target all of them dumping there load into her unconcious body. I sadly untied her body from the wooden horse before laying her on the ground. I got the hose and sprayed a small does into it I then carefully spread it onto stunning cougar named diana rides a dick, just enough for her to go back to a relatively normal virgin without the hymen.

She would not notice a difference unless she closely inspected her pussy. I then dressed her back into her close got dressed and put her in my trunk.

Two hours later I was heading home after dropping her unconcious body off an hour away from her old town. The end for now