Wicked czech kitten stretches her tight cunt to the bizarre

Wicked czech kitten stretches her tight cunt to the bizarre
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Authors note this story contains sexual actions involving minors, if this bothers or offends you then you should read a different story.

Also this is my first attempt at a story so good reviews will result in further stories. A bit long and takes a while to get to the real action but worth the reading if you wait hot in lingerie kendall ross hitchikes and fucks a strangers huge cock bit.

It had been a rough week at work, so I looked forward to enjoying a beer and relaxing for a while. When I got home I found my roommates little sister Bree laying on the couch watching something on TV.

In the last year she had really started to bloom, thirteen and slender. Her long brown hair helped to cover her breasts as they practically burst out of her pale pink tank top. She had a blanket pulled up to her waist so I couldn't tell what she was wearing over her long legs, Bree ran track and played volleyball so she was in pretty good shape.

The one glance I gave her as I walked in told me she wasn't wearing a bra either as I could see her nipples through her top. Bree looked up and smiled at me as I walked past "My brother is at work and said I could spend the weekend since our folks are out of town.

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He said he wouldn't be back until Sunday afternoon, I hope it's ok&hellip." That's when I remembered I had agreed to keep an eye out for Bree this weekend, not that she needed much watching knowing she would spend most of the weekend in our apartment complex's pool. "Of course it's not a problem" I told her as I kept walking towards my room to get out of my work clothes.

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When I came back out a few minutes later after changing into shorts and a shirt I grabbed a beer from the fridge and walked over to sit down. I picked up Bree's feet and sat down putting them into my lap. We sat there for a while before I leaned over to grab the remote she was holding brushing against the side of her breast as I did.

I almost froze for a moment waiting for Bree to say something or get mad, and when she didn't say anything I found myself thinking she hadn't felt my hand touch her.

I changed the channel to a movie before getting up to grab another beer, when I got back Bree had changed the channel again and set the remote even closer to her breast on her side. It didn't take much for me to realize that she hadn't gotten mad and might even be a little interested in fooling around a bit like we had in the past. The last time she had been over I had found several opportunities to rub against her or touch her ass, breasts and once her inner thighs without her brother realizing it, him being the over protective brother.

I reached over once more and grabbed the remote from her this time making a point of stroking across her breast down to her nipple with my finger before pulling back and changing to a movie with sexual overtones and a lot of making out. Bree grinned at me as she started rubbing her foot across my thigh. Now I guess I should tell a bit about myself. I'm twenty five about average in height and slender with a tones body from work.

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I looked at Bree and slowly ran my hand up her leg finding nothing covering her until I reached her ass. It was then that I realized she was wearing nothing but the tank top and panties and I took advantage of it squeezing her cheeks and stroking her legs.

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Bree rolled over and sat up moving close to me and laying her head on my shoulder as I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. Bree slowly slid her hand onto my thigh before slowly slidding it higher until I could feel her fingers on my hardening cock. "I', curious are you going to let me touch this time or is it just going to be you having all the fun again?" Bree asked with a smirk meaning how the last time she had been over I had stolen my feels when she hadn't been able to do anything.

"Well I think with it just being us here we can get away with both of us having some fun." "Good!" and with that I cupped Bree's breast through her top, gently pinching her nipple causing her to gasp. Then I slid my hand up and into her top to run my hands over her soft breast, in return she slipped her hand up to my waist and into the top of my shorts to find my cock. I smiled at her as I reached over and pulled her top off while leaning in for a kiss.

Her tongue met mine as she kept rubbing my cock in my shorts.

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I leaned back pulling her with me so she was on top straddling me; I broke our kiss and began kissing my way down to her breasts. My mouth found her right nipple and pulled it into my mouth suckling and nipping at it.

Bree began breathing harder with soft moans coming from her as I switched back and forth between breasts my hand slipping between us to cup her pussy through her panties and I could feel her wetness. Suddenly Bree pushed me away from her and slipped down to pull at my shorts. I lifted my ass and she pulled by shorts and boxers off and began kissing my stomach her hands exploring my cock and balls.

She looked up and smiled at me before running her tongue from my balls to the head of my cock. Slowly her mouth closed over my cock and began sliding down. After what seemed like forever and an instant all at once she had all of my cock in her mouth and I could feel her gagging as my shaft hit the back of her throat. Pulling back to the mushroomed head of my cock she began rapidly pumping her public agent pay for sex assslave yoga over me while sucking hard.

Unable to contain it any longer I gasped and put my hand on the top her head to encourage her.

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After a few minutes I began to get closer to cumming and pulled her off my cock to lay her back and pulled her panties off. I leaned close smelling her sweet pussy before spreading her lips and running my tongue over her pussy. I gently inserted a finger into her pussy to the first knuckle finding her cherry so I made sure not to go any deeper wanting to pop her right.

I began working my finger in and out gently while licking and sucking her clit. I was able to look up from her pussy as she began thrusting into my finger and mouth to watch her face as it flushed while she gasped and moaned, her hands clutching my hair and the couch as she came. I leaned back holding my cock as I lined it up with her the alters with adria ray and penny pax is fucking hot but before I could do more than rub against her she stopped me, "Wait I made a promise to lose my cherry with my friends Sarah and Amy&hellip." I considered for a second just ramming into her pussy and taking her cherry anyway but leaned back as she rolled onto the floor taking my hand and pulling my back onto the couch.

Bree knelt in front of me and began kissing my cock again. "When you're ready to cum just cum ok?" and slowly took me into her mouth her left hand cupping my balls while she pumped the right over my shaft.

She kept bobbing low before pumping me hard and in no time had me ready to blow my load. I put my hand on her head my fingers gripping her head as I began humping my shaft into her mouth and grunted hard as I came. I could feel her swallowing even as my cum leaked from her the sides of her mouth. Bree pulled back to wipe her mouth licking my cum from her fingers and then my cock.

After she had licked up every dropped I pulled her into my lap laying back and asked her "So when do you want to lose your cherry and how do we get your friends interested?" To Be Continued……?